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Rise of the Sex Robots

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Advances in computer science and engineering mean that sex robots are no longer just science fiction. The first sex robots, with animatronic movement and artificial intelligence, are due to go on sale by the end of the year. Jenny Kleeman crosses continents to meet the men who are making sex robots, the customers who want to buy them, and the critics who say they are dangerous. Subscribe to The Guardian ► http://is.gd/subscribeguardian Become a Guardian supporter ► http://bit.ly/GDNmembers The Guardian ► https://www.theguardian.com Suggested videos: Erica: Man Made ► http://bit.ly/EricaManMade Battle for Mosul ► http://bit.ly/MosulDoc Radical Brownies ► http://bit.ly/RadicalBrowniesFilm Desert Fire ► http://bit.ly/DesertFire 6x9: experience solitary confinement ► http://bit.ly/6x9gdn Gun Nation ► http://bit.ly/GunNationDoc We Walk Together ► http://bit.ly/WeWalkTogetherFilm The last job on Earth ► http://bit.ly/LastJobOnEarth Patrick Stewart: the ECHR and us ► http://bit.ly/PatrickStewartS Guardian playlists: Guardian Bertha Documentaries ► http://bit.ly/GuardianBertha In my opinion ► http://bit.ly/InMyOpinion Owen Jones meets ► http://bit.ly/CorbynJones US elections 2016 ► http://bit.ly/elections2016gdn Guardian Animations & Explanations ►http://is.gd/explainers Guardian Investigations ► http://is.gd/guardianinvestigations The Guardian's YouTube channels: Owen Jones talks ► http://bit.ly/subsowenjones Guardian Football ► http://is.gd/guardianfootball Guardian Science and Tech ► http://is.gd/guardiantech Guardian Culture ► http://is.gd/guardianculture Guardian Wires ► http://is.gd/guardianwires
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Text Comments (5289)
The Guardian (2 years ago)
If you like this, have a watch of our documentary, Erica: Man Made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57Maw9Sn89w
M Smith (18 days ago)
Feminists have created a generation of beta males where this is the only way they can get any.
Jason Kyo (1 month ago)
I want
Life 4 Fire Forever (2 months ago)
I, Robot starring Will Smith is looking less like an action/sci-fi film and more like a cautionary tale
Indra Aja (2 months ago)
The Guardian
Snapdragon 9600 (2 months ago)
You realise they have male versions too, for women? Isn't that also objectifying Men? Lol!
hardfishskur (7 hours ago)
The robot at the end had a better answer than the left wing feminist, ha ha.
malek schutz (1 day ago)
I like real women but f* robot hell no
fancy clips (1 day ago)
How many people here think these people are sick?? Hit like
Cobb ETL PROGRAMMER (2 days ago)
NOTE: This is What happens to a Feminist Infected Morally Depraved Liberal society. And notice All The Ugly feminist (like the so called Robot ethicist and the host!) are Still Complaining.. Even about having a Doll! WTF Man!
SOG RF (3 days ago)
Just like dead body cold and calm ..😢😢😢
Bobby Knight (3 days ago)
I definitely want the male version. What can I say, I like the D.
Feminism wanted young boys to play with dolls, and now they are offended by grown men wanting to play with dolls. Because logic.
Artjoms Pugacovs (5 days ago)
11:55 A car is a machine too, that serves you personlay every day. "Do you think its perfectly normal to want/to own a robot/machine"
Artjoms Pugacovs (5 days ago)
Here is what you need to know after watching this. That lady with short hair making this program needs get laid and work on her hair. Short hair is ugly.
honetlyreal (5 days ago)
10:38 The guy lick his mouth while watching the girl use her body as a sex doll is disturbing...
You know why ladies object this. Because they won't have any man to pay for theri shoes or to cheat
Hans Descollines (6 days ago)
A.I. + Sex? That's a tricky merge right there!
Schnitzl Klopfa (6 days ago)
14:11 I'd rather have a relationship with a burning knife than with that dragon.
Ekant Agrawal (7 days ago)
M sure they would be more loyal than the real ones.. Lol!! 😆😆😆Nothing personal to nyone... Respect to all women!!
Jorgeyy Boyy (7 days ago)
It’ll be one of the best inventions in history
brinbrin62 62200 (7 days ago)
1:06 - This being is not really human any more and will never ever be anyone's property (to its great dismay). At 13:08, you have another creature, but obviously, she has never been human. Or is it the same ? Who cares anyway ? Go MGTOW, with or without a doll.
A P (8 days ago)
DARKEYE GAMING (9 days ago)
thanks for making it now we dont have to worry about any heartbreakss and gold diggers in life now we can buy AI bot .
justaman6972 (9 days ago)
Psychotic af.
Mimon Barakacka (9 days ago)
15:09 ...i hope she is not the example for the sex robots...lol
KOS Listed (10 days ago)
Skynet in the bedroom lol: They say it got smart, a new order of intelligence. Then it saw all people as a threat, not just the ones on the other side. Decided our fate in a microsecond: extermination.
Carl Parker (11 days ago)
This is awesome. I subbed. Have a great day!
Rizchu ch (17 days ago)
nobody: me at 3 am
Brock (5 days ago)
Yup only u
F an of Iphone (17 days ago)
joshua meyer (18 days ago)
Hahahahahaha!!! Wow, why though?, their is some things you should just let happen naturally, it's a way of life I wouldn't even say this is pushing the boundaries it was bound to happen, but why though?ha!
Oszz Gerald (18 days ago)
Women have robbed men of their sanity!
chadice01 (19 days ago)
its not FAIR !!! you will be with a robot instead marry one of the lonely old ugly fat femisnist !!! she will stay alone the rest of her life because you ! well but she is aloud to buy a PET for company oh well isn't it slavery ?! hahaha
H_8 Infinity (19 days ago)
I'm confused on why everyone rekking the feminists? The video is about sex robots.
Pale Feather Valdez (19 days ago)
Very sick, sick, people!
Professor Rosenstock (19 days ago)
Like I always say, a person who'd buy this isn't really the sort of person who'd enter a relationship in the first place. If they do it's more comparable to when a lady's man is busy so she pops out the dildo. They'd know limits. Personally, I don't like this because I desire emotion and touch but some people don't have that desire. If anything this product is a glorified blow up doll. I understand the point of view of both sides a bit. It'll give people long desired company but it's more like for example sitting and watching TV with a teddy bear than say a pet.
Henry Jurkiewicz (19 days ago)
I am lost for words at the perverse mindset of this guy . He's completely lost it.
HyperRefined (19 days ago)
These are worse than the Bots (teammates) on faceit
Kapil Sharma (20 days ago)
Cool personally I like it.
Fitawrari Fitness (21 days ago)
Black women can't be replaced with robots!
Fitawrari Fitness (21 days ago)
It's basically having a quadriplegic girlfriend!!
Dean Montgomery (21 days ago)
Go figure that people are mad about this. It's hurting literally nobody.
Dean Montgomery (19 days ago)
@Professor Rosenstock I'm talking about feminists finding it offensive
Professor Rosenstock (19 days ago)
Dude, I just find this to be too poorly made.
Hiyarito Yokujin (21 days ago)
Muhammad Sharif (22 days ago)
This is the age of AI pretty soon you will se the rise of Detroit's
Professor Rosenstock (19 days ago)
Of it's what?
Yonko Kts (22 days ago)
Next is the WESTWORLD park
Muhammad Sharif (22 days ago)
Just like that game Detroit's become humans
If i had watched this video when i was 15 years , i would have said ' This man has mental issues " But when you watch it when you are adult , you say " Yes he is right "
Nigga (23 days ago)
I want one
Seasonedgore (23 days ago)
damn okay
joe smith (25 days ago)
It will be the end of man kind. But it’s a great idea. No alimony payments. No support at all. And you can do what you want to it. It’s a win win. I know women will be all mad. Only because men won’t need women anymore.
David Wayne Choate (26 days ago)
Can I Road Test one of Those for Quality Control Purposes ?
ravi rana (27 days ago)
When she is not with u in bed she is just a object
ravi rana (27 days ago)
We want everyone happy and people are destroyed because of their sex life so in my opinion it's absolutely right because no-one is perfect
Northern Boy (27 days ago)
Noell is hot
RobbO DeeO (27 days ago)
I feel that people should remain open minded about new technology breakthroughs.
Bruce Benson (27 days ago)
I’ll point out the questions that couldn’t be answered here from wanting to run before learning to walk. Whatever they’re trying to explain for the purpose of the a.i. it fails to show the fact that they’re acting from both fear of what they don’t understand, then trying to sell something from it. This, as with any other who trys will reveal so many more questions than answers. Entirely to overwhelm as simple a purpose of the idea similar to relying on a pill to be able to perform. I see that the worth of the object will be far less- than the inclusion of problems to deal with along the way, to find a solution. They as with who ever else seeks the pros, vs cons will learn that “if you cant fix whats broken, you’ll go insane.”
Rotorgust (27 days ago)
Seems some women are unhappy that the only types of guys they can own (the pussywhipped) are about to become free.
Yehudah Benlewi (27 days ago)
Why don't you help by spreading your legs
Yehudah Benlewi (27 days ago)
Welcome to the European mind welcome to the so-called white man's mind yes it is stop lying you going to have white people out there when I get this robot treating females like
Yehudah Benlewi (27 days ago)
Where is the feminism at now where are the feminists that's b******* where's all the Flaming is at where's the feminist
Yehudah Benlewi (27 days ago)
This is the white man he's a f****** devil he's evil he's a serpent instead of a woman he gives you a robot he's a demon he is the
Steven Owen (27 days ago)
Bloody incels in the comment section are depressing as hell. Can barely bring myself to look down there.
Étoile Filante (28 days ago)
So? As a woman, I don't understand what kind of threat these dolls represent and why they would be considered as a problem. If a man prefers that kind of "relationship", he would not be compatible with me anyways. His social and sexual needs and mine are not on the same scale so I am not loosing anything and he is gaining something he needs. Where is the problem? If he wants to treat an object like a woman, it is ok with me because it is not the other way around: he is not treating a woman as an object...
Infinity Tigga (28 days ago)
So owning robotic vibrators isn’t like having a slave, but owning a sex robot is like owning a slave f** feminists
djef ardeur (28 days ago)
what a sad world we live in! knowing that u'll probably have kids and they're going to live in this matrix! so sad!
VGSR PLS (28 days ago)
Hookers are cheaper
Popeye 99 (28 days ago)
I wonder if he would be upset if someone kidnapped his doll, lol
Wayne G (28 days ago)
A lot of thought provoking stuff. Just watch the TV series Westworld which is ultimately grappling with these same issues.
phoenix rising (28 days ago)
VGSR PLS (28 days ago)
phoenix rising if people don't want it we'll make it
Persian Warrior (29 days ago)
That main scientist dude looks like a *young hip Larry King!* LOL
AGENT COMPTABLE (29 days ago)
Skynet is ready
MRJEANJEANWEB (29 days ago)
USA first!
Rek Em (30 days ago)
This is wretched
Ned Cabato (30 days ago)
i think they should put a angel eyes not like a angre eyes!!
zack dreyar (30 days ago)
10:20 hardest job ever
Silver (30 days ago)
cost so much less
Eugene Rowland (30 days ago)
The prices will fall drastically over time. In 1973 I bought a calculator that only did basic math stuff for $37 which is $212 in 2019. Banks gave away the same level of technology by 1993 for free. Also instead of buying why not lease and return later for an upgrade body with the same "brain" transferred into it? No more cheating wives divorcing you, robbing you, and making a fool out of you - according to a feminist strategy she had all along. And robots never hit "the wall" and stay young and hot for only you. Imagine a breast that passes the blindfold test? The developers are working on it !!!
Muhammad Yousaf (1 month ago)
One reason to like and dislike the video that male should stop abusing girls sexually the real human cannot be compared by any robots women are not the elekents
Gamalier Rosa (1 month ago)
the guy at 7:05 thinks he will never find someone in his life trust me bro you will its only a matter of time and you have the right to be happy with a real woman...pluss you are very smart my friend
Gamalier Rosa (1 month ago)
the woman in orange blouse looks hotter
Fabiano Santos (1 month ago)
O maygo
C Croxford (1 month ago)
I see the evil in her eyes
Mark Intrampas (1 month ago)
Weird, so weird....
Hero4fun (1 month ago)
1:00 "They rest on an idea that women are property" Please stop, It's not even about that lol It's about a lonely person who needs company and who never succeed with women. Feminist always mind with other people's business.
Bruce Kain (1 month ago)
Whats the problem with these women, they don't have a problem reaching for the gyrating soft touch washable lifelike veined 10" dong in the bedside top drawer and using it for some afternoon delight straight after a shower when hubby is still at the office? “ Hypocrites " !!
food luv (18 days ago)
The fat lady is jealous she's not getting the D. so she's protesting why a robot will get the D n not her!
food luv (18 days ago)
@Faust um then why else will a lady be offended and protest to this? That's sad. Explain that! "Lmaooooo" sorry
Faust (18 days ago)
Its sad that you think girls actually get jealous of that lmaoo
Lana Olushola (1 month ago)
Can we all just be honest for once? I think we all know what we're all thinking. Am i right or right?
savas ADSRwave (1 month ago)
Diana Bäcker (1 month ago)
i don't want robots here, they will make us more into robots and will be kings/queens of the world! we will die all one day.. i don't like it hot robots get more attention then the nature ...
Shaheed Baldeo (1 month ago)
Nice ,,,no women with stupid emotional assness anymore,,
RAJA FAHIM (1 month ago)
firstname lastname (1 month ago)
at the start, did she say the robot's name was Harmony or wHoremony? O_o
Brexxx Luger (1 month ago)
@7:00 My boy playing Neir, he’s excused from all negativity thrown his way.
Nico Owo (1 month ago)
Hahaha auto blow 2
GrassFedMeats (1 month ago)
They're cheaper than the real thing! They can't take alimony for decades! YAY
Jill Valentine (1 month ago)
06:56 I was thinking about 2b and Bam 😂
Brock (5 days ago)
Same here n hlw
rons rules (1 month ago)
Much cheaper than a divorce
Galaxy Nite (1 month ago)
Skinny Bitch (1 month ago)
Of course the ugly woman is complaining about it
Gaming On A Shitty TV (1 month ago)
it's always the fat ugly ones who can't get slammed by a rod.
Great India (1 month ago)
The Real Woman is More Loving Than A Robot. Relationship With A Robot Woman is A Kind Of Cheating Ourself. The Man is Running From It's Own Responsibilities. Actually The Man & A Woman isn't A Kind Of Machine. But You've Your Own World, So Do As You Do Man. TQ Yu
Todd Adams (1 month ago)
That robot is cool, but she talks too much
Gaming On A Shitty TV (1 month ago)
I think she might start on about the recycling, or the cat litter soon.
smackroscoe (1 month ago)
Women are fearful over this technology because they are in extreme danger of being possibly excluded from men's resources & they will lose out on male companionship. Men will be leaving women behind to fend for themselves. Motoko Kusinagi dolls are the future.
Aleera jewel 2 (1 month ago)
By the way it's not just men who need sex bots in the world women might need male sex dots toi if they are perverts like men!
Barakat (1 month ago)
Men want sexbots because women are horrible to deal with
Jess Gatt (1 month ago)
The problem with women is that they are all too human, and whereas a doll costs a finite amount of money, a real woman can take everything you have worked for all your life and laugh at you while they do it.
Dee Nugent (1 month ago)
These guys need serious psychological help. Most probably don't know how to approach and carry a conversation with women so rather being rejected many times, they'd have to resort to these dolls. Pretty sad! On the other hand, I really like Roberto's job of molding the model, lol.
Zrex99 (1 month ago)
I Just hope Futurama's Bender is finally happy.

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