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Ideas for Girly Outfits : Women's Fashion & Outfit Ideas

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Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowbeauty Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowbeauty Girl outfits can include a wide variety of different things, like ruffles or pastels. Get ideas for girly outfits with help from a fashion industry professional in this free video clip. Expert: Jamie Walsh Filmmaker: Nicholas Wilson Series Description: Putting together the right outfit often depends on the situation. Get tips on fashion and style with help from a fashion industry professional in this free video series.
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Flight Of Spice Blog (11 months ago)
Love your style
Shiloh Genesis (1 year ago)
Anyone Else watching with no socks?
tamara Cruz (1 year ago)
I NEED help! I'm 24 and very alternative , punk, goth... but I'm also a mom now of a 1 year old girl..... when I first had my little ball of sunshine I tried to change to much to fast... I got rid of all my clothes and went out shopping for a "mom " wardrobe... and I came back with clothes I found made me feel really uncomfortable.... so then I slipped into this supper frumpy stage... sweats and baggy tank tops..... now I'm trying again and I'm buying alternative stuff again that I'm realizing is more for teenagers..... I'm tired of being looked at like a kid with a kid cause that's not how it is at all .... I'm an adult now and I need to figure out how to evolve my style with out loosing me in the process... please help! currently I have brown and blue hair, and tattoos and I wear baggy stuff cause I'm still getting use to having my body back and its still changing and weights being loss. and yea..
Shiloh Genesis (1 year ago)
Dont worry. As long as you think your teaching your child right, no need to change! WHat if your child wants to be your style when shes older? be who YOU want to be. Best lesson to your child possible
Fact Picks (1 year ago)
I think that these all great outfits ideas!!
Fact Picks (1 year ago)
Most valuable video for women's....
Hot Deals (1 year ago)
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Mary Disuja (2 years ago)
Your outfit is awesome. Peach color is my favorite :) Thanks for this video
Boboc Mircea (3 years ago)
Nice video. I'd also love to offer you a t-shirt alternative: http://teespring.com/beautiful-charming#pid=154&cid=2294&sid=front

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