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Disgusting and Creepy Victorian Fashion Trends

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it's two weeks until Halloween my dudes (all the pictures were found on Pinterest) ___________ My Instagram: https://bit.ly/2Qo9rrI My blog: http://bit.ly/2nnB89S My nudes: https://bit.ly/2P07yV9 You can also buy me a coffee!: https://bit.ly/2IvBsJY
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realyn serrano (18 hours ago)
in Architecture, Victorian and Queen Anne era were considered the ugliest 😅. contrary, i like Victorian fashion
Tig Allen (6 days ago)
Harpo Marx mentioned hair jewelry in his autobio. When he was a kid in early 1900s New York City, "One way of keeping your mind off the heat was to make horsehair rings. We used to sneak into the brewery stables and cut big hanks of hair from the horses' tails, then braid them into rings. Horsehair rings were not only snazzy accessories to wear, 3 or 4 to a finger, but they were also negotiable. They could be swapped for marbles or Grover Cleveland buttons, and they were handy as ransom when you were ambushed by an enemy gang."
Jen Kempen (6 days ago)
I have a Victorian mourning shawl. I got it at an antique mall. I hope it's actually from the Victorian Era and I didn't get ripped off.
Jen Kempen (6 days ago)
Also I've always wanted to own a piece of hair jewelry.
It's a shame, cause that shade of green is lovely! I'd even say it's to die for!
Linkuji Ouji (8 days ago)
Gotta keep cabinets of curiosity stocked y’all
jason david (9 days ago)
I clicked on the link for your nudes and all I got to see was your hairy pussy
Utlwang Molefe (10 days ago)
_D I S G O S T I N G_
I saw some pictures of taxidermy cat hats thank you that was very interesting and that they took photos with their loved ones sometimes after they died
Pallasite Matrix (12 days ago)
Angela Clayton did some embroidery with beetle wings in one of her videos, and she talks about how because the beetles have relatively short life spans, it's not that difficult to ethically source them (because people got concerned) (And by ethically sourced, I mean people will raise them up, and let them live out their life spans and collect the wings after they've naturally passed.) And I don't know what it was like to try and gather them in the Victorian Era, but would make most sense to me that they farmed them the same way. It takes more to create most projects than would be cost effective to catch out of the wild (especially whole, unbroken wings), and farming them would ensure access to the young to renew the cycle- and in that way, I imagine that besides the ones that get wild caught to start a captive population, for the most part the population wouldn't suffer for it.
Mimi Carey (12 days ago)
*"mOuRnInG aCsSeSoRiEs"*
Lee Wardle (12 days ago)
I can only remember as far back as the 1960s, everything had a lot more organic feel to it at that time unlike now where most stuff is plastic or synthetic materials which by comparison feels 'soulless' for lack of a better word. There are contemporary equivalents: Arsenic: Synthetic oestrogens in plastics and the water supply, may not be fatal but men with low sperm counts or with man-boobs may begin wishing that they were dead. Fluoride in water is a controversial subject as is the use of ionic mercury compounds in childhood immunisation. Beetles in fashion: We use the cochineal beetle in red dyes and food colourings, the amounts exported are incredible for example between 2000-2003 Ethiopia began farming beetles and exported 2000 tons of beetle dye. Unfortunately these insect are prone to escape and become invasive pest. Funeral rituals: Nowadays the authorities claim the body, there is a ceremony for a couple of hours and that is it. Very sterile and people never really come into contact with the reality of death. Nowadays people take cremated ashes of deceased loved ones to a tattooist who mixes it with ink and creates a memorial tattoo in their skin another modern trend is to crush cremated ashes into a diamond and wear it as jewellery.
Dan Lewis (13 days ago)
Victorian age was the age of discovery, but they didn't discover everything they should have. Electricity & plumbing was all brand new.
Miranda Milner (15 days ago)
Make another video like this please! Like a part 2
Aleksandra Makari (15 days ago)
Not to mention the undertakers wore weird undertaker clothes, and would carry a weird staff. And the mourning lockets with the dead person's hair in a cute little bow or swirl....
Aleksandra Makari (15 days ago)
Just look at Black Butler. Yana Toboso puts a lot of references in the manga, the clothes, even one of the characters, Ronald Knox. Set in 1888-1889, so the fictional Knox was around before 1888. Reverend Ronald Knox, irl was born 1888. And they had Frederick Abberline, who was the head investigated in the Jack the Ripper case. And Queen Victoria too.
yarixza mendoza (16 days ago)
how the fuck did vicotrian ppl even manage to get to old age? It amazes me.
Shelly Slavek (14 days ago)
Um because 30 is " old age"
Jennifer lawrence (17 days ago)
I know this is crazy, but I have abilities and can sometimes see people's past lives. You were a Jew in Poland in your previous life and most likely died in concentration camp. And of course, you were alive during the Edwardian period. Hope that doesn't freak you out. It's just very strong with your videos.
Elins YouTube kanal (17 days ago)
If you think about it, pearls are just as weird as these beetle wings. Pearls are made of fluids from an oyster, mussel, or clam.
Foxybish 3 (17 days ago)
“Ooh that’s a pretty GREEN” “I’ll put the children in it and have them match the wallpaper” 😳💀👻
Hadassah Rose (19 days ago)
Yes. They also posed deceased members of the family for a photo shoot. Look that up.
Ben Wuensche (19 days ago)
1:18 *cough* 3:35 *cough* 3:56 *disgusting*
Greeny Wasabi (20 days ago)
I'm sure we still use bugs in make-up
Ruby Anko (20 days ago)
In my home state we used to have loads of tiny birds with green and pink feathers, but every single one was killed for the sole purpose that their feathers were en vogue in Europe to put on ladies hats during the Victorian era.
Grasshopper K (20 days ago)
Oboes (and other double reed, like bassoons) used a beetles insides to keep an air seal. It tastes like a bad candle wax and raisins, without the saltiness. Cling film is better....
Another creepy thing are shrunken heads - They came into fashion around the 1900s in Germany, because the colonists started slaughtering Herero/Nama and sold the shrunken head of their victims to collectors and rich people back home. My mum told me that shrunken heads were also a great decoration in the 1970s in Germany.
M.H. (21 days ago)
Make a video about something that wasn't creepy about victorian era. That's a challenge!
Briccmomo (21 days ago)
yer shirt reminds me of cherry from animal crossing
Julia Giles (21 days ago)
About those beetle wings...I think the word you were searching for was "sequins". It looks like they sewed them on like weird little iridescent sequins. Looks cool though. I love your videos, they're very interesting and the little "asides" always make me laugh ("Stop it-get some help" lmao).
Jocelyne cupcake (22 days ago)
Whether the bird looked alive or not, EW! I can't imagine who would want to wear a dead bird on their head, that kind of stuff freaks me out. It makes me nauseous even seeing a dead bird on the side of the road.
LilMissMakeupFace (22 days ago)
Wow. Kinda want a beetle dress and some hair jewellery now, a sentence I never thought I'd say!
Paige V (23 days ago)
I love the meme mum
Dayla Zombie (23 days ago)
I would've died because I love green.
itrilien (23 days ago)
I would be sooo sick, cause I really love that shade of green - that dress! OMG! <3 And this green dye probably killed more of people that worked in dyeworks, than those who have wear green clothes :( Yay, beatle wings = XIXth century sequins / payettes :D It's beautiful AND eco-friendly! If you collect them from already dead beatles I mean.
foxcaty (24 days ago)
Bring back mourning jewelry! I think it's an awesome memento of the dead loved one. Hair won't decay if kept out of direct sunlight and some of those designs were stunning! I really want to have some made in the future when I inevitably loose someone close to me.
Florrie Fightingale (25 days ago)
I inherited a beetle brooch and a mourning ring with my ancestors hair woven through it and they are so creepy and I LOVE THEM!
Pat Bowman (25 days ago)
Learn your history!!
Ella Angel (25 days ago)
The arsenic victorian wallpaper ♡ (?)
Ella Angel (25 days ago)
Also, Carmine xD (And people still use it, aggh)
Chocolate Gore (25 days ago)
Oh we actually own a piece of braided human hair that was used as a watch chain! It’s one of my Victorian ancestors hair that was used to manufacture it ~
Wilian Oliveira (27 days ago)
I love your sense of humor Hahaha
790757 6743 (28 days ago)
I wonder if museums have these arsenic dresses and if they keep them in a locked display case so not to poison people lol
Suzuya Juuzou (29 days ago)
Kiedy rozumiesz tylko połowę, bo jesteś mocno średnia z angielskiego. XD
Marek Tóth (1 month ago)
*(C O U G H)*
Lady Crystal R (1 month ago)
They're called "Momento Mori". ❤💀💍
Ass Sprinkles (1 month ago)
*Dress so good, it kills you*
MrsBrit1 (1 month ago)
Hair as jewellery and wreaths and other items are absolutely beautiful. I am fascinated by the talent and time it took to make such intricate pieces. There were special tables made to create these pieces. It's really not too different today, as many people still keep a lock of a loved one's hair, whether they've passed yet or not, in a locket or in a jewellery or trinket box or in your child's baby book, etc. I have seem some incredible rings, brooches, even framed images made entirely of hair of loved ones and friends.
Stefanie Maria (1 month ago)
"We'Re KilLinG aLl ThE bIrDs CaN wE sTaHp?"
Topaz Potato (1 month ago)
The only mourning the woman on the right is doing it for her internal organs and rib cage 8:05
Grace (1 month ago)
One of my older relatives had a watch made with hair. It’s true that it actually looks cool and you can’t really tell it’s hair
Kween Yasmine (1 month ago)
John James Audubon was from my small city in Western New York— Jamestown, NY.
Eunice Zeng (1 month ago)
There’s a really great podcast called Dressed: the History of Fashion that actually has three episodes on things from this video. There’s an episode on the birds on hats and a two part episode on hair jewelry where they interview someone who does hairwork for a living now. I really recommend it if you’re interested in fashion history!
Lindie Botes (1 month ago)
Cool, informative video! I own a piece of hair jewelry from my grandma's great-grandpa. Kind of creepy, kind of cool. The hair is arranged in a flower pattern in a necklace locket with a photo of him on the back.
Karen Halus (1 month ago)
Broing pep it up
Sir Bricks A-Lot (1 month ago)
"Oh my God. That dress is SOOOO pigmented!" "I KNOW. I'm literally dying."
Luna Benng (1 month ago)
The children just died like *flies*
Stella M (1 month ago)
I'm guessing the why had to do with the drugs and poisons they consumed: morphine, arsenic, lead, laudenum.... They blew tobacco smoke up their butts with a special bellows-cram, they drank radium water, swallowed freeze dried tapeworm for weight loss....
Waffle Sloth (1 month ago)
Beetle glitter - lovely
Katherine Margeson (1 month ago)
Insects are used in lots of red makeup and food coloring today.
Lorena Joppert (1 month ago)
And that's how some of South America's prettiest specimens of birds disappeared.
okay (1 month ago)
the word 'hair' sounds weird now i
Bildgesmythe (1 month ago)
Are we any different? Why fill your seas with plastic?
Sheila T. (1 month ago)
Scarlett Ohara's green drapery dress!!
Pink Panther 420 (1 month ago)
I’m obsessed with u....
Thinac Shanks (1 month ago)
My cousin bought a bird wing broach from a artist market lol
Kobie Davis (1 month ago)
Okay but those bird hats had to smell horribly lmao I wouldn’t wanna be around someone with a decaying bird on their head
Maria Kotter (1 month ago)
People still use jewel beetle wings uwu Edit: She mentioned that. My b
Juju Bear (1 month ago)
You're hot
aucourant (1 month ago)
The Victorian era was a very strange over the top era in every way. At the same time as sexuality was being suppressed (even to covering piano legs), the number of prostitutes working in British cities was at its highest and domestic servants were regularly abused. This was the time when taxidermy was really popular and all sorts of weird creatures could be found stuffed in different rooms in the house. My grand-mother used to wear a fox-for stole which was basically the fur with the head still on it and the fox's eyes replaced with glass beads. Grave yards were very creepy places with big ornate Gothic-influenced mausoleums and terribly sentimental statues (especially if the deceased was a child). Hearses were all black and had all black horses adorned with black pummels pulling them. Sentimentality towards children was at its highest and art was full of twee, sentimental pictures of children and animals. Literature was also full of stories of 'fallen women', men gone to 'the drink' and murder mysteries galore.
Call Me Dayzz (1 month ago)
You're so pretty WOW
Weird Guy (1 month ago)
‘Hair jewelry’ ‘Oh like pins’ ‘So they were made of human hair’ ‘…’ ‘…’ ‘dISGOSTANG’
Bea The bee (1 month ago)
Karolina should host meme review
Teodora Ostaficiuc (1 month ago)
helloo sis what?? I just discovered this channel that kept getting in my recommended and sweet mother Mary there are no ragrets.The perfect combo of memes/vines and vintage??? sign me the fuck up🤙🏻
wildflowers (1 month ago)
I would absolutely LOVE for you to do a review on gone with the wind, it'd be so amazing to see your perspective on the beautiful costumes!
Jaspirage _ (1 month ago)
My stepdad is a well known carpenter around our town/area, he was recently contracted to work on some family’s manor estate a little out in the countryside. They have a massive ballroom/hall that has this beautiful divider - except for the fact it was imbedded with beetles! Genuine beetle wings/carcass’s that were used to create this mosaic/glass window effect, the estate has been in their family since the 1800’s so thanks to this video it’s not as shocking that it’s included in the manor as an interesting focal point
Nina Messeck (1 month ago)
😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰 https://io9-gizmodo-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/io9.gizmodo.com/the-awesomely-insane-heaven-and-hell-nightclubs-of-1890-5910963/amp?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQCCAE%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fio9.gizmodo.com%2Fthe-awesomely-insane-heaven-and-hell-nightclubs-of-1890-5910963
Nida Lloyd (1 month ago)
Bring back the beetles!
mark (1 month ago)
my uncle wears a ring with my great-great granddads hair in it and i didn't know about it even though ive found hair/mourning jewellery fascinating for a minute. there are even still people who are making hair/mourning jewellery (sometimes even with teeth) today.
The Painted Skull (1 month ago)
I love the idea of mourning jewelry and other post-mortem accessories
arya yadav (1 month ago)
Nice https://youtu.be/38_Tp-uZs0o
Erikka Kartak (1 month ago)
That is pretty close to my favorite shade of green, I most certainly would've died young back then because I would've bought everything I could in that color haha
Your local asshole (1 month ago)
Those bug wings are like early sequins
shellysdolls (1 month ago)
This was fascinating. I'd love to see a follow up video if you'd like.
Sariah Harmer (1 month ago)
There's a really good post by Liz at the Pragmatic Costumer blog on arsenic dyes. An interesting point is that while it's fun to talk about things like Scheele's green, the fact of the matter is that very little of the fabric of a ball gown would be touching your body. However, arsenic dyes DID affect people, but through a perhaps less glamorous source that doesn't fit into the "killing theirselves for beauty" narrative: Stockings. Arsenic was also used to dye clothes black, and stockings (a day-to-day necessity) were often affected. There's a garment much more in contact with the skin, and would be used by lower classes of people. https://thepragmaticcostumer.wordpress.com/tag/arsenic/
Ashy DR (1 month ago)
that's why I love victorian era, im weird and like weird things.
MécaniqueFairy (1 month ago)
I'm not sure if it was in the victorian era, but I eard there was also some mourning jewlery that was tiny painting of the eye of a loved one, just the eye, not the complet portrait, that some people would wear as a broche or a pendant. It's not disgusting but I find it very original and I like that idea.
Pinky jones (1 month ago)
aaskalkaify (1 month ago)
funfact, US lost two major species to the bird hat trend: the passanger pigeon and the carolina parakeet.
glossy fishy (1 month ago)
Koind of
Smallpotato1965 (1 month ago)
Victorian life was so hazardous, I don't think poison dresses even measured on the scale... Think about occupational hazards like 'phossy jaw' (workers in matchstick factories would breathe in phosporus and this would deteriorate the bones of their jaw - google pictures of it and realise that these people would be a common sight in any large Victorian city) and doctors who would recommend bottlefeeding over wetnurses (problem was, Victorian bottles could not be cleaned properly, which meant that those infamous child mortality numbers could very likely be blamed on those newfangled bottles) Phossy jaw: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phossy_jaw Victorian killer baby bottles: https://nourishingdeath.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/murder-bottles/
Smallpotato1965 (1 month ago)
Why would you dye your dress with arsenic? Well.. why would you put lead in gasoline? Why would you put asbestos in building materials? The 20th century has lots of skeletons - excuse the pun - in its closet.
Barbara Danley (1 month ago)
You manage to be boring and annoying at the same time, well done.
Estefanía Miranda (1 month ago)
It's weird to think maybe 100 years from now people will find something we use every single day as extremely poisonous. Scary!
Moonlight Carnival (1 month ago)
I mean, not even 100 years from now. We already know there are things in our everyday items that are poisonous. Lead in lipstick for an easy example. Pesticides on our fruits and vegetables. The list goes on and on.
Lame Goldfish (1 month ago)
I need to get into fashion history a bit better. This is interesting. Thanks.
annabelle cisco (1 month ago)
“I’m not saying it’s weird, but that’s fricking weird” me too girl me too😂
megalopolis2015 (1 month ago)
Wow. You have the best looks. Your insight into period fashion is also awesome.
Cassidie Hailley (1 month ago)
Well dressed to kill sounds just about right but then again think about the chemicals that are in our clothes. They may not kill us but still it's a thought.
TanyaItkin (1 month ago)
I'm not sure if it was the same in the 19th century, but today you can get the same beetle wings they used without harming the animals, since the wings are harvested after the beetle drops dead from old age. So they did kill and stuff a lot of birds at the time but they may not have necessarily killed the beetles.
TanyaItkin (1 month ago)
They also used to make white paint and coloring from lead, which is very poisonous, and use it to dye everything from furniture to sweets and children's toys.
Harriet Lyall (1 month ago)
💖💐 loving these videos. I applaud 👏🏼your quest for precision and factual accuracy in our retrospective understanding of historical fashion. I’ve seen these garments, eg shawls, decorated with iridescent beetle wings, in the costume museum. 🐞🦋 also I’ve seen the hair jewellery. I never knew about the Polish political hair jewellery, thanks so much for this esoteric information. 👩🏻‍🎓 Seemingly the Royal Society for Protection of Birds in UK was founded in protest against the excessive killing of birds, eg egrets, for hats.
Moby Dick (1 month ago)
They cared a lot about the environment back in those days. Keep in mind it was the beginning of industrialization and the ecosystem severely changed. The Romantics were the first enviromentalists in history.
Slanted Glasses (1 month ago)
They also color children toys with that arsenic green. You know, toys that children usually chew sometimes?
scott grunow (1 month ago)
Arsenic was in the wallpaper dyes as well.
Macbeth (1 month ago)
Pro to your 70 year old husband dying: fancy mourning accessories
Michelle Nash (2 months ago)
Oh my goodness!!!! You are wearing makeup????!!!!! 😲 You are just beautiful!!! So naturally beautiful!!!!!

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