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3 Arthur Shelby Hairstyles from Peaky Blinders | Tutorial for Men’s Hair

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Here are 3 Different Men’s Hairstyle tutorials for Arthur Shelby/Paul Anderson from Peaky Blinders. ▶ *Ocean Clay BACK IN STOCK!* Use Code “DREXLER” for 10% OFF: http://www.shehvoo.com/shop For this hairstyle, you will definitely need an Undercut at medium to long length. If you dig the video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you are new! Also, be sure to hit the notifications button to be informed when I drop my next video! Thanks, -dre drexler PRODUCTS IN VIDEO: •OCEAN CLAY BY (SHEH•VOO): https://goo.gl/GKthg7 (use code: DREXLER for 10% OFF) •OCEAN SPRAY by (SHEH•VOO) [Available Next Week]: https://goo.gl/GKthg7 (use code: DREXLER for 10% OFF) •WIDE TOOTH COMB: https://goo.gl/Voob6t #dredrexler #ArthurShelbyHair #PeakyBlinders #healthierhair #haircare #haircarehabits #hair #menshair #menshairstyles #menshaircare #menshairstyle #menshaircuts #haircair #mensgrooming #2019hairstyles #mensfashion #menshairstyletrends #undercuthairstyles #whattoaskyourbarber #hairtutorials #fashion #beauty #lifestyle #menshealth ▶▶▶ Want to Join the INDIVIDUALS Movement? *** Join INDIVIDUALS Facebook Group: https://goo.gl/Tk3bsq *** Join INDIVIDUALS CLUB for FREE (receive FREE gift) at https://goo.gl/uxkyNA *** Buy an INDIVIDUALS Tee-Shirt & Receive a FREE Key-strap: https://goo.gl/t4KHVi *If you guys dig my channel, you will find videos based on men’s lifestyle, fashion, health, hair, grooming, fitness, & overall motivation. Be sure to subscribe & hit the notifications button to be alerted when I drop new content! ▶ FOLLOW ME: INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/Pwwd7L individuals™ INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/TJcWuC MNRŌ music: https://goo.gl/QN8HJ2 SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE: https://goo.gl/TktM7L FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/1RitXs TWITTER: https://goo.gl/DfAjYD TUMBLR: https://goo.gl/uPVGNP PINTEREST: https://goo.gl/f5BtXi SNAPCHAT: dredrexler WEBSITE: https://goo.gl/v4VUxM *MY HAIR PRODUCTS: https://goo.gl/dcAf4y - use code “DREXLER” for 10% OFF! ▶ CHECK OUT SOME OF MY OTHER VIDEOS: My Epic Morning Routine (2018): https://goo.gl/HMRJiN How Anybody can get a chiseled face & jawline: https://goo.gl/BDaL3C How to Dress in 2019 + New Styles: https://goo.gl/cXuVGp Just Do You motivational Video: https://goo.gl/3A5XvD How to Look Expensive on Budget: https://goo.gl/e9DbY9 35 Hairstyles You will see in 2019: https://goo.gl/MA8wxf What I tell My barber 2018: https://goo.gl/D2wtsu 20 Different Undercut Hairstyles: https://goo.gl/JvHVeo How to Add Volume to Your Hair: https://goo.gl/tNrcu9 How to Add Wave, Volume, & Texture to Hair: https://goo.gl/QHmfPF 24 Slick Back Different Hairstyle Trends: https://goo.gl/vGV48c Improve Your Style Without Buying New Clothes: https://goo.gl/P237n5 Growing Out My Hair from an Undercut: https://goo.gl/sKTnwz How I Enhance My Physical Features: https://goo.gl/ftFULG Songs: T r a v i s S c o t t t y p e b e a t - D a r k H o u r s C H H T y p e B e a t N O B r a i n e r C h r i s t i a n R a p B e a t S w a e L e e x F r e n c h M o n t a n a T y p e B e a t p r o d u c e d b y Sk i r r S k r r “We love because HE first loved us.” -1 John 4:19
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Dre Drexler (2 months ago)
▶ OCEAN CLAY IS BACK IN STOCK!!! Use Code “DREXLER” for 10% OFF: http://www.shehvoo.com/shop *Also, (SHEH•VOO) OCEAN SPRAY Pre-Styler is just about here, stay update with us on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/shehvoo
Best video tutorial for his hair I have seen!!
EcclipsE (2 days ago)
U done the same style a year ago.. both are 👍
MusicJRB (26 days ago)
I feel like you could get a green mohawk and pull it off. This is one handsome guy
Ben Murphy (1 month ago)
The second one is the best
Rastaman (1 month ago)
last words are incredible!
JP Alpharo (1 month ago)
I love Arthur’s hair
Nick Martinez (1 month ago)
Instrumental?song name?
jimmy manjarrez (2 months ago)
Jajajaja pinche bigote jajajaja
vincenoir 02 (2 months ago)
thankyou man u should do more vintage hairstyles like this
subscribe for a donut (2 months ago)
Any tips for people with bigger ears?
RemyLexington (2 months ago)
awesome hair
JBLANK MBLANK (2 months ago)
Make a video about teeth?
FantasticMrJake (2 months ago)
Your brummie accent is almost as shit as the hair ,looks nout like Arthur
Begulators (2 months ago)
By irder of the dre fuccking drexlers
Nick Cirillo (2 months ago)
I have curly wavy hair do you know a way I can get it straight to do this hairstyles without damaging my hair?
Amanda Tibbetts (2 months ago)
Can we date
وادي الذئاب (2 months ago)
Insta: salimalsanidi. On of dredrexler fans
Jeremy Beaudet (2 months ago)
Last one
Wamiq Kaka (2 months ago)
Block dht sir
ares HALICHE (2 months ago)
Thanks for the motivationnal messages and the value ...thanks for the 2 likes on insta hihi am gonna be on the next shoutout ; @ares_sthetics
Dre Drexler (2 months ago)
You rockkk so much, I really appreciate you watching! Mad love to you -dre
Abhishek Baldwin (2 months ago)
Next up leornardo do caprio
ricky jagada (2 months ago)
hey bro can you give me a shout out _ricky127 your videos are sick!
William (2 months ago)
Just got the email, can’t wait to try out the new sea salt spray Dre!! Ordering a bottle soon
Dre Drexler (2 months ago)
your rockkk, thanks for the support!
050156jg (2 months ago)
Actually, I like all three styles. However, if I had to select one, the third would be my preference. Do you think you'd grow your top hair out longer, though, possibly below chin length?
Dr Lupo (2 months ago)
Can you please tell me in how many months did you grow your hair?
Tuyết Phương (2 months ago)
Daily vlog, plz
Dalton Riddle (2 months ago)
Is you and your wife actually named Dre and Bre and is it a coincidence
meet jain (2 months ago)
Hey dude can u please ake a video on fighting dandruff....I am facing a lot of problems with it ... PlZ plz plz😀😀🙏
The Feline Music (2 months ago)
Next can you do Donald Trump’s hairstyle? 👌🙏🏻
Atlantis_Leon 13 (2 months ago)
perfect video keep the good work btw my instagram username is leonpavlisa___13
Rhymed Inn (2 months ago)
Dre, this ain't suiting you bro. It makes your head look to egg like, try to make it more square shaped.
HideYourLife (2 months ago)
Can you do the Andy Biersack hairstyle from the music video Wake Up?
Matthew Lapping (2 months ago)
The way ur hair is cut on top is it the same length if ur push it all to the right or left like could you wear it like that
13 Malik (2 months ago)
I have checked your Instagram profile.... You are awesome man.... I am inspired from you a lot... 👍👍
Kai Delos Santos (2 months ago)
always bringing the dope content and inspiration! @_kaidelossantos
Dalton Riddle (2 months ago)
Love the hair as always, can you do Justin Bieber's hair 2016 please please please
D Cade Sivertsen (2 months ago)
The second and third look sick!
IONS LEGACY (2 months ago)
Ted Bundy haircut plss
Falcon Range (2 months ago)
zebjwest (2 months ago)
you really look like johnny depp in this
Alex Trowsdale (2 months ago)
Wooohooo!!! Yes Dre 🔥 you defo captured it! Peaky Blinders is massive over in the UK 😊🙌 love it! Your brummie accent needs work 😉😂 by order of the Peaky Fooking Blinders x 🌊🙌
C T (2 months ago)
Bro you got great hair but I’m gonna say the cry baby look that you did in that one vid is the best for you I mean it just looked awesome this hair is all right looks greasy and a little to long for you I think you should grow the sides out I little longer to but that’s just my opinion . Still love your vids man and keep it up👌
Helel ben Shahar (2 months ago)
Hey buddy @zroddec 👈👈🙌🙌
Caleb Chambers (2 months ago)
it seems like the last two are very similar, if not exactly the same.
Raiyan Golam (2 months ago)
Ceanid Oner (2 months ago)
I imagine Arthur Shleby doing this every morning...
Becky Walker (2 months ago)
💯 is awesome!
Adrián (2 months ago)
You look like zlatan ibrahimovic here haha
MYasirKhan (2 months ago)
Maybe it's just me but I like your hairstyle more than these 3.
Ahmed Toasin Tanu (2 months ago)
Amazing video.....💫
David Gola (2 months ago)
Messed is best, @davidgolayoga
Sid (2 months ago)
Honestly, the moustache looks good on you!
Imrane Berrhazi (2 months ago)
love u Dre my insta @imraneousse
Xam Manalang (2 months ago)
The thumbnail looks like a mugshot
Raheem YT (2 months ago)
*Shalom Arthur*
Jesus Gonzalez (2 months ago)
You got me hooked on peaky blinders!
rahul vaniya (2 months ago)
The last hairstyle was good one @rahulvaniya_
Proclone Plays (2 months ago)
2:22 name of beat please
ABdou AZIZ (2 months ago)
Big up Dre for constantly dropping heat content, I appreciate the consistancy.
Shivansh Bangar (2 months ago)
Dre please shave.
Charles Anthony (2 months ago)
Hey dre I am a huge fan of all ur hairstyling tips and videos n I love the lil motivational talk that u give in the end.I hope u keep motivating people in the same way as u have motivated me.Love u n ur work a lot😄My insta is @enrique.lm10
Golam Kibria (2 months ago)
Mr.dre my age is like 15 .What kind of habits should I have togain your type of figure
jb fan boy (2 months ago)
Love u Dre n luv ur videos man n ur moustache is lit bro 🔥🔥
Nice work
Gian Michael Mones (2 months ago)
Thanks for the motivational message bru! love it! @gianmones :)
Paulo Henrique madeira (2 months ago)
I´m an individual since the group was born and I don´t actually know what to do to appear in the videos hahahah
Bobby Maraxi (2 months ago)
Can u talk about agression in your next vid? Really strugglin in a relationship rn and would help me big time if i heard ur opinion bc it really affects me in a positive way
All of them are top Next make video on getting undercut at saloon
Machine_Dan_ Kelly (2 months ago)
Arthur Fookin Shelby!!!
Ass- Series (2 months ago)
Bro no offense, but you look old with the moustache.
Johnathan Toledo (2 months ago)
Wolverine hairstyle from Logan?
Johnathan Toledo (2 months ago)
Groovy video bro!
EZEIKEL HALL (2 months ago)
Ur awesome!!!!! Ily!😂😜😜
Cut your bread😜
Chris Olly (2 months ago)
Nice content!waiting for gym. Maybe share your shoulder workout?🙄
Jonathan Bayr (2 months ago)
can you do a tommy shelby haurcut as well?🤔
Diego Escalante (2 months ago)
Thank you Dre for always giving us a good message🙏 Much love for everything that you provide on your channel❤️
Ahmed Ashraf (2 months ago)
We want Thomas sheleby
VINAYAK TIWARI (2 months ago)
Fantastic bro
Justin Weaver (2 months ago)
Is peaky blinder best TV show ever.
William Segalla (2 months ago)
Love it. Try this style a bit grown out please 👌👌👌
khai Ngyn (2 months ago)
Damn Look better than the character dad 😩!!
Tommyboy80808 (2 months ago)
Can you do a Harry Kane haircut?
CAPTAIN MARVEL (2 months ago)
Plz Do some zayn malik hairstyle
Maia Shinok (2 months ago)
Do Cole sprouse pls
Vishnu Darshan (2 months ago)
Grow out your hair man ! You looked good when you did the last time .🙌
Vishnu Darshan (2 months ago)
IG : *@vishnudaze* People just give a follow 🙏😁❤
Who is Brandol (2 months ago)
liked the 1st one man 😎 @whoisbrandol
Dhruv Modi (2 months ago)
Do on tonimahfud
Hedos (2 months ago)
This moustache +10 years old 🤔
jonathan lopez (2 months ago)
How to deal with a receding hairline?
Lucid (2 months ago)
jonathan lopez French crop
Rahul Yogi (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/6MqiFl9XWF8 it is the link of that video. I hope it helps you.
Rahul Yogi (2 months ago)
He has already done video on that topic.
nickobbboy (2 months ago)
Hey Homie, love your content and your mad inspiration! But gotta say this slicked back look you got goin on, not my favourite bro.
Dre Drexler (2 months ago)
appreciate the support and honesty!
E B (2 months ago)
What’s your hair dimensions (top, sides, back)?
Amirul Ikram (2 months ago)
I once cheated my gf with ocean clay
chris A (2 months ago)
If someone would send you a picture of their hair would you give them advice on how it should look?
U look like James franco a little bit at 2:47
snivam sharma (2 months ago)
Cut it beard man.
malcolm adderley (2 months ago)
I'm an individual in a white group shirt! That corporate tattoo on the glass made my a___ hurt. Do you like my 13 year old moustache and my lesbian hair. I rub 200 dollar oils over my body to see if you care. I have no independent thought or opinions of my own. I just whore out myself to companies and sell their s___y products to pay the prostitutes in my home. The lightning bolt on the wall is about to strike and I'm a phony Christian so YIKES!
Joel Litang (2 months ago)
I would start my day with the slick back look then let my sweat and hair oil mess it up
Billy Siemon (2 months ago)
do leo dicaprio from titanic or joey tribbiani from friends please😁😁

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