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10 WORST Men's Hairstyles Of ALL TIME! Terrible Hairstyles To Avoid

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Text Comments (7423)
RoboTurkeyNinja (2 years ago)
Rocky 4! ....and it's Drago. Know your macho references haha
Camari Williams (2 months ago)
they all look terrible my opinion
L.B. Martinez (3 months ago)
09 Shrimpboy (5 months ago)
make a vid ofhow to do your hair
James Black (5 months ago)
RIP Apollo Creed
Mickey Tlaseca (3 hours ago)
Am I watching total drama island?
H. Shakoor (1 day ago)
Yeah right. Your hair is pretty bad as well
Kunal Mazumdar (1 day ago)
Anyway any hair style looks better on man's head rather then a bald look, unless you are "agent 47" with a sexy barcode. 😁😁😁
Alex Gherman (2 days ago)
3:43 😂😂😂
Brandon Martinez (2 days ago)
what do you think about waves?
Russell Bogrett (4 days ago)
As a barber i can say that except for the flatop (which rocks) they all suck equally (including yours.).
Jesse Osborne (4 days ago)
I like greasy hair. The Pompadour.
Shi Yu (6 days ago)
This guy is not just about fashion... He is a comedian lol
Lias (7 days ago)
The 5th one only looks good on Sam Winchester.
Thinkagain6 (9 days ago)
hair tucked behind ears is awesome! (side part though!) (not middle part) ..i had it when i was young! ...i would rock it again in a heartbeat! i had blonde hair like river phoenix in indiana jones!
Reject Parndiox (10 days ago)
The bowl cut is horrible
Logan Yoo (11 days ago)
What about Brian May's hair?
John (11 days ago)
wheres the bowl cut
Me Mario (12 days ago)
Almond Bird (12 days ago)
this was on the recommended for a "how to style a pompadour" video and I was ready to call you a big baby bitch if you were going to include that on this list but all the hairstyles here turned out to be valid ugly confirmed by me, god of hair
Generally if youre white and you want dreadlocks, you want to go for the viking styles. Those will look more natural on a white person since they usually use longer straighter hair instead of really small curls.
Bieber cuts make men look 5x more feminine.
C1CCH13_J (13 days ago)
what about the bowl cut? btw wither bieber or no. 4 cut
Jorge Barron (13 days ago)
This guy is so fucking gay
Steve Shea (13 days ago)
How are you not even going to mention the man bun?
Rogério Penna (14 days ago)
I do not like your hairstyle.
wolf it the fifth (15 days ago)
Is a ponytail acceptable for a dude?
_ _Mystery_ _ (15 days ago)
You look like a shark
Martin (16 days ago)
the last one was the worst in my opinion, but because he used tons of products. Other than that, Mullet looks like garbage. Talking about hair behind ears - I like that one though, but if your hair is naturally straight and doesn't require any products
Unicorn Owl (16 days ago)
the only person who can pull off long and greasy is tom hiddleston
Brennan Hanson (16 days ago)
Rocky 4
Sheriff Stahr (16 days ago)
You won’t blast the mullet because Eric Banholtz from Beard Brand is on board with it
Danyjeff (16 days ago)
You think long hair on guys is bad?! Two words: Dave Mustaine
machine god (16 days ago)
Dreadlocks on a white guy 1 out of 10 of worst to good
Supremex25x (17 days ago)
You forgot the alpha m hairstyle
David Vos (17 days ago)
number 4 was the worst
ToxicLemonGaming (17 days ago)
i have crazy ass wild hair, and im growing it out. alpha would not aprove
Iron Gate (17 days ago)
dreads! ugh
DIY Solidario (18 days ago)
jajaaaaa muy gracioso
RadWolf (19 days ago)
#8 for roblox players they call it bacon hair
Skylar Ballew (20 days ago)
Alpha males talk to themselves behind a camera while giving their opinion on the best styles for men? Lmaoooo
SuisenCeirw (20 days ago)
Euphonium Master (20 days ago)
Vikings had dreadlocks so I say if you have black or red hair it should work.
Hi Free Subs Here (21 days ago)
Oh the bowl cut
Jimmy Hopkins (21 days ago)
stephvann L (21 days ago)
The man bun didn't make the cut...why? About the only guy that rocks the man bun is Tom Payne from the Walking Dead. Everything about that man is beautiful and his hair down and long is amazingly sexy!
smog (21 days ago)
Durex (22 days ago)
what should i do with my super big forehead?
panda 2627 (22 days ago)
I'm so sad you didnt include the 'bowl' cut
Jeff Burkellyson (23 days ago)
Either the Mullet or the Bieber.
Matthew Withers (24 days ago)
Well as a teen I will admit the whole beiber 'mop head' was part of my thing (it was a horrible idea, I still shudder to think I did it) so I say its probably the worst in my vote
Fortnitegod (24 days ago)
respectable choices imo
Isabel Tirado (24 days ago)
I love the blow out
who's man? (25 days ago)
Don't disrespect the mullet man. Gang gang rat king Theo von baby
Imran Bahadur Oli (25 days ago)
Uncle Aaron you are amazing.
Twitchy Paladin (25 days ago)
My parents keep telling me to cut my hair but I'm definitely a guy with the right face for it actually I feel like my face looks better with long hair. I've been growing it for 2 years and it's almost at my nipples. I don't need a haircut mom that's what ponytails are for(I'm not a fan of man buns)
Justin batchelar (26 days ago)
What is wrong with a classic or even vintage combover with side part? Just because Trump has it doesn't mean it isn't stylish. So long as when you get the combover it isn't to hide the balding, the classic combover with a low cut fade or tapered cut is very stylish.
Tristen Murie (27 days ago)
The mullet
adam bob (28 days ago)
Bowl cut is fucking horrible
Swagger (28 days ago)
I like how he hid the identity of Justin Bieber 😂
ResidentXombie (28 days ago)
Asian bowlcut.
toecutter (30 days ago)
comb over is the worst...shave the fucking head you idiots out there
MilesKintnerMusic (1 month ago)
He forgot No. 11 the Skrillix. Half emo hair/half buzzed.
Junigii (1 month ago)
I want to beat kids too
Oscar Ortiz (1 month ago)
How about the curtain hairstyle?
Constipated_Chubby (1 month ago)
2:24 he censored the eyes but I knew exactly who it was
theinnerbeast 444 (25 days ago)
So a buzz cut is good or bad
Christopher Bozinovich (1 month ago)
Hold up no bowl cut? How the hell is that not on here
nate jeppe (1 month ago)
#3, by far. As a military vet that flat top, or by far even worse, the high and tight aka high and STUPID. Most guys in the military just WONT LET these hairstyles DIE. And whats worse, they still expect everyone else to maintain the same horrible barf doo. Can’t even tell you how much shit I still get, after 17 years about my style.
Jakub Baloga (1 month ago)
Thank gosh there isn't the bowl cut xD
Sunil Swami (1 month ago)
For no 10 haven't you watched aquaman yet?
gato preto (1 month ago)
Chris Melito (1 month ago)
Patrick Dempsey in da houzzze.Shout out from New Orleans
John Roberts (1 month ago)
Anyone else put no product in your hair and just let it drop
Wow this guy supposed to be an alpha male
JohnnyRebKy (1 month ago)
Young JOHNNY CASH hair....1950s style is still the best!! Unfortunately having always had a Marine Corps military cut all my life I have no idea how to accomplish it or how they grew it out that way. What did they do just let the front grow long and brush it to the back of the head??? Young Elvis, Johnny Cash, ect, they all had it going on LOL. Bring it back! Worst hairstyle.....the just got out of bed wild sticking out everywhere look. You must be delusional to think it's cool.
Xavier Cedeno (1 month ago)
Boom!! Bang!!
Steven Raveche (1 month ago)
Pauly D's Hair is not that bad
Luck310455 (1 month ago)
Also what about the man bun, shit looks dumb
Luck310455 (1 month ago)
😂😂 I had the Bieber when I was in kindergarten
Nick Harding (1 month ago)
Cody Clark (1 month ago)
When you slapped the camera I started ducking crying😂😂
Jayce O'Brien (1 month ago)
is this a giants ring u wearin, trator?
Oscar M (1 month ago)
@3:24 lmao fse The worst but nasty is the comb over with that bald spot. Usually is older weird men with glasses lol
The mullet is the worst hair style ive seen not for me im more of a spiky hair type of guy lol
Jamie Strang (1 month ago)
The mullet is fucking amazing don’t dis
Brawlin Entertainment (1 month ago)
I know this is random but when he said long hair can’t look greasy well it reminded me of Lin’s Hamilton hair
Hayden Rollyson (1 month ago)
So far none of these lists include the man bun. Include the Man Bun. 😑
So , all 80s hairstyle is so terrible ? Rather long weird and funny hair , than those Trend f*CKer boring short hairstyles .
shigsho (1 month ago)
Guys...NEVER wear a hat with your hair (bangs) coming out under the bill. If you wear a baseball hat your hair above your eyes should NOT show.
Brandon Garza (1 month ago)
You are definitely the brother of Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness.
Matt that Cajun Boy (2 days ago)
Fucking yes
Nick Tokar (4 days ago)
Absolutely not
Ibro (1 month ago)
All white people hairstyles....
Game n facts (1 month ago)
Where's the bowlcut?
SnappedLogic (1 month ago)
Especially the guys on tiktok that wear their hair like makeup brushes.
Prashu Venkat Official (1 month ago)
danana (1 month ago)
fuck you the blowout is the best
Luxxias (1 month ago)
have you heard of bexey? look him up and look at his hair.
Luxxias (1 month ago)
Jamie Strang maybe before he got his hair shaved down the middle. but i also need to listen to more of his music, but go getta was a really good song
Jamie Strang (1 month ago)
Luxxias Bexeys hair is lit af and his music is pretty good
Melbourne Trains Vlogs (1 month ago)
Worst Hairstyle: Shaved Head 2nd Worst Super Long Hair 3rd Bald
Melbourne Trains Vlogs (1 month ago)
bald = Combover sorry
Moonlight (1 month ago)
3:42 = memes
ame buta (1 month ago)
they all look shit on the wrong guy but on the right dude looks great so grow up pussy man and mind your own business
Purple Giraffe (1 month ago)
I'm black, coco butter all the way.
Purple Giraffe (1 month ago)
#1 is bowl hair cut
rock bro (1 month ago)
chill out bro. ohhhhhh my god i cant bielive that !!!!!! thats your qoat

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