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The Most OUTRAGEOUS Bridal Requests | Say Yes To The Dress US

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Randy talks through some of the most OUTRAGEOUS bridal requests from Say Yes To The Dress US. This includes a wedding attire for the bride's dog and a wedding dress to play hockey in! Subscribe to TLC UK for more great clips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2vlpX8sNDBmPcY_1_QSGJg?sub_confirmation=1 Like TLC UK on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uktlc/ Follow TLC UK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tlc_uk?lang=en Visit our website: http://www.uk.tlc.com/
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Text Comments (1825)
Tokyo Gamer (14 hours ago)
Sometimes these brides are just dumb...
Ruth Garcia (16 hours ago)
She looks like a quincuañera
Sherry D (1 day ago)
These immature brides just want attention by shocking everyone. When they look back they will realize how stupid they look. Playing hockey in a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. Stupid.
ChubbiSarah (2 days ago)
6:37 r/imnotlikeothergirls
Morgan Radocy (2 days ago)
@everyone saying 'well in MY culture everyone wears a red dress': the title of the video is Say Yes To The Dress *US* . just in case you missed that part.
Liza K (5 days ago)
Red vails aint it
xydoit (6 days ago)
Gabby will fell great with food
xydoit (6 days ago)
She couldn't pull up red wedding dress also.
angel toast (6 days ago)
"I mean look at this dress I'm definitely an uNuSuAl BrIdE" how quirky uwu
angel toast (6 days ago)
"I'd like a red dress instead of a white one :)" Tlc: "the most OUTRAGEOUS requests on say yes to the dress"
Erika Juarez (7 days ago)
The red one reminded me of a quinceañera in its first style
laura jean (8 days ago)
The girl at the end is so sweet-i lowkey wanna be friends with her. :)
Magic Roundabout (8 days ago)
Oh Randy, your pup was the perfect model x
Team Champion (9 days ago)
What they should have done for the athlete is a detachable skirt so she could have the dress of her dreams while also being able to play hockey. I totally get not wanting cloths to be too confining
Reet Sidhu (10 days ago)
6:53 6:55 maybe that’s the kind of dress the girl who wanted a flexible dress should have gotten
Isabella Bonello (11 days ago)
The red and white dress is tacky
Karen McCabe (11 days ago)
Red is different. Hockey in a wedding dress? Seersucker is different. The dog needs to feel special? The last dress is a joke, lol.
hdgmjg,and zjhafjsh (11 days ago)
*bride says request* kkkkkkkkkkkkkkktstsststststs
Rose Ralston (12 days ago)
Is it just me, or are almost all the brides on SYTTD flat chested?
Nebulous 4ntares (16 days ago)
The perfect dress for the hockey girl should be like a flowy gown that you can tie up into a peice after the ceremony- honestly that would be perfect.
Casey Rouse (16 days ago)
Red dress reminds me of the Beetlejuice wedding dress I think it may have been the veil
InternallyAdorable (17 days ago)
I wanna wear converse to my wedding too
V. C.G (18 days ago)
asking for a bridal dress in which you can play hockey is just plain stupid.
Winn Poe (19 days ago)
I think the last mother-in-law was wonderful. Supportive, didn't take away the fun. Plus, Mary probably has a fun life + wedding.
MinniThe Moo (20 days ago)
Am I the only one who wwould acually wear the last girls dress? I mean.. I love it.. And I love how happy she looks 😊
mega cyberwolf (20 days ago)
I think she looks beautiful in that dress
Tasheika Richards (20 days ago)
How does a dog feels special? Lol
Casey Borders (22 days ago)
I thought the last one was actually pretty awesome.
Fatimaahmed Abudaker (22 days ago)
She looks like Carrie Bradshaw or something
Camey Dore (22 days ago)
I know someone who wore sneakers for their wedding besides her
Meowsiekitt en (22 days ago)
These people need some serious Jesus
Abril's cool (23 days ago)
For the hockey one, if she wanted to actually play in a dress it would HAVE to be a short wedding dress. Any other dress has it's boundaries
Girl your go to a wedding and a hockey game how are you gonna find a dress that doesn't get in the way of hockey
Evelyn Sand (25 days ago)
7:30 "...that's unusual but it's really cute and fits her" Exactly what I thought 😍😍
Monica Jenkins (25 days ago)
I like the red dress 😍
Aubrey King (27 days ago)
2:24 did he say it's snow surprise....?
Annika Jaglan (27 days ago)
The hockey girl should’ve got a figure skating dress there super flexible and pretty!
simran maan (28 days ago)
Stefania Stolz (28 days ago)
That doggo was sooooooooo darn cute I died ! 😍😍😍😍😍
1Meepman (28 days ago)
I still don't understand why the bride always asks for their parents' approval. Like, girl, it's your wedding!
Zoe Williams (29 days ago)
Wedding dresses are only traditionally white because of Queen Victoria 🤷‍♀️
Random personages (29 days ago)
Am I the only one that loved the seersucker one
Jane lane (1 month ago)
I love the crazy requests. Most weddings and brides are dead boring. The last brides dress really suits her
Isabelle Geraghty (1 month ago)
The third one was annoying
Tina Lopez (1 month ago)
The puppy so cute
Amber Un nisa (1 month ago)
My wedding there is three days and my classic colour that are normal for my cultural are green yellow for day 1 then red for day 2 and navy blue for day 3 and I think this is the order but 11 and don’t want to get married
Oofer Gang (1 month ago)
For the second one couldn’t they give her a shote dress
Dasha D (1 month ago)
why does the lady with the dogs only want one dog to match her and not the other
Noor Ibrahim (1 month ago)
Hockey girl should just borrow the dress from that last girl: she can even do a high kick in it.
Irene Aguilar (1 month ago)
4:16 acts like a bitch, then kisses ass. I hate people like this
Josue Carbajal (1 month ago)
Red was the old color for the weddings back then so idk why the were shook
xXGachaJessXx (1 month ago)
the first lady was the "Im NOT like other girls :P" meme
Mia Vizcaino (1 month ago)
Thought of avril lavigne with the dress and sparkly speakers so cute.!
Princess Pumpkin (1 month ago)
The last bride's idea was quite interesting, but I can't help but think the finished product looks so cheap, like something you'd buy at a costume store for $20. Anyone know how much it cost?
AlphaAlfred (1 month ago)
If they gave the hockey girl a hoop skirt she would of been fine I think that would have left so much room for the legs
butters xx (1 month ago)
I don’t mind that the first bride was wearing red. I’m all for her. But that specific shade made her look like a flaming hot Cheeto.
Diantha Booi (1 month ago)
I loved the red dress
Hetalea (1 month ago)
That last dress was nice but since the bride doesn't really have curves and with the association of the sneakers and the red tights it made her look very juvenile imo, like she was gonna be the little flower girl rather than the bride. But as long as she's happy doesn't matter I guess
Aspen Healy (1 month ago)
I feel a zit under my nose and I’m not having ittt
Shannon Isbell (1 month ago)
that last dress my god is ugly as fuck
Is anyone going to point out the Iphone 3 at the end of the vid? LMAO
Bidlley Bud (1 month ago)
Last girl is so nice attitude
Bidlley Bud (1 month ago)
Strappy girl is so annoying
Shona McKenzie (1 month ago)
Love the converse x
Noorie NBA (1 month ago)
Indians wear red for there wedding
Layla Wild (1 month ago)
the last one looks like a used tampon
whouagain (1 month ago)
Last girl is a weeb. Def not kawaii
Lyndsy Carson (1 month ago)
How is flexibility a problem? That bridal consultant was an idiot. why give her dresses that hug her hips and that are long?! I could find her twelve dresses from david’s bridal right now that would work perfectly.
Jessica Taylor (1 month ago)
Emily L (1 month ago)
The dog is up showing her- just saying the dress is boring
Clayton Paisley (1 month ago)
ganchimeg ganzorig (2 months ago)
I guess She love it but Last one Hell nooo for me
Christine Campion (2 months ago)
She could’ve given that hockey girl a detachable long skirt to make it easy to play hockey in
Mai N (2 months ago)
Dogs deserve to be treated as dogs, not humans. I hate seeing animals in human clothing!
Lucero Zavala (2 months ago)
My personal opinion That last dress was hideous like y stomach literally turn it looked like a clown dress then throw in the converse I’m done so ugly. But she looked so happy and excited I loved that!
Italia Sosa (2 months ago)
Girl looks like she's on meth
Ryan Kisnics (2 months ago)
I Feel Sorry For All The Guys.....Gonna End Up DIVORCED & BROKE.....And She Takes EVERYTHING you Own....MARRIAGES DON'T WORK ANYMORE THESE DAYS....GET A PRENUP GUYS.....Not ladies
Djessie (2 months ago)
The hockey lady could have a short wedding dress, I felt bad for her...
Why didnt they just give her a hi-low gown or a shorter skirt? Instead gives her mermaid gowns.. dumb consult.
Lyndsay Miller (2 months ago)
In the last one the mother in law was totally acting
Mellchiril (2 months ago)
not many of these bridal requests were actually outrageous. Different in a sense, sure, but these dresses and requests seemed mostly pretty normal to me. Also, if I ever get married... sneakers all the way, she looked comfy as all heck.
Maddy_ Hatter (2 months ago)
It kinda looks like that she is more exited for her dogs than herself 😂
Realistic Man (2 months ago)
don't get married. Is this fucking real?
Scandalous.Opinions (2 months ago)
The mother in law being so supportive 💕💕 I wish my mother in law was like that, lol but she called me a whore but jokes on her, her son is still marrying my ass 👀 I’m marrying him, not his bitch mom (:
Dogo Shows (2 months ago)
The last one is my favorite
Ren Zavala (2 months ago)
The Last mother in law was amazing! So loving and supportive even if she probably wouldn’t have chosen it. Making sure the bride felt loved and happy! 😌
Crow (2 months ago)
Look at Mary killing it with that whole ensemble. HELL YEAH!Also, sneakers at a wedding is a super comfortable way to go. She probably knew how much she was going to dance at her reception, along with all the walking and standing.
ᄋᄉᄋjessicauwu (2 months ago)
The first one looks like a quinceañera dress lolol
Lucy Maw (2 months ago)
I thought the searsucker dress was really beautiful
Riley Huelseman (2 months ago)
the red dress was absolutely beautiful
Batool Maryam (2 months ago)
The last bride looked like little red riding hood
Batool Maryam (2 months ago)
For the hockey girl couldn't she just wear a short wedding dress?!
Gachy Gacha World! (2 months ago)
Michelle Cassion (3 months ago)
She can play hockey another day 🙄
Dalia Saeed (3 months ago)
Omg the last one is awful but that’s my opinion if you like it then good for you
Aditi Upadhyay (3 months ago)
Where is that marine bride??
Brianna D (3 months ago)
I loved the last girl and her mother-in-law. They seemed so happy and supportive, it kind of made me want to cry lol
zucc for v buck (3 months ago)
what the fuck was that red underskirt and converse combo 🤷🏼‍♀️
Lee- MusicLover (3 months ago)
there are such weird people in this world tbh
Shae Rodwell (3 months ago)
I honestly want the red dress for my wedding.
A Banana Milk (3 months ago)
*First one* “Most brides don’t wear red.” Indian Brides:

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