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My Current Summer Hairstyle | Mens Haircut tutorial | Medium hairstyles + Hairbond

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Follow me on INSTAGRAM @DreDrexler Yup yup! Another Hair video up for you guys in less than 4 days! Since I got a really cool cut from TheSalonGuy last week, I really wanted to show it off and show you all how I style it using some awesome hairbond products! The Texturiser gave me some incredible volume as you guys can see, and it's built in humidity resistant formula was great for that hot summer weather! The Distorter also topped it off real nice giving my hair great flexible hold and a nice natural matte finish! If you guys want to purchase Hairbond products, please visit: http://www.Hairbond.com Be sure to subscribe to this channel and give this video a thumbs up if you haven't yet!! -Dre Song by: Electric Mantis - RoseCity Class Act Crew Group Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAEBeHc8max84DuilkGNP2A Be sure to follow me on social media: Parascope - DreDrexler Snapchat - DreDrexler Instagram @DreDrexler Facebook @DreDrexler Twitter @DreDrexler Tumblr @DreDrexler Vine @DreDrexler Pinterest @DreDrexler
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Text Comments (101)
Fapix TV (2 years ago)
How long are the Hairs?
Sinon inD (3 years ago)
Haircut video link ?
RazGrox (3 years ago)
what color is your hair in this video?
Code_Fire (3 years ago)
Can you use different pro deck
Bao (3 years ago)
what hair colour??
Brian T. (3 years ago)
Dre i have a question on how you got your hair cut on this video. What do you tell your stylist/barber when you cut your hair. I really like this haircut in this video. Could you tell the details like what length on top and sides and what this hairstyle is called? Thanks.
Ivan Francia (3 years ago)
what do you call this haircut? i want it
Duel MasterBlaze (3 years ago)
His face at 1.10 is as white as white
Jonas Elze (3 years ago)
What is your hair length on the front and the top?
Soccer Luke (3 years ago)
Hey Dre massive fan from the UK!!!! Great work dude... What is (overall) Your fave product line: Hanz De Fuko vs Hairbond???
Scott Michaels (3 years ago)
Check out our new USA website hairbond.com as we launch our British Invasion.....
Karim (3 years ago)
I'm loving the new haircut especially because its a change from the trending undercut. I myself decided to change from an undercut, but I was just wondering, what would I tell my haircutter if I wanted this cut? Are the sides gradually faded into the top or are they disconnected? Could you please tell me the measurements? I'd really appreciate your help man, keep up the great content!
DiLLZGFX (3 years ago)
Great vid but I hate how u don't talk in your videos anymore. Where's the inspirational messages gone ?
Junior JTF (3 years ago)
yo i hav a question, do u blowdry ur hair every day? and is it a bad thing?
Justin Le (3 years ago)
Super fresh lookin' man!
Joseph hoang (3 years ago)
Can you explain the cut?
Joel Torres (3 years ago)
Nice hair style (:, btw whats your hair type?
DEAN (3 years ago)
qwertyuiop9060 (3 years ago)
Dre, I absolutely LOVE your vids :D I think theyre absolutely fantastic. Youve got fabulous, just Perfect Hair <3.  And I hope you restart that thing of telling us to chase our dreams and do good stuff; that was really nice, man! And in my opinion yours is one of the top 5 mens style channels on youtube :D Keep up the good work, bro. :)
Jack Daniels (3 years ago)
Lol I have the exact same hairstyle
Shah Rizal (3 years ago)
+Dre Drexler I can say this is your best video. Short and simple video, nice music, and one damn good hair styling tutorial
xprosummonx (3 years ago)
hey what haircut would look good on someone with a larger squared forehead?
TheInfamousZee (3 years ago)
That's a tired style but the little red is cool I guess
Galo Barros (3 years ago)
Hi I really like this hairstyle what is the measurements of it
Aatif Mangera (3 years ago)
Thanks dre I've been waiting for ages
Alexistaku (3 years ago)
Make an osis flex wax review please!!!
DB Project (3 years ago)
I don't like this style, the colour yeah it's alright but it's not contrasting at the sides no sharp face from 0 to 4, the top length isn't that long Personally sides 0 high blend into a 1 And let your hair grow out longer! Other than that, good going!
JustJake (3 years ago)
Hairbond seems to be used alot recently on hairstyling channels
ImThunderdzn (3 years ago)
Sick hairstyle Dre, quick question what are the measurements of your cut bro?
Juan Hector Gonzalez (3 years ago)
Great video
LetTheGoodIdeasFlow (3 years ago)
Just decided to watch this video because I love his hairstyle videos but this is my exact style already which is pretty insane
FahimTiger20 (3 years ago)
By Vilain Sidekick or Hairbond Texturiser Seasalt Spray, which do you guys think is better?
Tommy Daily (3 years ago)
like it but don't dig the back
Hector Aguirre (3 years ago)
Nice video as always!!
Jordan Nolan (3 years ago)
sick hair as usual bro!:) love the new cut :) what are the dimensions, top and sides? :)
Musique3579 (3 years ago)
Killer great Dre and it is a knock out fabulous haircut. I had been thinking along these lines for the past year, that is, what guys with your type of hairstyle would eventually be evolving to within the next several years. Three different things actually: 1. Along the lines of what The Salon Guy just gave you making the back as if some sort of impressionistic modified Mohawk. Very unique!  2. Along the lines of someone like Tim and lastly 3. *Luka.*  As always, thank you for making top notch videos always. You and all of the others on Class Act are the greatest.
Ivan Francia (3 years ago)
+TheSalonGuy what do you call this haircut;
TheSalonGuy (3 years ago)
+Musique3579 I just cut all 3 of their hair :-)
GentleHair (3 years ago)
Nice style Dre! Is Hairbond any good?
ButterBoots (3 years ago)
So, first off i love the hair, but i'm just wondering how long your bangs are.. Mine are three inches, do you know any good hairstyles for my length?
Conner Souza (3 years ago)
Looks really good man
Vedang Damle (3 years ago)
Shape of your head & face looks so much like mine. I can safely copy your hairstyles. I'm glad I found your channel. :)
Alex Lopez (3 years ago)
You should do an update video on your favorite hair products atm or which are the best hair products to use for a certain hair style you are going for :p just throwinf ideas out for you. Good video
Daniel London (3 years ago)
Haha the ending though 😂👌 great hairstyle!
Ryan Connolly (3 years ago)
Great video Dre! love this hairstyle! Was iffy in the beginning when i saw it on Hanz de Fuko, but now seeing it styled i love it!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
Killed it brotha! That hairstyle is totally perfect! Looking good man!
Anthony DelucV (3 years ago)
A lot of people have been suggesting the Hairbond line, you digging it personally?
Jake Morley (3 years ago)
+Anthony DelucV I've used the http://www.pomades.com/p/465-092-04/hairbond-toffee-shaper.html and it worked really nice for the brad pitt Fury hairstyle tutorial Dre did. Really wanting to try this one as well
Moquer HD (3 years ago)
+Anthony DelucV Yes, that would be a good idea :)
Anthony DelucV (3 years ago)
+Moquer HD I haven't! Definitely need to give it a shot myself
Moquer HD (3 years ago)
+Anthony DelucV Yes, I am also very curious what he thinks about it! We have used a lot of products and Hairbond is all right, but not great. We prefer a little more natural products. You tried it yourself already?
Charlie Poremba (3 years ago)
Like the new editing style bro!
Sanji- (3 years ago)
Mad hair (Y) !
Travis Kraft (3 years ago)
Looks good but I think the longer hair was a lot better.
cesarvegaz (3 years ago)
Starting a Mohawk Dre? + I noticed the hair became a little "reddish" after the dying ... that's normal but not my fav' haircolor tho' nice cut!
Weilà Tom (3 years ago)
Love the new cut man, nice and fresh! How would you compare that wax to the By Vilain products? I usually use Dynamite Clay
azroks (3 years ago)
Ur hair and haircut is so similar to mine, just I usually can't achieve that look due to me being an absolute dunce at blowdrying :(
Amirul F. (3 years ago)
Hair measurements..?
TheSalonGuy (3 years ago)
DUUUUUUUUDE thanks so much for the props and proper way to say thanks!!! Really appreciate it and holy cow your hair is the sickest I have ever seen it man!!! My cuts spoil man, just a warning lol.
Ivan Francia (3 years ago)
+TheSalonGuy what do you call this haircut? please
Caleb (3 years ago)
+TheSalonGuy how do i ask for this haircut when going to the barber?
Daniel Lopez (3 years ago)
+HerrSchokoMuffin the salonguy is the one who cut his hair
jack fullerton (3 years ago)
Bring back some workout vids!
MrStarGamingHD (3 years ago)
How do you get your hair to be so straight
ScarAnimationsNL (3 years ago)
Hey Dre, how do i get a more thin look on my hair? also how does your hair glow and be all soft and shit, is it because of the texturizer? Thanks alot! <3
frzhlmi (3 years ago)
Kinda looks like my haircut
Sergio Alvarez (3 years ago)
Hey u think u could check my channle out I recently started it If u like u could subscribe to thx
Andrew Sparks (3 years ago)
Help how do you get hair to stay flat on the sides mine is always puff is it because it is to short as I do get a grade 2
Scrazy Fifa (3 years ago)
Use wax to put it down
TheSalonGuy (3 years ago)
+Andrew Sparks everyone's hair is different. His doesn't stick out at the sides naturally as some others do.
Jordan Gouveia (3 years ago)
whats the measurements for this haircut?
ButterBoots (3 years ago)
All the information will be there..?
TheSalonGuy (3 years ago)
+Jordan Gouveia vid comes out in like a month or so
Dare Marzman (3 years ago)
cool cool cool! looks awsome :)
Donat Saramati (3 years ago)
grown hair was more cool ! but this to are nice ♥
Sean (3 years ago)
Dre got that v tho :L
TheSalonGuy (3 years ago)
+Sean Dempsey I gave it to him
Jericho Ryan (3 years ago)
Another awesome hairstyle bro! It really has that summer vibe to it :)
pelhineal (3 years ago)
Sinon inD (3 years ago)
What is that haircut omg i want , can you tell me the info ?
Sinon inD (3 years ago)
+TheSalonGuy do you mind posting the link of the video ?
TheSalonGuy (3 years ago)
+Sinon inD The actual video of me cutting it comes out in a month or so.
Sinon inD (3 years ago)
+TheSalonGuy it was uploaded today
TheSalonGuy (3 years ago)
+Sinon inD vid comes out in like a month or so
Bernard Boi (3 years ago)
Why did u cut ur long hair dude it was nice
Mert Bulut (3 years ago)
Hairbond is not Turkey :(
Anil Kumar Guglia (3 years ago)
hey dre plz show how to acheive hair like you and how to prevent hairfall plz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Amirul Ikram (3 years ago)
wow wow wow n wow. nice vids dre. u r my hero for hairstyling
Finley Pickard (3 years ago)
That ending though😉great vid +dredrexler
Karl Motas (3 years ago)
Video of the actual haircut?
Karl Motas (3 years ago)
Cool, Thanks sir!
TheSalonGuy (3 years ago)
+Karl Motas in like a month it comes out.
Zain Al-abuddin (3 years ago)
Do u get ur hair thined out for this style ?
Zain Al-abuddin (3 years ago)
+TheSalonGuy Ohh ok thanks, and what are the mesurements for the haircut 
TheSalonGuy (3 years ago)
+Zain Al-abuddin Yes I did thin it
Michael Gist (3 years ago)
Good stuff bro, your hair is freaking dope man!
Anthony Mendez (3 years ago)
Awesome hairstyle man. Your the best Dre keep up the great work man!!.👌😁
JaggedJudge (3 years ago)
Did he record it cause it looks really nice
TheSalonGuy (3 years ago)
+JaggedJudge yes we did.
Alex Serrano (3 years ago)
Cool hairstyle man and GOD BLESS🙌🏻😇🙏🏻👼🏼
Mohamed Shair (3 years ago)
I fucking love you dre

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