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Top 10 Strangest Animal Mutations

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Top 10 Strangest Animal Mutations, creatures do not always form the way that nature intended and some of the new variations are truly astonishing. MORE VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE AS WELL: Top 10 Craziest Animal Fights Caught On Camera - http://bit.ly/2aM3dCF Top 10 Recently Extinct Animals - http://bit.ly/2bgEdn7 Top 10 Animals You Didn't Know Were Dangerous - http://bit.ly/2aLWBBt Top 10 Creepiest Insects - http://bit.ly/2bjd8eZ Top 10 Deadliest Animals In Australia - http://bit.ly/2aWiFqP SUBSCRIBE TO MOSTAMAZINGTOP10- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBINYCmwE29fBXCpUI8DgTA FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Fan Page- https://www.facebook.com/MostAmazingTop10Videos/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/_burkishdelight_/ Twitter- https://twitter.com/lurkeyburke VIDEO EDITED BY: Imo Scrimger PRODUCED BY: Liam Collens POST PRODUCTION: Sasha Wood
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Text Comments (1342)
Alina Meyer (6 days ago)
I would love these Animals😍
Tania PinkSky (6 days ago)
Hunters are Neanderthals that don’t belong in the modern world .
Colin Chan ET (8 days ago)
6:44 What would religious people say?
kim jungùwú (13 days ago)
blue lobsters? all lobsters are blue, they turn red when they’re cooked,,,right?
I am a Chicken (14 days ago)
Goat simulator is starting 6:00 And R.I.P OctoGoat
I am a Chicken (14 days ago)
Dog: HEWWO HOOMANS! “HOOMANS”: hey it’s a human. Dog:NO I DOOGGGO! 4:04
I want a glowing kitty
Krengee (15 days ago)
Lobsters just a crip
LlamaGamez (19 days ago)
Cats Are My Favorite Animal. Glow In The Dark Cats, Holy *^<%ing &[email protected]" I WANT ONE!
TylerPlayz (20 days ago)
How does one obtain a glow in the dark cat?
Dylan The skeleton (23 days ago)
I’ve found a blue shrimp before
Emil Minyety (24 days ago)
There's a video were there is a half black half white blood
VALERY GARCIA (24 days ago)
The cats are adorable but...they look possessed
Roy Van Klinken (24 days ago)
spider goat
Bill Cipher (26 days ago)
Can I have a glowing cat plz!
Daryl Davis (27 days ago)
I’m not surprised about blue lobsters because blue crawdads
Unicorns Are real (28 days ago)
We isn’t that rare a went to school with a bunch of them😂😂
Snow Kallen (1 month ago)
I once saw somebody catches a blue and yellow lobster I don’t know is it edited or something
Moonstone husky (1 month ago)
But teeth are in our heads...?
Regina Dickson (1 month ago)
He’s a beautiful blue....
Devildaily (1 month ago)
01:22 The gentlemen scene in this scene is an elderly mad who stayed behind to take care of all of the animals left. He said he had lived his life and was content to help others. People leave him food and food for the animals. Incredible man.
Crazy Crafter (1 month ago)
I want a glow cat 😍
Kimberly Lynn H (1 month ago)
my brother in law bought a beautiful blue Australian lobster, and raised him in a large aquarium. I use to chill in my sisters garage, smoking, and watching the blue lobster. the tank was full of pretty colorful fish and even a sucker fish that looked like a chunk of coral, but that blue lobster really fascinated me. it looked nothing like the one in this video. it had a gel look and glittered. it actually looked like it rolled in little pieces of glitter. 💙
SofaKing WeToddEd (1 month ago)
The kitty wasn't a mutation. People in a lab did that to it. Its called Transgenetics and they've also done it to bunnies, mice and scorpions
Susana Montoya (1 month ago)
4:33 Same.
Ink Kid (1 month ago)
What if number 7 has dogs instead
Kasia Kelley (1 month ago)
the lion ate the dog
hello strangers HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!
Sebastian Biasi (2 months ago)
,,, shiny lobsters
Phill Mcmullen (2 months ago)
A glow in the dark cat yep can't trip over that cat
Arctic FOOX (2 months ago)
Brallon is Real (2 months ago)
I have seen we
christian D (2 months ago)
Now I want a glowing cat
Slushie The Husky (3 months ago)
So the snake and goat are transgender
Slushie The Husky (3 months ago)
Where can I get a glow in the dark cat? XD I’m serious...
Slushie The Husky (3 months ago)
I WANT A KITTEN THAT GLOWSSSSS Ps I’m watching teenage mutant ninja turtles
Alejandra Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Poor calfs 😫😫😪😪
yvaah tosh (3 months ago)
great video but now i feel a bit sick.
Zachary Roozendaal (3 months ago)
Where's the strange mutant chimp that was seen squatting in the White House for 8 years, AKA George W. Bush?
DenisTheMenace Gaming (3 months ago)
Freelancer Bravo (3 months ago)
Glow in the dark cats sound awesome
Zacharry Lubang (3 months ago)
Yay 🇬🇧
noel hutchins (3 months ago)
Janus, is a Latin pronunciation therefor says 'Yan'os'. a patriarchal god with a face on either side of his head, creating a middle ground which also looked like a face.
Roarydog (4 months ago)
I want a glow in the dark cat but I’m love cats but I prefer dogs it would be amazing if there was a glow in the dark dog 😱
GPM MIL (4 months ago)
I have seen a blue lobster
ugly monkey 457 (4 months ago)
gotcha cat love (4 months ago)
Zachary Doorenbos (4 months ago)
pew pew pew lazer cat
Legit proxy (4 months ago)
What if your a female male what’s your gender ??
Legit proxy (4 months ago)
What if we can glow in the dark??
Legit proxy (4 months ago)
I love cats
The roblox (4 months ago)
D d d danny
Just Holly :3 (4 months ago)
Oooooooooo! Does that mean I can have a glow in the dark dog too?
Just Holly :3 (4 months ago)
Moo-tant cow XD
Alayna VanKatwyk (4 months ago)
whenever i think of #6 i think of black butler......
Jayama Biagini (4 months ago)
Bat Tucker (4 months ago)
but all my teeth are in.my head
AdiSk TheYoutuber (4 months ago)
... if "we" lived in ancient rome... aaaah the stories of them worshipping it
Ghosty Wolf (5 months ago)
I don't need that kitty. I don't need that kitty. I definitely don't need that kitty. I don't need that kitty. I NEED THE KITTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awesome marshadow (5 months ago)
Thomas Czubek (5 months ago)
Technically we are all mutants. Mutants are when the offspring is genetically different from the parent source. You are genetically different from your mother and you are genetically different from your father. The alternative is being a clone.
Abbi Lynn (5 months ago)
I've learned about a lot of these in school when I was learning about genetic mutation
Cris Alexander (5 months ago)
I found a blue crayfish and it was weird cause we are not near the ocean. So my family was guessing it was a pet. Felt sorry for it and its owner cause we found it dead.
Leah Ellings (5 months ago)
The blue lobster isn’t a mutation, it’s just something in the genes , that messes with the colour pigmentation, yes it could be a mutation, but scientifically it really isn’t a mutation . So don’t go at me for saying it isn’t
HorrorTale Sansie (5 months ago)
The zoo that I've gone to since I was little has always had a two headed snake tho...
Kbomb2.0 (5 months ago)
3:04 Hmmm This Sounds Familiar. Is This A Shiny Lobster
Blooping (5 months ago)
O_O... ...I found a shiny lobster.
endergirl1421_YT (5 months ago)
0:19 THATS NOT A REAL PICTURE OF THEM because the one with a stick has a purple mask the one with the swords has a blue mask the one with the nunchucks has an orange mask and the one with the sias has a red mask! And the sewer says NYC not hogsmade!
Artie Race (5 months ago)
My Great Great Uncle caught a huge blue lobster many years ago. It was on display in a local rustic pub/restaurant for over 60 years until the pub closed...
Novi’s Gotta Gatcha (5 months ago)
I know this will sound weird but my old teacher had 2 blue lobsters IM NOT LYING
Amanda goetz (5 months ago)
I've heard of a lion with 2 bunny heads on his neck
That lobster is just a shiny Pokémon stop lying -_-
Gena KAS (5 months ago)
I love cats 🐈
Gena KAS (5 months ago)
Me too
Pyro Main (5 months ago)
Brahmin are real!
Linnea Probst (5 months ago)
My sister has a two headed snake
Linnea Probst (5 months ago)
I’ve caught in a blue lobster before
Ali H #1 FAN!! (5 months ago)
I thought 2 headed snakes only excited in movies!!!!!!
Cheryl Dowling (5 months ago)
Ethan Johnson (5 months ago)
Hi (•_•)
Matrix Clan (5 months ago)
I have a shell of a blue lobster
Lydia Allred (5 months ago)
I didn't know a Spider man Duck was real wow and I didn't know we had Smurf Lobsters were real either?
Kai108A (5 months ago)
Chünk chünk nīmtå 😅😅😅😅😅😬😬😬😬😬
Steven B PITTEN (5 months ago)
I have teeth in my head. HOW DO U THINK I EAT
Tom Martin (5 months ago)
4:35 danny is soooooo me
Chanelle Oldaker (5 months ago)
are the blue lobsters like a shiny in pokemon
Arif Ali (5 months ago)
Danny reminds me of my PE teacher, anybody who doesn’t know what PE stands for its physics education.
Mateusz Grimmy (5 months ago)
#9 brahmin
Wolf Noir (5 months ago)
But I’m part furry......
Galaxy Returner (5 months ago)
When i saw the snake my heart melted
Galaxy Returner (5 months ago)
Moo-tation lol best pun
memes are life (5 months ago)
I want a glow in the dark dog I hate cats
Anonim К4рт4в4нк4 (5 months ago)
4:14 Jesus Christ
Alexxander Woodhead (5 months ago)
So many mutants . FALLOUT 76🤔😮
DarkBlazeLeggendaxu (5 months ago)
Froggy's just a pokémon evolution, like magneton, dodrio, weezing and dugtrio.
Loli Powa (5 months ago)
i've seen a WE snake before no joke. In Missouri.
EngineMusic (5 months ago)
10: the work of an enemy stand
Pheobe Coffey (5 months ago)
I want a blue lobster !

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