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Text Comments (772)
Mike Hawksore (19 days ago)
Your taste in music is terrible...
Suke (2 months ago)
mohammed is literally the most generic name lmao
5:20 song pls
Donald John Trump (3 months ago)
Evanescence - immortal
Jacob hartung nielsen (3 months ago)
Elástic Band Ass in top right corner: 9:05
Johan Newaz (4 months ago)
This is like twilight for skinny guys who are in love with aesthetics.
Johan Newaz (4 months ago)
All my balls are going to drop. I think youve either got that covered, or roids have it impossible.
Niklas Berg (5 months ago)
David the type.
Heith Heithinson (6 months ago)
A preworkout and a monster?!?! Holy shit....fuck.....
Lake .j (7 months ago)
What the song name at 5:14
Steve Mass (8 months ago)
God damn liers.... Oh genetics oh roids 😂
PatronTeegee (9 months ago)
Guys i uploaded my first ever chest workout video check it out and give me feedback :D
Jonny Sherwill (10 months ago)
David laid the type of guy to microdose
Reid (10 months ago)
Dave has used psychedelics and I’m happy he has!
rex D (10 months ago)
what s the song at 11:41 ? yea i know im late :d
Dapper Don (11 months ago)
more vids like that please dave! come on dude!
Billy bob (11 months ago)
Advil is the worst what a gay boi
Robert James (1 year ago)
David doesn’t realize that Muhammad is most common name in the world 😂😭
Brandon Edwards (1 year ago)
Hey David what do you use for the Filter/color correction
bruh (1 year ago)
The first song in the car is Riot by Three Days Grace
Tristan Bruning (1 year ago)
David the type of guy to take pre workout before sex
Txvish (1 year ago)
sketchy drone footage thought that pupper was gonna crash
Edvania Barreto (1 year ago)
David laiid"
Alex Graham (1 year ago)
What roids is he on
Brian Donahue (1 year ago)
Crazy i used to work at the place next door, Wet N Wild
رائع ياصديقي
Max Starkey (1 year ago)
how do you deal with the side affects of DMAA
Louie Keller (1 year ago)
David schould make his own clothing!!!
R4UL (1 year ago)
o guimi é frango
Skaadi (1 year ago)
Did they only inclined bench press their entire chest workout??
Bouno (1 year ago)
Cornelius is deadlifting horrible so in don't wonder why his back hurts
jimmy caca (1 year ago)
8:16 why is he arching his back so much to were he is basically flat benching?! america exblain
Anonymous 101 (1 year ago)
Roidneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelius masterson is the goat
Quoconut (1 year ago)
Skillet ???
Aaron Wolf (1 year ago)
Fuck man, you blowin up, seems like you get bigger every day, can I get some of those gains bro?
Emil (1 year ago)
Sorry but I couldn't stop staring at the food stuck on your chin during the whole time you were in the car
HaychVlogs (1 year ago)
The drone has water damage that’s all, it can easily be repaired.
GeryWolf 0 (1 year ago)
Is Gatorade healthy??
Wayne Pooley (1 year ago)
Everyone at that gym looks like Greek gods. Do they sell steroids in the front desk?
Sam Bell (1 year ago)
What headphones are they ??
Hundred (1 year ago)
2:50 how bout u make your own pre-work out n stuff? I work for an international pharmaceutical company, i can help you
Tiago Nicolau (1 year ago)
Damn Dave, looking big and buff at 11:45 xD
kiulin (1 year ago)
Good video David.
Franco Echevarria (1 year ago)
Could someone tell me the exact model of the headphones? Thanks
Joao Vitor (1 year ago)
compra tadalafellas
martin salas (1 year ago)
Drugs gonna ruin your life kid
xavier donnelly (1 year ago)
Where are the workout programs?
moe plasticos (1 year ago)
You need to fix your lighting
Samir (1 year ago)
11:38 song please????
Paul Goodwin (1 year ago)
You can drink dmt you can make a tea and you drink just a little and you'll blast off
Young Tomy (1 year ago)
You just did punch press ?
Max Bornheim (1 year ago)
David the master of pre workout
kuubz prods (1 year ago)
hey david, which headphones do you use?
Luay A (1 year ago)
Do you have a hackforum account?
TaylorTallent (1 year ago)
where the program at brew
Stormfathr (1 year ago)
20:41 who the hell is driving
Realupside (1 year ago)
Totally agree about pre-workouts being better with less flavor.
Rob As (1 year ago)
What are the headphones do you use?
Isak (1 year ago)
What headset does David have?
Alish Mograbi (1 year ago)
David laid is the one who Fake hes profile picture
In the ninth and 13th second there is a board written in the time of Makkah Do you see it Mecca in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I follow you from Saudi Arabia and I love videos Give me to like to see David please
Euphoria Kills (1 year ago)
What type of headphones does Dave use?
emir (1 year ago)
Brandon Cotis (1 year ago)
what backpack was david using?
Serious Danny (1 year ago)
i dont know why but i want to see david in movies
J K (1 year ago)
David is my motivation to continue lifting weights. I've finally reached my first goal, 70kg. At 175cm I'm still skinny, but my next goal is 75kg.
Dapper Don (1 year ago)
David's word of the day: SEMI!
Nikita Sedounov (1 year ago)
Anyone know what shoes he uses?
Singh (1 year ago)
Why everyone so shredded in this gym?
Praying Mantas (1 year ago)
That drone footage is always on point though
Cj lifts (1 year ago)
Has cornelius his own channel
Jacob 0 (1 year ago)
Dave getting some upper chest action going
H Bucardi (1 year ago)
Hahahha focking douche 12:48 i always know he's not the brightest but this shit have me dead #dicksniffer
Kevin Rivera (1 year ago)
David callob with rich piana
Tacita Morgan (1 year ago)
hi ♥💪👦👋👌 David 🏋🕶
Tacita Morgan (1 year ago)
nice guys😊👋💪
Brendan Fahey (1 year ago)
dave just needs to start getting hella blazed all day and get his appetite up. fr
Sam (1 year ago)
What's the song at 13:00
Sheldon Emery (1 year ago)
ya what shoes are those that david is wearing?
enes ytt (1 year ago)
There is in U.K or USA ??
Blank Ages (1 year ago)
David the type of guy to wear a belt during sex
Benjamin Menjivar (1 year ago)
What song is Chris playing in the car at 5:23? Anyone know
bruh (1 year ago)
Benjamin Menjivar bring me to life by evanescence, i know...i'm late
YourPersonalTrainer (1 year ago)
where are the programs David? :p
Trey Made (1 year ago)
I miss videos with qwin, Dylan .
Olivier Montminy (1 year ago)
oaksterdam (1 year ago)
I feel like if I knew dave we would be best friends cause I was always obsessed with psychedelics, computers and lifting
karina alves2004 (1 year ago)
david you like the brazil
Holt Puckett (1 year ago)
MGK Bitch!
itsAmeWYLDER (1 year ago)
David the type of guy to use his drone inside the gym..
NextGen (1 year ago)
no matter how hard this guy tries he still looks lanky gain some wait pathetic idiot and don't do the cringe posing that you do in your videos you look like a grasshopper
Andy Costa (1 year ago)
He really should put on the seatbell correctly... a crash would seriously injure his organs with the seatbell like that
Diego GLZ94 (1 year ago)
Cornelius wtfffffffffffff
Shine (1 year ago)
What kind of hairstyle do you have?
Caleb Luther (1 year ago)
try IAMGOD PWO @davidlaid
Danil Ivchenko (1 year ago)
Hello from Ukraine
Sawbeck 93 (1 year ago)
DanIv7 hello from America
Maddie (1 year ago)
David the type of guy to breathe oxygen
Why Me (1 year ago)
David the type of guy to consume protein before sex 😂😂
baba cool (1 year ago)
where is qwin?
where the programs at
Nick FL (1 year ago)
David the type of guy to use Evian to brush his teeth
JRNFit123 (1 year ago)
lol 1:33 "poppin those oxycodons!" Nice drone footage. Don't hang yourself over the Drone!
John Jaeger (1 year ago)
"I want to be named like Muhammad or something." Picks literally the most common name in the world haha.

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