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Men’s Short Hairstyles 2017 | SIMPLE, COOL & MASCULINE!

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►Use Code "DREXLER" for 10% off at http://www.SHEHVOO.com Here are a couple Short Hairstyles that are MANLY yet Quick & Easy! I will be growing out my hair & providing you guys with more videos so definitely stay tuned by hitting that NOTIFICATIONS Button! If you guys dug this video, please give it a nice thumbs up and subscribe if you are new! Thanks & Mad Love, -dre drexler songs: X a n d e r - n e v e r l e t y o u g o S e l e n a G o m e z T y p e B e a t - N e v e r B e T h e S a m e Be sure to follow me on social media: Snapchat - DreDrexler Instagram @DreDrexler Facebook @DreDrexler Twitter @DreDrexler Tumblr @DreDrexler Vine @DreDrexler Pinterest @DreDrexler
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Text Comments (334)
Beel 7 (10 months ago)
I got the Ocean Clay and it works perfectly in my hair with the OGX mousse. Best clay I have ever used, and I have tried Claymation, Cavalier Clay, Morris Motley and many others. I have thin asian hair but its similar hair type to Dre, [straight and thin.] I am a Muslim and I know Dre is a Christian but I have huge respect; have to say you have good ethics, moral values and good motivational videos which is highly commendable. May God bless you. Jazāk Allāh.
remoteTERRISTS (2 months ago)
Beel 7 x
Joey king (10 months ago)
Ethiopian Jesus it's probably Dre 😂
Luneze (10 months ago)
Are you upvoting youre own comments lmfao? And i dont see youre comment on that link so...? Advertisement woohoo!
Luneze (10 months ago)
Thanks lmfao, had to check when isaw that comment.
Beel 7 (10 months ago)
I would have preferred to have sent my message privately to Dre but this is my only way of communicating. But for the cynics out there there will never be a way to convince you guys so feel free to say whatever lol I will just stick you on mute lol
Skibbly (2 days ago)
If I want your haircut what should I ask for?
Ghostassassin (2 days ago)
3 and a half inches is pretty damn long😂
George McDougall (5 days ago)
Nothing masculine about 3/4 of these hairstyles lmao
KOH (9 days ago)
Billy Joseph Cabayan (9 days ago)
Tbh i dont want my hair to go to left
Jack David (11 days ago)
Hairstyle #1 is my all time favorite, I am getting a haircut the week and I am getting a 0 on my sides with a 2.5-3 on the top.
Ya Yeet (13 days ago)
I have short hair but i have one annoying problem which is my hair wont stay to the way i styled it.Any solution for my problem?
Sh0T -K1NG (16 days ago)
How many mm should I cut the sides of my hair?
NojoYT (18 days ago)
I'm only ten and I'm so eager to try the ocean clay and the OGX moose
miSta1982 (20 days ago)
One Question do you have straight Hair? I am searching a way to Style mi fucking straight hair like yours Wave Look, but my still be straight. I ask you cause I See the side hairs going straight like Mine so you are my Last Chance to the holy grail. I can Not have one inch Long hair on the side and laying on the side. It will be straight in the air, i Hope you Unterstand what i mean. In Not search for Philip lahm, german Soccer Player, je has hair like me.
Crinky (21 days ago)
My hair just goes flat every time idk what to do
Lord Moodley (22 days ago)
You straighten your hair
BOOSTER GAMER (30 days ago)
Will it stay?
Play Game INFINIT (1 month ago)
DM CUBER (1 month ago)
What haircut is that pls reply ASAP my school is near and they require short hair
Dawson Reihe (1 month ago)
I want to do the first one but I have a cowlick or something where my hair should part which makes my part too high. Any advice?
Reggie (2 months ago)
Silly question : Is it necessary to chose the left side or we could style our hair to the right too?
AAlphaGamingAA (2 months ago)
Im allergic to one of the oils in ocean clay, does anyone know another good clay that would work for this hairstyle
Vuk Milutinovic (2 months ago)
Thats not short maann
Danilo Melo (2 months ago)
Aaron Paul voice
Adam T03 (2 months ago)
Fucking hell your hair is mad👌👌
Black (2 months ago)
i have very rough and thick hair. If I rebond it and keep it at this length can I do the hairstyles?
Lormo - (2 months ago)
Wtf is with his lips
z (3 months ago)
You look handsome :))
Rocking Pratheek (3 months ago)
Bro I have same hairline like you😎😎😎
Sione Vaka (3 months ago)
I look Good
A. M (3 months ago)
+Dre Drexler What camera do you use for this video? Great vid.
Christopher Eduardo (3 months ago)
parece o Diogo
Tyler A (4 months ago)
2:37 mark hoppus?
Ace (5 months ago)
U kinda look like Richard Brancatisano if u dont know who that is he plays Xander bly the green ranger from power rangers mystic force
MizterConfuzing (5 months ago)
That is not short hair dude
Mohammed Lamkanfi (7 months ago)
Just bought my new ocean clay and it works so good. Plus its cheaper than hanzdefuko, or other products
Dre Drexler (7 months ago)
means so much brother! thanks!
Ben Shafik (7 months ago)
That’s my long hair LOL STILL HAVE 2 INCHES UGHHHH
Ben Shafik (7 months ago)
Can’t you go any shorter? Lol I have about 2 inches using Hard Muk Mud Clay Paste Mud Says it’s styling pomade but it’s matte finish with low sheen and brutal hold I have sensitive short hair but I’m 10
Lily J (7 months ago)
Ur so cute
Dre Drexler (7 months ago)
lol you are too kind! thanks for watching!
Trap Triangle (8 months ago)
Flipped dope
Alex Schmitt (9 months ago)
Love this style and all the vids! Keep them coming! Was your hair wet when you added the OGX? You also use OGX in this one and the Sidekick in a few others with this similar style, what is the difference between the two?
Frank Hammonds (9 months ago)
Ocean Clay is legit Dre!...I've got thick hair and it applies super easy unlike some other clays. Hold is great as well.
Eidref (9 months ago)
I really miss your long hair dre. You look better with long hair.
Samuel Yau (10 months ago)
Ewww fuckboi
IamtheGam3r34 (10 months ago)
Does it promote faster hair growth
Terry Chan (10 months ago)
What's the difference between two hairstyles lol
bBikes (10 months ago)
What do i tell my barber
King JK (10 months ago)
Thats not short at all
CM Anonymous (10 months ago)
Rep the best and cool guy ever
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
you are too kind! thanks so much for watching!
xander j. (10 months ago)
What is your next goal? Go for something a little longer again? If so I would like to see a progress video on growing out the top
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
maybe so! Thanks for watching!
Everyday Gentleman (10 months ago)
Great video, while I'm quite new to your channel I'm really liking your content. This is actually really helpful because my barber went ham on my hair and it's now about 2-3 inches long!
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
thanks so much for the love and support bro! Means a lot !
Rajat Gandhi (10 months ago)
What was the first product that you used? +Dre Drexler
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
OGX voluminous Mousse and Ocean Clay are the products i use :)
COLTON (10 months ago)
Thanks, but i'll stick to being bald
Henry3a1 (10 months ago)
every time i watch one of dre's vids i think of alex moran from bms
N Trance (10 months ago)
Hey, just asking, how did you get your skin so clear?
Arjay Madrinan (10 months ago)
What do you call about your haircut? Thanks for your feedback.
oliver lopez (10 months ago)
what happened to Hanz de Fuko?????
Kyle Williams (10 months ago)
Needed that message at the end bro... My parents have been having HUGE fights and it seems like a divorce is coming next... Just praying that God has his way.. I'm trying to stay positive and trust him..
QendrimZ (10 months ago)
Keep it up man
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
appreciate it!
LaurenVlogs (10 months ago)
I love the positivity bro. My mom is a negative person, shes always in a bad mood and complaining about something, but I don't let that energy bring me down. Oh and nice hair haha
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
Proud of you bro, keep being positive & encourage her to be more positive like you my brother!
azzam aji abizar (10 months ago)
1 thing i always want to ask, how do you clean ur hair after u used those kind of foundation? But u said don't shampoo ur hair too often?
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
i use shehvoo activating oil cleanser about once every other day :)
Joshua (10 months ago)
Great video. Convinced me to give the Ocean Clay a shot and I've never had such an easy time getting my hair to cooperate. Not only was my hair simple to style the way I wanted it, but the overall textured look the clay created is just... perfection. I'm definitely a huge fan. Thanks for coming out with such a great product! Oh, and it smells insane good.
Everygameking (10 months ago)
loving the facial hair bro!!
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
lol thanks bro!
Mr. McMan (10 months ago)
Any recommendations on non comedogenic hair products?
Tanishq Kaushik (10 months ago)
An amazing video, and I like the number 1 hairstyle 👌🏼it looks amazing
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
thanks so much Tanishq
Victor Andersen (10 months ago)
You look like the guy from blue mountain state
christian franco (10 months ago)
Ugh sexy 😩😉
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
Thanks for watching! -dre
I T (10 months ago)
all these look dope, but then i feel like you step outside and the wind hits it, and goodbye hairstyle Also will the Shehvoo product will work on damp or wet hair? I don't use a blow dryer, and its impossible to towel dry to perfect dryness
Dhruv Hans (10 months ago)
Dayumm man...you make it look so easy bro...xD Gr8 video bro....I'm digging the ocean clay...gonna order it right after my exams 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
thanks so much bro! And awesome, let me know how you like it! I'll be praying for ya and your exams!
soo baro (10 months ago)
is your hair natural straight or you straighten them?
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
its naturally straight :)
Tom Churchill (10 months ago)
He has clearly only used his product once or twice
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
It's my own product that the shehvoo team and I put together, I've been using it for 6 months lol
IEnvy (10 months ago)
what type of haircut would you call the one you have if you went to a barber.
Andrew Salinas (10 months ago)
Hair G O A L S🔥
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
appreciate the love!
Miguel Antunes (10 months ago)
Can somebody pls answer me??? does washing ur hair (not with shampoo, only water) eveey morning causes dandruff or des it damages ur hair??
Tips For Him (10 months ago)
Miguel Antunes no it will not cause any damage to your hair. The dandruff depends on if you have a very dry scalp but water shouldn't give you dandruff.
CrisisChaosFTW (10 months ago)
shaurya yo (10 months ago)
very nice video bro.....awesome
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
thanks so much!
Weron G (10 months ago)
could you make a video about dealing with cowlicks on hairline?
Tommyboy80808 (10 months ago)
Get dre cool vid, what do you think of nourkin for men tablets? Have you ever heard of them? If so do they work They are suppose to keep hair healthy and stop from falling out
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
never heard of them, I have to check it out! Thanks!
Basit Abdul Rehman (10 months ago)
Great hair style for busy guys like me....... thanks Dre I'm gona try it
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
awesome! Glad you dug it! :D
Syed Nawaz (10 months ago)
Daaamn!!!he's got a bigger forehead than mine.
Syed Nawaz (9 months ago)
That's truee...
Dovax (9 months ago)
Syed Nawaz yeah but he has great hair
Adnan Asgar (10 months ago)
Grow your hair back dre....miss your long hair....
I got the ocean clay and omg I love it works brilliantly. Some great styles dre ✌️
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
so glad you like it! Thanks so much man! :D
OpTic Pajas (10 months ago)
How do you Get your beard done?
Like ur thoughts a lot!👌
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
thanks so much!
Hamza (10 months ago)
Do u have to have it on the left side
Affaires de Mec (10 months ago)
Great !
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
Jonathan (10 months ago)
Where do you get your quotes from!!!!!!??????
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
lots of book from Joyce Meyer, Td JAkes... etc. :)
Reecase Magar (10 months ago)
I miss his old long hairstyles..😢
Shan Khan (10 months ago)
Brother please get video about protien is it good benifit or disadvanteges in under 20 to 25 years age please i want to know about it because i only follow u!
Shan Khan (10 months ago)
Dre Drexler bro but many people says protien is not good for health one day they give u disadvanteges but i always follow u and ur classes just thankx bro...live long👌
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
protein is important for everyone. No matter what age you are, protein is needed to grow your body and perform at a high level :)
Random Guy (10 months ago)
I have a big forehead so no hairstyle fits me
theShaning (3 months ago)
Jordan channel (10 months ago)
Can you ship your clay to india?
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
yes :)
Mauro Tolpe (10 months ago)
Why did you do it short?
Bryan Stutzman (10 months ago)
Dude!! Awesome video. I have been looking to change my hairstyle for a little while now and this video definitely helps a ton!! You rock bro!
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
appreciate the love Bryan!
Adley Reddy (10 months ago)
Live hair styling please!
RemyLexington (10 months ago)
Your hair looks great no matter what you do bro. Awesome video, thanks for the help
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
thanks so much bro, thats very kind of you! -dre
LENMADEING (10 months ago)
I feel weird looking at you with damp short hair
Sandeep Rajpurohit (10 months ago)
Wow thank you so much for this vidio 👍
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
thanks for watching!
Carlos Sanchez (10 months ago)
Man I just went back to short hair too lol Great vid homie!
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
haha niiice, thanks for watching bro
Aaron william (10 months ago)
He sounds like the YouTuber "Rizzial"
suvrat dwivedi (10 months ago)
love from india dude...ur vids are always dope ...and is the ocean clay available here in india?
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
mad love India!! and yeah we ship worldwide!
Justin Majano (10 months ago)
Dre I've been dying for your hair tutorials again. I miss them soooo much!!!
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
haha thanks Justin! appreciate the love!
Smit G (10 months ago)
Too good hairdressing I always love to watch your videos they are so sensible and inspiration of yhe day is always lit af 🔥!!! Thanks for everything manh!!! Shaka 🤙
Dre Drexler (10 months ago)
thanks so much brother!

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