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5 Clothing "Fit" Tricks Every Man Should Know

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Text Comments (940)
Binary (13 days ago)
4:54-5:00 that's just true for life
Bradude 29 (24 days ago)
Jose the type. of Zuniga to tailor his foreskin
Christopher Ramon-Reid (26 days ago)
Yeabarron Store (1 month ago)
Tricks every man should know. Really.
Whitey Mamasan (1 month ago)
I wish he would nigga after everything he says
Yo Yo (1 month ago)
i have 6 torn jeans trying to squat 😕😕
arturocas90 (1 month ago)
Daaemoney (1 month ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga to walk into Supercuts and ask for the commercial for that correct fit
mudu sk (1 month ago)
Actor 😂😂
Noel Caprazi (2 months ago)
White people smart when they say saggin bc if you read that backwards ughh those mf
rohit kumar Nakot (2 months ago)
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xxxlocus (2 months ago)
shouldve said "it suits you perfectly" instead of "fits" when he was talking about the suit tricks
omar hameed (2 months ago)
Alert. annoying advertisement 2:15 to 3:44
Noah Charlemagne (2 months ago)
Hey Jose... i didn't get a chance to order a pair of your tee shirts.. you need to bring in new stock
christian labayno (2 months ago)
I have a big calbs what pants do i need to wear and how
Jessirose Ocampo (2 months ago)
This Is Very Important To Me, Thank You Ver Much!
Ary Joy (3 months ago)
Firts rule : go to the gym
The Mencourse (3 months ago)
Love you Bro, come to India.
Marq Dwight (3 months ago)
Thanks now i know
nuurkey jeele (3 months ago)
Big bro man whtat aya
nuurkey jeele (3 months ago)
My bro
nuurkey jeele (3 months ago)
Rogelio Barrientos (3 months ago)
Jose what black minimal leather sneakers are you wearing in the cover for this video ?
CoolDude 12 (3 months ago)
jose thinks that it only looks good if it is skin tight
the Gamer (3 months ago)
Midnight 9 (3 months ago)
“6 combinations” *later* “Endless combinations”
KrisInit (2 months ago)
Midnight 9 “Like i said”
tybearious (3 months ago)
Old jose videos
Daniel Mokkelbost (4 months ago)
Brawlin Entertainment (4 months ago)
i love your channel my style is more of casual suits and polos. i subbed!
All in one (4 months ago)
Love from India
denmarrx (4 months ago)
not everyone’s straight, some are gay
mahiii Ve (4 months ago)
I am a girl, I don't need to watch this☺ I watch your videos just because I like watching you.🤤♥ Idk why I do this🤦🏻‍
Vinicius Camargo (4 months ago)
Endless combinations? You just said it gives you six!
Israel Gerena (4 months ago)
Awesome info but dang, every video is an infomercial.
Lil Leslie (4 months ago)
annoying for guys like me who have bigger legs then waist.
Carlos Cacal (4 months ago)
I miss this style of editing
Krama Nabeel (4 months ago)
≥ ′≠{}\∆¶§×∆÷Π|♥♦|♠♣♪`£€€↑©®@№$___±<±·>>/%★‡†”’:;¡¿…………
BANGBANG Da Don (4 months ago)
Take my money. (with your fine promotions) hahahah
Druakura (5 months ago)
2 buckles 3 belts = 6 combinations. 6 combinations = Endless amount of combinations.
Sangita Banik (5 months ago)
Sexiest man in the world
Like si eres de españa
royal enfield (5 months ago)
Nice bro...you are the man.. 😎😎😎😎
all round youtuber (5 months ago)
Yeah bro i am in the TMF squad....i love u bro
Gathua Muigai (5 months ago)
Sliding fingers and fists in. 😂 I had to chuckle
srini vinoth (6 months ago)
Wow.. Superb tips. Thank u so much
Aditya gupta (6 months ago)
If i am skinny then?
yung sneaks (6 months ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga makes you realize you're out of shape in the nicest way possible
iEnergyze (6 months ago)
4:55 that’s what she said......
Lovely Muthu (6 months ago)
xtraderpysquid (6 months ago)
Lots of brands do micro adjustments, Armani, Hugo boss, even fucking Primark probably does em
Alex Lopez (6 months ago)
Why people gotta give me looks when I'm trying on pants like capes though? Lol.
Alex Lopez (6 months ago)
What's up guys?!
in_signia (6 months ago)
Damn these are actually really, and I mean REALLY helpful
Nick H (6 months ago)
Haha. Pants sagging = Justin Bieber
Aotahi Beach (6 months ago)
Bro I love that shirt
Stefan Catherasoo (6 months ago)
Your videos are really helpful. Awesome tips bro!
R O'Neill (6 months ago)
Yeah Bro, And you have paaddead shoulders ya fraud
chestermichael lu (6 months ago)
the FIT tricks really works, totally agree with it.thanks for sharing this.
RogueRTB (6 months ago)
Pleas Jose make a video on how to fit a polo shirt, because lots of men/dads usually wear those. Thanks
DrasticBreeeZy (6 months ago)
I love the edits bro!
Benson (7 months ago)
Automatic belts are the best, you just need to slide the band trough and pull it as far as you need for you and done. It works super fast, like 2.5 seconds
James Marrero (7 months ago)
I use a click belt and it works fine.
TECHNICAL TUTS (7 months ago)
This vedio is for boys too??
Don Vitor (7 months ago)
Fantastico! Muito top o canal... na minha proxima viagem ao USA gostaria de poder conhece-lo. Forte abraço!
fun with yj (7 months ago)
The way you talk, PERFECT understandable
tcnical chanal (7 months ago)
CJ.Owned.Ya2015 ! (7 months ago)
Great video but I was wondering how to get some of these items that don't cost us dollars but GBP
jojofynn mensah (7 months ago)
This guy is 👌
Joshua Gonzalez (7 months ago)
what are you saying western spy blyat jk ur awesome
Marei S (7 months ago)
The new suit jacket tip was very helpful. Thx
Arun Kumar (7 months ago)
ware are u form bro
Generation Noise (8 months ago)
how to make chick jeans look manly lmfao
SiRTHiZZL3 (8 months ago)
This video EARNED my subscription. Nicely done!!
Joshua J Day (8 months ago)
Such a tool.
Skyla Novea (8 months ago)
you're my hero <3
JrakaChitown (8 months ago)
Because after watching that interview for those individuals as walking around these lesbian females as I said before and lot of these guys walking around these rappers and stuff like that you know a lot of these people that's out here looking at a lot of the rap videos and stuff like that they mimicking what they see the rappers do and they walk around with their pants sagging just like that but what they don't realize is a lot of these guys is rappers whatever and it's been locked up incarcerated at some point or been in jail or whatever and they don't really know the real true meaning of what that really means of sagging of the pants because it like I said before and like I said before that's an interview that they definitely need to watch and that'll change the whole perception on sagging their pants
JrakaChitown (8 months ago)
You know what you need to do you need to make a video pertaining to you know wearing of the pants and let it be known that their whole sagging of the pants thing is a prison thing and unless you have either been locked up in prison or incarcerated there's no reason for you to be sagging your pants cuz a lot of people that's wearing their pants like that that sagging that came from guys who were locked up in prison prison thing but a lot of these guys are sagging their pants if they knew what I really meant they wouldn't be doing it cuz a lot of those guys I have sagging their pants thinking it is swag and thinking that it's fashion and it's really not what they need to do is go watch this interview that came on TV a while back call" the booty warrior" interview . Bottom line is that every guy or bi curious lesbian female's that's out here walking around sagging their pants needs to definitely watch that interview
Ayman Kabir (8 months ago)
Jose I don’t get the rose golden black accessory on Flipkart
Eidj Francis (8 months ago)
Man I love your jeans, where I can get one of those? And the longsleeves too, they are amazing!! U guys are a great work here n' I just want to thank you.
Vinayak Hotkar (8 months ago)
now I know why Slavs squat
David Moseley (8 months ago)
"If you can fit a whole fist in..."
Mukit Hyder (8 months ago)
"if you can slide a whole fist in it, it's too big for you"
Procyon Zaman (8 months ago)
Branden Mell (8 months ago)
Anyone notice that in most of his videos, he promotes or adversities a product.
Braulio Henriquez (8 months ago)
I sag my pants and I got 3 kids wym lml
xXToxicXx Gamer (8 months ago)
Vengo del canal en español , holaaaaa!!!
PRADEEP A P (8 months ago)
Super bro
Aastha gurung (8 months ago)
Hey u r awesome but now in this you were talking about fit but I don't know how we can judge the pants fits properly or not when we wear them I have found many pants which fits me below the stomach but not in my thighs
Aastha gurung (8 months ago)
Solo videos Raros (8 months ago)
This guy does more comercial then tv
ajay Shakti (8 months ago)
Your trick is ultimate..
ryan entwisle (8 months ago)
Fucking joey Essex lookalike
Näkymätön (8 months ago)
4:49 how can anybody close that last button
Baka Bu (8 months ago)
Jose can i know about your hairstyle nd cuts...
ALI EDOW (8 months ago)
Lovrly video..and I like the T shirt u are wearing bro...
Chandan Kumar (8 months ago)
1 The Sit Down Test 2 The Pant Test A Drape the pants around your neck B Turn your arms into the pants and try to hold pretty straight 3 The Wall Test suit or jacket 4 The Test Around Your Neck shirt 5 Pop a squat jeans
Bryant Davadi (8 months ago)
nah ik a lot of people who sag and got a lot of girls l
R GONZALES (8 months ago)
Not ideal video for out of shape dudes with the Dad bods going on, like myself. Help us FATKIDS!!!
Jose Reyna (8 months ago)
Jose Zooniga pant size 31... skinny ass nigga.
DR4G4L gaming (8 months ago)
where did u get them awesome t-shirts? msg me pls

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