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Testing the new 2012 Kawasaki Ultra 300 LX in Lakeland

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Wow, this thing has 300 hp, and is the fastest thing I have ever ridden on the water. 65 Miles an hour, into wind and chop, crazy fast!
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3yar1983 (4 years ago)
So where are the 300 hp that kawazaki claimed on papers lol ?! Its beaten by the less hp yamaha .. Yamaha ftw ..
Hugh Jass (5 years ago)
sea don't yamaha and kawasaki
Daniel dmitriev (5 years ago)
man i love seadoo
AlecGAAA (5 years ago)
Kawasaki - simply the best in Jet Ski world. I have had Ultra 150, Ultra 260lx and now Ultra 300lx they all amazing. One thing I would say Kawasaki little louder than SeaDoo or Yamaha. But the sound is good.
oukurt (5 years ago)
What a bad ass!
Casey O'Gorman (5 years ago)
Lake Parker
Tyler Morris (5 years ago)
got our 08 sea doo rxtx up to 67.4 should try one out there awesome
Brad Kowan (5 years ago)
That lake is gross!
sp001in (5 years ago)
the seat, and the handle bars has a gps holder
MXRacer Oslo (5 years ago)
Could somebody be so kind enough to tell me what the difference is between the Kawasaki 300lx and 300x?
Dany11711 (5 years ago)
lol really a vx deluxe against not a kawasaki ultra 300x but a kawasaki ultra 300lx why even try
balsero17 (6 years ago)
that thing hit 65 in no time holly jebus
Kawa is rule!!!!!!!!!!!Kawa the BEST
Robbie E (6 years ago)
Is that fun bike center?
Guitar4blues (6 years ago)
I love my 300; it's a pure beast
Leslieee. Garciaaa (6 years ago)
Mr clean is so happy with his new toy!!
bobsizzz (6 years ago)
For 15K you can buy a nice 19Ft wellcraft that holds 8 people, coolers, skis, knee boards, tubes. I don't understand peoples logic on paying so much for that jet ski. Just saying? And for sure if I paid 15K it wouldnt be Tan and Gold. I thought u bought the cool looking blue one that ur daughter was sitting on in the showroom.
blastermitch (6 years ago)
Oh, that makes it OK then.
justgomojo (6 years ago)
Any one that is into speed has got to try one of these 300's The acceleration is amazing.
justgomojo (6 years ago)
haven't had a chance to ride any, sea doos do look awesome. They look fast just sitting still.
justgomojo (6 years ago)
I agree with you. I had a superjet back in the day, and loved it. I will get one again, someday. Stand ups just can't tow a tube, ski, and are tough if you have to deal with no wake zones. Stand ups should be exempt.
justgomojo (6 years ago)
since I ended up buying one, they didn't seem to mind ..
justgomojo (6 years ago)
I would recommend getting a Yamaha for sure. I ended up with a Cruiser FX and love it. From what I heard the Yamaha's are the most reliable jet skis on the market. Good luck!
xxTURNitUPxx FV (6 years ago)
Kawasaki 260x ultra is badass
Robert Boney (6 years ago)
Sea doo all the way
Rookie_204 (6 years ago)
i want to see this thing race a FZR waverunner...
Brandon Reardon (6 years ago)
I guess u would think this was awesome sitting down cruising 60 plus staying dry..that's what I do Monday through Friday on my way to work..get a stand up..have some real fun!
blastermitch (6 years ago)
I'm sure the dealer was happy with you letting your kid climb all over the floor models.
JAYbtw (1 year ago)
blastermitch he was very happy
Will Rowe (6 years ago)
trinidiana (6 years ago)
i need help guys, please help me . imlooking to by a jets ski and I've been looking at the sea too rip x 260 2012. do yall know if thats a good jet ski or should i get a yahama. let me no which one is better? thanks :)
justgomojo (6 years ago)
This really wasn't a fair test. But what the dealer had to ride that day. I ended up getting a nice Yamaha HO Cruiser. But, I wouldn't mind getting that Kawaski. It was much quicker than even the yamaha ho. Haven't ridden a SHO yet which would be a fairer comp.
TosHa NYC (6 years ago)
So fast... Not even a comparison lol.. Wish the price was a bit lower
SilverNZ (6 years ago)
I'd love to see the HSR-Benelli v8 vs one of these
Arcangelo Barone (6 years ago)
Is true, the kavasaki is fastest... But the yamaha vx have 110 hp vs a 300(!!!!!!!) hp of the kavasaki... it's so stupid
rusalebre (6 years ago)
your stupid pal

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