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19th Century Fashion - How To Tell Different Decades Apart?

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first person to count all the words I mispronounced gets 10 points for their house. also, is it just me or do I sound like the watchmojo narrator? ________________ My Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ki6VTq My blog: http://bit.ly/2nnB89S My nudes: http://bit.ly/2zR5Rzm
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Text Comments (817)
I LOVE big sleeves! And the dresses look awesome 😭😍
random ytacc (1 day ago)
Late 1830s is my favorite, I like the simpler look. :)
Violet Blood (4 days ago)
I’d like to see a video about what influenced different fashions , more of like a theoretical view on it
Ava Grace (4 days ago)
Do you consider Downton Abbey to be accurate, as far as outfits and makeup go? Just curious. <3
PRINCE KRAZIE (6 days ago)
"devel up" sounds like "develope." So just imagine: "Damn son, crinolines were devel'd up in the 1840s to hold dresses wide!"
Michiel Korte (10 days ago)
And for men?
MommyScientist (13 days ago)
1830s are basically the 1980s.. ^^
Krafty Kreator (16 days ago)
Very, very interesting! Quick but seemed very comprehensive. I wonder how these fashions are reflected depending I what country you are referring to, as some countries are sort of leading fashion trends then others, and some places keep older styles longer.... Then of course the video would be totally crazy and very long so I guess not but it would have been nice. A little tiny nit pick in a very good video. Thanks!
Riot Jayne (16 days ago)
One thing that I've been wondering for a while but haven't seen you discuss (may have missed it) is: Did fashion shifts begin to speed up as we moved closer toward modernity, or has fashion always shifted as frequently and we just have less evidence for it. And how far back does regular shifting fashions go?
Ada King (17 days ago)
19th-century fashion in Europe, that is.
Eva Abl (19 days ago)
Oh my gosh, you are a lefthander 😍
Annbrial Lawrence (19 days ago)
1870s was my favorite decade in fashion idk why lol.
Maverick (23 days ago)
this is european fashion?
Ayla (25 days ago)
The art in this video is amazing
samirasuricata (28 days ago)
I love how accurate your videos are and how much effort you put into them (the drawings are absolutely awesome! 😍👍) Wonderful how you live your passion, teach others about it and explain it to all other history lovers better than any history teacher! Greetings from Germany 👋❤️
Lillian Bowen (1 month ago)
I enjoyed this video so much, watching you draw your clever images relaxed me. I want to draw like you. Your drawings definitely told the story of womens fashions through the decades! This would make a lovely coffee table book. Thank you.
IAmAZygote (1 month ago)
This is my absolute favorite video of yours. The visuals of how they changed through the years is amazing! And seeing which era idealized which part of the body is so interesting! Thank you so much for all the work and effort that went into this! I hope you do another one again for a different century!! 🤗
Taanipu Saiyan (1 month ago)
I love most late 19th century fashion starting from late 1960 to 1900 till edwardian era even it's already 20th century!
Giulia's Crafts (1 month ago)
This is an incredible well made video and you are freaking talented. That’s impressive. Wow. Just wow. 💚💚💚💚 i’m italian and i’m literally obsessed by your videos!!! 😍
Michael Vanderhoff (1 month ago)
so.. fashion puberty?
Jacob Hall (1 month ago)
PLEASE do a 20th century video!
BluKohaku (1 month ago)
You are just wonderful. Have you already done one on 20th century decades?
panda20031994 (1 month ago)
Such a great video! <3
Katie G. (1 month ago)
Would you mind doing a video like this about 18th century fashion? I really like this format. It is very easy to understand.
Sir Jaojao (1 month ago)
Thank you a lot for this! I like to draw historical motifs, and this is very helpful
Lydia Derhake (1 month ago)
Epic video!! Thank you for such a clear, well illustrated resource!
Yseulte (1 month ago)
The early 19th cent Austen stuff I often have heard named as 'Regency'.
strangely squirrel (1 month ago)
Ok but this was actually really helpful for my art history class. Whenever I couldn‘t identify the exact decade the painting was made, I just looked at the ladies‘ dresses and made a decision based on that. Obviously not always helpful (what the fuck, historicism?!) but it certainly made a good impression on my teacher and classmates :)
I love to see you talk about Renaissance fashion!!!
Dancing Jen (1 month ago)
Not helping, it's going way too fast and no actual pictures/portraits.
Adele B. (2 months ago)
I would love if you did this for the 18th century too!
Sofia La Vey (2 months ago)
Your illustrations are so spot on!
Nick Grape (2 months ago)
This is all interesting but why would you women... Ah well, fashion, we men had odd clothes too.
Lena H. (2 months ago)
You should make one for the 20th century.
Lena H. (2 months ago)
I showed this to my mum and she loved it and was ready to immediately start watching the videos for other centuries.
dropdeadchoop (2 months ago)
Wow I loved this!!
First: we were without clothes 2nd: we became decent and non-naked and Now the whole world has become naked The world is in danger !!!!!
Dragon cat (2 months ago)
One thing that never really changed in human history is that most people liked big buts.
Nicole Widdison (2 months ago)
I didn't realise the fabric patterns were so specific in 1840... I made a blue plaid 1840's fanfront dress at one point, but that may not have really been as accurate as it seemed...
River Ó hÁillewill (2 months ago)
I would love it if you did a video on American fashion of the 1800's. Everyone talks about these time periods in terms of British monarchy, all I have to go on for American fashion is Scarlett O'Hara and Westworld, which takes place in the future. How did it differ from England, and how did it differ between the North, South and West? I also always wonder what people wore in their homes. I know as soon as I get home I immediately take off all of my uncomfortable appropriate clothes and put on things that I would never wear outside, or intentionally be photographed in. Do historians know what people wore when no one but their families could see them?
SkyBlue (2 months ago)
20th Century pls because I am a noob in Fashion History and this is very interesting. :)
Sabrina Roschatt (2 months ago)
I really enjoyed this
Jocelyne cupcake (2 months ago)
That's interesting, but could you do a 1900's-1990's fashion video because my grandma was born in '36 and when she tells me stories I'm always so confused because I had no idea girls used to climb trees and stuff in those long skirts.
Donteatacowman (2 months ago)
I'm blown away by your art! So simple and clean and pretty! I'm personally interested in what I can recognize from the Hamilton broadway musical costuming. (If you're not familiar, I'd like to hear your thoughts about the costume decisions!) From what I remember, since it's a faithful(ish) adaptation of history with a hip-hop soundtrack, the theme was to have historically accurate costume from the neck down but modern hair/headpieces. Buuut the timeline of the musical stretches from the 1770s to the early 1800s with few costume changes, I'm now wondering exactly what time period the "accurate" costumes are set in. The ladies' clothing have really distinct silhouettes--a tight and non-curvy, cone-shaped corset; a bustle, but also the floor-length skirt flares out sideways from above the hips; and the sleeves are either narrow and extending to the wrist, or a little past elbow-length with wide lace underneath. (I'm not educated on fashion so my terms might not be right.) Google "schuyler sisters" if you want to take a look. I wonder what era that's specifically from, and whether any of the fashion was made up out of whole cloth (get it?).
Marghosts (2 months ago)
this was SUPER helpful and really fun to watch!!! my friend and I are currently trying to make a comic set in the early 1890's, so it was really nice to be able to see what set that era apart. Would you be willing to do a similar video to this one for men's fashion in the 19th century? Btw loved the drawings :)
Absurdology Media (3 months ago)
Can you do 19th century Western? Like what the poor farmers and such wore?
Violet Rose (3 months ago)
This video is totally beautiful. I can't believe I have just discovered it now!
Katnatnp (3 months ago)
You should also talk about what was going on during that time period too so we can visualise the time periid better. Great video though!
Weird Guy (3 months ago)
7:30 little in the middle but she got much back
RubyStarGavey (3 months ago)
I love these videos.
Lisa Venema (3 months ago)
I was so born in the wrong fashionera
Lisa Venema (3 months ago)
I was so born in the wrong fashionera
Ellie Meli (3 months ago)
As lovely as your drawings are and the information interesting, you wipe the finished drawing too soon. Maybe speed up the drawing process a bit more and pause the finished drawing so we can actually see it. Nice content and well done, just think about this remark.
Mrs Chester (3 months ago)
Every time I get confused about 19th century clothes I come back to this video.
畏り煙Nordicberry (3 months ago)
This is so sad, can we bring back long skirts for every single woman? That would be great. Ps. pants are annoying and restricting, change my mind
Sabina (3 months ago)
Can you make the same kind of video for men's fashion in the period? 😀
Is haruto naruto? (3 months ago)
My fav was the empire era/jane austen era, those were so elegant and pretty!
kattterina (3 months ago)
thanks ! i’m doing research for early california pre 1850s style . and this helps figure out what pictures are from what time periods , the only difference is there’s some spanish influence with the shawl and braids . but OMG looking on pinterest for the pictures can be downright traumatic at times!! so many postmortem pictures of old and young alike just randomly scattered . ahhhhhh
Uma Pessoa Qualquer (3 months ago)
We need a part 2, pleeeeeeeeeeease
arianne hernandez (3 months ago)
Loved this!! Would love to see a similar 20th century fashion drawing video!
Veronika Vartanova (3 months ago)
Great video, so very educational! Love your drawing style, too♥
Natt Gray (3 months ago)
Great clip - the illustration is erased too fast
Lisa Willis (3 months ago)
1870’s : I like big butts, I cannot lie
magenta44 (3 months ago)
Your knowledge and artistry are AMAZING!
Juliana Graham (3 months ago)
Anne of Green Gables: Puff sleeves!
Kathy L (3 months ago)
Really enjoyed this. I'd like to suggest less of the drawing process and show the final drawing so you're not erasing the image so soon after telling us what it's about... more time to actually see the dress design you're talking about. Thank you for posting this. :)
aprilapirlipat (3 months ago)
I always thought 1870's fashion was a little inspired by 18th century fashion, fascinating :D :) thanks for clarifying that
Vanessa Benefico (3 months ago)
Love this
Emily Saunders (3 months ago)
the 1850's are my absolute favorite!
Szymon W. (3 months ago)
So much talent for drawing and so much knowledge about fashion history! It is a pitty that all these nice drawings disappeared in few seconds after being create. :)
Leigh-Anne Dennison (3 months ago)
BRILLIANT!! Love it!!
suuzq35 (3 months ago)
I am impressed with your drawing abilities!
Nayara Coca (3 months ago)
I'm so glad that evey Jane Austen movie/series tried to be accurate, I never made a reasearch on this subject and still recognized some of the dresses. Thank you so much for all this information, I learned a lot! (and i'm not fluent in english but fully understood you, your pronunciation is awesome) ok, so: were the 1830's the preview of the 1980's???? what the hell???
Crow Eater (4 months ago)
The transition from high society french fashion of the monarchy to the simpler design of the french republic and empire is shown perfectly at the start of this video, 1790s to 1815. With the 1820s being the transition period between french styles dominating to english fashion dominating.
Ella Pocock (4 months ago)
1830s looked like Mary found her little lamb
zuzu (4 months ago)
Not only is she smart, beautiful and an amazing meme mom to us all; She's artistic too.
Not my Name (4 months ago)
what about medieval era?
Hikaru Uta (4 months ago)
You know, these period fashion videos shows a disturbing lack of a specified location. American fashion? French? English?
Killer Queen (4 months ago)
I have gained a little knowledge of 19th century fashion from the countless period dramas I've watched
scott grunow (4 months ago)
Witziger Mensch (4 months ago)
When will the 20th century video come? This one was wonderful
Andy Stargaryen (4 months ago)
it is 2019 and I am still waitng for the 20th century fashion video
Ellie Tolia (4 months ago)
Great video!!! Please make one for 20th century too! Thank you!!
Aritul (4 months ago)
Fantastic video. Thank you for your time.
klj788986sbb (4 months ago)
I can’t believe they ditched those simple, beautiful, Grecian-inspired regency dresses for those godawful mutton sleeves. It’s ugly as well as physically restricting. The regency gowns look so much easier to move about in, such a downgrade.
kings_ dogg (4 months ago)
It was super interesting !!! thank you !
anabel8lee (4 months ago)
"About the butts..." XD Also, your drawings were pretty dang good!
Alicia Mesa (5 months ago)
Your'e awesone!
Alicia Mesa (5 months ago)
If I was a movie director..of an history time film ...you are my dressing director for shure! (Sorry,my english is in progress) but I hope you know what I mean....
Grey Edgerton (5 months ago)
The most I'm allowed to comment on is maybe the history. Even that is stretching it.
adamsransom (5 months ago)
SUCH GOOD DRAWS. You did a great job of illustrating all of those changes - I'd love to see more videos like this if you ever have the time.
First Last (5 months ago)
You should probably specify "19th Century _Women's_ Fashion." Great video though, and I'd love to see one about men's fashion around the same period.
Claire Williams (5 months ago)
This was so intresting and informative thank you.
lee a (5 months ago)
this was so interesting, thank you
Aidan Wilson (5 months ago)
2:52 umm.....what did she say??
Louise Haley (5 months ago)
Probably the best video in 19th century fashion ever, I can’t wait to see the one on hats/bonnets and shoes.
Luiza Marques (5 months ago)
You draw so well! I wish you did more videos like this gem here :)
HaldjasHelina (5 months ago)
This was awesome. Your drawing style is really cute & pretty! <3
john lennon's daughter (5 months ago)
omg i knew you were left handed like you just have that left hand vibe
Talmorne (5 months ago)
I wonder how much male fashion would have changed during these times?
slomodog (5 months ago)
There's a place near me that is supposed to be Victorian themed but they dress like they're from early 1800s and they are supposed to be mid 1800s. Drives me nuts because it's not realistic.

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