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21 Vintage Photos Showing Young Women's Fashion Trends in the 1920s

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Women's fashion history in the 1920s took a dramatic shift along with the rest of society. Looking at the 100 years or so before 1920 and then at the roaring 20's you would think you were looking at two very different societies. The former has social class and structure with rules for all aspects of life. The later was free and frivolous with little regard to anything done the “old way.” The 1920's were like a teenager rebelling against everything they have ever known in order to discover “who am I?” Not every woman of the 1920s was as daring as a flapper but, overall, women of the Jazz Age were ready to break free from the constraints of the Edwardian and Victorian Eras. (via Gordon Morales on Flickr)
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Gabby Mouse (7 days ago)
Better look at this fast, everyone, youtube is deleting videos from Yesterday Today as fast as they're posted.
Barbara Chase (6 days ago)
Gabby Mouse..NOT TRUE!
merce10554 (7 days ago)
Samia Ania (7 days ago)
رائعة فعلا،شكراthank you
Miriam Bucholtz (7 days ago)
Made me think of the differences in fashions of the mid-50s and the later 60s, especially skirt lengths.
Voni Carlo (7 days ago)
Lindo demais. Parece um passado presente. 🌹
Maria Pilar Rubert (8 days ago)
Barbara Chase (8 days ago)
Thank you..fantastic photos and content!
Basement Berean (8 days ago)
Beautiful. I love the 1920's. When the modern world went mainstream. Electronic communication and mechanical transportation. The dawn of our world.
Patricia Masci (8 days ago)
Excellent photos - I so enjoyed the "radical" fashions of the Era! Thx 4 posting!
TinLizzie1927 (8 days ago)
The 1920s is my favourite decade for fashion! Thank you for this video!

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