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5 STUPID Insecurities Guys have that Girls HATE

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A c (3 months ago)
1- Being tall doesn't make you handsome and being short doesn't make you uggly 2- I dont care if you have money or not, I'm making my own 3- What José said 4- Jose haircut does the trick 5-As long as you're working and not staying at your place doing nothing all day we're cool
B Vee (22 days ago)
what if you work but watch porn all day at work?
Erick Suaste (28 days ago)
Andreu Caballero u wanna be my wife?
Atmosphere (1 month ago)
Yeah, but if you're good looking and tall, it's better than being good looking and short. Stop lying to the midgets lol
Two In (1 month ago)
marry me 💐
TheRed 1 (1 month ago)
Daniel Hermosillo because it is true, you can't tell me it ain't when I've SEEN it everywhere, its all the tall guys that slay, yeah some short guys can get lucky but their the exception, thats not how shit plays out for the majority, you can try tell me otherwise but it doesn't change the reality, that's just how it works so get used to it, I have
Extremely hot tea (10 hours ago)
Does this guy ever stop promoting other brands?
AccelGamerHD (1 day ago)
You're just bursting with positivity. I've already made it my goal to be like you. Well, in shape at least since people I see often or even once in while complement my physique.
Diego Silva (2 days ago)
You should make a what to wear to the club video, great content and really helps some out
tech alvis (2 days ago)
You are awesome
Nepolionking (3 days ago)
If you have money you don't need any stuff to attract a girl lol😎😎😎😎😎😎
Red Kool-Aid (4 days ago)
Another thing my friend told me he’s insecure about are His mole or birthmarks
Phan Tom (4 days ago)
I'm not real insecure about my stomach. I just feel more comfortable with a shirt or Tank top on. ',B^)
Carl Johnson (5 days ago)
When you're watching advice videos and they say: that's why I love *insert sponsor name* and then you get angry and quit youtibe immidiately
Bob H (7 days ago)
What about ur dick
Adam Ray (7 days ago)
this guy is funnier than 100 percent of all standup comedians
Modern Fashion Men (7 days ago)
modern fashion men is a channel targeting all men attributes of style grooming fitness and vlogs i love your support and feedback please hit the subscribe button and check it out
Chad T (8 days ago)
I like quite a few items and Rose Gold Black. Definitely will pick one of those bracelets.
BLACK JACK (10 days ago)
Gucci makes necklaces lol💨💨 💨🏃‍♂️👨‍💻🤪🤴
chivita7 (10 days ago)
I want to see a 100 doller goodwill challenge and tailored
Vexvo (10 days ago)
he read the richest man in babylon i canb from when he said “said 10%” save 1/10 of thous earnings
BrumHD (10 days ago)
i have man-boobs but pretty fit everywhere else.. how tf do i fix it
rudis pilans (10 days ago)
Thanks MATE!
BOQORKA RAPKA (11 days ago)
Many girls like money 🤣🤣🤣
Soviet who Cuts (11 days ago)
Dude you’re literally what I want in myself you even have my facial structure
Soviet who Cuts (11 days ago)
Also guys remember masculinity is important for initial attraction but when you settle down a little feminine flair will keep a girl with you
Ajith kumar AJ (11 days ago)
0:21 which music is that....
Ahmed Zaman (12 days ago)
You forgot to add the skin colour insecurity
Jesus Zavala (13 days ago)
Ya know Jose I really like these tips. I try to incorporate them every once in a while and they make sense. You are one stylish guy. Anyway I’ve got a reading recommendation. Acts from the Bible. Just a suggestion and in the end you decide what you do.
Nathan Hesketh (14 days ago)
I actually have none of these
Daniel Vazquez (14 days ago)
No entendí nada
Meme Boi (14 days ago)
Un adevarat sex symbol
Peter Chou (15 days ago)
If you're a burger flipper, learn how to be a better cook. I'm talking about experience different ingredients. Put that wow factor into your salmon. That will impress your date/gf.
Manuel Reyes (16 days ago)
Dude when are those shirts gonna be restocked cause I like that blue one you have on in this video
Hayden Bourgeois (17 days ago)
Who else was subbed before 1 mil?
MrHoppers002 (19 days ago)
I'm going to try and analyze this critically: 1.) only 14.5 % of men in america are 6 feet or over. So women basically by statistics have to settle for someone under 6 feet tall because there's not enough 6 ft tall or over guys to go around. 2.) money = access to resources. little money = little resources meaning you have very little or nothing to offer which is a big hurdle for many women to accept since a large majority of them still believe its the males job to provide. (considering women make their own money comparable or even more than males these days, this is a even bigger slap to the face for many men) 3.) men are insecure about their body types because of the media. Also due to our very sedentary life styles now it's getting even harder just to maintain healthy physique and overall health. 4.) again with the hair it's really insecurity that is derived from the media. 5.) jobs = social status. Women find prestige and social status attractive. If you are the worker bee of a big company being paid low wages with little prestige that doesn't really show high social status. It's like a catch-22. Basically this ties into the money issue again. Again most of these I find are holdovers from our hunter/gatherer days and hope that eventually it can be changed. I also blame the media for controlling our body images and appearance standards.
ice tray (19 days ago)
5ft first year of highschool pray for me
sxYz cF (19 days ago)
Tmf is my waifu
jack sparo (19 days ago)
What about penis size 😁
madridistaaa (20 days ago)
Wow. 80 % of this video is product placement...
Name21 R34 (20 days ago)
I'd love to see some car related videos! Like if ya agree😌
Leandro Tejeda (21 days ago)
And what about bold people 😥
Ajay Ghale (21 days ago)
I like how on every video at least half of it is talking about some sponsor(s)
Volgath (21 days ago)
I don't why I have the problem that sometimes I still feel short/small, etc. even though I'm 6'1.5" + 200-205ish (probably ~18-19%bf) , I also have a decent amount of muscle, but still, I don't know why i have that problem. Anyone else? (P.S. I'm almost 17)
Black Panther (21 days ago)
amar chnnal subscribed koroe bro
Keny Romero (22 days ago)
When is that back To school video coming out?
stuart clark (23 days ago)
hey is he from Pakistan ?
Basil Noorudheen (23 days ago)
Jumpin Jax (23 days ago)
When is the essential t shirts sale?
Alberto Saucedo Jr. (24 days ago)
Bro where do I get that shirt
Yeltsin Garcia Ochoa (24 days ago)
Eres un maestro
Phúc Ân (24 days ago)
Hi i think that a youtube channel Frank Viki is using you video without asking
Landon Kauffman (25 days ago)
I don't hate girls but sometimes girls don't get it
yoyo yo (25 days ago)
Bro nobody cares about height nowadays. Money matters, nobody wants a broke nigga. Body type, man just work out, curls for the girls tries for the guys. Hair, I got coarse hair so all I got to do is work hard combing it out in the morning and it stays nice all day ( problem is people always tryna touch it, then it needs a fix) Job, I’m in high school, any job is a good job ( and I got me a job).
Habib Akram (25 days ago)
Girls are more complicated than a math test
Pense que sólo subías vídeos en español😂❤
max cruz (26 days ago)
All love from Manila! Spread positivity! Boost that confidence 🙏🏼
Oli Mercer (27 days ago)
Cool so, here's my circumstances re that: Height: 6'1 I'm lucky Weight: 86kg, low body fat, not an issue Money: Doing okay, not doing bad, hardly doing great but idc Hair: Keeps falling over 😂 Job: I'm a personal trainer and I work in a gym with kids. Insecurities are always personal. He is 100% right about this. I guess mine are that my beard isn't great, I'm really pale and struggle too tan and I have eczema, which I need to try and control every day. Long story short boys, you can check off each of these categories and be fine but you can still be single, but there ain't nothing wrong with that, you're laying the foundation for an incredible life
Kaylee Martinez (28 days ago)
If you know who is reading this YOU’RE TOO SHORT
Mike Gonzalez (28 days ago)
Alguien que hable español y siga su canal principal el estilo de hombre?:v
Pedro Figueroa (29 days ago)
Who thinks his advice is the best
John Allan (29 days ago)
Should men wear white shoes in the fall
Steward (29 days ago)
0:53 do u mean click the roof lol
TM LOVE STATUS (29 days ago)
U r osm And u r videos😘😘😘😘😘
abc xyz (30 days ago)
You should rap dude
Magic Spirit (30 days ago)
Talk about gay guy because its not. normal thing. To do. For any man he thing born gay
LewcrativeArts (30 days ago)
Honestly I subscribed and watch these videos to help my lead generation skills, Jose's ability to pitch is impeccable. If you can learn to pitch as good as he does, you'll never feel insecure
Caden Arnold (30 days ago)
It’s hilarious how much he forces his sponsors
Ulysses Joyce (11 days ago)
Caden Arnold it all about the ad money. THAT WHY THESE GUYS CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED.
XxDomno87xX (1 month ago)
One question.. how about insecurities about discoloration on the skin like on the inner thighs??
Shyam Mighty (1 month ago)
Your hair is soo awesome...do a video for volume of hair bro
Dirlon Mercy (1 month ago)
I used to be insecure about money and body type. The one insecurity that is the hardest to overcome for me is my skin tone (stupid I know)
Luka Nikoloz (1 month ago)
Stop advertising moron get to the point and stop being indecisive you wanna be a YouTuber or a PR agent decide motherfucker ..or atleast make it short I’m unsubscribing from your stupid channel
Dũ Nguyên Khưu (1 month ago)
This channel steal your videos. You should check it out https://youtu.be/mvLFJrtUbRo
anonymous (1 month ago)
I have a 9 inch dick I have bitch
Bommo Riba (1 month ago)
Be satisfied with everything you have #one life
The Luke (1 month ago)
Jose u need to post some I need your videos
Tariq Hildebrand (1 month ago)
you look like Riyad Mahrez
I love this guy nice tips😀
king of wrestling (1 month ago)
I have a problem
David Campos (1 month ago)
I don't know que hago watching this video if I no entiendo nothing about inglés.
Rick Colson (1 month ago)
I disagree with the short comment. Women make it an automatic deal breaker and when you hear enough of that on apps and in person, it chips away at you.
egh wtvr (1 month ago)
Easy for you to say....youre 6'1
can rose and gold ship to SA
Fury Night fury (1 month ago)
What if you have gyno(those nipples u get in puberty now a days alot of guys have it me too)I can't even go swimming although I am the sexiest in my class I hate these nipples!!!!!!!!
Tatenda Rwenzi (1 month ago)
What`s your instagram account
The Gamers (1 month ago)
Hi Jose! You can make a video in which we will send you a photos of us, and you need to say what to change to be more attractive!
AdrianTheGaMer !!! (1 month ago)
Oh dude my crush once said that she dont like short guys( im 5 5)
Rush Dahn (1 month ago)
Crazy cause, I work both construction and burger flipping. But my level of confidence is so high idgaf.
Will Hubbell (1 month ago)
Dude I love your channel. It has really helped me develop my style and not care about what everybody else is wearing!❤️
Justin Sandolph (1 month ago)
Beautiful said 😏
Jose, is there another product I can use to hold my hair (I don't have hair spray)
probo rahadianto (1 month ago)
Their first is actually their dick
Brian Rodriguez (1 month ago)
All I wear Is Tommy, Polo Ralph Lauren, etc for shirts, jackets. And l wear only Levis for jeans and my go to watch is a Bulova precionist ( what ever it's spelled) cost me like 1,000. friends think I'm Rich. And I don't even own a car, will I do but it's under construction😉😉
Zeddrick Caronongan (1 month ago)
How about do a reaction video? We send our oufits and make a video reacting and commenting about our outfits.
K.A The Kapil (1 month ago)
Yo u make awesome videos dud
Abhijith NARAYAN (1 month ago)
Evan 123 (1 month ago)
When are you restocking on shirts?
X Kobe (1 month ago)
Hey Jose I've noticed you sometimes part your hair from the left, and then sometimes from the right (like in this video). Is there any reason to that because I've been told the majority of men part their hair from the left.
AnarchyJesus (1 month ago)
u forgot about the d
Jose Caro (1 month ago)
Rose gold & black its a scam they just took my money...wtf???
der Kommentator _ (1 month ago)
Yo dude can you please do a special video on how to ware merch (e.g from your favorite band) properly. I for example have some merch at home that I really like, however I allways have difficulties at letting it really „flow“ into my outfit. I think some tipps from you would bei very usefull.
IG0516 (1 month ago)
I’m 6’1 and still growin’
Paul Barnes (1 month ago)
The reason why men have these insecurities in the first place is because women have impeccable high standards. No matter what you do to improve yourself women will always find fault with you. These insecurities aren't stupid because they can effect your self esteem,it's not something you can easily ignore.
Armaanjot Maan (1 month ago)
my insecurity is my height and fat body with gyno
Raman kumar (1 month ago)
Can I use hairspray on daily basis ,
Archie Hengyin (1 month ago)
Get 60% off this bag with the code: M5AOHTDY https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076HHG9YJ

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