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10 Popular Men's Style Trends That SUCK!

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Text Comments (2384)
Pramit Nandi (4 hours ago)
Agreed ❤️
cody smith (6 hours ago)
oversized clothing is it chief idk what you’re talking about
O'Canain (18 hours ago)
Im forty something and think your channel is good. Great energy.
Gswaggamer (18 hours ago)
MC Hammer's pants definitely didn't look the best, but they completed his moves.
Just Dima (1 day ago)
He’s just old and resistant to change
PsychoticLeprachaun (1 day ago)
First thing that came to mind with the round sunglasses thing was how bad they looked on John Lennon
O'Canain (18 hours ago)
You'll understand when you get older.
DJ Astrobot (1 day ago)
I actually think most of the things that alpha hates are what most teenagers are wearing nowadays, because of age preference. Alpha's fashion sense are more into men who hve full time jobs, unlike a teens' fashion sense which are more into goofy showoff clothings.
Listy (1 day ago)
The worst is, pants sagging down with underwear showing. It immediately screams IDIOT!
Zero Blade (1 day ago)
Bruh u tryna give style trends and your wearing some overly tight ass jeans
lifesagrave dig it (2 days ago)
MrDemoMan01 (2 days ago)
John Lennon AND Ozzy!!!
Peaches Peaches (2 days ago)
well u aint no high fashion showcase urslef
Alfie Savage (2 days ago)
Your voice is piercing
Idleglance Insurgent (2 days ago)
Why wear skinny jeans? It's wack asf mate
Abhyuday Tewari (3 days ago)
Absolutely agree with your take on those "big ugly ass shoes" that hypebeast idiots will buy "because you're Kanye"
Armando Sturzenegger (3 days ago)
¿What about earrings on men?. ¿People what do you think?.
jaykob (3 days ago)
Like the ones Aaron has on, lol?
june moar (3 days ago)
oversized shirts are fucking cute on guys fight me
NAK DICKSON (3 days ago)
I wish I could give 1 million likes 😂
AN N (4 days ago)
But you say nothing of skinny jeans and skinny suits with high water pants, dress shoes with no socks or the abomination know as rompers.
Kenneth Ramos (4 days ago)
Saying you’re not cool isn’t very alpha. I think all these tips are useful.
Rowland Page (4 days ago)
Russell Bogrett (4 days ago)
Old geezer? Bitch please, im old enough to be your father and im not a old geezer.
Mr. 666 (4 days ago)
Is the intro suppose to sound like pornhub
Tim Hadzisavas (5 days ago)
Couldn't of said it better myself
Ambrose Fox (5 days ago)
11. Not using teige henley
john williams (5 days ago)
Dude been rolling down the rabbit hole of your Youtube channel. As i approach 50 i have to say your a classic beacon for us who went to hight school in the 80's.
TheGreg991 (5 days ago)
Lmao actually I watched this video and he’s right lol
TheGreg991 (5 days ago)
You listen to this nigga you are a loser lmao
Jack Robinson (5 days ago)
When he was talking about Kanye I actually spit out my water, great video man
Luis Chavez (6 days ago)
although I agree with number 1, you got to admit the only guy who can rock round glasses is Johnny Depp
Sammy Kosmas (6 days ago)
Your not old, its called class
Clint Zeller (6 days ago)
You had me until boat shoes. 😂😂
Matthew Melegrito (6 days ago)
your style is so generic
KUYA NIEL (6 days ago)
5:40 over sized shirt is beast but when its bed time
Irwan Dolman (6 days ago)
You lost me at garter belts homie😂
jay bee (6 days ago)
Jaskaran Bains (6 days ago)
That John Lennon joke is hilarious
Alexander Zurba (6 days ago)
White running shoes with black pants, wear white running shoes to the gym, but with shorts not pants.
Alexander Zurba (6 days ago)
Black pants with black running shoes, however the socks can be white though, I believe that looks pretty stylish to me.
Alexander Zurba (6 days ago)
Doo rags are stupid they're like the cousin of bandanas, wear a hat, problem solved
w4k1- 70wn (7 days ago)
Round sun glasses..boat shoes and button ups are cool tho..
A gamers Life (7 days ago)
Drop croch pants are only good for parkour,freerunning and ninga styfg
black fat ninja (8 days ago)
1:05 and matt murdock
Not Skillful Gamer (8 days ago)
I'm just 19. But I agree with this guy 100%.
Philip.v.D (8 days ago)
As a european guy, it hurts my ears when someone pronounces 'Richard Mille' like 'Richard Millay'. to everyone reading this, it is pronounced as 'Richard mill' not richard millay
Ninja Vinnie (9 days ago)
Or be naked
It’sYourBoi _Goofy (9 days ago)
Number 11:not using tiege Hanley
Conor Criswell (10 days ago)
This may just be me but i do like drop crouch pants. (to a point) Now this could this just be my edgy 17 year old self, BUT... I ware then with a basic crew neck t shirt and a black long sleeve shawl. Also they are not the my crouch in dragging on the ground kinda pants but just the slightly lower cut. :) but i find your videos great. Keep up the good work mate!
Ferdinand Bonghanoy (11 days ago)
Jagger Jeans
1:09 uh, TWO men John Lennon AND Charlie Cox in Daredevil
Shajee Rehman (12 days ago)
What happens when you sit.. With these antimuffintopsuspenderlookingthingies
ALEXANDER mendivil (14 days ago)
Elton John looks good in round glasses
Who Doctor (15 days ago)
Another exeption for round sunglass, Lara mf Croft.
Philip Pantic (17 days ago)
I still get bitches with my streetwear style so I'm good
gabriel weeks (17 days ago)
Ozzy osbourne looks good in round sunglasses
Tommy Hilfiger (17 days ago)
The over size trends is more like the 90s trend , i actually like it 👍🏽
Why do sponsors take like 2 minutes of the video
DJ Sandes (19 days ago)
Aaron is always right.
mdog333333 (24 days ago)
agree with everything but the boat shoes. I grew up on cape cod MA so through the 90's and 2000's this was something i always saw.
Mark Benn (29 days ago)
This is one of the funniest videos you have made😂
Raya gorgeouse (30 days ago)
I'm not old and still totally agree with you
Malcolm Ozono (30 days ago)
I can't wear a button up shirt without fastening all of them....I just love how unique it looks😂🔥
Ken Waller (1 month ago)
Alpha can’t say this but I can. Black people dress terrible
Domingo E. D. (1 month ago)
R J (1 month ago)
I remember seeing a video where the sponsor was a small elastic band that buttons the top button without choking you. Come on Aaron lol
Eduardo Villatoro (1 month ago)
What about psy he looked good in round sunglasses in gangnam style😂
Bogdan Szostak (1 month ago)
Totally concording bro
E Gill (1 month ago)
Do you really think any male in their 20s is gonna wear those things lmao
Andrew G (1 month ago)
U sound like a dad saying all this
Andrew G (1 month ago)
Na bruh you’re old and ur style is 😬. Just cuz u can’t rock it 🤷🏿‍♂️
Timothy Calba (1 month ago)
Anyone else got the pianoguys ad with epiphany on???
Olli Heikkilä (1 month ago)
Not the round glasses ;(
Psycho Joe (1 month ago)
I'm a hat guy and I actually own 2 real amish hats so anybody with an amish looking hat bows before my hat game.
Nishant Tiwari (1 month ago)
I totally agree with you
Michael Richard (1 month ago)
Balenciaga Sucks
RealDmoney Dez (1 month ago)
I like this guy and I just subscribe to his channel 😂😂😂
Naycir Lavn (1 month ago)
Hats are cool...
Vivek Thachilath (1 month ago)
How can people not know MC HAMMER?!
Denman Fite (1 month ago)
Saggy skinny jeans (similar to the "drop crotch") and the button all the way up should be illegal. FACT.
Edward Jelley (2 months ago)
Aaron you are my best pal. You give confidence to people like me and I like that. In no way shape or form do I disagree. You are cool as f*ck.
Jim Johnson77 (2 months ago)
You ARE cool!!
AquaGaming HD (2 months ago)
I always button my shirt up to the top I think it looks nice
Jesus Ocotecatl (2 months ago)
*Watches this after getting compliments for wearing a over size denim button up* CHECK MATE ALPHA
Gamecat (2 months ago)
what's your opinion on cargo pants?
Jack Viking (2 months ago)
You kind of forgot Ozzy Osbourne he looks awesome with round glasses
Materia (2 months ago)
"sun glaeses" "becos"
Liah Reficul (2 months ago)
John Lennon, Ozzy Osbourne, and maybe Janis Joplin are the ONLY people who can pull off round sunglasses lol
Copy кιиg JN (2 months ago)
I think this Chanel is not for 17/18years old men guys
Shogo Kun (2 months ago)
If I want dad shoes I get new balance 999
Chris (2 months ago)
You crossed the line with boat shoes
Drift Scale (2 months ago)
The hh&js are just out of my budget ;-;
Joel Kumar (2 months ago)
For those who keep harping about that ad, it's a sponsored placement and that's integral to his revenue. At least he's upfront about it and it's even stated right there that it's a video sponsor.
2vain4u (2 months ago)
Wearing large clothes is just apart of the streetwear aesthetic, ofcourse you can go smaller but a lot of streetwear are deseigned for layering
Griffin Preissler (2 months ago)
The only thing i disagree with is your resentment of boat shoes.
FROZEN FIRES (2 months ago)
I really like your outfit in this video!
Charlie Harris (2 months ago)
Bruh alpha M has got beef with my boat shoes and I’m upset
MW_HACks (2 months ago)
Man cleavage..... Hahahaha
Deno (2 months ago)
No jeans in existence can contain my croch like joggers bro.
Gm_314 (2 months ago)
I agree with all but the button all the way up. I think it looks cool.
J24777 (2 months ago)
Its Hammer Time!!!!
66justariot (2 months ago)
Shirt tail guarders don't look good on guys that have a less than slim waistline, prove me wrong.

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