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The Try Guys Try Distracted Driving // Presented By Kia Forte

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The Try Guys try to steer clear of distractions as they drive through a chaotic closed course. Presented by Kia Forte. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily!
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Text Comments (11339)
Jannet (42 minutes ago)
"As an Asian in media, I can't be a bad driver." THANK YOU EUGENE
Sammy Jacobson (1 day ago)
He referred to his wife as Cargo just like Ted Bundy 🥵
Aellyn Freedom (1 day ago)
I feel sorry for Eugene. I’m also afraid of clown :(
Kittycat 6762 (3 days ago)
6:44 best part
Desteney Cordero (3 days ago)
Dude Ned lost for HIS WIFE. I’m mentally dying inside at the fact that he cares abt her so much
AllyMae (3 days ago)
Did anyone notice the person holding down the dog in the backseat when Ned went out to save Ariel
Rossie Freund (4 days ago)
The clown tho. I would be terrified 😂
Izzy S. (4 days ago)
if anxiety affects you while driving im screwedddd
mia merlin (5 days ago)
Wat !!!if Eugene talks also thats means he is distracted 😱
Lily Lloyd (5 days ago)
Aww I love that Ned went to his wife instead of ignoring her💕💕
Carolime Pie (5 days ago)
Vedika Rathi (5 days ago)
The way Ned off roads for Ariel <3
Livvy Lestrange (8 days ago)
7:38 Well I’m never going to learn to drive.
Nightmare- Chan (9 days ago)
0:47 ned already got distracted lol
Geizka Amalia (9 days ago)
I'm sure 99% of these comments are talking about Ned and ariel
Mary Ellen Young (10 days ago)
Zach has OCD? Same. I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with focus from it.
no no (10 days ago)
Did anybody hear Ariel when the sexy men came on
Big Guy Little Girl (10 days ago)
I wonder who retweeted Zach during this video
Rheya Arulampalam (11 days ago)
8:29 my favorite boy!!!!
leothefox (11 days ago)
does eugene not like clowns?
yOu dON’t KnOW mE (11 days ago)
4:00 I’m from JACKSONVILLE Florida
Sleeping Beauty (11 days ago)
1:08 - I could not agree more
Reyna Dejoux (11 days ago)
Keith: tha-ATS like the gold of the chicken! 😂😂
emma duncan (12 days ago)
Ned loses points for driving, gains major points as dedicated husband!
Aisidjjenenjdjneneje (12 days ago)
0:47 hahahahaha Ned is already distracted
kiamae brown (12 days ago)
Keith and chicken are relationship goals
7:03 Eugene angrily talking to himself is a mood 😂🤪
Magali .i (15 days ago)
i saw my wife in a cage- *and nothing else mattered*
Jemima Raggett (16 days ago)
Eugene is mature Keith is childish Ned is loving Zach is sweet
1 like = 1 sad for zach! How many sads can we get? Also for Ned, he lost. Haha.
MC King-Minecraft (18 days ago)
Jeannette (20 days ago)
I think Ned lost because the points were wrong
Jadee Draws (20 days ago)
8:17 he put a seat belt on the fried chicken ahhhahahahha :,D
Meg Davis (21 days ago)
8:28 *"AHHHH* *my* *favourite* *boys"*
I feel like the 'off course' has a double meaning fo Ned
yoav zafrir (22 days ago)
0:47 ned tried to steal the bear
Cassie Tucker (24 days ago)
Omg Ned driving off course to get his wife out of the cage was adorable
4D Alien (25 days ago)
For every like I will put a fried chicken emoji🍗in Keith’s honor and married lady emoji👰🏼 in Ned’s honor
Emma R (25 days ago)
8:12 Ned: Slippery When Wet? Me: BON JOVI!!!
0:32 oh I got retweeted!! That's exciting. 8:47 so I won, that's exciting!!!!
Greta Plays AJ (25 days ago)
When ned yelled, the dog got startled
Sofia (25 days ago)
Funny thing: I had to rewind the video because I kept getting distracted while watching it
sea flap flap (26 days ago)
Zach's just hugging the stuffed animals I love him for that. They needed some love.
Leila Shaye (27 days ago)
8:29 is my new favorite quote
Sonal Bhadauriya (28 days ago)
ZACH!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
That Msp Player (29 days ago)
I love kittens!
AlexandeKnight (30 days ago)
What do OCD people and ADHD people have in common? We both bloody concentrate on things that other people don't constraint on!
I Am Truly Greg (30 days ago)
Zach and the Nurse, identical twins?
Arenze Jeanette (1 month ago)
Ned has his priorities straight and yay zach, woohoo 🙌
M.J. Meece (1 month ago)
I love the fact that Ned loves his wife so much. Also I love Zach's reaction to pretty much everything.
Blubby The Blobfish (1 month ago)
4:20 where can I download that song?
La La Lucy (1 month ago)
My friends would DEFINITELY put a fricking clown in the car I have major claurophobia
Labinzel 3712 (1 month ago)
I wanna hold a kitten...
lil snowflake animates (1 month ago)
Am i the only person who will just talk about on 6:25 on the reaction of the dog cause of ned screaming
Daria Teodora (1 month ago)
Honestly Ned is so cute, always talking about, praising and appreciating Ariel❤
WawaPiggy Sarai Ip (1 month ago)
I like how the personalized distractions for Ned,Zach, and Keith are things that they like (Dogs,Cats, and Fried Chicken) While Eugene gets something he hates (CLOWNS)
Christie Drake (1 month ago)
I love how Zach picked up the sexy men 😜 “Hey! You guys need a ride?”
Princess Zaria (1 month ago)
Ned is soo sweet to his baby and wife
Prasheta Deepak (1 month ago)
I feel so sorry for Keith, his fried chicken was taken away.
BlueGrunge 93 (1 month ago)
Zach and Eugene holding kittens and Keith is holding a bucket of chicken - priorities
K C (1 month ago)
the one time ned wants his wife left out of it
Michelle DiPalo (1 month ago)
Zach's reaction to the kittens and Eugene's reaction tp the clown are both 100% me.
5:12 *mom hes bullying me*
Lou Blow (1 month ago)
Awwww when he went to save his wife
I am a Potato (1 month ago)
Poor Eugene! You could see him being anxious...
Katerina Zissimou (1 month ago)
Obviously Ned at the bottom was red because red rhymes with Ned.... 😏 😂
Allisondra Terrano (1 month ago)
*True love dies when Ned get's a Divorce with Ariel and Keith dumps Fried Chicken*
lazy. taledragon (1 month ago)
Ned driving to Ariel and there it is 'OF COURSE' I laughed so much hahahah
Payne B (9 days ago)
6:28 and 6:44 Ned become Rambo
derpy fox art (1 month ago)
this is why i take the bus
Summer Yin (1 month ago)
I love the challenges they chose for each other 😂
Brianna Shaver (1 month ago)
Zach is me whenever I see cats!!!!!
BBerry (1 month ago)
*This wasnt fair*
Lana Lang (1 month ago)
Lol Keith put a seatbelt on his fried chicken
Chloe Lynch (1 month ago)
Omg Ned spilled the tea
Relax & Chillax (1 month ago)
Keith + Fried Chicken ________________ Fried Keith
Bella Sparkes (1 month ago)
needs love for his wife is honestly
OCEAN STEVER (1 month ago)
aLsO that bucket was almost EnTiReLy chicken breasts! *crazy laugh* tHaTs LiKe tHe GoLd oF ThE cHiCkeN By far the best part! Lmao
Nacho Space_1738 (1 month ago)
Wow when the concentration test zach was last and ned was first and then when it was time to drive zach won and ned lost
Hayden Harvey (1 month ago)
What personality I have with all of the Try Guys Keith- humor Eugene-personality Ned-seriousness Zach-weirdness
Summer Flowers (1 month ago)
I wouldve stopped the car to tell the clown to get the ---- out of my car.
Peters palace (1 month ago)
Me: didn’t they already do that?
Peters palace (1 month ago)
Technically they did
leyley heyyy (1 month ago)
Selling replays Cost 1 like: 7:21 7:21 OUT OF STOCK 7:21 FrIEd CHiCkEN
Halo Woolley (1 month ago)
Oh my good
Nikaia Taratoa (1 month ago)
Zach's reactions when he saw the kittens x
Angelica Anderson (1 month ago)
does he have coulrophobia? fear of clowns?
Serena Odonata (1 month ago)
so cute how zachs whole face just became soft and adoring in the moment he realises the presence of kitties ^^
Serena Odonata (1 month ago)
"I went of course . . . a little bit" thats an interessting way to call totaly abandoning everithing but we love you for this ^^
Serena Odonata (1 month ago)
I love how Neds score explodes ^^, there so adorable, there personalised distractions where just pure gold
Josh Lewis (1 month ago)
Who else noticed that in Ned’s car with the dog that there was a person sitting at the bottom of the car
Madisun Ramsay (1 month ago)
"There's too many happy things" - Eugene
Nerdy Nova (1 month ago)
butts. butts. butts. Ned is sexy. LOLOLOLOLOLL omfg lmfao
Cindy Fong (1 month ago)
Poor Eugene
Edward Yates (1 month ago)
I’d stop the car for those builders 🤒🤒🤒
Randomosity! (1 month ago)
Zack Cornfield’s Pet Peeve
Aleson Coleman (1 month ago)
I need a man like Ned as my future husband. HE IS DEDICATED TO ARIEL!! That’s real love ❤️
J.R Cody (1 month ago)
okay real life tho some of these "distractions" are things you should actually pay attention to. Like are they supposed to think about none of their surroundings and only where they are going.
Maurenne Clayne (1 month ago)
The chicken OMG😂😂😂😂
TheFishly News (1 month ago)
Neds points had me dying
Jade sky (1 month ago)
Yep cuz Zach is freaking hotttt

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