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GTA 5 - LSPDFR Ep380 - Police Jet Ski Alamo Sea Patrol!!

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Today we patrol Alamo Sea in Blaine County in a Jet Ski!! ☆ Tees and Hats: http://shop.spreadshirt.com/iggyfresh ☆ Need a Gaming PC? http://www.originpc.com/?aid=3063 ☆ Deals on Video Games: https://www.g2a.com/r/iggyfresh ►Follow Me◄ Twitter: https://twitter.com/iggy__fresh Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iggyfreshh/ FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IggyFresh/ ►Support Me◄ https://goo.gl/nL5E9N ►My Tutorials◄ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5nfTh5XVVaGpTbEy6tV1Adclb5CqzRNi ►View My Mods◄ https://1drv.ms/t/s!Ai2zTnK2XAXygSzJnWxglMMj4FPd ►Credits◄ Music by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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Text Comments (161)
Lesley Burke (5 days ago)
You should be FPI
Pete Martin (11 days ago)
Lol when he was looking calls were off
xprincessbabe03x (14 days ago)
Ben LEGO city conmen (24 days ago)
More jet ski police potral
Auston Jones (1 month ago)
Hey next video go to your house
Keegs Channel (1 month ago)
Loved the video
rugvlogs vlogs (2 months ago)
geoff fornias (3 months ago)
Cool video
LAQUANDA LAYTON (3 months ago)
The game was so awesome and I love it so much and I cannot stop playing it
chanekap (4 months ago)
I did
chanekap (4 months ago)
I do
Matthew Baldwin (4 months ago)
I do
louise bladen (4 months ago)
His picture for his youtube channel looks like a privite no efence
louise bladen (4 months ago)
Kelroy Sosa (5 months ago)
I don't like it I love it
William Turner (5 months ago)
you are good
Dedi Geren (6 months ago)
What syor name
nazia nawaz (7 months ago)
Maja Njistor (7 months ago)
Marcela Hodge (7 months ago)
Jensen ☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😣😀😂😃😁🚗
Nicole Terry (7 months ago)
I love it
Siyabonga Dube (7 months ago)
Johnny Sherwood 10:28 - 10:54 I rather die than go to jail.
Kimesha lone (8 months ago)
The Primarina GX Pack (8 months ago)
Please sub scribe to his YouTube channel
The Primarina GX Pack (8 months ago)
You are the coolest youtober
The Primarina GX Pack (8 months ago)
Alma Morales (9 months ago)
Wut if they take your truck
Din Kamboh (9 months ago)
Such an illegal patrol iggy,but very funny!!!Great Job!!
R.D Nerry Rapper (9 months ago)
its my birthday on 13 of oct
Jelayna Phillips (9 months ago)
U are cool i am go to eat
Archie Humphreys (11 months ago)
Do a cost gard
deb smalley (1 year ago)
patrol the ocean
Ayden Huey (1 year ago)
Tom OBrien (1 year ago)
Elvis Thach (1 year ago)
it is so cool
Josephine LeDrew (1 year ago)
This Videos is Cool
hollietjackson (1 year ago)
Lanie Rocutan (1 year ago)
LUCKYDUCK 212 (1 year ago)
james The Gamer (1 year ago)
lol day on my screen
Joan Edgar (1 year ago)
Epic what game is it
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
Leisa Winterburn (1 year ago)
loved it
Brandel Stack (1 year ago)
Truck is cool but need more boating
Maria abdo (1 year ago)
I loved when the boat keedet going away
Tysen Royer (1 year ago)
Nice truck
Dylan GamerXx (1 year ago)
Unhygienic conditions in a while ago but the only way I am so excited to be the first half of the day before I get a follow back on my way home from work to be the first half of the day after day I don't have the right thing to do it again I have a great way of life and the other hand is the best thing ever is when you have to be the first
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
60% if the time I would agree with this statement all the time
Laura Hewatt (1 year ago)
I love you so much
Yousf Hanaray (2 days ago)
Adi Baldew (1 year ago)
Pagla koeta
james Jones (1 year ago)
I'd love to see you patrol the sea
Kelsey Nicklay (1 year ago)
I really want grand theft auto
Rhoswen Rhogers (3 months ago)
Me to
d yearby (1 year ago)
can I get one I live in wegwood 517
Rocky Clark (1 year ago)
my name is blaine and it said blaine country
Xavier BROADWATER (1 year ago)
Xavier BROADWATER (1 year ago)
Cody Cole (1 year ago)
I like how it has my state's license plate...Washington.
Xiomara Martinez (1 year ago)
katie yeager (1 year ago)
Hegsjfehysb xyhawgjsh
CompaG 1738 (1 year ago)
Use more ford trucks
James Guimond (1 year ago)
why is there blood on the ground at 1.48?
Daniel Hasson (1 month ago)
James Guimond it’s not 1.48 it’s 1:48
Krislyn burton (1 year ago)
Is this for kids because I'm 8
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
This is for anyone, yes.
jam godswill (1 year ago)
yes.it is very very cool i love it
Ghaith Alneemi (1 year ago)
Tommy Barthel (1 year ago)
Vorfår kan du spille gta i morgen
Scot Miller (1 year ago)
So cool
Joey Power (1 year ago)
what car is this?
Zay McA (1 year ago)
TheRoyalGamers (1 year ago)
OMG SO COOL!! I'm subscriber since 1k subs Keep it up Iggy fresh. You are the best YouTuber
Say Sakada (1 year ago)
Scott Pollard (1 year ago)
hi cool video
Iggy, if you want to make boat "traffic" stops, dock your boat and the suspect's boat and even receive boat related calls, you should download the coast guard mod. And great video by the way!
Tammy (1 year ago)
nice video Iggy and is there any Game warden mods for GTA5? I know they have the park ranger but that is not the same as a game warden that could take a boat and check hunting Lic. on the fishermen
The Gaming (1 year ago)
God And Guns
Deen ewis (1 year ago)
Can't wait till u hit 40k
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
Thanks bro! We will get there ;)
Im_ officerdumbie (1 year ago)
Two guys: IM OUT! *dives to water* Professional.... I liked the vid And I enjoy it
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
haha thanks bud!
Đępřëşšîøň - (1 year ago)
Love how creative you are with your police vehicles. The big red button got a smash!
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
Thanks bro!
homie cat confirmed (1 year ago)
i went to install lpsdfr again forgot it was already installed now for no reason unisntalled gta ri
Tom Bowes (1 year ago)
please do more water episodes it was awesome
Tom Bowes (1 year ago)
love your work
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
I will do another one soon!
Filipe Boavida (1 year ago)
Portugal! Thanks!
Ahmad Faza (1 year ago)
Iggy fresh please check your messenger, i asked you something. Thanks for your time checking it ...
Officer 49 (1 year ago)
Hey iggy fresh could you do some lspdfr episodes using the Henderson police Tahoe pack
Omar Williams (1 year ago)
I love Iggy can I get a like stay safe Iggy plz can I have a PC love you Iggy fresh can you do uncover street race plz live u
Jefferson Lobbs (1 year ago)
The truck is really cool and the jet ski is really cool! You should do a patrol with that pickup. Awesome video
Conor Sheridan (1 month ago)
Good idia
Brandel Stack (1 year ago)
JamichaeL Fean (1 year ago)
Jefferson Lobbs noirr
Jefferson Lobbs (1 year ago)
Iggy Fresh a Game and Fish would be cool to
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
I'm definitely planning on it :)
Kevin Bergeron (1 year ago)
I want to see more jet ski police patrol episode's
TMS_TrYhArD YT (1 year ago)
Yjvjyuiijkjhgfdfrereryui’! BcsffeytgbngttrgfbbHgfghtgbvddgg. Yuyuuy7uuyyy. Miku9hjihdfkgtfhko. Jouoiiukkiiiyteqq. Oloihre Bergeron
Brittany Kirk (1 year ago)
Kevin Bergeron
Ramsey love (1 year ago)
that os lol Iggy Fresh
Ramsey love (1 year ago)
l'm in joy it os far Iggy Fresh
michele elg (19 days ago)
Ramsey love (1 year ago)
cool light blue on the front window Iggy Fresh
Ramsey love (1 year ago)
cool COUNTY SHERlFF chevy silverado truck Iggy Fresh
jimmy focht (1 year ago)
Where can I find the her ski
Keratos. (1 year ago)
back from a long gta break, forgot about it, but you cant forget these videos that are great
Brandel Stack (1 year ago)
Keratos. (1 year ago)
and then when you dont look at all these notifications but then iggy's catches your eye
Umair Ali (1 year ago)
Nice video , btw what id always wanted to see is a massive police attack at the military base
PrasadBox79 (1 year ago)
JAKE W (1 year ago)
A patrol im that Silverado would be sweeeetttt!
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
Thanks and I agree that Silverado is looking amazing!
JAKE W (1 year ago)
This I have never seen! Nobody I sub to has done a jet ski patrol I've seen! Nice idea Iggy! Very very cool! 👍👍👍
George Ishaq (1 year ago)
one goes in the boat, two go out of the boat, what are the odds something like that will happen? XD
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
haha I almost lost it when that happened!
Philipp Lanwert (1 year ago)
Kind of weird, With The Jetski😅 But The Episode was fun! keep Up The good Work!
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
Thanks bud!
Cody Melcher (1 year ago)
You should do an ocean patrol.
Stephen Sullivan (1 year ago)
8:33 go on lol
Simply Railroading (1 year ago)
Iggy Fresh I did not like this video to much.
Timo Ojakorpi (1 year ago)
Funny 😆 😊 👍 it is gta5 yea 💪
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
Thanks bro!
Christian Dalhäger (1 year ago)
Awesome patrol. Do more sea patrols.
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
Thanks bro!
Antoine Williams (1 year ago)
Iggys back with more 🔥
Iggy Fresh (1 year ago)
haha thanks!
Umar_Gaming 9000 (1 year ago)
Wow vid keep up the great work today post notifications didn’t come to me

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