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WWE: Perfect 1x14

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CAST: Amanda Rose Mizanin- Junior Alexa Mizanin- Junior Matthew Adam Murphy- Junior Adam Cole Copeland Jr- Junior Finn Fergal Balor- Junior Peter Thomas Dunne- Junior Tyler Bate Dunne- Freshman Gionna Olivia Orton- Freshman Paige Saraya-Jade Knight- Sophomore Seth Colby Rollins- Sophomore Natalie Eva Marie Nelson- Sophomore Bayley Pamela Varnado- Freshman Sasha Mercedes Varnado- Junior Sonya Daria Danielson- Senior Kyle Anthony O'Reilly- Junior Aliyah Nhooph Goldberg- Freshman Extras: Dean Ambrose Murphy Patricia Anne Murphy Randal Keith Orton Barbara Kelly Orton Bryan Lloyd Danielson Titus Michael O'Neil William Regal Dunne Summer Rae Moinet
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RANDYANDKELLYXXX (11 months ago)
Wow, some beginning 😐, really shcoked me with the scene at the end haha. Omg poor Matt had to see what he couldn't have haha what a pervert taking a picture 😂. I think Ailyah may have a thing for Matt.. 😉 Omg poor Pete! 😟 Hope he's okay! Wow.. just wow... I fuckin knew something was going on with Seth and his feelings for Eva!! Can't believe what happened over Summer vacation 😱😱😰! Idk a bout Kyle, he seems like a shady dude... OMG I KNOW WHY SASHAS THROWING UP!!!! 😱😱😱 Poor Liv, wish Pete would notice her. Yay, loved seeing Randy and Kelly! 😍 OMFG I love Tyler and Baylee so muchhhh 😍😍!!! Haha love the William Regal bit at the end with the bloody hell 😂😂 Loved the episode!! Can't wait for more! 😍😍
Randyand MaryseFan (11 months ago)
RANDYANDKELLYXXX thank you so much love! I enjoy reading your comments. Such detail. The way I love them!
The Man & The Boss (6 months ago)
OMG this episode was fantastic and I honestly can’t wait for the next one !
The Man & The Boss (11 months ago)
Randyand MaryseFan Thanks for asking I love giving out feedback and No problem anytime babes. I Love this series and I can’t wait for the next episode!
Randyand MaryseFan (11 months ago)
The Man & The Boss you're the best! I enjoy reading all of your feedback! Thanks!
The Man & The Boss (11 months ago)
Randyand MaryseFan well actually I do like both of those stories being told but out of those two stories I like the Pete and Liv storyline because it’s basically like what comes around goes around because liv caught feelings for Pete after the one night stand and he basically just disregarded her feelings, but then karma hit him because the girl he was going after over Liv basically did the same thing to him with one of his “friends” and I knew the drugs and alcohol would catch up to someone and it happened to be him and ironically enough the doctor who’s gonna be working on him is Livs dad. Something I think and want to happen is for Eva to give Seth a chance because he actually cared about her before she became drop dead gorgeous and they’ll sneak around behind Paige’s back while Seth’s attitude changes into a more popular character leaving Paige somewhat behind. I already stated that I think Sasha’s pregnant with who’s baby? Idk As well as I think that Murphy is going to blackmail Mandy since he has proof that she’s now lesbian and her pride and image of an ideal social life she’s going to basically be at his mercy. And I want a storyline where a distraught and embarrassed Pete is going to try and rebound with Liv and his pride is hurt because Aliyah basically played him until she found someone better, she did to him what Pete did to Liv whether she accepts it ? That would be up to you.
Randyand MaryseFan (11 months ago)
The Man & The Boss 😊😊 well thank you for all your feedback love. Are you enjoying the other storylines? Like Pete's? Or Liv' s? Bayley. Tyler? Anything you think will happen or anything you're looking forward to seeing.
The Man & The Boss (11 months ago)
Randyand MaryseFan I loved the Mandy and Sonya story that’s being told even though they’re not society’s expectations they still love each other, and I don’t know why but I get the feeling that Murphy is going to blackmail Mandy since he has pictures of Mandy and Sonya having sex. My favorite part of the whole episode was everything that happened with Seth Eva Paige and Kyle because even though Seth was drunk he basically let his feelings for Eva be known and it was a little swerve because I did not see the secret of Seth and Eva sleeping together before and he also said she’s too good for Kyle which I also agreed with because in this story Kyle is an A-hole so I see his point and I felt bad for Paige because you could tell she was really heartbroken they kept that secret from her and I’m really excited to see where this story is heading. Also I think I may be right that Sasha is possibly pregnant but then something popped in my head if she is who’s is it? Because I remembered she also did sleep with Kyle so that has me wondering?

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