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Chef Ramsay Shocked That Chef is Actually Cooking - Gordon Ramsay

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After seemingly solving the issues of this struggling restaurant Gordon returns to see whether the changes he implemented are still having a positive effect.
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Text Comments (733)
Sin Sanity (5 days ago)
Wait...ravioli with mushroom & WALNUT?! Funk no. Ugh.
Sagnik Pradhan (8 days ago)
Thats what happens when you accept Gordon as your Sensei
Feta Cheezz (11 days ago)
Only Nino can shout at Gordon like that and get away with it!!! Nino even has pictures of him yelling at Gordon to prove it!!!!!!
union310 (1 month ago)
Credit to both of them for listening.
flynavy2222 (2 months ago)
BUT HOW WAS THE FUCKING FOOD?!?! Cutting it off there is just fucking cruel, I hate you
daniel millan (2 months ago)
1:24 😂😂😂
Boss Ali (2 months ago)
Ken Steely (3 months ago)
Gordons forehead looks like a pugs
vladimir panic (3 months ago)
looks like this chef invited nino over for some cleaning. the place looks immaculate
It looks when Ramsay likes you, he's a friendly son of a b.
ali imran (4 months ago)
Fook mey
8Bit (5 months ago)
1:24 LOL
Gokhan Geta (6 months ago)
when i saw Gordon cursing like crazy i was shocked because i thought most britishers are well mannered and soft spoken lol
Logan Sim (7 months ago)
1:24 how I say hello to my friends after I haven't seen them in a while
Heisenberg The Fagottini (7 months ago)
Gordon Ramsay whispering seductively into my ear makes me moist
3ojumper (7 months ago)
“Fuck Me” “Fuck Me
John David (7 months ago)
They could call NINO to clean their filthy kitchen. He's only available on fridays though.
Abdul Khiyaam Hendricks (8 months ago)
Gordon is brutal
Tyler Leuschen (8 months ago)
Stash. Invest more. Learn more.
THE _ VOID (8 months ago)
1:24 Now imagine that scene with no context whatsoever
Danna Draws (8 months ago)
1:24 is how me and my friends say hi to each other
gasripper2 (8 months ago)
Sometimes being a hard ass can motivate the right people.
Kurt H (8 months ago)
he put the pasta in the freezer so is that fresh frozen?
Captain Buggy (8 months ago)
Gordon really brings the personality and potential out of people.
Albe Hulio (9 months ago)
Leave Brittany alone. If anyone has a problem with Brittany - they're going to have to deal with ME!
Heavenly._. Potato (9 months ago)
1:24 😂😂 1:33 how are? Good to see you. That was better 😂😂😂😂😂
Meo0w (9 months ago)
"fucking hell, you alright?" he must be on fucking performance drugs
911Gameover (9 months ago)
Every time a girl says she had a dream about me I end up fucking her
Roasted HD (9 months ago)
1:24 when the bullied turns into the bully...
On dat gas 301 (9 months ago)
Tf is that James Franco 😂
CreepinWhileYouSleepin (9 months ago)
wish they’d bring back the old style format. all you guys not here for the memes should go check out boiling point as well, it’s a joy to watch
Eric Chen (9 months ago)
Who does the titles
anaylakhia66 (10 months ago)
He looks like Eddie Redmayne
Dioxide 26 (10 months ago)
errgghh where tha fock have you been on tha fokcing too manths we Focking hangin around way-in for you you fOcking lay zee bus ted
Colleen Kyle (10 months ago)
Aa, this was my first episode of KItchen Nightmares. Good memories but this was a boring episode.
Suttaro Staro (10 months ago)
This guy did a real 180. It's cool to see him internalize and put into practice everything that Gordon told him. Really want to try that ravioli too lol
Harry’s Animals (10 months ago)
Lmao when he was swearing at him
Hong Bitter (11 months ago)
Chuck Norris doesn't have shit on Gordon Ramsay!
Epicnewyorker (11 months ago)
I can't be the only one that saw the floating Clorox bottle at 0:03 right?
Epicnewyorker (11 months ago)
* MemorableAsp8 * oh I'm blind, good eye
TopRankEd (11 months ago)
It's just hangong on the rack though
TopRankEd (11 months ago)
Epicnewyorker spooky
Harsh Mehta (11 months ago)
Which episode of kitchen nightmare is it?
Shivani krishnamurthy (11 months ago)
Damn !! That change!! What a few words (swear words ) can do !?! Soo happy for these people
Gaige Davidson (11 months ago)
How much will it cost me to have Gordan Ramsay come roast me, because honestly, it's a dream of mine.
IM YOUR DADDY (11 months ago)
Tbh the only person that could criticize Gordon Ramsay is Chef Boyardee himself
Denroy Mitchell (11 months ago)
Dude spat all over Gordon lol..
Christopher Cahue (11 months ago)
Gordan: You are fucking useless! Other guy :.....:)
DH_Artist (1 year ago)
Okay, but is he Nino?????
1:26 xd
Jezica Ledger (1 year ago)
1:24 - 1:33 what the fuck just happened?
Vinay Shakyawar (1 year ago)
Uhh.. Title of the video is weird 😐
Ryan Ratfield (1 year ago)
This is why restaurants fail. The chefs don't do this.
Ivor (1 year ago)
Wait....'ang on a minute, they made fresh raviolli, I thought nobody makes fresh raviolli no more, it all has to come frozen.
LibertyIsDead (1 year ago)
He’s so human. I like him.
Kevin Nilsen (1 year ago)
1:08 is my favorite part
Vega Andaru (1 year ago)
So many things in this clip escalated quickly.
rls725 (1 year ago)
Back when Gordon cared about the restaurants- it eventually just turned into an exploitative reality show
Sheeps Unknown (1 month ago)
? Idk, I still like the show and he still seems to be making a difference in low failing restaurants.
Lime (1 year ago)
1:13 haha
Juan Aranda (1 year ago)
I watched Gordon Ramsay so much at my job and home I'm saying "FUCK ME"
redseasplitter (1 year ago)
I love how the chef is just smiling and he looks so relaxed it's amazing 😄
olfan92 (1 year ago)
that nympho girl ooooh she wants the D
Explore With Robin! (1 year ago)
Ofcourse chef have to cook.
Crafts Blox (1 year ago)
RadFellas (1 year ago)
They probably just spiffed out for ramsays appearence
TheSteamPumpedMe (1 year ago)
Milf at 0:52
Kie Fowler (1 year ago)
He got within two inches and lived
Dany Josh (1 year ago)
Fark me
Dany Josh (1 year ago)
Fark me
pasta_and_butter (1 year ago)
Ben Mason (1 year ago)
Literally everything has spellcheck or autocorrect. How the fuck do all of these top comments have thousands of likes spelling shit so fucking wrong?
randave jr addom (1 year ago)
gordons greatings in philippines. :SAN KA GALING KANTOTERONG TAMAD NA GONGGONG. 😂😂
Crazy TypicalGamer (1 year ago)
I hate wehn pepole are mad at chef because HES GOONG TO BE BURTELY HONEST!!!!!
Hmm... (1 year ago)
1:25 was that tourettes?
Raulduke duke (1 year ago)
I hate these videos....i cant stop watching them and now ive melted into the chair.
Mark Williams (1 year ago)
That assistant chef was a cunt - no wonder this place shut down
KXF _ (1 year ago)
1.21 Choose something good to say louder! You chose fucking wrong.
Nater K (1 year ago)
I'm sure that's not the first dream she's had about Ramsay, nor will it be the last...
Ken Bell (1 year ago)
Okay, I'm really sick of hearing Gordon Ramsay's foul mouth continue using the F-word, and now using the lord's name in vain. Who cares if you're a talented chef I can't stand you as a person.
Meme Machine (1 year ago)
This doesn't make sense
Bob smith (1 year ago)
Meme Machine - what doesn't make sense
Tyrone Beck (1 year ago)
light modern gesture mvltri excuse resistance civilian quality list.
Florence Paz (1 year ago)
Serves you right gordon ramsey
baba (1 year ago)
Cooking Try Charcoal. save in come until full dinner's customeres's order to pay cooking's gas...maybe try try try was no body ddiiee
baba (1 year ago)
Part time money maybe pay cash everyday was hold on good lucky always from help homewomen blass family home keeping life way together
dmattbnett3131 (1 year ago)
I feel like the UK restaurants do better at staying open. Can anyone confirm?
Im Thrillz (1 year ago)
Are those frozen raviolis? Fuck me..
Bryan Romero (1 year ago)
do me a FLAVOR and fuck off
Arjun Mohan (1 year ago)
everyone should have a Gordon Ramsay in their lives
ransom182 (1 year ago)
Gavin is damn sexy
Hugh G Rection (1 year ago)
Anyone got a link to the second part?
TheRealHarrison (1 year ago)
Had an ad for Iceland before this video... :(
Brian Chen (1 year ago)
Hey random people scrolling down comments. Fuck me, fuck me, seriously
Cian Broderick (1 year ago)
the lanterna was part of a Gordon Ramsey hosted 'best restaurants' show or something wasn't it? am I gone mad
Rain Q (1 year ago)
screw this ... euro narcissistic egomaniac...his face is more wrinkled than a boiled peanut shell...
rene rajzman (1 year ago)
Make longer videos mate.
Jim dela Cruz Vera (1 year ago)
what really bothers me is Gordons forehead.
Levo GAMES (1 year ago)
1:23 Best part :D
Bowl ob Rice (1 year ago)
It's weird how people comment what's been said in the video then they get a thousand likes.
TGtv (1 year ago)
Fuck me fuck me
Jamie Walker (1 year ago)
that guy shoutn made me laugh soo much😂
WildHogKing (1 year ago)
the girl is so cute
Happy Elf (1 year ago)
2:13 gordon Ramsay consents "fuck me"
choirul fadilah (1 year ago)
no so good.. nothing can beat an F word like Gordon Ramsay!!

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