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Man's arm Morphs in front of Joanna Krupa in Hollywood, her Demon? is not happy

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Daily Mail showed a brief clip that had to be played backwards to see a Being who was displaying his hand morphing from normal size to an elongated non-human size. (we know angels can manipulate matter) With her is what appears to be a woman handler, and a man who appears to be a demon or is demon possessed, he was not happy about what was just witnessed and had to be handled. This video was taken at the Art for Animals Fundraiser hosted at the De Re Gallery in West Hollywood, and Joanna Krupa was present and taped for a segment in a Daily Mail article yesterday May, 5th. She was wearing a red string Kaballah bracelet linking once again Hollywood Kabbalists with Demonism and Satanism. Please check out the article and the video on the Daily Mail to see how expertly this content was hidden. I believe they use hand signals to sign and communicate and have expert technology to view these videos and receive the messages about what is going on currently in the spirit realm and the battle between Good and Evil . Please take a look at the pictures taken of Joanna and the handler shown on this Daily Mail article and you can see whatever happened there caused her to look shocked and taken aback. Things are progressing fast and this is proof that the spiritual realm is now bleeding into the physical. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4480254/Joanna-Krupa-dons-flirty-dress-peek-boo-panels.html Music: Dark Times by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100747 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (1731)
Shane Brown (1 day ago)
Joseph Porter (1 day ago)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't see shit....
William Cardenas (1 day ago)
Lmao. The person that made this video is completely insane. Smh.
El cu cuy 1340 (1 day ago)
Hahahaha hahahaaaaaaaa
R C (1 day ago)
Chase West (1 day ago)
Yeah looks like a body guard imo
How much acid did you take to come to this conclusion?
Ronda Carmack (1 day ago)
An i always wonder why some ppls eyes are red in photos.Who knows.i don't really see nothing....illusions??
Digital Shredda (1 day ago)
This is garbage.
Michael Moore (1 day ago)
He's looking around the room scanning as he goes back and forth ..as anyone who's a body guard in Hollywood.. Nothing out of the ordinary to.me it looks more like the video is being doubled to try and trick you into thinking his eyes are doing something there not..
PowderBlue 29 (1 day ago)
You can tell it’s only video distortion. Right when it starts to show the guys eyes “morphing” notice the black over his left shoulder but our RIGHT side looking at the screen. His face is also being distorted at the same time with the same movements.
Chris (1 day ago)
This shit is ridiculous lay off the shrooms !
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Bill Ashton (1 day ago)
Really..this ain't shit
Mohamed Hesham (1 day ago)
Fucking delusional 😡
Crystal Wilson (1 day ago)
OK, this is just poor video quality. I totally believe in demons and I believe that they have some pretty crazy powers and the ability to do things, just as you were describing here. However, I don't think this is one of those instances. I really and truly believe that this is just a legit crappy pixelated, poor quality video due to probably being copied and recopied and recopied again and again. Sorry, Rose, I mean no disrespect… This is just a hot mess.
My third leg does the same thing strangely enough
Charlette (1 day ago)
Chgreeneyes (1 day ago)
Yep.jealous boyfriend
Can I get at least one thumbs up for the matching 1.2 K thumbs up and thumbs down?
James Klopotic (1 day ago)
This is stupid, who cares about this
Frank Heath (1 day ago)
You guys are completely crazy
paul bornman (1 day ago)
and when you woke up your coffee was cold
greglarsen1 (1 day ago)
Oooooorrrr hes just a Dbag security guy.
Jay Amin (1 day ago)
What bullshit is this ?
Dennis Bloodnock (1 day ago)
Ive seen better film on teeth. Keep taking the meds rose, I'm sure they'll kick in one day.
Charmaine Balzan (2 days ago)
Great love isn’t ill will n not one human has learnt how to speak softly or gently proved in a bible that was written from opinion not fact so if you shut someone down from their natural tendancy for patience then you have wasted time of 4,900 days when life evolution would not have been stuck orctrapped with anyone elses agenda against who is the supreme ruler and how chonicles seems to be ignored
Neunter Zwölfter 70 (2 days ago)
Dont use drugs and play with your comuter, stupid moron
Charmaine Balzan (2 days ago)
If primtive humanity wont be open for humane understanding how can anyone take me seriously but then how can anyone say to me in a fuckwit fashion of slamming me not for being open when they shut and close me down?
Judy bug (2 days ago)
And to think I watched some of this stupid video. oh boy I must find me something better to do before i start believing in pixels lol
alamotexan (2 days ago)
, stupid is as stupid does
Bootney Lee (2 days ago)
Rose. Honey. You're watching tv way too hard. Let your mind rest.
Brandon Maxfield (2 days ago)
Read a book instead of doing these videos
Kamala Pati (2 days ago)
I have come to discern that celebrities are NOT cloned. The difference we are seeing is them after demonic possession
U down wit O.P.P (2 days ago)
Holi fuk your joking right
Serge holyusev (2 days ago)
That blonde female was so hot she just had this seductive look about her I had a hard time paying attention to anything else
Rein 18 (2 days ago)
This is ridiculous smh...the only demon there is, is the guy making this video. Waste of time.
jdbc69 (2 days ago)
The real question is WHY would anyone want someone that creepy around in the first place... Stupid title. Should be about the Eye morphing at 6:30. And something is just no right with all these negative posts jumping on this one.
Chantal Corleone (2 days ago)
I see it.....
stacy franz (2 days ago)
Wtf are u seeing?? They are looking way past him...what arm?? So hes pissed she wasnt paying attention. N whats up with casual guy?? Funny. N what the hell is up with creepy fucikng music???really??ps gave me a fucking head ache...
Ursula Kavaliauskas (2 days ago)
Pickpocket working with two lookouts. Wonder if he got from Joanna, what he was attemting to take?
turkey thug0420 (2 days ago)
I dont see shit
Michele Scanzano (2 days ago)
But no smile from him ...weird, who is that man???? What is he doing there ? Who is the lady withe hand signal The flash also is causing distortion
Brandon Sexton (2 days ago)
Put down the pipe. Nothing to see here.
Leon Phelps (2 days ago)
Bro I wish there was a way that I can beat my 8 minutes out of u
David Bov (3 days ago)
This is silly stay off the drugs
Elijah Buck Elk (3 days ago)
This is so stupid who cares about these stupid demons morphing - she knows what she wants 🙏
Olav Langli (3 days ago)
Religion is made up so that idiots like you can explain what they can't begin to understand... There are no demons , no angels BUT ENERGY EXISTS... YOU DUMB SIMPLE MINDED COW
Neil E.Anlin (3 days ago)
Get a life...
Acquanella Ogbemudia (3 days ago)
Wtf is this ...waste false Advertisements
Kia Wade (3 days ago)
Looks like bs to me
Wayne Gillard (3 days ago)
At first I thought naa, but now,you definitely caught something. Very subtle but we'll done, the veil is lifted on this one. 💯👍👍🤔.
Kyle (3 days ago)
Oh come on now.
Ron Swartz Anonymous (3 days ago)
Hollywood is demonic.
Bella Luxx (3 days ago)
Dude, just no.
Joe Chipman (3 days ago)
Colleen Stockfleth (3 days ago)
northeastrocker (3 days ago)
you are a fucking moron
Evelyn Williams (4 days ago)
You are on point about it
angie vara (4 days ago)
As much as I believe in reptilians this just looks like he has short sleeves on his jacket and we are seeing his lower arm and hand.
Renyeh Alexanderr (4 days ago)
My dogs eyes do that
The Stampede (4 days ago)
Something weird... Definitely going on here lol but not... What you think? Or not at all in the way you think... If you stumbled upon truth.... You did it in the dark with no idea what you're zooming in on
Michael Vendick (5 days ago)
He.probanly pulled his dick out and showed it to her
you have been misinformed...go about your business...conform...obey...procreate
Bleeding In Love (5 days ago)
These videos are so poorly made/edited. I don't see shit. Lay off the meth.
Chad Michael (5 days ago)
That black chick is a witch. Everyone should thank God we have people like Rose keeping an eye out there for us all. Trust me, keep looking. Whatever is about to happen will happen in Hollywood first. God Bless Rose
John Phillips (6 days ago)
What a bunch of horse shit!
William Jackson (6 days ago)
Y'all have a Happy Christmas by turning to Jesus and following him.
William Jackson (6 days ago)
Satan's enforcers are amongst the celebs and they're all scared shirtless. Ha Ha. You remember Terminator 3 and Skynets TX whose arm morphed into a spike and skewered the security guard through the head. Hollywood's got it for real. The morphing thing on the left was angry because the other thing had showed its potential. In another bid a celeb bowed to one of these things. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
JoAnn Oeser (6 days ago)
Jeff Jeff (6 days ago)
VIP room is this way folks, and looks like a jacked sports celb jealous ing out
Bruce McCheyne (6 days ago)
World Champion boxer Mikey Garcia is a demon (that's who that is) now I've heard everything.
gretta fahey (6 days ago)
Neuro weapons are being used to move the muscles of peoples faces and whole bodies against their will and without their consent. This technology is widespread. Targeted individuals of non-consensual neuro research are informing the public that they are experiencing remote muscle movement. Demonic possession does not exist. It is just a cover story which was created in the past century in order to cover up the vast capabilities of neuro weapons.
OVER THE LINE! (6 days ago)
Hehe, they seem so familiar. Like dream characters :) Hard to catch, especially in dream mode.
nahmanini sithole (6 days ago)
Well there you have it. Irrefutable proof that we're stupid.
Joey Coleman (6 days ago)
In the eye changing his lower ear lobes become conected with his neck. If you switch the letters around in ANGEL you have ANGLE . At certain angles they cant hide there actual image from us.
Spoofsinyourface (6 days ago)
I'd say, you need to put in more time working to save up for a better camera, than posting this garbage. Guess they're all demons. The guy behind him morphs too than. It's called a crap camera. That mixed with mental disorder. You can pray all you want, but seems like you need a few to pray for you. You may be having a psychotic breakdown.
Marco Burdi (9 days ago)
I want to know that guys name.. My eyes are locked on him
Amerika Garcia (11 days ago)
These comments sadden me they have eye but cannot see
Adam Barron (12 days ago)
Too much caffeine
Deni Sinha (12 days ago)
Daniel Foster (13 days ago)
Her name sounds familiar but I didn't know who Joanna Krupa is or what she does...but goodness gracious she is beautiful!! I can now venture a guess that she's a super model and perhaps an actress wanna be.
Yasmina Hadimi (13 days ago)
Anybody thinks they are feeding us conspiracies, looks to me impossible, looks to me some simple visual special effects to make us waste time.
Amber Rouse (15 days ago)
You can see straight thru the woman standing up against the wall
Juan Alcala (17 days ago)
Absolutely hilarious. I'm going to make a video of me tying my shoes and see how many views I can get. I'm borrowing this music.
Tae Kwando (17 days ago)
This beings energy is frightening, even watching it on video is unnerving, Joanna Krupa looks scared to death. May Yahuah have mercy on her,
Linda S (18 days ago)
Nasty Lizard
Dan Rice (18 days ago)
Meth mouth
You Tube (18 days ago)
I find it odd that there are the same # of likes and dislikes. I’m just starting to watch this too, only 17 secs into it. So I haven’t fully watched this vid yet
Jmoore (19 days ago)
Complete time waste! who has time for this nonsense?
BlueMoonCommentor Nash (19 days ago)
These types of videos, always make me laugh but feel embarrassed I clicked on it.
Krypt DaLa Krymm (19 days ago)
Fake News
John & Jane Smith (19 days ago)
You are grasping.
Charlierae (19 days ago)
Ok , everyone saying bs it's poor quality video. At first glance uess I'm with you, except poor quality only pertains to angry monitor lizard guy.
SeekerGoOn2013 (19 days ago)
Please get another life. You’re wasting this one.
Montgomery Green (19 days ago)
No more dope
boog Dehoyos (19 days ago)
He was shaking hands with her...wtf is this
si h (19 days ago)
Nothing odd going on here. Are you trying to muddy the waters with rubbish like this ?
Daniel Edwardsen (19 days ago)
by the way good and evil dont exist one means animalistic nature (evil)and intelligence being (good) dont be so stupid damnnnn its called a system for a reason if this world was pure good how boring would it be like come on think about it
Daniel Edwardsen (19 days ago)
ummmmm they are what made us look at youre skin closely and see the pattern then look at a snakes skin and see the pattern then look at a birds feet and its skin, then look closely at youre dogs skin, reptilians made us we even have a reptilian part of the brain, and they are everywhere its not a big deal everyone is monitored 24/7 and thats why they rule this system, its because they project it, now grow a pair

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