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Snack Pack

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I ate your pack.
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Kalie Irwin (1 day ago)
2019 anyone?
Nick Robb (15 days ago)
GiggleBlizzard (1 month ago)
and it was good
Magical Enzo Rizzuto (1 month ago)
1 PILINGO Bañuelos (2 months ago)
howtowritemyname (2 months ago)
Die Zeit wo Youtube noch perfekt war!
Nicholas Sherrill (2 months ago)
I ate his pack , it was a snack.
The Sloth Charmer (2 months ago)
11 years ago, wow. These men formed my childhood.
Brett101792 (3 months ago)
Citizen Kreg (3 months ago)
I wonder what happened to Trent
Alpha Alpha (3 months ago)
Anyone end up here in 2018
GlitchyGuy (4 months ago)
Matt Foke (4 months ago)
I miss 2007
Call Me Jude (4 months ago)
I cant tell if this is ahead of its time or we just havent moved on
Ike Mike (5 months ago)
My childhood
Alannah Mcgarry (6 months ago)
Cool beans 👍🏼
Brannen Silva (6 months ago)
The original cool beans bit
Big Dummy (6 months ago)
Charlie (6 months ago)
I still love and reference this video more than 10 years later
rootbeerlovesme (7 months ago)
I want to wipe his face off so bad.
elikyia El (7 months ago)
we won't get any new sketch like this now, nor ever, freack it
Wahib Khan (7 months ago)
I was borned on 2007 and I love snackpack!!** Lol
Markx 22 (8 months ago)
I thought for sure he was gonna say "this isn't snackpack its just herpes."
Helio Starr (8 months ago)
Karli Surber (9 months ago)
This was my childhood
D Lugnuts (9 months ago)
No I ate his snack pack
D Lugnuts (9 months ago)
Eat my pack
Sir Mitts (9 months ago)
real life hotrod
Junker S (9 months ago)
Who watch this in 2018? Only me
Felipe Diez (10 months ago)
It's May of 2018 and I'm still here :)
Amar Shah (1 year ago)
Every time I go out for groceries I get a snack pack because of this video. Nearly 11 years later. It’s weird having this been just about half my life ago
Mitchell Chavolla (11 months ago)
right? christ i was 16....now 27 faaaack
Lit Ass Memes (1 year ago)
Here I am
Uzumakihero (1 year ago)
So many memories with balloonshop
MoltenHydrogen (1 year ago)
the song
TheKlutchGamer24 (1 year ago)
This shit is way ahead of its time. I just now found it and I'm in tears😂
Tomnickles (1 year ago)
That is definitely snack pack all over his freaking face!
Mariam Alkaabi (1 year ago)
Muahahahha 🤗
the New Era (1 year ago)
Snack pack to reality
Blaze Taleo (1 year ago)
Oh there goes reality
Mattia Lombardi (1 year ago)
I just want to let you know that this video is immortal and is still top quality 10 years after its release. 10 hecking years. Time flies.
Its texmike817 (1 year ago)
1:42 you’re welcome
Its texmike817 (1 year ago)
The first time I watched this I was crying laughing!
Oh. Hey. (1 year ago)
The world doesn't deserve this.
Kaleb Brasee (1 year ago)
Is that Reid? Reid Sullivan?
Snack Pack but every time they say "snack pack" the video gets more nostalgic.
Brandon Bell (1 year ago)
10 years ago... Seems like yesterday
Lando Merando (1 year ago)
elikyia El (1 year ago)
Yousuf A (1 year ago)
Persephone Black (1 year ago)
Who the FREAK ate my snack pack.
Jason Winters (1 year ago)
2017 anyone?
MrLeslieb123 (1 year ago)
Jason Winters yesssssss
Steven Ryan (1 year ago)
Wow! A decade ago. These guys were ahead of their time in comedy. It wouldn't be appreciated by people today
Jayblin (1 year ago)
More evidence towards Trent actually eating the Snack Pack: at 1:31 you can see Trent breaking his facade of "innocent bystander" by mouthing Thomas' damning confession. If he were really innocent, why would he know exactly how Thomas would word his declaration of guilt? Thomas was the convenient scapegoat Trent needed at the scene of the crime. The reason Trent physically mouths "but it was also a PACK" was actually an accident, as this was when his psychic possession ability began to wear off, as he can only possess people for EXACTLY 1 minute, which conveniently, exactly 1 minute prior at 0:31, is when Thomas started talking. Towards the end of the possession is when Thomas began to take back his free will and fight off Trent's psychic powers, and once Trent's influence is finally gone, is when things get even more hairy, as Thomas doesn't say that he was used by Trent, but rather adamantly sticks to his claim that HE did it. Being used for so long in such a crime must've triggered something deep within Thomas, something primal, that, even though he was free of Trent, gave him a passion for crime. Even though he was innocent and used, he WANTED this facade to continue, and in the following battle of wills between him, Olan, and Josh, you can see how much more passionate he is than before when he was saying he DIDN'T commit the crime. Trent not only got away with the crime, but had gained a sympathizer in Thomas. Tragic. Awful. Snack Pack.
Steven Lopez (1 year ago)
You you made this like 3 weeks after Hot Rod came out, you stole the cool beans thing.
Janie Sherman (1 year ago)
I love these so much, words don"t describe.
Dana B (1 year ago)
It was a snack!....But more than that, it was also, a pack. N-ny-nya-nyaaaah, PSSSHSPSHHSHBBB
fouyuck89 (1 year ago)
The way Thomas says snacks at 1:39 slays me every time.
John Cooper (1 year ago)
pause the vid at 1:01
John Cooper (1 year ago)
how did i get here again?
El Spudman (1 year ago)
Anyone know where these guys ended up?
ROCKKEVINROCK!!! (1 year ago)
I'd wager to say that at some point the parents probably told them to get the hell out of their house.
Sami Khan (1 year ago)
Realguy McCoolname (1 year ago)
Oops somebody said "snack pack" so I gotta watch this again
Guillermo Nunez (1 year ago)
lol "I ate his pack"
Videosythesis (1 year ago)
What a twist!
Sarah Do (1 year ago)
Inspired from Hot Rod? Or Hot Rod inspired by Balloonshop? O_o
jc happ (1 year ago)
10 years later
Blotto Von Sozzle (2 years ago)
who the HECK
JTF (2 years ago)
snack pack
i empathize with olans character in this web video
Brandon Metcalf (2 years ago)
Thank you Reflekt.
Ben Lepper (2 years ago)
s/o to reflekt for using this in a song
Tyler Haddock (2 years ago)
Never noticed Trent mouthing the words at 1:30.
Dill (2 years ago)
Lol wtf
Brad Gurley (2 years ago)
This was posted on my birthday :D
Hunter Haver (2 years ago)
ClassyCorgi (2 years ago)
Top 10 Anime Betrayals
LegitMookle (2 years ago)
Snack pack to reality
GENGAR GHXST (2 years ago)
Loved these videos when I was 14, I'm 24 now and they're still hilarious. Miss these guys.
Franco Soto Zenteno (2 years ago)
Thomas is my daily inspiration.
Andrew Hope (2 years ago)
"I did not eat your stack pack" haha
Veronica Camp (2 years ago)
JxnnzM (2 years ago)
snack pack to reality
bemdav (11 months ago)
Watch your profanity
SMELLTHECHEEZ (1 year ago)
Mom's spaghetti
RollersPostulate (2 years ago)
Did the movie Hotrod get inspiration from this?
Ray Payne (2 years ago)
Also, looks like theres some Lasse Gjertsen Hyperactive influence.
Ray Payne (2 years ago)
RollersPostulate The trailer for Hotrod came out in July... this came out in August. you be the judge.
JordanicusRex (2 years ago)
Cool Beans! My feet smell like sardines!
Riley Lopez Studios (2 years ago)
Cool beanssss!!!
Cody Lengenberg (2 years ago)
These muthafuckas was on some shit yo
Lyn Taylor (2 years ago)
is that olan rogers tho?
eilo (2 years ago)
yes that is and that snack pack guy is thomas gore
James Foxworth (2 years ago)
Zubb (2 years ago)
Paul Russell (2 years ago)
Jolene Gov (2 years ago)
Jolene Gov (2 years ago)
+Testcat I'm just quoting a part of the video I liked. Shut up. 
Testcat (2 years ago)
i watched the video too
Austin Cross (2 years ago)
"It was a snack. But, more than that, it was also a pack." Wise words by Thomas Gore.
DagamingDino 56 (2 years ago)
I ate his pack
bandrukesucks (2 years ago)
I've suddenly got this strange craving for CHEEZ-ITs..
Hannah Zapf (2 years ago)
It doesn't sound like a thing anymore e
bell (2 years ago)
dude i did not eat your stack pack
Paulyd The cinema kid (2 years ago)
Snack pack
Clayton Revie (2 years ago)
LegitGrantham20 (2 years ago)
I ate his snack pack...
Noot Noot (3 years ago)
0:56 to 1:10) bumbum psssh baboom ba pssh! who ate my snack pack!? oh it was you... you two!...... (do i even rap bro!? X3)
Noot Noot (3 years ago)
+Noot Noot OH GOD NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! X3
Raymond Barry (3 years ago)
Just realized this is a huge ripoff of the cool beans segment of hot rod
aero. (3 years ago)
now i want a snack pack...
clide dolphin (3 years ago)
the add for snack pack came up in the corner of the video and i died
Cpt long slong (3 years ago)
I. miss these guys

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