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Subscribe http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Brittany Murphy LAST RED CARPET interview at Los Angeles Premiere of "Across The Hall'" at Laemmle Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills,Ca USA December 1, 2009 Interview by Abbey Scott ©Ricomix Productions
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Cheeky bastard ! (2 days ago)
I can't believe she brought this up. Phantom of the opera set. Oldest set. It did not burn down. It was destroyed to make way for a Harry Potter ride.
GIA SYMONE (4 months ago)
You can tell Brittany was sick because at the very end, she was super thin
Abby-Su Ruiz (5 months ago)
Watching uptown girls 😔😢😢😭 I wonder what she'd be doing now in almost 2019... ❤️ Miss this beautiful talented woman 😔
Speedy843 (5 months ago)
Golden StringShot (5 months ago)
did she get to persistent without good thought and somebody that hated her kill her????
alisha Dawn (6 months ago)
first of all i seen another video it said she was a A list celebrity then said she was never a A list celebrity execuse me yes she was and we love her still love her dont u dare put this young childs name in the mud
alisha Dawn (6 months ago)
I love her and her infections laugh great actor .. to her daddy im truly sorry for your loss and i pray u get answers and they pay for her short lived life .. bless u .. please never give up and I pray god heals your heart
Joseph Flores (6 months ago)
“Can I have your hair in my next life” 2:30 it’s like she knew she’s going to die
i S (4 months ago)
🙄😪..., ufff.., yes... 😔
Hariel (7 months ago)
she was - always - so lovely! i miss her. :(
hudhastings1 (8 months ago)
died of a cold. Bad immune system.
MissHannah2036 (8 months ago)
She doesn't seem completely lucid, talking slow and losing train of thought
Xiomara Cardozo (11 months ago)
😞😩😫😥😪😟😟 Me parte el corazón Mi actriz favorita❤💔
UchihaClan (11 months ago)
Ayesha Jasmine (11 months ago)
She had lost a lotttt of weight by this time and you can just tell by her eyes shes not 100% rest in peace beautiful xx she was an amazing actress who was gonna do amazing things
Charlie Tango (1 year ago)
So sad that she died so young and so tragically.
kimberly walker (1 year ago)
Malak Dyoub (1 year ago)
literally i always remember her i really feel so bad when i think of her i like her very much and I was in love with her smile
fathomflaw (9 months ago)
Brittany Murphy was hot.
Ali Zajel (1 year ago)
الله يرحمج😧
wenjingsaf (1 year ago)
She's having serious breathing problems and her voice seems so dry and coarse
Kinghulk K (1 year ago)
She was so beautiful I miss her so much. I miss her everyday ❤😭
Galaxia Gonzalez (1 year ago)
no puedo creer que haya muerto
Gabriel Yakubov (1 year ago)
She was so talented and sweet!
Tripper Harrison (1 year ago)
What a tragedy. This looks like a woman who was slowly poisoned.
IsisWinter Magick (1 year ago)
What a beautiful spirit
Toni (1 year ago)
The way she talks in this reminds me of Camille grammer
Lorie Postlewaite (1 year ago)
She looks like she feels bad here she seems tired
Todd bob (1 year ago)
Boy she was thin id say 90 pounds?
Otgonjargal Sengedorj (1 year ago)
Is she drug addiction?
Emanuel Rice (1 year ago)
Otgonjargal Sengedorj She supposedly died through medicinal drugs, some kind of poison, leading up to pneumonia.
veg4life (1 year ago)
her eyes so big and wide, she looks so spaced out and zoned out , i hope she had a peaceful pain free passing on to the other side, bless her innocent soul RIP
Caitlin • (1 year ago)
There went a beautiful soul. 😔
ross raguse (1 year ago)
She was the Best, She just was, Brittany Murphy was simply the Best, I will never forget her Death, Or ever forget what a Shining Super Star She was, that Wilted Away and left This Earth WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOOOO EARLY   :(
Jon Honesty (1 year ago)
"Can I have your hair in my next life".... 😞RIP
Bridget Cox (1 year ago)
Even if Brittany hadn't passed away, I still would have looked at this interview and said she looked and sounded sick. She was still incredibly beautiful but you can see she is very unwell.
Cairo M (1 year ago)
Damn, this was 19 days before her death.
100% Stratusfied (1 year ago)
Her and Lady Gaga seem alike in voice and humor
Jedi Bunny (2 years ago)
Wow, I didn't realise how much I missed her until watching this. So refreshingly real and present, and so talented.
Shock Master (2 years ago)
She looks like Lady Gaga slim version...
Hamit Campos (2 years ago)
It's so sad she's gone. Britney sounded so hot. I won't comment on looks as I'm blind. So I just say she sounded hot. Kinda like Natly Portman.
Laura Plant (2 years ago)
she seems fine. Maybe a little high
Cjs solo run (2 years ago)
Harley Quinn!
ross raguse (2 years ago)
Brittany was the BEST, gd How I miss you Brittany Honey  I know you immediately went Straight To Heaven, Say Hello To Heaven, God and Heaven got lucky to have you so soon, we down here me down here cried rivers Missing you Mourning You Brittany Honey   We All Love You
ben hall (2 years ago)
she was gorgeous
Boss Lady Lauren (2 years ago)
Watch her pupils checking to what would be her left as she doing the interview, this is all before 30 seconds! Someone was scaring her, then at the end, she is arm hustled off but look at the guy that would have been who she may have been fearing. Why did her mom go to her daughters funeral in an armored car with security? Seems as if the mother knows who killed them and is laying low.
did anybody else notice she said "can i have your hair in my next life?" :(
Jon Honesty (1 year ago)
you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together yea :(
NM G (2 years ago)
brittany morphy was murdered by her mother who fed her poison. she also killed her husband
ross raguse (2 years ago)
Damn Brittany was just so so so  too too too sweet and pretty and perfect (Probably TOO good for this Earth)
Bbebbe Edwards (3 years ago)
beautiful girl, with no mother😢
Emma Doherty (3 years ago)
aww brakes my heart "can I have your hair in my next life" then 19 days later she passes away 😢
Orc123184 (2 years ago)
Emma Doherty ?
Melissa Wright (3 years ago)
If you watch Autopsy: Last Hours of Brittany Murphy. She died from a chest infection, due to her not being able to cough up mucus on her lungs because of strong medicines she was taking x
eleanalove08 (2 years ago)
thats weird because if i DONT take sudafed and cough medicine to suppress my coughing my upper respiratory infections it turns into bronchitis which can turn into pneumonia. interesting.
ross raguse (2 years ago)
she knew she was "Dead Meat" ..  she knew .
I'll boop ur nose (3 years ago)
She was anaemic and had pneumonia. She was abusing her prescription drugs. But also they say she and her husband were poisoned. You can't always believe what you hear or read on the internet, magazines, or TV.
LA ANTHONY (3 years ago)
abelincolnparth (3 years ago)
pneumonia, pulmonary edema from drugs like methamphetamine, and heart valve damage like that seen with phen-fen all have the common feature of water in the lungs, I am no medical doctor, I don't know if they tried to weed out the differences. In any case it was a great loss. She is such a beauty, and her acting was being the character.
a b (2 months ago)
Yes, heroin lungs syndrom probably. Such a sad ending for such a beautiful and multitalented woman. I will always remember her.
Have New account (3 years ago)
She looks like she does drugs.. Probably drug overdose!
Hit2271 (4 years ago)
Jew on drugs!.Died of an overdose.
Alexia S (4 years ago)
Jacke wie Hose (4 years ago)
Meike Peters (4 years ago)
dünn sieht Sie aus und blass! warum sollte jemand Ihr und Ihrem Mann Rattengift verabreicht haben? Man kann beide obduzieren, dann wäre diese Frage geklärt!  
Ilovewhitneyhouston 48 (4 years ago)
She didn't look right here.
ricardo fac (4 years ago)
Her death was very strange, even more after your husband die in the same way, how is this possible, too misterious oO
Sonia Sohi (4 years ago)
She had iron deficiency and thyroid problems. I have those too. It makes you feel completely I'll.
Angela Dazen (4 years ago)
She looks so dazed . So sad I still love her r.i.p brittany murphy❤️💗
holly smith (4 years ago)
:( she was the best
Y Was here (4 years ago)
She looks sick
Kevin Nelson (1 month ago)
It's been said that she was anemic. Cause of death was ruled as complications from pneumonia. Nasty stuff. I've had it twice. Last time I had it two years ago, I was hospitalized for a week and felt like I was on my deathbed.
Heidi Geudens (8 months ago)
I can see that too.
Just a Person (1 year ago)
What do you mean ?
Jacky Ramone (1 year ago)
sick and sad. her eyes talk everything. see u, little sis...
ross raguse (1 year ago)
no she looks perfect at least to me
Katie Pigtie (4 years ago)
I had just started loving her after she'd been growing on me after seeing her in a bunch of great movies, and had no idea she had died. I was googling her just now, typing "Brittany Murphy underrated" because I felt like she should be far more popular and talked-about. Turns out she died a long time ago and I wasn't even aware... May she rest in peace. I am so sorry she died
ninasgottamakeit (4 years ago)
she looks so sad
Eddie Rivera (5 years ago)
She was very eloquent and graceful. Very sad
Tiny Leaf (5 years ago)
The only thing that seem off is the lack of blinking. It's made her seem startled all the time. Nonetheless, beautiful woman...
Eldon Brown (5 years ago)
Brittany Murphy was murdered by agents of our government. She was going to lend her celebrity status to help a friend who was whistleblowing on the Department Of Homeland Security. Her father paid for a private toxicology report that shows criminal poisoning by heavy metals like those used in rat poison. Both Brittany Murphy and her husband were MURDERED. At the time of this interview, she was already gravely ill.
Silver Bat (8 months ago)
+Sarcastically Deranged Pneumonia and obvious eating disorder/starvation et c. and apparently too much prescription medication.
Ian Smith (1 year ago)
Eldon Brown I agree with you
HA, HA,HA ! She had pneumonia, which can actually kill you very quickly if untreated. Brittany had all of the obvious symptoms that she desperately needed to get to the emergency room and tried to self medicate, which didn't work.
Just a Person (1 year ago)
ill ? What had she ?
Gerald Merritt (5 years ago)
You guys need to look more into her death then that. Look up Top Priority Julia&BJ Davis part 1 and part 2. It wasn't the mother or the husband. The Channel is +Morph314 
Gwen24466 (5 years ago)
I miss Brittany ): I loved her 
sonya wright (5 years ago)
What did they mean can I have you till the next life I..... I don't understand what they mean?????????????????
Akira S (5 years ago)
Molly smiled with the dawn Brittany smiled as she radiate the glow around her hallow
kiara paulino (5 years ago)
So beautiful and talented
Benny Taaffe (5 years ago)
She whuda talkt to her for hours the bollox wit her grabs her arm to go to next person u see this why hollywood is stupid Ur like a doll on a chef and basically Ur life is not urs anymore like a cry out that she wanted to just be herself
ziya kıvrak (5 years ago)
Rest in peace murphy.
Aero Windwalker (5 years ago)
Brittany Murphy was my favorite actress.
ross raguse (2 years ago)
Mine TOO, Prettiest Too, Sweetest Too,  The Pure-Ist.
tubertom (5 years ago)
0:10 By noir qualities do you mean what the fuck am I watching qualities?
bRad Nichols (5 years ago)
So Brittany believes in God and is way Faithful, maybe God will let me meet her. Hugely special !
thangQanime (5 years ago)
Lol btw you can see how she tried to change the subject on the "Why do you think June cheated?" to buy herself time to think of a response.  Watch from 1:08 she stammers to think of something completely unrelated. Haha dont know who this June person is but it appeared as though she didn't want to entertain stupid gossipy shit especially with other people's business. What a stupid reporter. 
thangQanime (2 years ago)
+ross raguse Lol actually the joke is completely on me here. I didn't do any research two years ago when I posted that comment. Did literally 45 seconds of research just now and found out that "June" was the name of the character Brittany played in her last film. In the movie, June cheats on blah blah blah. So the reporter was really just asking Brit to get into the head of the character she was playing. I thought that she was just asking a gossipy question about another celebrity named June. Completely take back my "Stupid reporter" comment.
ross raguse (2 years ago)
no that reporter was young, a young pretty sweet gal, she's not nearly as Evil as most reporters.
thangQanime (5 years ago)
Ohh that makes sense. I thought it was a person from real life. If June is a character she played then I clearly misjudged that. But She definitely was dodging the question it seems. For what reason? Idk. And I guess we never will now.
Leticia Sierra (5 years ago)
Gossip?Omg! English is my second language and this is hard for me to understand but I could see June was a character she was portraying!!! That is so clear!!! 
thangQanime (5 years ago)
I love how everyone in the youtube comment section is a medical expert in hindsight. 
S.Anette (5 years ago)
She was an amazing actress and had such a beautiful voice. She's gone to soon.
tubertom (5 years ago)
thumbs up if you're obsessed with death.
rip my fav and eminem  in 8 mile
Larry Jones (5 years ago)
A beautiful soul.
MAG Volta (5 years ago)
What a beautiful human. She was the most sweet girl on earth, so talented and down to earth. I miss her so much. R.I.P beautiful soul!
Becki Bubbles (5 years ago)
Love you!
Laura Kate (5 years ago)
Rip.. She was an amazing actress and she was amazing in girl interrupted must have been so horrible for her family and friends.
Emelie Peach (5 years ago)
I don't believe her father was such a bad person and he is seeking justice for brittany, but who knows? everyone seems to be lying. I miss Brittany so much <3
Emelie Peach (5 years ago)
+Chris TS Brady but why would she kill her own daughter? for money? she has to be really sick to do something like that :(
Chris Bradley (5 years ago)
a lot of people are pointing at her mother right now... she slept in her son in laws bed after brittany died and she had med bottled with her name on them as sharon monjack... and monjack was brittanys husband... then monjack himself dies months later from the same thing.. alot of people think her mother is a bit off her head and also when brittany died her mother got her estate and like i said she was sleeping in brittanys husbands bed... weird. Monjacks mother even thinks she had somin to do with it maybe murphys mom and monjack were in it together... then monjack felt bad and the mom done him in as well who knows? but there's a lot pointing to the mom
brittany blue (5 years ago)
when you starve your self, you are going too think people are out too get you, you well lose energy, sight seeing, hair loss,sometimes memory loss,if she lived in a house with mold in it i am sure the doctors would of found it in her blood after she died and they would of said so,unless her fat-husbend tried too kill her and it finaly worked with rat-poison,witch a sad way too do too some one, unless it was her own mother, her own mother lived with her until she died, i heard her and her mother never got along,brittany was just way too nice,she seems like she was,her smile is a glow too every one.  i mess her acting, i loved her ever since ~clueless~ ,and every thing she was in i saw,she was my age when she died, my birthday,is nov.1 1977, hers was nov 10 1977, now if she says ~ can i have your hair in my next life~...that is creepy, so that means, she wanted too die or she knew she was going too die, she sounds like she cant breath very well, poor girl, i am mad no one helped her out before her death happend, she shouldnt of let her mother move in or marry the -fat slob- 
Jenny V (1 year ago)
*** would HAVE***
Shinsuke Nakamura (2 years ago)
brittany blue ikr she should have married Ashton Kutcher . but her whole family didn't care about her
R.E.S Entertainment (5 years ago)
She didn't seem like herself in this video, I miss her acting!
Christin Winter (1 year ago)
I agree She's not as bouncy and bubbly, not as happy. RIP🙏
Spectrum (5 years ago)
"Can I please have your hair on my next life?" Well, that's a creepy way to end your very last interview... :( It's sad really, she seemed really nice
Jessica Michelle (5 years ago)
Is it just me or does she resemble Ashley tisdale.. She was of my favorite actresses.. Loved her in uptown girls and girl interrupted...
Felipe Dumas Varon (5 years ago)
RIP Brittany... She was an amazing human being. I'll miss her forever.
Tiny777 (5 years ago)
Hollywood is a propaganda arm of the church of satan. Sedating the mind-controlled slaves into accepting the coming of the antichrist.
Bryan Saez (5 years ago)
open your eyes please dont like the music or dance or movies from now it is satanic rituals even walt disney movies like the lion king or the little mermaid and many more have hidden messages with sexual imitches to fuck up or children the truth is out there i don't lying people god bless your soul hate less love more you don't destroy hate with hate but with love like darkness and light the same way work
Bryan Saez (5 years ago)
yes so as Whitney Houston died the same way as brittany murphy in the bedroom like in here movie Deadline did you see the movie Jennifer Hudson fam Celebrities Murdered As Illuminati Satanic Blood Sacrifices!!!!!!
Emelie Peach (5 years ago)
she was perfect, so sad she is gone :'(
bravechic (5 years ago)
also, if u compare this interview to older ones of hers, u can tell she's not herself. she looks tired, worn out, and waaaay too thin.
bravechic (5 years ago)
she looks like she's out of it. I don't think she's on drugs, but she definitely doesn't seem very coherient. she looks waaaaay too thin. I think she had a bad cold but she was always waaaaaay tooo skinny and she probably wasn't eating anything. she was probably straving and then she got immonia on top of it. :(
Matt Edgin (5 years ago)
Beautiful, talented woman. I hate that she left us early! RIP Brit
MMMBUTI (5 years ago)
now she's a blonde....

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