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American Gods: Who Are The Old Gods?

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With American Gods premiering April 30th on Starz, Chastity breaks down the Old Gods' backstories and mythology! Written by Chastity Vicencio and Buddy Hutton Subscribe to GameSpot Universe! http://youtube.com/GameSpotUniverse?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Us - http://twitter.com/GSUniverse Like Us - http://facebook.com/GameSpotUniverse http://www.gamespot.com
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Text Comments (472)
GameSpot Universe (2 years ago)
Are you planning to watch American Gods? Which God is your favorite?
farmers daughter (2 months ago)
Mad Sweeney
Unstoppable Gaming (3 months ago)
Jacksepticeye died you’re welcome guys
Zeus Jansen G. Lujares (4 months ago)
Just kidding. I’ve always liked the literal god Thoth
Jai T (7 months ago)
Yeah am a big Odin fan
christine gray (11 months ago)
I think Ostara/Easter/Eoster and Bilquis are my favorites.
MyPeculiarSoul (1 month ago)
Are you fucking kidding me? They are talking about old gods, GODS and there isn't a Greek God or goddess in here? Wtf
Snake 777 (2 months ago)
Pretty sure he wrote Sandman and Lucifer too..
Iain Miller (2 months ago)
Firstly Belobog is not a Slavic God, There are theories about an opposite to Chernobog or Zherneboh (The Black God). It is a construct made by people of a monotheistic culture. It's akin to saying Eirene was the opposite to Ares. Where in fact the two are not. Eirene is a name change of Horae who is the goddess of time! Don't quote me on this but I think it was the Athenians who did this to send a message to the Spartans (Time heals old wounds (possibly)) You did no research before producing this video. Your laziness is stupefying!
Amanda Morris (2 months ago)
:3 i love gods :D
Al Capone (2 months ago)
of course the pictures that represent bilquis an African Queen depict a white women lol
sly star (2 months ago)
Dam she funny smart petty as new money some one truly lucky one thing for sure i am a big fan you go girl # chastity is the best
Mark Parkey (3 months ago)
Thought Odin was more ?
Anubis (3 months ago)
You are going to do one of this for S2
Jesse wru (3 months ago)
i think the bartender at the crocodile bar is Ammit, look at her hair!
Soloman (4 months ago)
I hope you guys come back for the new season
Gwen Kelly (4 months ago)
Are you guys going to do the new season??
dragonflipsi (4 months ago)
(Danish) Odin has a day of the week devoted to him, called Odin's Day, right before Thor's Day, and before Odin its Tyr's Day... As The subject we write about is Scandinavian old culture. the days above are in danish : Tirsdag, Onsdag & Torsdag. Freja= Fredag/Friday
smithchild80 (4 months ago)
Luv u chastity
Fernando Montes De Oca (4 months ago)
Old are in Numbers and Lenguages (Symbols) Must create a new type of Lenguages and Mathematics. Physicks 🌠🌀🙌👿 PIcsis lol PISh.
Scur41 (4 months ago)
Sheba is not LIGHT not WHITE. She is a dark skinned Queen. That’s it that’s fucking all. Quit the white wash
zerocool gonna hack u (4 months ago)
Yall dont know shit about Odin or Any of My scandinavia history be quiet plz Google information..............
lover of strategy games (4 months ago)
Pretty fillipino girl
Prince AFB (4 months ago)
So...No Percy Jackson?
Ribeirinha666 (4 months ago)
And what about Vulcan??? Corbin Bernsen.
yeet yeet (5 months ago)
What about the 3 sisters that guard the monster in the stars?
charles tawiah (4 months ago)
yeet yeet They are the sisters of the night morning and midnight I think
whatever 22 (5 months ago)
Mad Sweeney 😍👏🏽
seoulkidd1 (5 months ago)
Ishtar is easter
murat aydın (5 months ago)
You beatiful
sdb (6 months ago)
i think bilqis is not quen of sheeba that statue is goddess of fertility ishtar
Aj Ransom (7 months ago)
What if all religions are fact
nuggistrike (7 months ago)
So is there any old gods at all ? From egypt or mayer ? Or any religion older end bible and north ?
Tommy Profit'Monsoon (8 months ago)
Chastity? I sure hope not😜
viarod007 v (8 months ago)
Goddess Ms. Host 😘
HappyandAtheist (9 months ago)
people need to be told who the old gods are , really ?
Chickknight Greenleaf (9 months ago)
really the ability to escape all bond, and you call it useless.
Josephi Krakowski (9 months ago)
what are the chances shadow is baldur?
charles tawiah (4 months ago)
Josephi Krakowski the is, his real name is Baldur moon
Buster Näslund (9 months ago)
Oden is also a god death.
Deltaspace Shadowedge (9 months ago)
Why are there no Greek gods?
NAJE GARDNER (9 months ago)
You forgot about bastet although I don't think she's in the show lol .im Late but needs an honorable mention of this character.
Richard Kim (9 months ago)
Supernatural is better
TheTrueFatDorkle (8 months ago)
Only in your dreams.
Richard Kim (8 months ago)
@ThisIsMyRealName yes
ThisIsMyRealName (8 months ago)
Eric Cartman (9 months ago)
Where is Zeus actually?
Kohan Killetz (9 months ago)
Hmmm again perpetuating the myth Egyptians and their gods were black.
Amr Magdy (4 months ago)
I am Egyptian and I don't have a problem with depicting them as black because the people of upper Egypt tend to have dark skins and the rest of us aren't as white as the Europeans also but my problem is with the African Americans who claim to be the rightful owners of the ancient Egyptian civilization
home hm (10 months ago)
did you ever bothered to find out meaning of your name ? CHASTITY . ? chas titty its sexual already.
Earth Is A Donut (10 months ago)
VictorDaima Mulaa (10 months ago)
so much blasphemy going on to the hebrew faith and all related in this show: first of all Ethiopians worshipped no other God apart from Yahweh and the queen of sheba was not a god. secondly Jesus was the son of God and there were no other versions of him except the only true one and he never paid allegiance to the pagan god Odin
Wanda Crawford-Massie (10 months ago)
Mr Wednesday by far, Ian McShane is still a good looking dude even though he's a little older he's still got what it takes.
Craig Moran (11 months ago)
Fuck watching any show with "America" in the title.
MJgroove90 (11 months ago)
Ain’t there no Greek gods there old!
Paddy Noble (11 months ago)
She missed the Jin, the Taxi driver who had gay sex with the salesman, who eventually became a taxi driver and drove the wife of the main actor, and the Leprechaun.
Kris Skie (11 months ago)
You need to read the rest of the book. Since season 1 was only almost half the book. Read the rest!!
excellent show .....
mikey del negro (1 year ago)
Mr.Wood and Mr.Stone are in the Bible (deuteronomy 28:64) And the LORD shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other; and there thou shalt serve other gods, which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, even WOOD and STONE.
dog guy (1 year ago)
Why are the Egyptian gods black?
Manchris Jbisd (1 year ago)
Sooo... Sheba sucks you inside as she is reaching orgasm. With that said, I think in order not to be consumed with her, just prematurely ejaculate. Leave her hanging. Well, Thats easy, for me. She is lethal, just not to us minute men.
They could have used actual Egyptians and not feed into afrocentric lies
lynx lot (1 year ago)
Why not add war and poetry to Wednesday's domain?
Shannon Giasson (1 year ago)
i just finished the first season Spoiler: in case you didn't watch the vid can't believe Wednesday turned out to be Odin
Unstoppable Gaming (3 months ago)
OK we both can play this game Jacksepticeye dies in season two the latest episode
what channel and when ???
Julker S (1 year ago)
Why are all the African Gods blacks? What happened to the Arabs? Fucking racist, I have seen real Egyptians and they are not all black Africans, wtf
adil bell (1 year ago)
And i ll end with this old man i m die but if its the truth i ll bring down all the rage and fury and cursed be the unworthy vengence is my saith
adil bell (1 year ago)
It seems that the unworthy people are giving there opinion it seems that lowly people want more well they get way less or nothing
Kevin Norwood (1 year ago)
To my knowledge Anansi didn't STEAL the ability to have stories exist from the Sky God. He actually just went and politely asked for them, but the Sky God demanded a trade. In exchange for the box that held all the potential stories that could exist, the Sky God ordered Anansi to bring to him O-Sebo, the leopard with the terrible teeth, Om-Boro, the hornets who sting like fire, and Mua-Tia, the fairy who no men ever see.
Unknown Mngndto (1 year ago)
Allah will not be portrayed here because they dont know what it looks like though they show auslim and a Djinn in some Episode. (Expect Atheist Comment)
KaiffuIsMyWaifu ’ (1 year ago)
The old gods are : Yogg-Sarron, Y’shaarj, C’thun and N’zoth
Dr. Morteza Delroba (1 year ago)
I Say FK all the gods!
phenox spartan (1 year ago)
I hope they add in Cernnunos(Or Cernunnos, however it's spelled), and other Celtic gods. It would be.... interesting to see how they would interact with other gods.
Jeff Musyoka (1 year ago)
Andrew Brown (1 year ago)
The book sucks so bad...the ending is horrible..im glad the tv show is deviating from the book..its like the show is going to redeem the book..its a good story i wish a better writer would have thought of the story first..
Max Hammer (1 year ago)
did no one in the comment section read the fucking book?
Alex Tyson (1 year ago)
Bilquis, queen of sheba she like a succubus or ghoul
cola tsang (1 year ago)
thor is not the son of odin, at least not in this book,they are brothers.
Imperial Guardsmen (1 year ago)
Wait...So Jesus and the Devil could exist?
Claudiu Calistru (1 year ago)
where s the leprachaun
Even Rosvold (1 year ago)
Good vid, but you got one thing wrong. The reason Mr. Wednesday use that name is because in older Norway wednesday is translated to "Odinsdag", witch means Odin's-day. Later, as time has passed it has been shortened down to "onsdag" witch is the term we in Norway today. This is also the reason way he said it was his day. since it's about Odin this seems more right.
Scur41 (4 months ago)
Even Rosvold ok but isn’t that kinda what she said just not so detailed
Natalie Cauley (1 year ago)
papi (1 year ago)
Too bad eminem isn’t in it. A god waking amongst its people
Brian Moote (1 year ago)
Queen of Sheba also had sex (and devoured) a female if my memory serves me correctly. Hence devourer of men means "mankind" or in today's reference humankind.
Deb Oz (1 year ago)
All their "gods" are nothing more than demons and satan.... they are shoving the very real agenda right in our faces...
Smruti Smarak (9 months ago)
@Turbo Charge Your Health you dumb motherfucker
Jonas Tomsson (1 year ago)
the old gods are gods not the devil
Nope, he not weak. Satan loses in the end. Looks like you are picking the wrong side. By the time you find out the truth it will be too late for you and you will be spending time with all those demons and it ain't gonna be fun for you.
Phillip Lee (1 year ago)
Deb Oz Far more real than the Christian god, he is too weak by now #downwiththetrinity
Tamanna Yasmin (1 year ago)
Jinns are made of Flameless fire,they are not half human half demon.
Tyrell Rivera (1 year ago)
Tamanna Yasmin I really wasn't sure because I've heard that it the term was referring to plasma, so lol idk
Tamanna Yasmin (1 year ago)
Tyrell Rivera yeah right 😊
Tyrell Rivera (1 year ago)
Tamanna Yasmin You meant smokeless fire right??
Jose Vento (1 year ago)
She is so cute.
Awadh Ahmad (1 year ago)
Giorgioksk (1 year ago)
Vulcan is not explained in either groups/videos :(
NameNotFound (1 year ago)
So Christ's in it, why not Mohammad. If whoever made this had some balls they'd do it.
JT Cen (1 year ago)
Name not Found christ is the son of God in the Christian religion. Mohammed is merely one prophet in a succession of prophets in Islam.
Lil_Tex (1 year ago)
i dont understand how the powers of the gods work.. basically is it that the less believers they have the less powers they have even making them mortal?
arteblack13 (1 year ago)
shadow is a budding new god
SkepticalWitch (1 year ago)
Eostre, or Ostara is my favorite because of my spiritual beliefs, I acknowledge her during the holiday, Ostara (Easter). As far as in the show, that's my favorite! But Egyptian mythology is part of my spirituality as well; Just so you know, Thoth is actually pronounced "Toe th", but I think it's been mispronounced so many times, that Thoth "Th ahh th" is often considered correct, but it really isn't. Just a fascinating fact. But really, the Leprechaun is my favorite, since the moment I saw him. I find something strangely attractive about him, but it's probably his style I like about him, plus I have a thing for Irish guys, as my husband is Irish. :)
tom maginnis (2 years ago)
fk me why do ppl turn into fake ppl whilst on ytube? this woman head movement head bobbing and bouncing with each pronunciation is like some fk face from a major news corp what a douche lady, this channel should be taken down for violating human interaction principles
amanrob (2 years ago)
I like Ian Mcshane as an actor, and he did a terrific job as Wednesday. But seeing how he is Odin, shouldn't they have had an actor that looked more Nordic/Scandinavian?
Sharetheworld (1 year ago)
Maybe the same Peter Stromare (Czernobog) that is really scandinavian? he would have been terrific!
Callme Dio (2 years ago)
where are the Zorya sisters?
Andy Pham (2 years ago)
I don't know why but it does remind me of Fables or Wolf Among Us. Fairy tale creatures living in the modern society. Now American Gods, having mythological gods live in the modern society. Different stories but tiny similar concept of taking existing characters or myths and place them in the modern world.
eclectic tyrone (2 years ago)
I didn't plan on watching but because of McShane I took a look and...DAMN. I love it. As for the Gods Anansi gave an all time great speech and the Leprechaun is great, but Mr. Ibis is gets my vote. He's one kool ass, smooth ass, story telling mf.
TheRayen22 (2 years ago)
"She is a Jinn, half human half demon" What? That's not what Jinns are. They are creatures born of fire, unlike humans who were created from clay. There is no 'human' in them at all, and not all Jinns are demons.
wild prank (2 years ago)
aKa Donut (2 years ago)
I rly think american gods sux
Tevin Cook (2 years ago)
what I don't understand is why the gods chose shadow? & also was episode 8 the last episode of the season? someone help😂
Jonas Tomsson (1 year ago)
Tevin Cook it was just Wednesday who chose Shadow
Archangel Michael (2 years ago)
WTF, new gods look way better option then sadistic old gods
Ali Hassan (2 years ago)
i Really Like You Love You😘😘😘😘😘
Ali Hassan (2 years ago)
I Love You😘😘😘😘
lynx lot (2 years ago)
wait...Anansi didnt "steal" the storys it was given to him for completing several task
NoDak 30 (2 years ago)
the host of this video is sexy as hell!
Flying Graysons (2 years ago)
Awkward moment when Norse/Greek/Egyptian Mythology is more real than Jesus Christ
Dylan Sunday (2 years ago)
thot is actually pronounced like tote, kinda like a tote bag
Joel Nguetsop (2 years ago)
soooo none of these gods are actully from America or American gods
Bacon Tree (2 years ago)
They're called American Gods because they came to America at some point through the mortals that worshipped them, and it's the story of how they survive in America. There are several different versions of these Gods in the book, and they each fair differently depending on where they are. For example, there are many, many, *many* versions of Jesus, simply because a lot of people worship him, but also view him very differently. He was also said to be in the middle east just as much as the US in the book, and I suspect the same is even true for Odin, who likely still has a version in Europe. More to the point, there are actual American gods that may be introduced later down the line--gods that descended from Native American beliefs. Also, Mr. Wood is technically a god birthed in America as well (he is the incarnation of the trees--you see him briefly when Shadow is attacked by a tree monster).
funtime retos (2 years ago)
My guess is that Shadow is "Ra"!

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