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10 Popular Men's Style Trends That SUCK!

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Text Comments (2282)
Jim Johnson77 (4 days ago)
You ARE cool!!
AquaGaming HD (6 days ago)
I always button my shirt up to the top I think it looks nice
Jesus Ocotecatl (7 days ago)
*Watches this after getting compliments for wearing a over size denim button up* CHECK MATE ALPHA
Gamecat (8 days ago)
what's your opinion on cargo pants?
Jack Viking (8 days ago)
You kind of forgot Ozzy Osbourne he looks awesome with round glasses
Materia (10 days ago)
"sun glaeses" "becos"
Liah Reficul (10 days ago)
John Lennon, Ozzy Osbourne, and maybe Janis Joplin are the ONLY people who can pull off round sunglasses lol
Nirjoy Goyary (10 days ago)
I think this Chanel is not for 17/18years old men guys
Shogo Kun (10 days ago)
If I want dad shoes I get new balance 999
Chris (10 days ago)
You crossed the line with boat shoes
Drift Scale (10 days ago)
The hh&js are just out of my budget ;-;
Joel Kumar (10 days ago)
For those who keep harping about that ad, it's a sponsored placement and that's integral to his revenue. At least he's upfront about it and it's even stated right there that it's a video sponsor.
2vain4u (11 days ago)
Wearing large clothes is just apart of the streetwear aesthetic, ofcourse you can go smaller but a lot of streetwear are deseigned for layering
Griffin Preissler (11 days ago)
The only thing i disagree with is your resentment of boat shoes.
FROZEN FIRES (11 days ago)
I really like your outfit in this video!
Charlie Harris (11 days ago)
Bruh alpha M has got beef with my boat shoes and I’m upset
MW_HACks (11 days ago)
Man cleavage..... Hahahaha
Deno (11 days ago)
No jeans in existence can contain my croch like joggers bro.
GersonM (11 days ago)
I agree with all but the button all the way up. I think it looks cool.
J24777 (12 days ago)
Its Hammer Time!!!!
66justariot (13 days ago)
Shirt tail guarders don't look good on guys that have a less than slim waistline, prove me wrong.
Thomas Margolis (13 days ago)
I found a product BRICKELL MENS PRODUCTS, and not sure about them, thus far. They address the skin issues,and take that in the context of how much can such any product practically do for someone? Billy Mays and otherswere in the era before the dominance of cyber format to be a huckster. No shortage of "honest" content from you,eh. BRICKELL can work for big, black, white,  w/e man. You have no shortage of "honest" content.
Abdulsamad vlogs (14 days ago)
ur videos make me cool per second
cameron osborne (14 days ago)
3 or more buttons unbutton is just douche to me
Kidd C1OUT (14 days ago)
*never* insult kanye west.
Oreo ! (14 days ago)
Black Curtain (14 days ago)
You are old dude. Maybe consider catering to an older group of gentlemen and quit hatin' on the younger style or just any style that's not yours in general. I'm all for originality and making fashion a statement and representation of who you are or how you're feeling on any particular day.
SAGAR KHANDEKAR (14 days ago)
Round glasses ...watch matrix again bro ...
Kevin Samaratunga (14 days ago)
Pure Hxperz (15 days ago)
The big theme now is Skating theme.
Nice video 👍👍
Anthony Cedeno (17 days ago)
Your videos just keep getting better and better by the second 😂😂
Simon Monto (17 days ago)
Never laughed at one of your videos so much. Agree 110% 10/10
johnny lee (17 days ago)
Thumbs up for this video👍👍
Muhammad Huzaifa (18 days ago)
Atleast His Ads are cool 😍
Enigma's Books N More (18 days ago)
I love round sunglasses
Jordan Daniel (18 days ago)
What about ozzy osbourne
Gilbert La Febre (18 days ago)
I wish you made style history videos and origins
Kyle Kennelly Jr. (18 days ago)
The dad shoes are ugly and that’s why they are cool
Godson Selasie (19 days ago)
I think Alpha would look Good in some black vans
Kaien Dragon (19 days ago)
When Alpha was waving the Y strap boxes around there's a text at the bottom of the box that said 'Stay Tucked' but I read it as 'Stay Fucked'. Welp
Michael Tarubal (20 days ago)
Sorry but I have to agree that most yeezys are fugly. Oh well some people hate my jordans. 🤔
Zann Khan (20 days ago)
We live in a society
Chad (20 days ago)
Zann Khan fuck Veronica
thanos gemitzis (20 days ago)
You cant say that they suck beacause is only your opinion
PandaKain (21 days ago)
Everyone has his OWN style
goocheeseballzoo (21 days ago)
Round glasses are OG on this freak dude
ItzRxland (21 days ago)
Guess you just don't understand street wear
Nick J (21 days ago)
Hey don't forget about the heartbreak kid Shawn michaels he always wore round shades back in the early 90s.
damianraver (22 days ago)
WHY ARE YOU YELLING..... Annoying AF. Not sure why you're on my feed.
Chance Hodges (23 days ago)
Im 18 and agreed with every point. 😂
Derekx 18 (23 days ago)
Chance Hodges same
droy900 (23 days ago)
I like to believe that I have the taste of an old man despite my age so I agree with you on those lol
Zulu Zulu (24 days ago)
I cringe every time I see any person in the world wearing a pair of boat shoes and I have felt the same about them for the past 30 years. LOL. There are many better looking shoes to wear on boats if that's your excuse. Great job Alpha m. I totally agree with you on all points.
Zulu Zulu (23 days ago)
+Owen McQuarrie There are hundreds of other shoes that are better quality and better-looking. Try Helly Hanson, Musto, Zhik, Gill, Marinepool or Tribord just to name a few.
Owen McQuarrie (23 days ago)
Well there aren't many alternatives as functional as boat shoes. Try them out on a flat, wet surface and you'll know.
Joshua Molina (24 days ago)
Round sun glasses.... Ozzy.
Ruben Hernandez (24 days ago)
You can go to your local surplus supply store and get yourselves some "shirt stays" and you'll save a couple dollars. Just saying.
Richard Mcdonnell (25 days ago)
Say round glasses suck to Charles Bronson lol
Zulu Zulu (23 days ago)
Thanks, sorry, Tom Hardy is great. Yea, I was talking about that idiot Lithuanian / American actor that died in 2003.
Richard Mcdonnell (23 days ago)
Richard Mcdonnell (23 days ago)
Think we’re talking about 2 different people I’m was talking about UK prisoner but there is a movie about him called BRONSON check it out you might like it
Zulu Zulu (23 days ago)
Charles Bronson is the number one biggest idiot that has ever been on TV and the most horrible actor that has ever existed. That is a fact.
Dezarae Gunnett (25 days ago)
Dezarae Gunnett (25 days ago)
I liked your vid but i do not like robonic type like waches and the rest to as well
Bob the Demolition man (25 days ago)
You have no idea how good round glasses look on me
Ayyoli (26 days ago)
Hublot watches are fuckin gross too
Brennan And Henery (26 days ago)
At school you can’t do that you can only do muffin tops
sHa77ErEd Beatch (26 days ago)
I just love how he calls me a gentleman... feel so responsible.
AZ Battle School (26 days ago)
Boat shoes are dope bro! You should see when I rockstar man. Keep it classy
Auttie B (26 days ago)
You know shit about watches dude
AldershotDave (26 days ago)
I tried the kk and k things and found them to be restrictive. They pulled my shirt too tight and my socks then crushed my toes! And yes, I did order the right size!
basil deepu (26 days ago)
5:33 Top right corner Do you see anything ?
Dood Bro (27 days ago)
Over sized T-shirts, NOT long sleeve, look good when done right, like one size up is acceptable anything bigger than that is awful
James (27 days ago)
richard mille is my least favorite luxury watch brand... the movement is cool but everything else kind of looks like a toy..
Garret Woeller (28 days ago)
man I'm all for oversized shirts but only in length not in width because i got me two long shirts and they both look fuckin crisp I mean if your into the whole sorta flamboyant pirate look then yeah go for it
Ricky Baker (28 days ago)
You know what other trend sucks? When you tubers tell you to like the video before you even have a chance to watch it and decide for yourself if you actually like the video. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️ I’m not petty enough to dislike the video over that, but it’s a sure fire way NOT to receive my like. 💯
Fawaz Alshammari (28 days ago)
Stefan Hansen (28 days ago)
Stop screaming please
MELWIN THOMAS (29 days ago)
Has anyone stopped watching these videos shortly...cos he keeps repeating the contents!! That being said am big fan... But it's just Same thing over abd over
Jonathan Gordon (29 days ago)
Agreed. On all accounts.
Random Robert 123 (29 days ago)
I love round glasses ,but I respect your opinion.
Istvan Miklos (29 days ago)
Wow, somebody must have offended you by saying you're old and uncool :)) Maybe I am too, because I hate every item you mentioned :) Thumbs up, man, you rock!
Sarah Schultz (29 days ago)
I CRACKED up when you said "boat shoes" geez you really do hate them don't you
Moh45261 Lol (29 days ago)
Take da part bout sneakers or u will loose subscribers
Raymond Jr Gaseb (29 days ago)
Tall people wanna look short!
Abe (29 days ago)
Denim on denim makes no sense. Also it's all about being comfy. Gotta rock a comfy shirt, some gym shorts and a nice pair of shoes preferably boost or Nike react
Christos Senos (29 days ago)
Your earrings sucks
Alex Ryan (29 days ago)
Button yo shirt
naveen shankar (29 days ago)
Every bollywood shit does most of them😂
Marek Bielawski (29 days ago)
Teleshopping channel
Vincent Triebaumer (30 days ago)
What about Ozzy Osbourne? He wears round sunglasses and they look awesome
Isaac Molina (30 days ago)
Quavo rocks those round glasses pretty good
The Wild One (30 days ago)
I would say the low crotch pants are the worst. Guy who wears that looks like he just shit his pants
kolton ruvalcaba (30 days ago)
This is personal opinion though my guy. I think dress styles are okay depending what the occasion is. Going to beach, store, party, family dinner etc. Each occasion has an appropriate dress up
BriansRadioReviews (30 days ago)
I was born in 92 and I'm still appalled by the MC Hammer look !😝
BriansRadioReviews (30 days ago)
re-damn-diculous! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mitchell Kim (30 days ago)
Why is this beta cunt on my feed? What a fucking loser
Mike Siri (30 days ago)
I cant stand high heel pants and then have no sucks on. Wearing brown leather with a black outfit. These are sins in my eyes, and I would never do these but what the helll, do what you want
The Noob (30 days ago)
Most of his videos are just talking about a bunch of ads for like half the video
Tappy Toes (30 days ago)
Who is this old ass Boomer hating?
Amir Hussain (30 days ago)
Heinrich himmler looked cool with round glasses
Thomas Fromentin (30 days ago)
I personally think wearing any type of clothes because it's trendy is nonsense. Just wear it because you like it and you think it suit you
Theo Thomas (30 days ago)
Most of these style trends are from like 2016 and or just hated by old ppl lmao
Ballsdeep Singh (30 days ago)
Can you make a video on how to live with an enormously large penis... thanks boss
Rawrr (1 month ago)
Surprisingly I agree with most of this
Roentgen⁶⁴ (1 month ago)
The yeezy 700 is so ugly, it’s beautiful. When I first saw the leaks I thought they were awful, but they grew on me alot
Zaid Al Sekri (1 month ago)
Whaat round glasses look so good on some ppl
lrg863 (1 month ago)
I'll tell ya what's annoying and uncool, Is an insecure, shouting middle age guy that needs attention due to maybe lack there of as a child.

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