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Text Comments (563)
FaZe Censor (19 days ago)
chanses armstrong (1 day ago)
Those aren't full form, check the ego and do strict form, everything you do is poor ROM yeah you got muscles but they clearly are weak man.
StrayaMate (1 day ago)
im waiting fo you to do 4600 push ups doug. Where is it
Miguel Sotelo (9 days ago)
+That major's Guy lmao
demilee (17 days ago)
Does anyone WANT DOUG CENSORS ADDRESS?????????
Neil Mark (17 days ago)
please help me get to 500 subs. almost there!!
Mhi (6 hours ago)
Good video like seriously.
Memes_ Playz (6 days ago)
Doug you're so lucky, I legit need a game so bad but the worst thing is, I cant even afford a PC, or console. Btw Doug I followed you on Instagram my user is @SaraBoujaidi
King NoKarma (7 days ago)
It would be a challenge for you because you fucking suck at Cod 😂 have know idea how you are a pro player
fla gatortown (7 days ago)
Juanito clapping them cheeks😂
JayShop (9 days ago)
2 pullups for every death
Clinton Haughton (12 days ago)
Good job mate. Keep it up.
Nathan Zamora (12 days ago)
Wow wow hold up so Ik this is an old video but I’m guessing you could only do 35 push ups and I’m over her just a teenager that can do 70push ups tf!!!but also love your vids and I love you no homo yuh!!💯
FreeTime Gaming (12 days ago)
Good motivation to get good! Lol. You’re awesome man and you just gained a new subscriber. Keep it up!
FREAKS of NATURE (13 days ago)
Doug inspires me to strive to be better every day!! I just uploaded for the first time ever, gonna grind to be like you!!
Jose Reyes (13 days ago)
more bo4 pls
Boogie Cousins (13 days ago)
*cough* Virgin *cough*
Alejandro Rodriguez (13 days ago)
Like if censor took the biggest L of 2018.
bryan coronel (13 days ago)
Play zombies
BboyDJFLIP (13 days ago)
Views are looking a little low, maybe you should make another video about your ex again.
BboyDJFLIP (13 days ago)
Views are looking kinda of low dude, maybe you should make another video about your ex again.
JoshuaProGamer (13 days ago)
Faze censor doesn't get any views because he's not dating yanet garcia anymore
Treylon Franklin (14 days ago)
The fact that people keep talking about your last relationship is honestly a W. Anyone who disagrees is a beta cuck, even if it’s for the memes you are going hard and living your best life, something a lot of these people can’t do. Idgaf what you do but please just keep the content coming, fuck all the ignorant people in your comments. We need that content Doug! Every 2 L’s make a W! Don’t forget!
Restrain (14 days ago)
To this day, Juan is still clapping them cheeks.
Daniel Velarde (14 days ago)
3 burpees per death 💪🏼 thanks for always motivating me in the gym and on the sticks
Dakota Anderson (14 days ago)
Just lost my job and can't afford a copy. Eh 😕
Matt Hamel (14 days ago)
I remember he did this a while ago and he did 10 pushups for every death
Dre Pearson (14 days ago)
Why am i just now getting a notification for this vid ?
Mate Matić (15 days ago)
Retired gamer with muscles > mexian wether girl who is obsessed with her fucking ass
GiGi ThuggyFresh (15 days ago)
Would love a copy. I'm basically stealing my friends copy lol
Supbro gaming (15 days ago)
@Faze Censor, you meant MW2? I was the guy. Twitch.tv/Supbro423 I'm a smash guy not cod guy I'm taking a break
FireLion PR (15 days ago)
Keep doing Cod vids no fortnite
frank a (15 days ago)
screw all the haters doug...they are low lives who have nothing better to do. u are killing it in COD right now and appreciate you promoting fitness and positivity.
wally west (15 days ago)
"We're gonna do FULL FORM" Proceeds to not get his chest anywhere near the ground while doing push-ups.
wally west (15 days ago)
+frank a (Fanboy triggered)
frank a (15 days ago)
its literally the angle bro...u can see his elbows. quit hating. why do u u think he is so ripped, cause he knows how to work out.
4:39 bruh if thats how my killstreak ended I would been soooo mad
cmon man this is light work for you highly disappointed in you
Christian Klingler (16 days ago)
Wtf is this crap/shit
lobodemar (16 days ago)
last 3 videos not even a 100k, he better talk about Yanet again...
1 of 52 (16 days ago)
Class vid !
Carlton Yuan (16 days ago)
Carlton Yuan (16 days ago)
i death equals two reps of 225
speedy goat (16 days ago)
yall remember when he went bald to prank yanet?
Erwin Penguin (17 days ago)
i hate watching your "first time eating challenges"
Dividend Raptor (17 days ago)
You so liar douwg
Joshua Fong (17 days ago)
Workout with the the lost breed
Cricket (17 days ago)
6:35 video starts.
Frank lyu (17 days ago)
Keep it up Man U my fav
Alex Becerra (17 days ago)
Y does he have a casting couch
XOg_FayTal CLaN (17 days ago)
Lol i want that game so bad my bday just past and I ain’t celebrate it because we were like moving on that day and i aint get nothing my mom said she’ll get it but I still haven’t got. Bet you by the time i get it dark matter is gonna be so common like its gold lol. Keep it up censor
Lordtodcity (17 days ago)
I’m still getting used to my house I moved in 13 years ago just can’t get the right angles
Shekib Pathan (17 days ago)
what gun is that
Pillow (17 days ago)
What a true faze member
snuff nation (17 days ago)
Just ordered censors Gfuel flavor and his blacked out shaker. and I have to say it's so awesome. Use code censor for a discount his shaker and his flavor is best IMO! Much love censor
I can barely do 10😂
GuerreroYale Fort (17 days ago)
I can’t even get a console hahaha🤗
SYED WAJEED ALI (17 days ago)
Is he still in faze?? I want him so bad to be in faze
TheFoxCoops (17 days ago)
I did 35 push-ups with you!
Ryan Kowalski (17 days ago)
demilee (17 days ago)
Does anyone want DOUG CENSORS ADDRESS?????????????
Scott Edwards Media (17 days ago)
Number 25?
Euan Violi (17 days ago)
Man you’re an absolute legend, keep on going brother. ❤️
Marko Tello (17 days ago)
Doug is always smiling haha
K K (17 days ago)
when are you going to let us know the winners for the giveaway ?
demilee (17 days ago)
Who would like to know faze censors address¿?????????
Jax Teller (17 days ago)
Walking W
Average (17 days ago)
there's no way 35 was that hard
Paul Cheenis (17 days ago)
Do this challenge but every time you die you say “I left yanet for cod”. Thanks!.
Rowdy (17 days ago)
I can’t even do one lol
Regina Scott (17 days ago)
I would like to see you do 50 push ups next time.
Shreyas ! (17 days ago)
Finally 2.6 MIL.
Reece Lazoryk (17 days ago)
Do it again but play domination and a different exercise, good vid btw pal 👍
I Studio I (17 days ago)
them push ups need work, but i love the message that you are sending
The Thief (18 days ago)
He seems so much happier now.
Joseph Abeje (18 days ago)
Dude I was In your game my name was cowboyjoseph, I was freakin our don’t know if you remember but I have the gameplay saved too, made my day. Keep up the vids
ck50 gaming (18 days ago)
Shit i cant even do 5 pushups
KoRe Elite (18 days ago)
Censor can you please do a good abs workout video i dont know what to do for abs
Matt (18 days ago)
where the views at when yanet isnt in the title
Kortalliss (18 days ago)
Did you saw the last blackout video of faze apex because he said he is down to punch you again Doug
Sean Erasmus (18 days ago)
What a nice guy .
Jerry K (18 days ago)
Going to need you to stop screaming in my ears like some random 12 year old
dasin mason (18 days ago)
Those was only half push ups n you did them to fast for it to actually break the muscle n heal stronger
Im Zw (18 days ago)
No homo bro u got great skin
Worst Nightmare (18 days ago)
This guy does actually have a good heart props to you doug 👍🏽
Macie Shay (18 days ago)
We’re in business boys *gets nine banged * *dies*. Complete silence. 😂😂😂
Big Boi (18 days ago)
*Doug the type of dude to yell “ come on don’t give up” while taking a shit*
LKT (18 days ago)
You broke up with yanet to focus on call of duty. Your a fucking idiot
Owen (18 days ago)
1 like = 1 push up I'm trying to look like censor help a brother out
keil festin (18 days ago)
One L = one push up
Loom SmartNest (18 days ago)
Your energy is insane!
Durade Aqili (18 days ago)
Hey faze can you do some videos on you’re favorite work outs, diets, and what you do/ eat and what not
Rafael Campos (18 days ago)
The background of the pushup looks like the casting couch lol and censor we know tou can knockout 35 pushups easy you did 50 in that pushup challenge
HITMAN 808 (18 days ago)
Gym and video games...his life is boring 😂😂😂😂 dude gotta go parties...travel the world....go out.....clubbing while hes still young..
Eduardo Hernandez (18 days ago)
I love your positivity
Ray Stone (18 days ago)
Bro I really want a copy I’ve been playing call of duty black games since black ops 1 and played mw2 and MW3 on my Xbox when I was 7 I’ve had every call of duty besides ww1 and call of duty black ops 4 I could really use a copy
Mercanery 966350 (18 days ago)
Who thinks they are better than faze censor
Jim Richmond (18 days ago)
AWESOME VIDEO. Keep up the good work. Perhaps you can film a full video at the gym sometime and show us your fitness routine. Also any special nutrition tips, maybe foods that you eat/make such as a protein shake or smoothie etc. GREAT CONTENT. YOU GOT THIS.
Carlos Alcantar (18 days ago)
I still beg my parents but I needa sell my old games for it
david lopez (18 days ago)
Thanks Dough, I did this challenge and I’m getting better at COD and push ups.
David Toscano (18 days ago)
You should do gym shark give away
SpEnCeR MaLiNoWsKi (18 days ago)
U acted like it was hard u know that was slight for u
Oriam Selbor (18 days ago)
I have no console cause my sister sold it while I was at work. She stayed one night & i told her to lock everything when she leaves and I got home to a lockd door yea but no console or tv. I live alone with a minimum paying job paying all kinds of bills that i cant even afford a console let alone a game. Its been like 2 years since then.
Oreily Autopart (18 days ago)
Every push-up = one step closer to gettin back with yanet Garcia
Swag Some (18 days ago)
I feel the same too I really want rd2 but I can't get it but I'm blessed eniugh
toxic blade 400 (18 days ago)
U know sometime u motevat a hole lot of people and like the video keep it up and engnor all negitive thing keep it up 💪💪💪
rafath chowdury (18 days ago)
I acc don’t get how he brought a home for him and yanet and then dumps her like wtf?
Jennifer Molina (18 days ago)
Dammm I’m practice with that cause I’m joining the army next year:)

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