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"The Raid 2" Los Angeles Premiere Arrivals Iko Uwais, Cung Le, Randy Couture

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Director Gareth Evans, Iko Uwais, Randy Couture, Joe Trapanese, Michael Jai White, Cung Le, Don Frye, Mindy Robinson, Darren Shahlavi, John Lee Brody, Larnell Stovall interviews at "The Raid 2" Premiere Red Carpet Arrivals at Harmony Gold in Los Angeles, Ca USA March 12, 2014 - Interviews by Ashley Harrington ©Ricomix Productions - - All Rights Reserved.
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Text Comments (69)
Nunduk aje Iko .... minder ye
The raid 3 come soon
Beatriz Aguirre (7 months ago)
Ese productor se ve que es una gran persona
Trigianto Aji Prabowo (9 months ago)
Michael Conner (9 months ago)
Jackie chan and iko uwais with Tiger chen Tony Jaa micheal jai white cung le randy couture in a action comedy movie in 2021 who likes that idea
Muhammad Subhan (10 months ago)
Ini baru flm indonesia yang luarr biasaaa, the raid; pencak silat indonesia.👌👍
Donny21 VLOG (11 months ago)
Andai kan seorang Iko Uwais di hargai oleh per filman Indonesia,males nonton sinetron Mulu x x aksi kaya Hollywood dong
Yoyok Pramono (1 year ago)
U wa is. Iko banyak diam. Seldom talks
Dakota Deacon (1 year ago)
Rip Darren great guy
Apriyo Andi utomi (2 years ago)
saya bangga sebagai bangsa indonesia.. saya bangga mempunyai seni pencak silat. budaya banggsa indonesia. salam NKRI
sherrlyz kao (1 year ago)
Apriyo Andi utomi. Salam NKRI
Auron 888 (2 years ago)
RIP Darren Shahlavi :( he was there at this premiere too ... i hope he enjoyed it
Auron 888 (2 years ago)
yeah he´s the guy
Andika Pratama (2 years ago)
is that the guy who played as twister in ip man ?
aim buzz (2 years ago)
Best action movie in 2014. can't wait to watch the 3rd one :D
Aen Mo (2 years ago)
Maju trus actor and perfilman I❤N❤D❤N❤E❤S❤I❤A👍 iko uwais u r brilliant ..💪😍
Muarif Sumahar (2 years ago)
who are these tough guys? they are not even in the movie
Dark Neo (9 months ago)
Muarif Sumahar itukan penonton nya
Riyan Abdurrahman (2 years ago)
lmao she thought Uwais was a french name i guess lmao.
Channel MUDA (3 years ago)
محمود معز (3 years ago)
فيلم ابن حرام وربنا اكشن واقعي كأنوو حقيقي
Bagaskara Pangestu (3 years ago)
I expect Michael Jai White and/or Darren Shahlevi will join The Raid 3
assembled 18 (2 years ago)
Bagaskara Pangestu Michael should fight iko in the raid 3
You Mean (3 years ago)
iko uee...
Bagaskara Pangestu (3 years ago)
Romy NR (3 years ago)
Thank You For Gareth Evans Telah Membuat film yang bagus dan membawa nama baik indonesia thank you very much.
Zamir TA (3 years ago)
bangga vroh jadi org indonesia
Nani Yani (3 years ago)
Terimakasih bang eko wais bawa perfilman indonesia
rekt (3 years ago)
iko uwais bang bukan eko-_-
Marissa Sue (3 years ago)
Gareth Evans, I love how your mind works... 3 hrs before part 2 ends! Fucking epic stuff man!
Arif Varelino (4 years ago)
Fenty Malinda (4 years ago)
Iko uwey LOL... its IKO UWAIS gkgkgggggkggk
Albert Coldrow (5 years ago)
Iko Uwais VS Tony jaa!!!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaase pl pl plz plz plz plz
qpqpqpq qpqpqpq (6 months ago)
Lah Mbuh (1 year ago)
Albert ShitSneeze Iko Uwais, Tony jadi and Tiger Chan.. Treeple Treat.. Good movie ini 2018
Hermawan p (5 years ago)
One word "Silat"
andre tampan (5 years ago)
Ismi Tia (5 years ago)
"iko ouwey" lol
Jacob Mendoza (5 years ago)
Iko Uwais is a ninja. Thanks!
Movie Channel (5 years ago)
Download Full Movie here ▶ http://goo.gl/Lv9aG2
shaneclone15 (5 years ago)
american movies sucks ass compare to foreign movies
Ahmad Rozak (1 year ago)
Yup, how about seven samurai and harakiri? Best action movie ever
Ronnell Jackson (4 years ago)
godfather 1,2,3 deer hunter,apocalypse now, dogs of war, hurt locker lord of the rings 1,2,3 the hobbit 1,2,3 jaws 1,2, JFK, green mile donnie Bracos you guy know what mean goodfellas pulp fiction im taking this back old school ben hur, it's a wonderful life ,the good the bad the ugly, i got movies for days
Ronnell Jackson (4 years ago)
Really really saving private Ryan, tombstone,djangio,tears of the sun,black hawk down,u571,the wolf on wall street,limitless,the departed,batman begins,the dark knight,the last samurai,matrix,man of steel, iron man,avengers,predator, aliens 1and 2,full metal jacket,platoon, do i need to go any further down the list
Mehmet Durmuş (5 years ago)
B. Boogie (5 years ago)
She called him Iko Eww-way
Ash to Ash (9 months ago)
yup disgusting
dgwn (5 years ago)
lol fucking hilarious
Muhammad Budi (5 years ago)
pencak silat
dollayx8 (5 years ago)
iko uwaeee lolzz iko uuu way eeshhh
Jhohan Syah (5 years ago)
sukses selalu...film indonesia,,,
dolphindoel (5 years ago)
dolphindoel (5 years ago)
I love u indonesian movie silat the raid 2
Si Umar (5 years ago)
Thanks :)
Merdeka agus saputra (5 years ago)
thanks brother.
dolphindoel (5 years ago)
I love u indonesian movie silat the raid 2
iwan10451 (5 years ago)
Indonesian Silat Fihgter.....Iko Uwais Go International...
MikoRockr (5 years ago)
check out my review for the movie here: THE RAID 2 REVIEW (2014)
rahma balqis (5 years ago)
i love u iko uwais
zohoro (5 years ago)
lol the greates shock in this video is that THERES GONNA BE RAID 3....FUCK YEAH!!!!
ringo achie (5 years ago)
Lumayan Bang Iko udah banyak kemajuan interview bahasa Inggris..... Terus improvisasi.....
Mario Santoso (5 years ago)
lady! it is I-KO U-WA-IS! not Ieko uwaie
asty zellena (9 months ago)
Mario Santoso (5 years ago)
I expect to at least know how to say it, I have friends from around the world and I say their names correctly. she is a reporter, she should have already know how to say a fucking name
pvmonkey (5 years ago)
they're american dude, what you can expect from them? you have indonesian tongue so you can speak it with correct spell dumbass
MaximoTV (5 years ago)
#IkoUwaius #TheRaid2Premiere #CungLe #RandyCouture #DonFrye #MindyRobinson #JoeTrapanese #MichaelJaiWhite  
Erlisa Wong (5 years ago)
+zohoro96 LOL u got the point
zohoro (5 years ago)
yeah.....so what are you trying to say here?

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