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Ryan Lewis Inspired Hair Tutorial & Style ft. NorthSkull

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Hey guys! This week while I was in Vegas, I decided to put an outfit together inspired by Ryan Lewis! I was blessed to receive a new product by NorthSkull for this video! It is the Rose Gold Cross Necklace with Swarovski Crystals! It's an awesome necklace, be sure to check it out at http://www.NorthSkull.com Also be sure to check out my web site at http://www.dredrexler.com Music - Long time Coming by Hopp Download this song and the whole mixtape for FREE at https://noisetrade.com/ayohopp/wake-up-wednesdays-mixtape
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Text Comments (70)
Joshua Morrissey (2 years ago)
awesome hair style, just wondering how long your hair is in this video?
eL FoX (3 years ago)
+Dre Drexler where can I get the mixtape? It's not longer possible to download it...
Johan Börjesson (4 years ago)
Hey Dre, I'm kinda rocking the same hairstyle but with the sides flowing upwards and blending into the top length so it doesn't look like the hairstyle is in three parts. I have to use a flat iron to get my hair to stay back into position and also to keep it straight obviously, this hairstyle does not look good with wavy hair. I wonder what I can do to keep my hair straight for a longer period of time, I can hardly make it through the day before it starts to become "wavy" again..
Devon Dosby (4 years ago)
Ryan lewis does not dress like that or have hair like that.
Filip Hinge (4 years ago)
Do the Neymar style!
MaruchanJackieChan (4 years ago)
I noticed your hair product was "By Vilain" but what is the exact name of it? Thank you!
MaruchanJackieChan (4 years ago)
What hair products did you use? I got a few of them down but I couldn't get the name of some! Thanks.
Jorge García (4 years ago)
Nice one bro, I didn't think I could find a video with hair in the style of Ryan. Love it. Good job.
Thomas Henry (4 years ago)
Great videos....thanks for all the tips and advice
Mitchell Palmski (4 years ago)
Hey man, great video. Just a quick question. What shoes are those that you were wearing in this video?. Keep up the awesome video.
Terry Andrews (4 years ago)
Love the quote at the end - thanks for fearlessly speaking out the truth!
Eddie Husremovic (4 years ago)
Are you naturally brown haired? Its a nice look! Keep up the great work :)
Hoss H (4 years ago)
Hey, can do a Luke Mitchell Hair and Style from The Tomorrow People Tv series?
Rifat Bshara (4 years ago)
How often should you condition and wash your hair? Vids are great!
Drew T (4 years ago)
Where did you get the shoes you're wearing in this video? Thanks!
greysen lafferty (4 years ago)
How can you get this haircut?
Mike Marovelli (4 years ago)
Where'd you get those shoes from? I've seen them in a few videos you've put up
Jared Hinrichs (4 years ago)
Dre can you for your videos all the pieces of clothing you are wearing for the style in the description?
nfr4 (4 years ago)
Sergio ramos
Harth Khanm (4 years ago)
Nice hair dude
Isaac Vela (4 years ago)
Yo!! great look man.. Killed the whole thing.  Definitely gonna try this look out myself.. Thanks bro.
Mental illness VLOGS (4 years ago)
Honestly, you had the "greaser" look in this video...
nigel chambers (4 years ago)
I don't really now anything about Ryan Lewis but my money is all on you. Have you looked into a mirror today. I am not sure what his does but visually you got the lead by miles. He should be so lucky and I know he wishes was, but no it is all you. Jim
Carlos Coronel (4 years ago)
whats that jacket called bro
Chris Mercado (4 years ago)
Where did you get the black jacket from your video Dre 
rasmus göthe (4 years ago)
can i find the haircutinformation?? whats the length on the top and side?
MirroredSmoke (4 years ago)
Hey man awesome video, btw what shampoo and conditioner do you use for your hair? Thanks keep up the awesome vids :)
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Thanks! And I use hairbond!
killer12345627 (4 years ago)
'自戀狂' that's Chinese, go find the meaning
Key Fendi (4 years ago)
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Don't have no time! Just simply comment it to me next time! :) Thanks for the love and support!
Hoss H (4 years ago)
Nice Video Dre! ;) Inspirational As Always! What's the song? It's really good!
Hoss H (4 years ago)
+Dre Drexler ;)
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Thanks man! I appreciate it! Check the description for details on the song :)
Ardox A (4 years ago)
bro I'm mad at you,I want new videos every day :)  (Y)  Good job More,More,More,Moreeeeeee Song pls ? 
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Haha sorry bro, been the busiest month of my life, havent had no time to upload lately! Appreciate the love and support though!
Raphael La (4 years ago)
nice to see your channel growing. keep going bro ;)
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Thanks for the love man! I appreciate that you still watch my videos!
Voidstaff69 (4 years ago)
what brand is your jacket ? It looks really nice
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
H&M! Thanks for watching!
Jeff Mendelsohn (4 years ago)
great message;
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Thanks for watching!
Kerrs Opinion (4 years ago)
Dope as usual.
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Thx bro! u rockkk
Carlos (4 years ago)
No homo but I love your style
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Thanks a ton bro!
jordanfx (4 years ago)
you are too hot for words.
BluMaan (4 years ago)
I just gotta say, while you were styling your hair you totally reminded of this scene from Tangled: http://www.bigpicturebigsound.com/artman2/uploads/2/tangled-smolder.jpg haha great hair and style buddy :)  music is great! 116 clique right? 
Jake Meseer (3 years ago)
Lol my two fav hair channels👌
BluMaan (4 years ago)
+Dre Drexler ahh I see... yeah because I didn't think I recognized him, I'll have to check him out :) 
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
hahaha dude that made me bust up! lol Thx Bro! And this dude is named HOPP, he's not apart of 116 but he is collabing with dudes from 116!
Marco Reus (4 years ago)
Hahaha Dre always Swag
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Thanks man!!!!!
Victor Rosales (4 years ago)
Whats the song???
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
In description! :) Thx for watching!
What doth life? (4 years ago)
Dat skin
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Thanks for watching!
marciojpq (4 years ago)
Witch sprays do you use before apply the wax and what does it to your hair? keep up the good work :)
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
heat protection spray and a volumizing spray! :)
Tommyboy80808 (4 years ago)
Hey dre wen are u doing a workout vid?
Mike Sousa (4 years ago)
Super fresh look Dre, your killing it!!!
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Thanks so much dude, means a lot!
bledtares (4 years ago)
Whats the song?
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
+Rohit Kumar Check description!  +SpaceTumor 
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Check description! 
SpaceTumor (4 years ago)
+Rohit Kumar if they don't then what's the actual song?
Rohit Kumar (4 years ago)
lyrics don't even exist on the internet :/
dbocc88 (4 years ago)
DD you have an amazing positive attitude! Outfit and hair looking fresh as always. God bless + peace from Canada.
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
Thanks for the support and for the love! I appreciate it so much
SalvationNation (4 years ago)
Hah! This is literally exactly the same as my current hairstyle!!

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