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Top 10 Most Common Disorders

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The top 10 most common disorders. Unfortunately good health is not something that can be counted all for all people, and some kinds of disorders occur more frequently than others. SUBSCRIBE TO MOSTAMAZINGTOP10- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBINYCmwE29fBXCpUI8DgTA CHECK OUT MY MAIN CHANNEL- http://bit.ly/1Q7kPWb Subscribe To My Vlog Channel: http://bit.ly/1NOjFwE WANT MORE DUMB TWEETS - http://bit.ly/1qoixa9 NEW MERCHANDISE: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/LandonProduction?noCache=true FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/_burkishdelight_/ TWITTER- https://twitter.com/lurkeyburke VIDEO EDITED BY: Jesse O'Riordan: www.spacehouse.org
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yeet (2 days ago)
most people with adhd/add have it all their life, i dont know anyone who has just grown out of it and i hadn't even heard of it until some day ago. adhd isn't something that is common to grow out of, and tbh the people who do probably has a subtype of adhd that is smt u grow out of or maby many lost their hyperactivity but still has add, and as you grow up and get help you might get better at controlling your impulses and stuff.. but yea its possible for some to grow out of it but its not common and its definitly not something people should expect. also peeps with add/adhd pretty often have more diagnoses, and if you for example have autism or smt like that its harder to grow out of it
Nite Driv3r (2 days ago)
I'm happy 2 c soo many cucks suffering with depression
Sime - HOROR (6 days ago)
I have an anxiety disorder and it sucks. I'm sick and tired of being like this. I REALLY HATE anxiety...
Shannon’s Journey (6 days ago)
I don’t like how you didn’t mention obesity on the eating disorder bit, it’s still and eating disorder and it’s not taken seriously at all, or can be just as hard to lose the weight and it’s still an eating disorder period 🤦‍♀️
ericka boyd (6 days ago)
Has any artist ever heard this phrase "do you have OCD" If not then I'm the only one
Scott Damico (7 days ago)
Isn’t a eating disorder a allergy?
Justin Miller (7 days ago)
I fight with schizoaffective disorder and I have to say you don’t know what’s real hear things talk to you and you will do strange things here and there like starring out your window all night long, you can’t sleep because you’re a paranoid about things out to get you. You will experience hallucinations and these hallucinations are different for everyone I had a person named raven I would talk to and he was very real to me. And the difference between schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder is that schizoaffective is schizophrenia with a side of either bipolar or major depressive disorders also known as unipolar. I suffered with bipolar 1 and it’s just a horrific nightmare living with it. I have it under control after 10 hospital visits. I take Wellbutrin, depkote, and serequel. Now also get counciling because it’s always good to talk about your feelings and get topics on what to do in life. Anyone can feel free to type a comment for more questions.
Yoonmin infires me (9 days ago)
My ocd isn’t being really neat, it makes me scare myself by my mind saying stuff like “ if you don’t run up the stairs in 3 seconds then your family will die” and if I hurt my right leg, I need to hurt my left leg to make it even.
fbi agent (9 days ago)
I have ADD and i like it 👌
NEØN BŁADE (10 days ago)
I have ocd
im tired oof (11 days ago)
I've had like all of these except for OCD
2D’s twin (13 days ago)
My old friend, bless her heart, has ocd and she had to tap the spoon 8 times on the side of her cup of tea because she believes otherwise it’ll be poisonous
Karenylewellyn (13 days ago)
I have OCD tendencies and I absolutely HATE when perfectionists claim they have OCD
Joksa999 (14 days ago)
3 out of 10 and selfdiagnosed 4 out of 10 did i win Something?
You know what I have ADHD
I have OCD
iilov you (16 days ago)
6:21 is that Jungkook? xD cause if it is im screamin
BunniKat (17 days ago)
My mom suffers from depression since 21yo she is allergic to the medicaments it gives her the contrary effect one day she wanted to suicide... Its so (idk how 2 describe word?) To see my mom suffer everyday and night...
[GD]Rigel23 -_-# (18 days ago)
I only see people headpalming on the video
Abby's World (19 days ago)
My uncle is 40 and he still has ADHD
Abby's World (19 days ago)
I have ADHD and I had it since 4th grade
Rachel Ryan (20 days ago)
Top 10 more common disorders: 10. Autism 9. Asthma 8. Diabetes 7. Cerebral palsy 6. Down syndrome 5. Epilepsy 4. Personality disorders 3. Food allergy/celiac disease 2. Blindness/Deafness/Muteness 1. AFIB
captcoolYT (21 days ago)
Is ADD counting as ADHD?? Because I have ADD..
Charlene Campbell (21 days ago)
I hate having adhd
Abc Drf (22 days ago)
I have strong depression, borderline and anxiety... Living is a hell =(
Owen Nelson (23 days ago)
Crap! I have OCD!
Dallas Stokes (24 days ago)
I think I have ptsd
EFantasic (24 days ago)
Depression, social anxiety, panic disorder, and ptsd. I myself deal with this every day. It becomes easier to talk to discuss whe you reach out and look for help. Iife gets esier if you have someone to share your thoughts and feeling with.
Ozyah Bradford (25 days ago)
A lot of people think I have a bipolar disorder because one minute I'm happy next I'm mad.so I might
Max Schreiber (26 days ago)
I got schizophrenia
Danae Ridge (26 days ago)
I am depressed because I don't have McDonald's
Megan Johnston (1 month ago)
I have depression, and I’ve actually inflicted self harm 3 times in my life. I’m a 13 year old girl in 8th grade. And I have adhd.
Emma Reed (1 month ago)
I was diagnosed with manic depression at age 7, then just depression at age 13, then suffered from bipolar disorder from age 14-23.
Sara/Sam Dixon (1 month ago)
ADHD, Anxiety, and possibly depression(I haven’t been diagnosed).
Jada Meersseman (1 month ago)
You should do a video with all three of you in it.
cancer is heartbroken (1 month ago)
You forgot this goood disorder watchingmostamazingtop10 disorder
Strawberry Shmaberry (1 month ago)
I have... Anxiety - Generalized/Social O.C.D A.D.H.D Depression Not exactly Tourettes by I have extreme ticks
That one girl Ally (1 month ago)
I have bipolar disorder anxiety ptsd and slight depression I’m 14 it truly is tough
Krumz Gaming (1 month ago)
Tourette’s syndrome is not common at all
Suresh Nalluri (1 month ago)
That background music is annoying.....
kari ure (1 month ago)
I'm very likely to have ADHD but I comply with authority figures only because I have to because if I get in trouble then I.... it's not a good time
LP HyperActive (1 month ago)
ADHD I have
lucy robloxia (1 month ago)
i'm half depressed , half antisocial, half eating disorder (i eat too much), and half bipolar, but in a low level
Chloe McDonnell (1 month ago)
What about Borderline personality disorder??
PranGon : (1 month ago)
I had severe ADHD when I was in school. I was buried by... , and, of course I had difficulty studying. When teachers punished me, I would stick spitballs in yhe classroom windows, and also, used to bite people.
Lol hi (1 month ago)
I have Tourettes ( I think :/) OCD ( also, I think) Bipolar disorder (again, I think :/) Social Anxiety ( says my dad) Depression ( I am healing) so ya I think I am mentally ill :/
Stefany (1 month ago)
I have a friend who has torettes she has motor and vocal tics she is bullied for it but im still her friend.
Nida Sakina (1 month ago)
People should know more about misophonia which is the disorder of hating sounds, and the worst part is that they are the everyday sounds like chewing, slurping, lip smacking etc We who have misophonia suffer a lot
Shade Rever (1 month ago)
That was ADD, not ADHD. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive disorder....
I have a friend with tourette's but she only moves her face slightly and can't control it
Scarlettyan0609 XD (1 month ago)
I've got autism it's hell. I am in a unit apparently which is supposed to help me.
Panic attacks and anxiety attacks are different.
Taiylor Hatch (1 month ago)
I have 9, 4, 3, and, 1
Kiki Skittles (1 month ago)
I have depression, social anxiety, a.d.d., and anger issues (I am only 12)
Shelby Kazinski (1 month ago)
ADHD is also more common if a parent and grandparent have it as well. I also have so many of these including ADHD
Gracie Tollefson (1 month ago)
I agree with a lot of people here in the comments. I absolutely hate when people say ‘I’m so OCD!’ Or ‘I hate having OCD.” GUYS it’s a real disorder. And when people say ‘I’m getting anxiety right now!’ From what I know, you have anxiety all the time, although it doesn’t show all the time. It doesn’t come or go, just like depression! I developed minor depression for about a year, but it really peeked when my Dad died 6 months ago. This stuff it real, not fake!
missy Reams (1 month ago)
I have bipolar depression and ptsd. It really is a nightmare when they all come together.
Nattie Lindsay (1 month ago)
I have anxiety psychosis and depression . It's a living hell.
Alex Johnson (1 month ago)
ADHD is only 11%???!! Everyone I know is ADHD😬 I must know all of them then? Lol
Coco Chloe (1 month ago)
I have adhd
Emma Olesen (1 month ago)
I've got 4 out those 10 disorders
The Lukie Dookie Show (1 month ago)
Fidel Castro (1 month ago)
I’ve heard a “stop” under my bed when I was scrolling down in my Xbox..... And I heard a voice say my name. It’s all fake, though. I’ve seen shadows move, but not shadow people. Do I have the s disorder that I can’t remember the name of? Or is it just people who are affected physically
BloodInMyCoffeeSystem (1 month ago)
I have OCD as an offshoot from my anxiety disorder, and while I'm glad you covered it, I feel like you misrepresented it just a little bit. Most people forget to mention intrusive thoughts, which are when thoughts obsessively recur in your mind, thoughts that you don't like. Everyone experiences intrusive thoughts sometimes (like looking down a stairwell and getting the urge to jump off, or getting an urge to try jabbing yourself or someone else with a pencil), but for people with OCD these thoughts can be... honestly pretty brutal and gross, they can be violent or perverted, and they _don't_ reflect something you actually want to do, but rather the things you really really really _Don't_ want to do or have happen. Sometimes they'll even recur and intensify just because you become obsessed with trying to keep them away. It's a mess.
Zane Davidsen (1 month ago)
I have depression, anxiety and ADHD, such a fun time...
Vulpine_Foxy (1 month ago)
Where is Borderline?!
Evan Pancakes (1 month ago)
I have psychosis, general anxiety, HPPD and pure o OCD. I can say that it is an awful combination to have
Subbeh (1 month ago)
Please never self diagnose!!
I have ADHD and it makes me feel like I'm special
Brittney Woolf (1 month ago)
I have OCD
Brittney Woolf (1 month ago)
My brother has anxiety, depression and ADHD
I have depression
My favorite creepypasta has tourettes
Jaci Marquez (1 month ago)
well these ppl are depressed
Basson Koch (1 month ago)
Thank you for bringing some awareness towards mental health. :D
Dasher Ch (1 month ago)
Can't we all agree that half of the ppl in this comment have anxiety and depression at the same time.
jess turner (1 month ago)
I have ADHD, anxiety, depression and borderline bipolar, all of which have developed from having ADHD. It's crazy how one mental health problem Can lead to another
Maria ? e Peterson (1 month ago)
You forgot panic disorder and borderline personality disorder which bpd is more common in woman than men Borderline personality disorder can sometimes be misdiagnosed as bipolar
KittenClawz (1 month ago)
Plot Twist: My school's distrixt name is Pittsgrove Township School District. Abbreviate it and...
moonlitnasa (1 month ago)
2 years late, i know. but i have depression and anxiety, bulimia, and PTSD (from sexual assault) so that combined with self-harm and being suicidal makes me a pretty dark and negative person. but i try to still have fun and be positive when i can. also i have to mention this, Danny is my fave and hearing him talk to us abt this stuff makes me feel not as alone. i feel more understood here now
GrimWolf_Gamer (1 month ago)
I have Tourette’s and it is not a disorder
Rhiannon Stoker (1 month ago)
RainKitsu 96 (1 month ago)
I might have general anxiety, since at school, I can't function at all and it feels like I'm being crushed, but what I do know is that I have autism, which affects my social life in multiple ways. Not talking that much to friends, distancing myself from others, etc.
I've gone NUTS (1 month ago)
i have bipolar disorder
Sammy Alien (1 month ago)
i have general anxiety as well as social anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. Everyday is a struggle.
Wondertwin 123454 (1 month ago)
People with ADHD/ ADD never just grow out of it. It is always present. We just learn how to cope with it either through medications or tips and tricks we learn along the way of our lives....
The Shadow Girl (1 month ago)
I have alot of these things on this list, but I can't get any help, no one cares sooo
Trisha Drouillard (1 month ago)
ADHD is attention deficit hyperactive disorder. ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder. They are 2 separate disorders. I suffer from #2, 3 & 4. Its rough.
Trisha Drouillard (1 month ago)
Makes life very difficult.
Wenjiao Hu (2 months ago)
I swear like a feel like a have sczophrinia or whatever seriously like voices in the head and things that aren’t really there
Violet H (2 months ago)
I’m sorry, but when he was talking about OCD, I wished the m&ms were all facing the same direction😂😂😂
Mitsuko Pľåýş (2 months ago)
ADHD,OCD,depression,Anxiety,bipolar disorder
Shane Skye (2 months ago)
Both my parents and my grandma is schizophrenic, I'm bipolar and have Psychosis along with Generalized Anxiety, Eating disorders due to gastric problems. I have a lot of the disorders you've mentioned, along with severe PTSD, ADD, and I'm unmedicated because I can't find a doctor to medicate me properly. Anxiety is the worse, it makes my depression, Eating habits, insomnia and etc. But Depression isn't as a whole as itself. Being bipolar is actually bipolar depression. Along with being an addict, life is a living hell for me to just make it through the day. And everyone expects so much out of me, like getting a job, making phone calls, paying bills, as a foster kid, they don't really educated you on how to deal with your mental health or how to love yourself, not even in schools. I hope no one else has to experience what I am everyday, I wouldn't wish that hell on anyone, to be imprisoned by your own mind, and tortured by your own thoughts, and plagued by the symptoms and dissociation that follows with isolation and paranoia... yeah.. life is just dandy.
The Memes (2 months ago)
i have ADHD and general anxiety
Lexilolz lol (2 months ago)
amy kuznicki (2 months ago)
I have OCD, And im bipoalar
Let’s Be girls (2 months ago)
No I have ocd that was so much torture
Flare Kitty (2 months ago)
I have OCD , Anxiety , ADHD
3:20 I think I have that... cause I always hear stuff, even tho it’s not there, and I don’t trust people cause of the voicesss I think I have general anxiety.. *send help*
Sunrise , Sunset (2 months ago)
I have Tourette’s and ocd
Michelle Keene (2 months ago)
I have had 10,9,8 (boxes),7 (by bully's),6 (voices),5 (being really ill),4 (also by bully's) and that's it XD that's a lot

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