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Jet Ski Freestyle World Finals 2012.......Someday :)

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Here is a video put together by Bud Mastrangelo of BudProductions.com from World Finals 2012 Lake Hazasu, AZ..........Featuring the BEST freestyle riders in the world busting out some unreal maneuvers on the original stand up jet ski but with todays technology and innovation! A truly incredible sport on the rise........more videos coming soon www.BudProductions.com Video features riders 2012 pro world champ Rok Florjancic, Lee Stone, Kazu, Michael Ratti, Jason Stoyer, Chris Anyzeski, Anthony Burgess, 2012 am world champ Daniel Martin, Lucas Vasconcelos, Jason Bleasdale & more!
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Text Comments (541)
Eric Gacha! (12 days ago)
I was watching this with my mom and she got scared 😂
Ryan Toomey (1 month ago)
Lame. Sure they could come up with more than just a 360 and back-flip.
Aquatic Mullet (1 month ago)
Wow wee wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Caleb Barnett (1 month ago)
Solid vid man. Great content
Raphael Marcoux (2 months ago)
Tes dont
basixbishxo x (3 months ago)
Shits insane
Coastal Cruising (3 months ago)
Just Wow! That Is Amazing! 😉
Carmen Mejia (3 months ago)
Tito Sosa (4 months ago)
You guys are lit.
Cristian David Suárez (4 months ago)
A 200 milla en un jetsky
sam tal (4 months ago)
C trés beau
GLAUCO VINICIUS (5 months ago)
Ele e gey kkkkk amusica
Tito Sosa (5 months ago)
This was one of my favorite songs
Tito Sosa (5 months ago)
I'm 8 years old and this is still my favorite song
The White Rabbit (4 months ago)
Someday ..!! Champions 😇🌲🍁🐰🚬 🐺✝✡♋💜🌏✌🐇🐾
kalaioblak teixeira (5 months ago)
O que eu faria ? nessas horas
The White Rabbit (6 months ago)
Nate Dogg 😁🌲🍁🐰🚬 That summer was fun..
Lourdes Reynoso (8 months ago)
Woo wats
Alex Gusnhde (8 months ago)
what name song??
Washay McDonald (8 months ago)
Wats this song keep on flying
Jay Peraza (9 months ago)
These mfs got crazy bars idgaf
I started having a stroke around 2:15 with the hyper cuts...
Edward Brock (9 months ago)
Im not convinced
All Logan's Life (9 months ago)
Yes it is very repetitive and not a cool freestyle I agree , but you have to keep in mint how cool it is I’m sure a lot of the people commenting have never even ridden one non the less know what they were and ridding one is not easy you must have good balance and awareness and these things weight a good 200 - 350 pounds so ya can’t talk all the crap for the people who have not ridden one or at least tried
Beau Mcginley (9 months ago)
Martin Flores (9 months ago)
They make this look so [email protected]#in easy 👍👍
Max MT (10 months ago)
Don't get me wrong but doing backflips on a jetski is the coolest but I've seen more jet ski tricks watching meatballs 4
SaltRock (10 months ago)
I miss my SXR 1100, selling her was probably the biggest regret of my life !
Ariana Brito (1 year ago)
Shane Deffenbaugh (1 year ago)
Sumeday is nice. For good
阿本喬 (1 year ago)
good 🤘😎
CAL (1 year ago)
I feel like this would be easy af
Justin P (1 year ago)
B. Olmstead (1 year ago)
So sad that the sport is dead here on Cape Cod. It used to be a pretty popular throughout the 80's and early 90's, but by `99 it was totally dead. Seems to me that the sit-down ski was the number-one killer. Anyway, it's nice to see that the sport is still alive somewhere—just not in New England.
totemthepole (1 year ago)
This video is races.  Severe lack of DIEversity except for the horrible "music".
djaddict13 (1 year ago)
this is 99999999999999x times harder than it looks trust me this is years nad thousands hours of practice
JK (1 year ago)
Sweet. Hopefully the freestyle mx guys don't get interested. If so, your sport is taken to a deadly level. I wanna see a triple backflip NOW!
Clayton Rothenbuehler (1 year ago)
I want another jet ski so bad
Broc games (1 year ago)
Skate 3 in real life
BurstFire BBC (1 year ago)
Might be cool if it didn't have such gay music
Everyday Animation (2 years ago)
Ok, now I have a headache
Noo Refunds (2 years ago)
What the first​ song name?
T serd (2 years ago)
there isn't that much skill involved in this
dizaró (2 years ago)
Peters Michael (2 years ago)
Ohne Helm is einfach nur bescheuert!
darlan sampaio (2 years ago)
cade os BRASILEIROS galera?kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk feat will i am
Charles Carew (2 years ago)
i love this vid
Neonholly123 (2 years ago)
lol i ride and I'm only 12 i have a 550 and a 750 kawasaki stand up jet ski (IM NOT BRAGGING )
magic cheeseball (1 year ago)
i have a 550 and a 750 also and i had a 650sx and 650x2 that got stolen
magic cheeseball (1 year ago)
550 doesn't have the power to to a back flip liek those are even modified without a wave
Alia Benjamin (2 years ago)
Chris Plunkett yes
Neonholly123 (2 years ago)
Chris Plunkett ya lol
Chris Plunkett (2 years ago)
Can you back flip the Kwaka 550? (I'm, not kidding!)
Dalton Woodrum (2 years ago)
What's song is this cald by the way nice vid
lemon king (2 years ago)
they are all doing the same thing
Siama HWC (2 years ago)
wackest sport even worse than curling. Yes I can't do these stunt but it's still wack. Range of movement is very limited, I see 2 fundamental moves the front flip and side ways turn in the air, i.e. same shit over and over...of all the things and games one could play with a jet ski.
SavageGaming 4 Life (2 years ago)
wow nice looks fun
Sohil Adwani (2 years ago)
Very Nice editing
orlando aleixo silva (2 years ago)
muito legal msmo parabens da hora
lewis donaldson (2 years ago)
hi I'm 10 i ride a yamaha jet it really fast i go on it by my self
Neonholly123 (2 years ago)
Ghetto Lemon lol I'm 12 and I ride a Kawasaki 750 sx and I'm slowly learning different tricks
Ghetto Lemon (2 years ago)
I'm 16 and go 70-mph in my Yamaha, but if you're 10 you got balls!
David souza David (2 years ago)
Cactus Anal (2 years ago)
these arnt world finals its just a bunch of clips of people flipping around
Jack Goold (2 years ago)
Idk like to see you just "flip around"
Surge 789 (2 years ago)
Wat song is this
José Luis Robles (2 years ago)
fuck this
Marcos Pozzer (3 years ago)
what is the name of the song ??
Marcos Pozzer (2 years ago)
someday flipsyde and hall of fame , thamks....
Albert Ferreira (2 years ago)
someday flipsyde
Bruno Jekabsons (3 years ago)
smuks videjo
Sarija Rossall (3 years ago)
INSIDER (3 years ago)
Wow, this is really cool. I'm a reporter for INSIDER and I'd love to feature Eli's stunts for a story on our site. Is it alright if I use some of your footage for the story? I'll be sure to give you credit, of course. - Jacob
YourLockerzPal (3 years ago)
Just watched it on Facebook, you guys did awesome!
William Koetting (3 years ago)
That rickter is so leggit
Harambe (3 years ago)
These are for noobs who are too chicken to sled
Leah Norrbom (3 years ago)
That's rad
Cecilia P (3 years ago)
How the hell can i LEARN to do that??
Joel Schallhorn (2 years ago)
karo jarwo (2 years ago)
i will show you buddy, hahaha, peace
Lieu Duong (3 years ago)
southrules (3 years ago)
soul patches and tramp stamps
Coming Undone (3 years ago)
And a stand-up. The song makes the vid!!
Coming Undone (3 years ago)
This is the shit. Got a Kawa 1100 zxi & Seadoo Bombadier. U don't know till U know. U gotta experience it man.
Coming Undone (2 years ago)
WTF means you have to experience the water before you make comments.
Brenton Miller (2 years ago)
+Christopher L. Wtf
Coming Undone (3 years ago)
+Jason jrf No. BUT mountain dew is pretty good. Slim Jims are a little greasy. Mostly milk meat juice salad stuff and maybe some beer. Also like cheese. Bread, mustard, mayo, ketchup, steak sauce, tortillas, string cheese, hot dogs, hamburger meat, some bread, dr. Pepper, bottled water. And some other stuff.
Jason jrf (3 years ago)
+Christopher L. is you're fridge packed with MT Dew and SLim Jim's?
Ahmed Said (3 years ago)
It's really wonderful video it makes you feel excited and song also more than wonderful
Chad Weigold (3 years ago)
gilbert bennett (3 years ago)
what song is that
gilbert bennett (3 years ago)
Hell yeah brother
Lucas M.S (3 years ago)
+gilbert bennett flipsyde - someday
JakeTheRipper 73 (3 years ago)
damn. that's cool as shit. wish I could do that on a ski.
Caleb Horne (3 years ago)
that is way awsome!!!!
PigPride (3 years ago)
What are these jet skis called?
Muhammad Manack (3 years ago)
Where's the video gone
That one guy (3 years ago)
omg what movie have i heard this song in??!?!!??!?! (i think its never back down but im not sure)
Arliss Shook (3 years ago)
coming from a motocross background it just seems that it'd be easy to do that like no consequences when you fall don't get me wrong I still have respect for anyone in the extreme sport industry its awesome how there able to maneuver those jet skis. but then again I probably have no say in this being that ive never rode a jet ski. just dirt bikes for me
Agustín Echevarría (1 year ago)
trust me man, doing this is 100x harder, in video it just looks ok but in real life when you are going like 10 feet in the air and if you land sideways you are going to break completely, there is no suspension like motocross, its just going balls out
Lior Katz (3 years ago)
It is so cool!!!!
lildeej fbz (3 years ago)
dunno if its because I didn't know this was a thing but, this shits nuts. bet none of these haters could do a 540 then back flip back to back on a fucking jetski lmao
PapaGanoush17 (3 years ago)
Wow 180s and back flips. This "sport" looks gay.
Coming Undone (3 years ago)
+PapaGanoush17 U have no idea Jackasss.
Nick Hansen (3 years ago)
+PapaGanoush17 its just "freestyle" is indeed pretty lame, the "sport" in general so to speak is much more interesting with less torque savy jetskis running in the surf and such.
Laurent Outang (3 years ago)
horrible sport : dangerous, noisy and very poor results...
EarthSurferUSA (3 years ago)
+Laurent Outang Oh no, you did not describe a sport,--you described voting. Don't worry, pretty soon there will not be any fun or talent allowed. I bet you will do well then.
Eersten Keer (3 years ago)
Eersten Keer (3 years ago)
"bro did you just pop a backflip? bro that was sick." that sums up my impression of doucheski
Slav Films (3 years ago)
this whole thing is like only 3 tricks
david quezada (3 years ago)
wanna know the name of the music video and artist please
evankoeve (3 years ago)
+david quezada Flypside Someday
spazvapes (3 years ago)
well this is semi interesting, i was kind of hoping to see people go off ramps and crap like they did in that arcade jetski game from the late 90s/early 2000s
Cody Carlson (3 years ago)
Same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over... First 30secs of video on repeat will give you the same thing...
EnVision (3 years ago)
+Christopher L. FMX is much better. I somewhat agree I think it's repetitive. I would not say this is easy just hope that this sport may get bigger and new things thrown into it.
Alex Bonhomme (3 years ago)
+Cody Carlson post a vid with every move in this video ill pay you 1500
Cody Carlson (3 years ago)
I could.  And then I could do it over and over and over and over and over again.  I would get's lots of practice...LOL
JakeTheRipper 73 (3 years ago)
Let's see you do it then.
Slav Films (3 years ago)
+Cody Carlson so true
Zap Zap (3 years ago)
Looks  addictingly fun.. That's a dolphin born in a humans body!
rachaelbenjybella (3 years ago)
This is my first comment on You Tube, felt compelled. I'm a freestyle jet ski rider in Australia. I agree this vid is a little mundane, but mainly because it's all flat water stuff. We ski in the surf and it makes the sport a lot more dynamic given the massive airs and "surf riding" that can be done. Check out Rip n Ride videos from our annual contest in Sydney each year. Rip n Ride 6 is a sweet vid and explains the sport in detail. Thanks
Mike Paniora (3 years ago)
cool, im going to buy 2 jetskis
Rowdy Palmer (3 years ago)
Pretty sweet for about 2-3 mins.
Rowdy Palmer (3 years ago)
Sorry I meant 1-2 mins
Ramsay (3 years ago)
+Zac B. +S Bandit
Vitalia B. (3 years ago)
That is sick I went on a jet ski today
mitch (3 years ago)
harder than it looks
Thanasis Efthimiou (3 years ago)
awful music. if anyone could call this music
Wheels.8 (3 years ago)
jet skiing is stupid
lllllRBlllll (3 years ago)
this looks fun!

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