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2018 Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

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Text Comments (142)
loved this
hacker hacker (1 month ago)
As in natural I mean no weave, tracks, or bundles
MiMi (1 month ago)
Love my black culture!❤
Lissa Lavender (1 month ago)
I know this doesnt matter but its crazy HOW I FUCKING GOT A HOUR AND 43 MINUTE VIDEO
Posh Prep Kids (2 months ago)
Rock your Natutal curly hair Sweatshirt https://bnc.lt/focc/HZ0sGl3ABR
Janice Robbson (2 months ago)
These are not natural hair styles
Khalilah Raziq (3 months ago)
Hair style
Kimora Williams (3 months ago)
On 1:01 what is that hair style called
sriracha Thomas (3 months ago)
I wish there were more of these.
kiera jackson (4 months ago)
So tired of the same hairstyles over and over🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️so here I am...and I still have no idea what to do
Flori Rose (5 months ago)
What it the song??
Aliciaxox (5 months ago)
Biracial biracial biracial
Jada -Nicole R (5 months ago)
The One (6 months ago)
why bitches wear weaves its so unnatural and your hair stinks im latin man and love a black women with her natural and cant stand a bold head bitch with weave
kaya katakyni (6 months ago)
Nice when our ladies wear it but disgusting when white ladies or mulattos do it coming from senegal by a real negro
rosa delarosa (7 months ago)
I like the 3 one
NyaJ (7 months ago)
Hello beautiful people I just wanted to inform you that I have a youtube channel and just click on the my little beautiful face over there and become apart of one of NyaJ ..... I bet your wondering what my channel is about well loll itps about making you life giving you time to sit back and learn some tricks and tips on things you guys didn't know about loll soo come over and learn hairstyles, Makeup tips and more etc ..... things                                                                                                   LOVE NYAJ
Debra Rivera (7 months ago)
beautiful black woman's with gorgeous hair
royal denise (8 months ago)
girl thats a nice video
GAD CARMELIT (9 months ago)
Thank you sister keep it real !
larry murphy (9 months ago)
Pheoebe Walker (9 months ago)
1:03 was the best one 😘💓👍
honest babe (10 months ago)
Lmfaoooo black women ? Some of the woman in this video if not most are biracial. When would black people stop being so pathetic and being so Eager to claim anything and everything that isn't black
yournextcrush_ (1 month ago)
jealously= self hate
yournextcrush_ (1 month ago)
+honest babe honestly, i don't see why us black people can't accept biracial people. most of these black women i see hating on the biracial women are jealous. i don't see the mixed kids getting the white privilege. they are discriminated just as we are. we need to stop attacking each other and work together to fix our communities.
yournextcrush_ (1 month ago)
+Elijah E. amen.
Seriously, there's always a triggered bitch. Stop being offensed by everything. FYI, most of these hairstyles are made for black AND mixed women. Sorry not sorry, butthurt 😄😄.
ItsmeJaniah. (7 months ago)
honest babe lol why everyone get so offended these days, it's just a video showing some cute hairstyles. You're focused on the wrong thing smh
Tiana Stephens (10 months ago)
Yasss us.blacks going to slay this year for real
Dina Johnson (10 months ago)
For the long haired types... Can you post a video for 4C HAIR which is also short with no weave? I have traveled near and far and the percentage of naturals with all this long hair is very small compared to shorter haired ladies. ~Still trying to figure out why so many vids on the long-haired lassies
Ahlani b Nelson (10 months ago)
There all freaken braids
SoSewChambraii (11 months ago)
Love that you feature many different hair types
Marie Williams (4 months ago)
Isa Jaguar (11 months ago)
Black girls be pretty!dam!
I can do hair and makeup and braids
cece nation (11 months ago)
lol how did alyssah get in there
lovey (11 months ago)
No shade but where is the type 4 hair.It seems like the women and girls all have the same texture in hair when its left out in curls.Beautiful styles though.
Michelle Beauty (1 month ago)
lovey actually there were a lot of 4C hair but most had braids
Morgan Purnell (3 months ago)
lovey fascinating you can tell hair type through a screen 📺 oh *wow*
Moon Light (6 months ago)
honest babe just because they have loose Textured hair doesn't mean their mixed. Dark skins can have wavy silky hair as well . Light skinned people are black too . yall need to stop with this mixed shit "she's light skinned and her hair long she must be mixed". No. loose texture hair comes from blacks not whites . accept the fact that light skinned people are black as well .
lovey (8 months ago)
Ms. Smith about half of them are mixed.And when they aren't they have loose curls.Most of us don't have loose curls like that.And when a black woman may have tight curls they show her with only crochets in LMBO.
Ms. Smith (8 months ago)
honest babe All of the women in the video are not mixed race and all AA do not have 4c hair
Najaharae's World (1 year ago)
V0007 (1 year ago)
what is the hairstyle name that comes up at 1:04 in the timeline? anyone knows?
V0007 (11 months ago)
Soo Random. Thank you
Shani World (11 months ago)
V0007 faux locks
Tamera Yvonne (1 year ago)
The Tifflerz lol (1 year ago)
Love it!!!
Dee Jay (1 year ago)
:26 Love it
Jazzkid15 (1 year ago)
Most of the women in this video aren't even black so their hairstyles can't be attained 😑
Shae Gold (17 days ago)
honest babe I’m not trying to come at you or anything but some of these people could just actually be light skinned. I have the same hair type and basically the same skin tone(if not a little lighter) as 1:01/1:02 and both my parents are fully black. Just because some people aren’t the usual “dark-ish” skin tone doesn’t mean that they’re not black. But then again Biracials can also classify as “black” since they have black blood. So before you come at all the lightys in this video.....do some research.
yournextcrush_ (2 months ago)
you don't have to have the same hair texture as the people int he video to attain the style. Just add a little of your kick on it. like with the parts that are out as 3c you can leave it our of 4c ive done it. it works completely. plus, my cousins are very light and both their mother and father are black. their hair is 3c. this is completely incorrect. not everyone with light skin and looser hair is automatically mixed. us dark skinned women cant be mad at light skins for being light. we need to have unity.
honest babe (5 months ago)
Israel1 123 exactly right 😂🤣. Black people when you point out the facts especially about mixed people. most of the girls who are out here calling this girls black are the same that get mad when every race of guys would rather date the "black girl" with curly hair , freckles , sometimes green eyes or blue eyes , sometimes blond hair and more than 55% of white dna .
Israel1 123 (5 months ago)
honest babe all you did was point out a fact and it's like all hell broke out against you. Wow.
Israel1 123 (5 months ago)
Why these people attacking you? I smell a rat.
Antwanice Gaines (1 year ago)
Braids hella tight
TAEKOOK (1 year ago)
First of all, I am not shading ANYONE who gets a weave or perm. I personally think that this video could have been more organized. First, it says weave and has a list of those and maybe a link to a video with how to do a style like that. And maybe it could say hairstyles to do with braids or cornrows too. Also, I have braids so I recommend a braided lower updo. Good luck and wish y’all a good 2018.
Rod Williams (1 year ago)
Nazel Infection tru
Angel Dust (1 year ago)
Pretty hairstyles but I can't stand how some natural wome ridicule other black women for wearing weave or getting perm. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the way they express themselves.
Ele Phant (1 year ago)
Rod Williams you can be natural and wear weave as a protective style or just a switch up.
Rod Williams (1 year ago)
Angel Dust but most of these hair styles aren't natural
William Hill (1 year ago)
TopTainment (1 year ago)
For a complete list of Beautiful Natural Hairstyles for Black Women, Check out our channel!
Bria Hodges (1 year ago)
I feel like all of these hairstyles cater to a certain hair texture. I wish there were more natural hairstyles to choose from than gel on curly hair and an occasional braid.
Dee Jay (1 year ago)
many of them can be achieved on 4 type hair too, you can do twists outs
Brenna Mack (1 year ago)
Those were all really pretty styles.
It says natural hair. The most of these styles are for weave heads... What happened to the long hair natural hair styles for those of us with our own NATURAL HAIR
Aaliyah Griffin (8 months ago)
You can still style your hair like this what do you mean ?
Hey BriBri I think she is just frustrated with how versatile black hair is most people only know how to weaves.
rock (9 months ago)
KD (10 months ago)
I hate people like you. Always looking for something to complain about. Most of these styles did not involve any weave. And wearig weave desn't make you un-nautrual. Go sit down somwhere.
OneIn AMillion (11 months ago)
Braids are still considered natural. (from our african roots if you wanna think of it that way) If you have alot of hair, you can style it without adding hair like they mentioned^.
Quilla Mason (1 year ago)
Demetria Tyson (1 year ago)
Annette Taylor (8 months ago)
Demetria Tyson You can Change the color of your thumb... just saying what I meant was the emoji thumb
Daffy Alex (1 year ago)
What song is this
Daughter Of YHWH (1 year ago)
Star Trek Fiend (1 year ago)
Thank you for these videos stfu haters keep these videos coming
Alese Miller (1 year ago)
1:01 is cute
Shariah Bluitt (5 months ago)
Alese Miller im getting my hair done like that soon to.
Sydney Archer (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this
trex gravy (1 year ago)
Only lost hair hat bitches dislike this. Thats why i dont deal with them no more.
LayN Kay (1 year ago)
trex gravy LMAOO 😭💀💀
plush furr (1 year ago)
Braids wil beva get old 2 me. Inwil b rockn braids 4 the next 50 years if it's God's will
Chy So Lit (3 months ago)
I hope you know how to spell in the next 50 years
gaming with vaeh (3 months ago)
plush furr the correct way to say it would be...."Braids will never get old to me. I will be rocking braids for the next four years. If its Gods will" the way u said it is just ghetto boo😜
Felicia Astwood (7 months ago)
Christina Herrera (11 months ago)
Love all these styles.
Drislady (1 year ago)
Love it! These sistas are rocking these styles
Crissy Crayon (1 year ago)
wait but it's still 2017
heritage (1 year ago)
12, 21, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 36, 38, 40, 41. 😍
Violeta Quesada Noria (1 year ago)
Muy lindas las trenzas..!!! ¿¿ Peró que trenxas + marcadas en la cabeza y tan estirado el pelo ?? ¡¡¡ Ja.ja.ja.ja !! A elllas de tener la cabeza y tan estirado les tiene que doler mucho..!! ¿¿Creo yo ? ¡¡ Porque cuándo yo era muy jovencita y mi madre me hizo esas trenzas y asi tan estiradas en el mismo coco ..ufff..ja.ja.ja.ja !! ¡¡ La cabeza me daba 1 estiradas de pelo al coco que no beas y me quedaban muy birn y conesas bolitas y lazos que hbian cuándo eramos pequeñas o hasta adoslescdntes !! ¡¡Y a mis amigas les encantaba las trenzas asi con bolutas y lazo !! ¡¡Decian que chuladaaa!! ¿¿ Quien teas ha hecho..?? ¡¡Yo decia mi madre!! ¡¡Peró ufff..!! ¡¡Cuándo me saqué las trenzas y los lacitos y con las bolas!! Uffff..tenia la cabeza como 1 bombo y parecia el corazón que me hacia bom.bom.bom..de tal que tenia el cabezón de trenzas durante dias!! ¡¡Están muy lindas..!!! ¡¡Pero sehiro que les duele el coco a + no poder!! ¡¡Seguro que siii..!! ¡¡Y sino lpreguntales a ellas despúes de dias como tienen el coco??... ¡¡¡ Ja.ja.ja.ja.ja ..que limdas todas!! ¡¡ Y los itros peinados de los rizos y las melenas estás si que me gustan + y son muu lindas todas ellas y peinados !! ¡¡¡ Me encantan como van con su melena suelta negra y rizos están súler lindas todas!!😍😍☺️☺️😉😉😊😊❤❤💗💗👌👌👍👍👏👏😀😀💋💋💯💯😗😘😚
Lidia. RE (11 months ago)
Violeta Quesada Noria tu lo has dicho ...esas trenzas no son para pelos de blancas ya que no lo aguantais....no se porque se empeñan en hacerselas para luego quejarse o decir q con las trenzas una se queda calva. Al igual que las negras q se empeñan en tener el pelo liso como una blanca...cada raza tiene sus rasgos y sus peculiaridades. Hay que estar contento con lo que tenemos.
Callie Green (1 year ago)
Violeta Quesada Noria ,
AllAboutEveWebTV (1 year ago)
Didiane Trindade (1 year ago)
Graciaaaaas.Muy lindos.
Bellísimas trenzas , y con esos cabellos chinos son muy bonitos acompañados con esa piel morena que me fasina.
Tenisha Suggs (1 year ago)
Renee (1 year ago)
Some cute styles
Dee Luther (1 year ago)
😻😻😻😻😻😻💙Sooo Fucking GorgeouS Kute HaiR Styles💙😍😍😍😍😍
TopTainment (1 year ago)
For a complete list of Beautiful Natural Hairstyles for Black Women, Check out our channel!
banoutat tv (1 year ago)
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