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2016 IJSBA World Finals Freestyle Taiji Yamamoto round 3 run - tied with Lee Stone

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Taiji tied defending World Champion Lee Stone for 1st place in round 3 Freestyle with this run proving Taiji may very well be the future of the sport!
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Andrew W. (8 months ago)
I enjoy watching the vintage freestyle from the 90's and early 2000's more, seems like there was more style, variety and thought put into the performances. These back flips are impressive today but all the freestyle performances look the same to me? Back flip minus 1 arm, back flip minus 1 arm and 1 leg, back flip with a hand clap, etc...
Tom Whiting (2 months ago)
Andrew W. Yeah I totally agree 90s 2000s freestyle much more creative looks like freestyle today has just become about horse power and flips kind a like watching a wheelie competition you see one wheelie You saw them all. I remember watching videos of the old 550 freestyle events and how much time when into developing a routine and how much variety was in the routine and yes many by today’s standards and may have been simpler but they had a great entertainment factor which is a big part of what Got the sport to where it is now. I remember standing on the beach in Ventura with Loyd being the announcer with Roy doing the first backflip on any motorized vehicle. I guess I’ll stick to free riding I’m just enjoy and watch the sport progress
Why wont my Super jet do that ?......
Mary Stoffa (2 years ago)
He got robbed. Definitely had better routines than Lee Stone.
TMA (2 years ago)
Great !!!
T. Perf (2 years ago)
Best routine I've ever witnessed! It was a pleasure meeting him and his guys. I hope we get to see him perform for us again. Thank you.

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