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Text Comments (628)
Keith Purdue (2 days ago)
Pony training? Do for your..... never mind.
Ayonna Leonard (8 days ago)
Number 4 😂😂😂😂😂
Pablo Rivera (10 days ago)
You can't play no'mo 😂😂
Sean Peabody (16 days ago)
Last guy been in the military. Seen all kind of wars. He lucky he back, he ain't gonna die to his wife lmao
Karla Crous (25 days ago)
3:54 always gets me 😂😂😂
Karla Crous (25 days ago)
Who's that lady? 2:29
Nelly Hayed farah (1 month ago)
Steve soooo Funny
Xtreme Gamer HDX (1 month ago)
Number 3 is an outtake/blooper. That makes it so much funnier.
Pushpak Gupta (1 month ago)
What was the last question?
Yasuh (1 month ago)
0:53 do you love me
A 2 E (2 months ago)
3:57 sounds like a crow lol
Caleb Hernandez (2 months ago)
The 4th one is funesest than my life
Alessandra Leigh (2 months ago)
J Lei (2 months ago)
I love Steve. He makes this show funnier than ever.
Jay Pritchett (2 months ago)
3:46 I love that! "This is JUST to get it up the the boards!" lol
ShinyStormGuardian (2 months ago)
The solider took a shot
Shannon Copeland (2 months ago)
When you know a wrong answer can cut off your life support 4:21. Loooooool.
Devil fucker 1 (2 months ago)
Men 0:48 killed me
ZaneTruesdale007 (3 months ago)
Number one both men had this thought “I’m not sleeping on the couch tonight.”
Jay Barrys (3 months ago)
"... come on Steve." 😂😂😂😂😂
Wycliffe Nyariki (3 months ago)
kiki do you love me are u riding . kiki is fine
Autumn W (3 months ago)
Lol I just have to: 0:53 Kiki do you love me 😂
Chris Hayes (3 months ago)
3:54 nope nope nope.
Nico Eloranta (3 months ago)
Number 3 had me dead
John Johnson (3 months ago)
Kiki was low-key sexy as hell
michaela kirk (3 months ago)
Anyone else think of boobs on number 3?
Marlon Davila (3 months ago)
Number 1 was my Sgt in boot camp
YourMeh Bi-tc-h (3 months ago)
for the 2nd clip they shouldnt hve cut it after steve made 2 other jokes about him by asking the question to someone else then immediently hitting the table and theres one before that but honestly to high to remember only remember that cuz i was diein of laughter
Cathy Davis (3 months ago)
I love Steve. I never watched Family Feud until Steve took over. Never laughed so hard
G011d3n (3 months ago)
Number 4 got me.
Mindy Auron (4 months ago)
I love Steve but he sometimes drags on the joke for far longer than need be
dontcallmewave (4 months ago)
0:50 I laughed so hard I got a nosebleed
Jinx Minx (4 months ago)
What the hell was the lady gonna say about a man having two wives? If she was gonna say something after realizing she pressed too early
Mari Patterson (4 months ago)
2:00 In the store toilet paper, bread, muffins, paper towels Out the store prostitutes, breast implants 😂, booty, boobs, nuts (gently)
Maatt (4 months ago)
Alright Now Im Gonna Tell you What she Said... Just Try To Say Something! Dont Be An Asshole! LOLOL
JoeSchmoTyler (4 months ago)
heather was duuuummmb af
Tima B (4 months ago)
Kiki do you love me?
Abraham Miller (4 months ago)
I can't believe I never noticed before, but #1 (Terry Hall) and I were Drill instructors together on Parris Island, then we deployed together to Europe some time in the recent past. That guy is freaking awesome, really humble!!
Brian Pecuch (4 months ago)
Christina B. (4 months ago)
The 3 one wtf moment
Tigerguy 101 (4 months ago)
So yo big nasty man, just layin' his lil nasty self up there just boo booing on his big ok funky tail huh?
P. Y. MTG Master (4 months ago)
#4 should have been #1
Nayeli G (4 months ago)
Her name is actually Kiki ‼️‼️😂
Benny Zabala (5 months ago)
#4 is definitely number 1😁😁😂😂
Kevin Ivany (5 months ago)
#4 cracked me up!
TypicalFreeman (5 months ago)
2:24 did she say I Hate You
Saran Hassan (5 months ago)
Steve Harvey expressions are the best thing,
Cableguy818 (5 months ago)
A man with 2 wives=2 Headaches
gener Viray (5 months ago)
Steve Harvey your indeed a nice joker. Very funny. Gud luck.
Eos Mark (5 months ago)
Family feud is my favourite TV show
wl041204 YT (5 months ago)
Man, I just love Steve Harvey
f58534 (5 months ago)
Number 2 had me in tears
Merri Cat (5 months ago)
The first lady was an idiot
Chima Amanambu (5 months ago)
This damn light won't come on!
Tommy Jarvis (5 months ago)
Can sombody expliain number 3
S Pitts (5 months ago)
0:43 Number 4 always gets me
Aman Pandey (5 months ago)
Aman Pandey (5 months ago)
The fourth one was epic.. Got me.. Soo bad😂😂😂😂
Helen McQuay (5 months ago)
"Which of the seven dwarfs describe your wife in bed?" "Nope,nope,nope steve you don't have to go home with them"😂😂😂😂
summer jam (5 months ago)
For #3 what about mattress?
Kesandra Williamson (5 months ago)
Reem Natour (5 months ago)
This clip was hilarious 🤣
rM rUnSmYwOrLd (5 months ago)
That idiot who didn’t hit the buzzer had me crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣
killerslyaerboss2227 (5 months ago)
number 5 I think is kids
Rena Ricks (5 months ago)
So funny
Chernbyl STALKER (6 months ago)
I love number 4s disbelief when she gets it when he moved first
Sean Idland (6 months ago)
That girl at the buzzer at #5 is attractive
Jaedens blog Channel (6 months ago)
Wait a minute number 2 on crack 😂😂😂😂
Josh (6 months ago)
C'moun Steeee
Litigious Society (6 months ago)
The last one didn't belong. It was a case of both guys being too stupid to remember the names. Other than Grumpy and Dopey, the others aren't something insulting.
Openman D (6 months ago)
Where was nekked grandma
Nerd Life (6 months ago)
C'mon Steve lol
# VC (6 months ago)
The 4th one killed me😂😂
Tamia Bryant (6 months ago)
Did any one else notice how she shook her butt after she hit it
Tamia Bryant (6 months ago)
Josh so you laugh with your butt...I been doing it wrong
Josh (6 months ago)
Its called laughing
Dylanamin (6 months ago)
3:11 She's trying to say "It can happen!" Dear God.
Hak Lee (6 months ago)
Other than fruit you choose by squeezing it first?, two answers comes to mind. A pillow and a stuff animal.
Ashley Kabelo (6 months ago)
The second one got me laughing. Hahaha 😂
King Sama (6 months ago)
Eddie May (6 months ago)
Those two crew members seemed pissed
InsaneBasti (6 months ago)
Dat backstab from the last one tho.. not cool man.
David T. (6 months ago)
Steve is fucking racist towards white people lmao
Anthony Barratt (7 months ago)
Number 1 should be on nunmber 5 And number 5 by on number 1
Kitty Gata (7 months ago)
She drove (change her husband diaper) lmao haaa
Daniel Harris (7 months ago)
On the last one id say sleepy
Peteng 13 (7 months ago)
“Come on Steee”
Karma lone (7 months ago)
Those two solidarity moments were GOLD
Kei -Chan (7 months ago)
Number 3 i was laughing so hard i was in tears and almost pissed myself. I havent laughed that hard in years
Lunasent (7 months ago)
I’m surprised “Nekkid Grandma” isn’t in here lol!
No Sir, Not I (7 months ago)
That last one gets me everytime. #solidarity
TastyKake9999 (7 months ago)
1:13 the way he throws the card lol
Am T (7 months ago)
This explains how fast women jump to conclusions
WiiRFam (7 months ago)
Come on Steve!
gferrol118 (7 months ago)
Man I love Steve Harvey
Anchy (7 months ago)
Woah compared to this, my country took this game show idea and made it 10x less loose and less funny
Pete L (7 months ago)
The marine is a sexy dude.
CyberIce2000 (7 months ago)
#3 should have been #1
The Greek Pianist (7 months ago)
Umm number 3 was a stupid question to begin with
Taylor ! (8 months ago)
A lot of these answers are funny, but Steve's reaction is what makes it eve funnier. @Number 4 the guy missed the buzzer 😂😂😂
Lourde Heru (8 months ago)
3 was funny.

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