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HOUSE TOUR!! - JoJo Siwa

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I Hope you guys love seeing my house! I don't think I've ever done a house tour before so this was new for me lol! 🐸✰SUBSCRIBE✰ ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeV2O_6QmFaaKBZHY3bJgsA?view_as=subscriber WATCH THE ROOM TOUR - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltd_CB9S4aE ✰GO WATCH MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO!! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbb8Kpuu-sc ✰SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS TO BE IN THE NEXT VIDEOS SHOUTOUTS✰ ✰ MORE VIDEOS ON MY VLOG CHANNEL!✰ ► https://www.youtube.com/user/1jessalynn ✰ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!✰ ✔︎INSTAGRAM (@ItsJoJoSiwa) ► https://www.instagram.com/ItsJoJoSiwa ✔︎TWITTER (@ItsJoJoSiwa) ► http://twitter.com/ItsJoJoSiwa ✔︎FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/itsjojosiwa/ ✔︎SNAPCHAT ► SiwanatorzSnaps ✔︎MUSICAL.LY ► @ItsJoJo Siwa ✔︎VLOG CHANNEL ► https://www.youtube.com/user/1jessalynn ✰ MY FRIENDS WHO ARE IN MY VIDEOS!!✰ Jayden Siwa - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6MfDQjtoJj1qTJZuoINo1A Colleen Ballinger - https://www.youtube.com/user/PsychoSoprano Rachel Ballinger - https://www.youtube.com/user/NOVAQUA Mini Jake Paul - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfFsZu7Ed20xKDOmzdpF3EQ Taytum and Oakley - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJTyunmsBLj20wyguh6uMig ✰SEE YOU SOON!!!✰
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Text Comments (17166)
X Thousand (1 hour ago)
Pls stop u make me bleed.
Nazia Omar (2 hours ago)
I wish I came to your house
Anna XxSchubbi (2 hours ago)
What the hell. I mean, you’re confident as fuck that’s great but... did you think about how other people feel seeing you doing all THIS especially your brother. Do you need all These things in your life? Instead of maybe donating some money for people who don’t have anything?
Anna XxSchubbi (2 hours ago)
Why does she scream so much 😂 I kinda feel uncomfortable
princess of adderall (3 hours ago)
If I had to eat at a table with my brothers face on it everyday I'd be so irritated
im love jojo
Chantal ALFEDE (8 hours ago)
Isa Volfe (12 hours ago)
Her room is the all house •-•
Nancy Escobar (13 hours ago)
Love your shows
Amelia Hicks (14 hours ago)
JoJo's house or her parent's house? did she move out?
Javis Ng (14 hours ago)
I love you so i can go to
Javis Ng (14 hours ago)
Zahria David (14 hours ago)
Oh my Jesus chr-
emily wilson (15 hours ago)
I feel bad for her brother ..and their parents.. their entire house is just plasters of jojo.... that would be everyone’s worst nightmares
Biola Williams (15 hours ago)
stop being rude is just who she is so leave her olone if you don't ike her don't then just go
Marcela Rayana Gomes (16 hours ago)
That house is a nightmare omg
Quik Gaming (17 hours ago)
your house is literally a museum of your self. My eyes would throw up every time I walked in...
Caprice Colding (19 hours ago)
Love your channel. How old are you now
Lauralyn hamel (20 hours ago)
why are you so loude jeese
MissTiaPet (1 day ago)
My god woman, stop yelling you are unwatchable. Just CHILL.
emma de franco (1 day ago)
Che tresciume invece che spendere i soldi nel farti una casa che non sembra una casa ma sembra una cartoleria utilizzarli per fare qualcosa di meno superficiale più interiore per te stessa
GlamourSchmied (1 day ago)
Mojo you’re so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool🐕
Gacha Pastel Girl (1 day ago)
😑😑😑i cant ynderstamd dood
`` SenpaiiChu `` (1 day ago)
Is that your own house or you just live with your parents?
Leelaleemu Karbeh (1 day ago)
I love thanksgiving and Christmas and I love jojo💖💗💜❤👍this is for your puppy 🐶🐩🐶you don't no Me but my name is petela I love you jojo😆😆☺😊
MELANI TAPOSOK (1 day ago)
Did you notice that your phone fell and why are the pictures your face I mean evry thing why not you're parents pictures or you're brother???
Lauren A (1 day ago)
I cannot imagine putting my face all over my walls. Who does that? I’d be so embarrassed!
Łîbbÿ Malone (1 day ago)
Fact that I throw up when I see my face in the mirror, I know that I’d die living in a house like that.
Kenzie Wilson (1 day ago)
I just started watching your videos and they are amazing and so are you
she eats so much how is she not fat lol
OreoAnna (1 day ago)
7:31 she stepped on a Phone edit: 7:33
nathaly borges (1 day ago)
Your dog
Devin West (1 day ago)
No offence but i got 3 pieces of my own 1.You yell too much 2. Your spoiled to the next level 3. At least let someone else have some attention instead of you all the time >:(
Yoselin Leon (1 day ago)
Jojo no cres que hay muchas cosas tuyas en tu casa
Malerie Edits (1 day ago)
Imagine Jojo siwa doing a google slides presentation. . . Y i k e s
Hotel? Trivago (1 day ago)
Uhm her whole house is just HER w t f
Soreg Noemi (1 day ago)
She is 15 years old?
Stelly Vitiello (1 day ago)
Chuis la seul à être française qui comprend r a se qu'elle dit
Bliss Swizz (1 day ago)
Childish ass house 😬
Sandra Nicole (1 day ago)
At least we can tell who’s the money maker in this house
Jill Aalderks (2 days ago)
Witch Christmas tree does Santa put presents under
Romina Colombo (2 days ago)
Te pones un escrito de papel o qué tráeme
Jojo I love your house tour
CINTIA PEREIRA (2 days ago)
Your 16 yrs and acting like a 4 yr old seriously 🤷‍♀️. Grow up girl ,grow up
Madelaif Misty (2 days ago)
For so many years I thought my English was at an advanced level...until now...I can barely understand anything. 😂😂
Back Flipper (2 days ago)
I wanna live there!🤩
Antonella Pittaluga (2 days ago)
Jojo your house Is.....wow
multitaker10 (2 days ago)
Miss Veronika (2 days ago)
Вот бы мне таковой дом!
veerle otje en sien (3 days ago)
Like your family it
Serena Me (3 days ago)
Luv her but Igbo that we’re me I would get fed up with my face😂😂
dark heards (3 days ago)
hey everyoisisjdjhejshsjwjdhdhfnbnxbxb
Huwawei Becs Dangdut (3 days ago)
Huwawei Becs Dangdut (3 days ago)
I from indonesia
J'aime pas trop 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😧😣 حمقاء
Milagros Calderon (3 days ago)
X ke grita tanto?
opinion.comments (3 days ago)
No offense, but why do you have to have pictures of your brand all over your house
Ale Silva (3 days ago)
am i the only one who is weirded out that she’s like 16? what the hell
Jasmina Milosevic (3 days ago)
DMs squad (3 days ago)
if I were her brother, I would have been very depressed because her parents don't even focus on the brother, like the whole house is just Jojo siwa honestly
DMs squad (3 days ago)
I have no idea what she was saying in the beginning of the video, and this is basically only her house because it's only her
Rabia Keleş (3 days ago)
O kadar süsü asarken hiç üşenmedinmi ???
Michelle Wittnebel (3 days ago)
Please don’t scream so much 🤫🥴
Una Rasic (4 days ago)
da li znas srpski
Iffat Aziz (4 days ago)
My dream house ❤❤❤❤❤
Grace Clarke (4 days ago)
What do you say in the intro
papá jake jake (4 days ago)
Dont Wory dum peopl
papá jake jake (4 days ago)
Were is your house and your room Amy diceratoins want to be friend you like unicorns me to when you comino to az student bff Yadira ra
Imagine the echos of her yelling
Liviaa (4 days ago)
Child how is your voice not gone yet?💀
Linda gamergurl (4 days ago)
Ur so rich btw your super pretty 😍
James Hall (4 days ago)
I have the JoJo siwa doll :)
James Hall (4 days ago)
Where do you live now?
Is that her own personal house or the house that her whole family lives in. Personally, I would never let my future child decorate a whole house of childish things. Her parents are seriously okay with walls covered in JoJo’s face? Spoiled much lol
Maite Braibante (4 days ago)
Vengo de cry like o comente quien viene por cry o por otra cosa o youtuber
binai (4 days ago)
perfect girl❤️
alessa (4 days ago)
Barbie life in a dream house
Agapito Ortega (4 days ago)
GG dog (4 days ago)
what is she saying at the start
Viktoriya Unicorn (4 days ago)
Why in the your songs your voice is very cute , but in the real , it is very loud
Viktoriya Unicorn (4 days ago)
Your voice is very loud
Charles Xavier (5 days ago)
nossa vc e milionaria
Almira Kenzhegulova (5 days ago)
Зачем этак кричать мы не глухие😕
Viktoriya Unicorn (4 days ago)
О российский человек
reveluv 101 (5 days ago)
Dang imagine her mom inviting friends over to this arcade looking museum. How do they live with this!!!!! Plus why TF is her face on the damn table!!!!!!! Where are pictures of her brother, or family like the whole damn house is full of her. This ain't it
Ruben santiago (5 days ago)
You are so loud calm down
Logan Hill (5 days ago)
Leo Marsh (5 days ago)
Why does she always shout
Leo Marsh (5 days ago)
I didn’t understand a thing she said in the intro
Lea Dupkalova (5 days ago)
In my opinion,it's a bit blurry
Çiçek Kondal (5 days ago)
Pablo Carrasco (5 days ago)
Love jojo
Unicorn Gurliii (5 days ago)
Hä ? Die ist doch keine 6 Jahre alt ?😂🤦🏼‍♀️
ναηαкιєєє (5 days ago)
Angeblich ist sie 15🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Vlada Kotik (6 days ago)
Здесь кушать российские?
Xo.sophiaaaa.xo (6 days ago)
Lol imagine when her brothers friends want to go over... Friends: hey let’s go to ur house. Jojo’s brother: no I don’t think that’s a good idea 😶 Friends: why? Jojo’s brother: first of all it looks like a unicorn threw up in there, and second of all my sister has her face plastered everywhere
Stacey Elliott (2 days ago)
Xo.sophiaaaa.xo True tho
i love your house jojo ı am from Argentina but i know spanish
Junior Uriña (6 days ago)
Waoooo tiene la vas más hermosa del mindo
Zalera (6 days ago)
My ears :(
Alessandra Leyton (6 days ago)
Me siento pobre 😢
Waylianie Gonzalez (6 days ago)
Omg my ears😤😤😂😤😤😳
Rhea Ortega (6 days ago)
Why is she yelling??? I literally can’t understand what she’s saying
Ashley Waller (17 hours ago)

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