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Your crazy ass girlfriend...
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Aidan J Lorenzana (11 hours ago)
What's your name?
I am Yetti (11 hours ago)
lovingcharm2 (11 hours ago)
Damn girl, you took a very nice pee:) How much did u peed? Did u had to push or it came out naturally? Love the way you pee sweetie:) muahh
lovingcharm2 (11 hours ago)
how much do u usually pee? when you hard does it tickles? hehe
lovingcharm2 (11 hours ago)
+I am Yetti so i guess that you didn't need to push though so you can pee more quicker. You pee very naturally. No wonder you had to pee so bad, poor darling. You peed very hard honey like a waterhose. You have a lovely and a very strong vagina:D
I am Yetti (11 hours ago)
lovingcharm2 It was urgent. I couldn’t hold it anymore and there wasn’t a gas station in sight.
Aidan J Lorenzana (13 hours ago)
You should pee in your pants
Aidan J Lorenzana (11 hours ago)
+I am Yetti you should pee standing up without the device. Can I also give you my number?
I am Yetti (11 hours ago)
Are you buying me a new pair?
ChallengeCommander (3 days ago)
So much respect for ladies who will pee outside. Even more respect for how brazenly you just do it in view of traffic
I am Yetti (3 days ago)
lol thanks babe
Antonio Castro (3 days ago)
stop trying to look at my pussy LOL
Sean (4 days ago)
Hey Yetti would you go camping with me a couple weeks? We can piss in every bush together!
Sean (3 days ago)
+I am Yetti you would love pissing with me, your pussy tinkling behind a bush and me pissing in the Bush near you, get to know me, I didn't wanna be just a stranger..
Sean (3 days ago)
+I am Yetti Mmmm you would love watching me holding my big dick, seeing my yellow stream splashing walls and Bush's, and baby I take really long mean pisses, you would want me drinking beers so I can piss much more!
I am Yetti (4 days ago)
Sean typically I don’t camp with strangers. That sounds like the beginning of a horror movie.
Randy Sanders (4 days ago)
Can I shake mine in person baby
Jason Marcelino (5 days ago)
damn you're not even going to wipe the c** catcher
Texocracy (5 days ago)
Real solid jerkoff material.
Garbage (7 days ago)
Eh fuck shit bitch yo it’s Sheck Wes
Ty Dunkin (8 days ago)
So hot
von paulus (8 days ago)
I would push the horn.
I am Yetti (1 day ago)
von paulus Hahahhaha!!!!! No! 🤣
James Polack (8 days ago)
Always love watching you pee!!!!
Garbage (7 days ago)
The fuck
James Polack (8 days ago)
Great video gorgeous!!!!
Sean (4 days ago)
I am Yetti I been pissing on mostly Wall's, Tree's, Bush's, and Dumpsters! I would love you seeing my big dick spraying a yellow stream on everything, I know you would love watching my piss splashing trees and Dumpsters
I am Yetti (8 days ago)
Thank you xoxo
KELLSONIC (8 days ago)
Well you got some good looking legs
I am Yetti (8 days ago)
Chris Dalton (9 days ago)
Hope you weren't too cold.
I am Yetti (8 days ago)
+Chris Dalton Aw that just made me feel really sad for that beetle
Chris Dalton (8 days ago)
+I am Yetti imagine some little beetle crawling along, minding his own business. Suddenly he is blasted off his little feet by a burning hot stream of liquid gold. He panics and struggles as the stream becomes a tiny lake and fills his breathing apertures. As he begins to drown, he calms, for the scent and taste of your sacred urine is pure cosmic ambrosia and he obtains beetle Nirvana.
Scott Partner (9 days ago)
+I am Yetti Hi yetti i was just curious um will you do the reaction of the 2 videos sometime tonight.
I am Yetti (9 days ago)
Lucky for me it wasn't too bad that day lol
Summer Willis (9 days ago)
Is she crazy or something because she said stop trying to look at her pussy
Kamar Hinton (10 days ago)
Good lord why
Maddie Freeman (10 days ago)
Viggen (10 days ago)
Maddie Freeman (10 days ago)
You need to poop outside
Sean (4 days ago)
Maddie Freeman I would pee and poop outside with you baby!
Scott Partner (9 days ago)
+I am Yetti Hi yetti so here is the link i am going to send you. Can wait to see your reaction. https://youtu.be/lD13qIlpDq8
I am Yetti (9 days ago)
bossy lol xoxo
Emile Mimile (10 days ago)
Don't you ever use a pee funnel to do it standing up ?
Sean (4 days ago)
I am Yetti I would love pissing every place we went together, interested in site seeing and site peeing?
Mortised TheGamer (8 days ago)
+I am Yetti Oh ok. Either way. I kept laughing whenever you said. "Nobody better get a look at this pussy. That had me rolling on the floor.
I am Yetti (8 days ago)
+Mortised TheGamer This is more of a vlog channel around things in my life that are realistic and I can relate to. I don't want it to become strictly pee or smoking fetish. Although, every now and then that happens.
Mortised TheGamer (9 days ago)
+I am Yetti You'll get alot of more views tho.
I am Yetti (10 days ago)
No I don’t.
bret pelham (11 days ago)
Yes, YES , YES!  You are so hot! Loved the video.  Please pee in a parking lot next time! Thanks so much!  Keep it up!
Summer Bull (11 days ago)
You dont have to wipe you can shake your but
Peeing in the parking lot please! :)
Scott Partner (10 days ago)
+I am Yetti Hi gorgeous how ate you. I so look forward to sending you a link and see your reaction. By any chance could you do a reaction to 2 clips. They are not very long. I will post it later tonight.
I am Yetti (11 days ago)
Carlos Antonio de Oliveira more and more fun ideas! Y’all are wild! ;)
James Robson (12 days ago)
Mike Romano (12 days ago)
you have a pee fetish, don't you ?
I am Yetti (12 days ago)
The pee videos get a lot of views for some reason lol
Tim Atkinson (12 days ago)
Love your video so so much 😍😍😍😍
I am Yetti (12 days ago)
Yay! Thanks for watching.
PETER PARKS (12 days ago)
sounded like a water fall i love you
I am Yetti (12 days ago)
hahahah thanks xoxo
S.A. Plurk (12 days ago)
Did you ever poop outdoors?
S.A. Plurk (11 days ago)
I am Yetti I pooped on THE sidewalk ones behind a car. Did people saw you?💩
I am Yetti (12 days ago)
Yes. Under a lemon tree when I was drunk once.
baejing (12 days ago)
you are awesome and a crazy personality! 'stop trying to get a peak at this pussy!' why would i ever do that! 😊😂
Sethahr (13 days ago)
Hmm. If you will have to pee so bad and i will suck your pee hole in my mouth and you will pee like in toilet i can handle swallow it?
160FTX (13 days ago)
Good evening beautiful!!! You are extremely talented! That's the first time I saw a woman be able to pick along the road. Fyi... you always look fabulous!!!
160FTX (12 days ago)
+I am Yetti Yes I can admit that a cabin like that is great! Especially if there is a view where you can really see out and watch the wildlife. I would also think that a fire ring to cook on outside would be perfect! Always hearing a rolling stream in the background is the best it gets.
I am Yetti (12 days ago)
+160FTX I always thought it would be fun to stay in a cabin in the mountains somewhere with a fireplace and a hot tub.
160FTX (12 days ago)
+I am Yetti It sounds like you love your work!!! That's a good thing. Balance it or you will burn out. Try getting away and doing something fun like the beach the mountains or a lake somewhere. Where I get away, there is basically little to no 4G or cell service. I love getting back to basics!!!
I am Yetti (12 days ago)
160FTX Work work work work work in my Rihanna voice. I feel weird if I’m not constantly doing something pertaining to work, like anxiety. There are a few exceptions to the rule every now and then, but not often.
160FTX (12 days ago)
+I am Yetti I will run some errands and whatever else happens happens!!! How about you?
Jim Thing (13 days ago)
She didnt wipe o:
baejing (12 days ago)
don't always need to
Randy Sanders (13 days ago)
I'd love to get to no you
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
Randy Sanders xoxox appreciate all your support my love
Randy Sanders (13 days ago)
Iove you
I am Yetti (12 days ago)
xoxo muah
Did you take a dump, too?
+I am Yetti well shit!
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
Mark A. Graff aka Snakebite nation Not this time! Lol
Yetti. Thank you. The ants, insects, and snakes really appreciate it.
Sean (4 days ago)
I am Yetti You watered the grass really well babe, you been peeing outside mostly?
Scott Partner (6 days ago)
+I am Yetti Hello yetti Happy Valentine's Day girl. Listen i just want to tell you that i am very sorry for being the way i was to you. Honestly i was in the wrong for doing what i did. Please forgive me and as promised the only thing i will do is let it be up to you if you want to react to my links and when i send them. It will be your choice. You got a busy life and i respect that.
Scott Partner (12 days ago)
+I am Yetti your welcome
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
Scott Partner Thanks babe
Scott Partner (13 days ago)
+I am Yetti Hi yetti my god you are so hot. Love that sexy dance and cannot wait to show you that link this sunday
john smith (13 days ago)
Damn I love it, sounded like it felt good to let it go 😆
Sean O'Brien (13 days ago)
I heard that pee hitting the ground it was loud.
john smith (13 days ago)
+I am Yetti that's really hot always look forward to seeing you piss
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
john smith Yes, I had to go so bad!!
Jesse Gomez (13 days ago)
Nice video.. You are so beautiful
Jesse Gomez (12 days ago)
+I am Yetti your welcome can't wait to see more ;)
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
Jesse Gomez Thanks love xoxox
Panties , (13 days ago)
This is perfect beautiful
I am Yetti (12 days ago)
Thanks love xoxo
james22939 (13 days ago)
This was a great video your amazing sweetheart
james22939 (13 days ago)
Your videos always makes my day so much better
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
Thanks love bug
ZoiePlaysRoblox (13 days ago)
im the first comment that's not a old man behind the screen.
danny smith (12 days ago)
I am Yetti I want you to wee in my face 🤪
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
danny smith That makes total sense now...
danny smith (13 days ago)
I am Yetti no Yale 👍
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
danny smith wow... you must have gone to Harvard.
danny smith (13 days ago)
ZoiePlaysRoblox my guess is your a dude ! Most likely a pedo 🤔
Randy Sanders (13 days ago)
Really wet you didn't wipe
Toilet Girl (4 days ago)
I am Yetti sounded like you really needed to go, girl! 🚽 🚿
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
It's not the first time I've done a shake and go
Miguel R (13 days ago)
Do more lol 😉
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
I know y'all have been waiting forever for an outside one ;)

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