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I know what you did.
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Weston Bonis (4 months ago)
Fuck yo mitten
tyrone smith (6 months ago)
WoWDSM420a (8 months ago)
Brandon Shook (1 year ago)
2018 still just as funny
Chloe Sharp (1 year ago)
I miss these guys sooooo much 😣😣😣😣😣😣
Nosrac Smra (2 years ago)
I literally just discovered this Video and this channel, i love it so much!!!😂😂😎
Grizzly2198 (2 years ago)
It's funny how I ended up watching this video because a friend of mine told me how much did I use to look like Olan when I was younger.
Jack Schultz (3 years ago)
Now Snoop Dog Will teach us the Meaning of Christmas T'was the night before Christmizzle, and all through the Hizzle Not a creature was stirring Not even a Mizzle Fo Shizzle
CrookedKing (3 years ago)
This is the video that best describes two best friends.
Claire L'Esperance (3 years ago)
0:44 everyday
Caleb Owens (3 years ago)
Haha his glasses just keep reappearing and disappearing
Y u r e i i (3 years ago)
hahaha omg so funny cute lol, he kinda look like someone I know (my ilucr.. I mean a little bit), I really like this one,this makes me laugh so much :))
Chris Sampson (3 years ago)
Almost forgot to watch this today
Jennifer Palmer (3 years ago)
You're slappin' me hard Pauly!
BigChap J (2 years ago)
He shamed the family.
CrazyBrick30 (3 years ago)
Oh wow, his glasses lens really did pop out. After all these years, it took reading the comments for me to notice that. Just another reason this video is amazing.
mitch-bittens (3 years ago)
When you're so excited that you just nibble on your mitten.
Vincent Padilla (3 years ago)
It's been 8 years, and this video still makes me chuckle.
Greg Tingus (6 months ago)
Zionswasd (3 years ago)
+Vincent Padilla Yeahhh buddy!
Gabriel Dubé (4 years ago)
Thomas definitely won this slapping war.
Avalion (4 years ago)
this dog was v cute and fun :) lol hope to see more from dog in future 
JFA lex (3 years ago)
DoucheFagX (4 years ago)
I would have been happy if the second time he knocked, Olan came out and slapped him while wearing the mitten. 
Mecca Howard (5 years ago)
The lens popped out
Buncha Cucks (5 years ago)
the nom.
kelci lowder (5 years ago)
What the heck is flying through the air at 0:18? Lol
winkoman3 (1 month ago)
The lense that came out of Thomas's glasses
Joey Reetz (5 years ago)
DeathlyLemin (5 years ago)
They are also vintage, since Balloon Shop no longer exists. Makes me sad :(
lavenderlove (5 years ago)
The little nibble on the mitten.
winkoman3 (1 month ago)
It's Thomas's encouraging little touch that gets me
Justin Edwards (5 years ago)
My favorite comments are the ones where people say that their favorite part was when they did thing that they're actually doing during the entire video.
Cullen Whitmore (5 years ago)
man i need a sexy boi in my life to come to my door and slap me for a lost mitten...
Alex (5 years ago)
I'll bet it was something around the lines of the person saying that nothing else gets as much pussy as these guys.
Canadian (5 years ago)
the video was posted in 2008... +5... =2013....yeah.
winkoman3 (1 month ago)
That's math
creative username (5 years ago)
tipology (5 years ago)
Ashley Trobaugh (5 years ago)
Lol olan goes thank you * bite * wtf olan
Styleyezcsgo (5 years ago)
You know you have watched to much Balloon shop when you think of the word frick when Olan says: hey what the f...
Nickelless87 (5 years ago)
What goes flying @ 0:19?
Canadian (5 years ago)
5 years ago, nobody had even thought about that.
Tor Alstad (5 years ago)
It was probably, "Your mom left something in MY car"
Mr. Boo (5 years ago)
The comment was probably referring to what else Olan left in the car after getting slapped for the second time
oscar franco (5 years ago)
:46 nom :)
3Therio (5 years ago)
subliminal sans (6 years ago)
and it's still difficult to not like
Tyler (6 years ago)
seriously, panties? what?
Kelsey Delcambre (6 years ago)
If you are asking what flew out of Thomas's glasses, it was a lense.
blurzog (6 years ago)
Ah... it makes sense now.
Shit Fag (6 years ago)
he asked what flew from Thomas's back at 0:18
Chiv_ Lives (6 years ago)
That's how I check to make sure my mitten is mine!
Cold Finger (6 years ago)
Olan's little mitten bite will never cease being adorable
Rumski_STG (6 years ago)
These videos are are legendary Youtube treasures that shall not be forgotten.
Jennifer Tarpley (6 years ago)
hehehe he sucked on his mitten X3
Jacob Hempel (6 years ago)
slapping is greetings in their culture
C D (6 years ago)
Daniel Goins (6 years ago)
*Clicks Show the Comment* *Comment No Longer Exists* Me: GAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luna Ahria Moon (6 years ago)
DBSYM (6 years ago)
Holy crap it matches his vest in "I'm Quite Peeved." THEY PLANNED THIS.
ALMOSThadthat (6 years ago)
hahahahahha i died at 0:44
Groomp (6 years ago)
Even I forgot what it was about.
JB McGee (6 years ago)
blurzog (6 years ago)
Now that the comment you replied to is gone, this comment has a lot of mystery haha XD
Bastl (6 years ago)
i wanna see outtakes!!!!
Angelina D (6 years ago)
Anyone else think Olan looked sexy when he opened the door? MMM~ Dat sleepy voice <3
Charlie (6 years ago)
Press 6 for adorableness.
Daynes_4kCinema (6 years ago)
YEZ OLan rogers!!!
Deep Throat (6 years ago)
RKW Games (6 years ago)
You just solved the dilemma of my life.
Alien Clavicles (6 years ago)
XD lol!
C Burgz (6 years ago)
That nibble...
bonk stork (6 years ago)
If you look REALLY carefully, you can see that they're still on his face. They're just up and to our left a wee bit. Hardly noticeable, though. =P
brycepo1 (6 years ago)
HEY! We watch these videos for hilarious clean comedy. Use not those types of words
HuffinMuffin (6 years ago)
at :35 Thomas loses his glasses but at :38 they are magically back on his face!
TheZombieLioness (6 years ago)
press 6 for the legend of noms!
Sean Brotchie (6 years ago)
Abby Chew (6 years ago)
I still love the mitten nibble X) so cute
Dylan Hawx (6 years ago)
0:44 yum
SodapopSays (6 years ago)
i never get tired of this.
Opheus Soccpey (6 years ago)
Romney JASTONE (6 years ago)
indeed it is my friend indeed it is ;')
jeremyalaniz (6 years ago)
it's the left lens of his glasses.
winkoman3 (6 years ago)
QuinnHynden (6 years ago)
Is that Olanrogers?
Im Hungers (6 years ago)
I can't even fathom...
boinkerton (6 years ago)
What the fu-
Yolo Swaggins (6 years ago)
lol those are cool slaping sounds lol
Poppy Summer (6 years ago)
I have the BIGGEST crush on Olan :D
snahfu (6 years ago)
yeah really... i keep trying to pause to see what it is and i have no idea? something white and thin flies off his thomas' hand...
Derf Cherkelson (6 years ago)
What the hell was the thing at 0:19
freeindeed7 (6 years ago)
Yeah, they stopped two years ago. They all have personal channels now, though. The one who slapped first is gorethomas, and the other one is OlanRogers (he's a lot more active), plus there's a third you don't see in this video, JoshuaPursley
Webman (6 years ago)
robinrmu (6 years ago)
0:44, omg its so fucking funny
Nanishilarh (6 years ago)
The mitten nom. I CAN'T *dies*
Austin Bentley (6 years ago)
I'm pretty sure they were hitting each other with snappits
Groomp (6 years ago)
MorfsPrower (6 years ago)
Could have been a watch? Looked like a watch.
Josh (6 years ago)
I think he got some of his teef slapped out
Quiana Laron (6 years ago)
newf nadsfa (6 years ago)
yeah sometin fuckin flew out TROOLOLOLOL
Quiana Laron (6 years ago)
0:18 tf is thAT?
spittface (6 years ago)
When he says "You left your mitten in the car"?
Messazation (6 years ago)
He is, they're just pushed to the side a tiny bit.
Messazation (6 years ago)
They aren't in his hair. They're still on his face.

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