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Pretty Little Liars Sasha, Lucy, Shay, Ashley, Troian Leave Teen Choice Awards 2016

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 BROLL: Pretty Little Liars cast Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Sasha Pieterse, Shay Mitchell leave the Teen Choice Awards held at The Forum in Inglewood, Ca July 31, 2016 http://www.maximotv.com ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (445)
Kevori Shaw (1 month ago)
Troian and shay 😍😍😍😗
chien chat (1 month ago)
hanna = perfect
chien chat (1 month ago)
hanna = love
Nathan Oliveira (1 month ago)
0:40 Ashley how cute
Keitumetse Kgaabi (1 month ago)
Imagine dating Ashley or Shay? I'm all for monogamous, my new relationship motto.
Noelle Chhunthang (3 months ago)
sasha's so fat😁 shay is the most beautiful of them all
Pusheenitzme!! yeah (3 months ago)
Lucy hale❤️
AriMoonlight (3 months ago)
her name is not Sasha pitarsa just saying and it’s troian, not troy ann 🤣
Dania (3 months ago)
Waw she became Big , what happend ?
Jhada’s Life (3 months ago)
Sasha is beautiful Inside & Out.
Maria Alves (4 months ago)
My dream is meet the cast of pll 😢
Ash is left behind 😂
Sami Gimenez (4 months ago)
Ya no es la gorda Hanna, es la gorda Alison.... Vueltas de la vida 🤦
Kim Beleza (4 months ago)
Alguém brasileiro
- A (4 months ago)
Love Sacha Pieterse
Justine Menon (4 months ago)
Troian is beautiful and Ashley also.
Edith Housset (4 months ago)
"Ashleeey" "Yeeeah" Classic Ashley
Bieber Pieterse (4 months ago)
Daja Kangal (4 months ago)
How could pretty skinny Allison gain so much weight
Everton Gonçalves (4 months ago)
Sasha so fat.
Mollie. W (4 months ago)
Oof. ‘Troi-an’ 😂 why can nobody pronounce her name? 😂
Asking Gore (5 months ago)
Noooo... :'v porque se puso toda gorda :'c Al principio de la serie era perfecta, debió cuidarse mas :'v
Shay creida
Leanna Axford (5 months ago)
how is sasha so perfect😭😍
Troians Beauty34 (6 months ago)
Troian and shay are my favorites!!! God I love them!!!
Troians Beauty34 (6 months ago)
Heyyoo _ (6 months ago)
They‘re all looking sooooo f*cking georges😍
Uma cry baby qualquer (7 months ago)
Tem uma amiga que tira fotos suas do jeito que a Troian tira da Shay
ellie lowry (7 months ago)
Troian’s dress is pure gorgeous she’s a beaut😍
Sher Maine (7 months ago)
wow Troian is bae
Troians Beauty34 (6 months ago)
Sher Maine RIGHT
usuário 002 (7 months ago)
troian 😍😍
vitoria ketlin (7 months ago)
Ai q lindos
Jade Grant (8 months ago)
lea ak (8 months ago)
Everyone is talking about shay troian Sasha and Ashley, but what about lucy 😂 . Love all of them ❤ but troian is goals❤😍😍
Christie Griskevich (8 months ago)
Sasha has gained some weight she used to be so skinny
Fyall Asses (8 months ago)
Omg troian and Sasha
Shay is so obnoxious! Leave it to her to stop in the middle of the road and have someone take a video of her body...and she acts like it pains her to wave at a fan ..I can't stand her..I love all the other girls but this show has got to her head so bad
Tiara Lindsey (5 months ago)
Anthony and Candace Sanchez she is not obnoxious.... Troian was not even mad about taking a pictures on her body...
Milah Cardoso (8 months ago)
Ashley Benson ❤❤❤
Selina marie (9 months ago)
sahsa is euch her curves Beautiful how she is
shaykirouise (9 months ago)
“troy anne!” lmao okay I’m dead
Alladin Serebour (9 months ago)
Sasha is so fat in S1 she was normal but now i dont know what to say😕😦😞😒
Tiara Lindsey (5 months ago)
Alladin Serebour leave her alone she is still a pretty human being.
Ella Anthony (10 months ago)
I don't know why am so deeply in love with those girls.
Maria Beatriz (10 months ago)
Hellou troin
JOSÉ RV (10 months ago)
suscribanse a mi canal <3
Maria Retardada (10 months ago)
Alisson fat
Nicole Spam (7 months ago)
Maria Game late but she has a hormonal imbalance now leave her alone. God humanity these days. She is beautiful in and out
Maria Retardada (10 months ago)
Alisson gat
Sra Kpopper (10 months ago)
I love Troian very much ❤️ (BR AQUI)
Commander Lexa (10 months ago)
Love Troian so fucking much
Thayna Lima (10 months ago)
sierra miles (10 months ago)
Photographer troian😂💓
episode cutie (10 months ago)
Troian ..???
Helly Silva (10 months ago)
Shay me representa..pedir pra amiga tirar foto ❤😁
john ken (10 months ago)
sasha is amazing..whether she gains weight or not,doesn't make a difference bcoz she still looks so gorgeous and she's oozing w/ charm and appeal..love her!
Chatty Cherry (11 months ago)
Everybody that's body shaming Sasha should know she has a medical condition that caused weight gain and she looks stunning
Mariam Abdulahad (1 year ago)
Troian😍😍 but can we all take a moment and talk about about that guys shouting Troy-Anne😂😂
Cami_cdm w0 hola (1 year ago)
Esta regorda
Divesh Ghelani (1 year ago)
troian bellisario is my number one favourite she's so fucking cuteeee
Lorena MSP (1 year ago)
Wow no1 is talking bout queen ash in the comments.
Lorena MSP (1 year ago)
Ashely looked I C O N I C
Tauane Santos (1 year ago)
They is so antipathy
Tati (1 year ago)
Nozaa a troian nem olho
The milkshake Fam (1 year ago)
I Love shay
The milkshake Fam (1 year ago)
Ashley whit her phone
Ce Ce's Corner (1 year ago)
95% of the comments didn't even call Sasha fat 5% who are saying "Don't be mean Sasha is pretty." Your technically calling her fat.
Shay and Sasha!! I Love😍😍
Jane Doe (1 year ago)
WTF they are so famous there is a video of them just leaving an award show and it has 400k views
Makai Evans (1 year ago)
"TROYann" lmfaooo thats why she didnt answer you
Makai Evans (1 year ago)
the way he said sashas name was so funny
Sandra Vazquez (1 year ago)
Que triste que ninguna volteo más que Ashley Que decepción
Cinthia Silva (1 year ago)
Shasa e Shay tão lindas ❤
Denice Nicole Palad (1 year ago)
Troian and Shay made my night Hahahahahaha. I miss them so much!!!
BlueCherryTrees (1 year ago)
They are all beautiful but Sasha is gorgeous ❤️. I don't know why people keep hating on her for gaining a little weight. She doesn't deserve that. Also at 0:06 as she looks at the camera, she touches her stomach and tries to pull the dress down a bit, now I'm not saying anything for sure but she is probably self conscious. Some people need to realize you don't have to be skinny to be beautiful💙 I love the other actresses too😍💜
Noelle Ngoly (1 year ago)
When you see Shay's body it makes you wanna go to the gym 😫
hanyu_girl kpop (1 year ago)
Ashley was waving at the camera!
Aria Zemola (1 year ago)
Omg you guys all of the pll cast is awesome the way they are Sasha is kinda fat but idc she is still perfect but Lucy is my personal fav but then all of them are right behind her
Charley Smith (1 year ago)
pvtsch (1 year ago)
Troians dress 😻
harleyxo (1 year ago)
Sasha's body is not bad at all. she's been acting her whole teenage years. puberty happens.
SONI Rikam (1 year ago)
sasha is the younger women of all of them right? But then now she seem to look like their moms WTF with her . where did her beauty run .... I want young Ali back 😢😟😣 I think her husban love her just the way she is so why would she worry about us if the people she love love her as she is ...... so no matter what you say guys is just blah blah to her ... but for real tho she is getting very fucking fat as fuck but still beautiful bitch 😍😘
Sage 2 (1 year ago)
SONI Rikam Did you just call Sasha "fucking fat"? Rude much. Sasha has already mentioned that she has hormone imbalance. She is obviously hurt by people calling her "fat", "pregnant" and body shaming terms. Read the letter on her social media before you talk shit like that.
Mariam Mohammed (1 year ago)
SONI Rikam Ikr she is so beautiful as she is.
Emison Girl (1 year ago)
#Spemily goals thoooo! 😭❤️😍
Tammy Salammy (1 year ago)
Ashley's hair, Shay's hair, Troian's dress, Lucy's dress, Sasha's body, this is too much 😍
Carmen cakes (1 year ago)
Alison has a very Beautiful body type usually if you gain weight you look like it but, Alison body size compliments her most girls just can't pull that off her weight seems too balance she has very beautiful body.
Aristea W (1 year ago)
troian and shay 😍😍😍
Danaes Campos (1 year ago)
Alguien que me diga porque engordo tanto sasha..
Vanesa Zaid (1 year ago)
Shay is a total model 😍
Svetlana Sarapulova (1 year ago)
Troian looks gorgeous
Carolina Bucci (1 year ago)
troian bellisario 😍😍😍😍😍
Loko dos Signos (1 year ago)
troian nem ligou menino 😂
Danae Vera (1 year ago)
porque engordo tanto sasha????
kethellen (1 year ago)
eu só sei rir da shay e da troian hahahahaha
Nazik Malak (1 year ago)
i can not believe she gained all of that weight !
Mariam Mohammed (1 year ago)
Nazik Malak She has a problem that make her gain weight and it is hard for her to control
Astrid michell (1 year ago)
Sasha engordo
que malditossssssssssssss
1 Canal (1 year ago)
Ashley deu tchauzinho. Shay foi mais ou menos. Troian nem aí pros caras kkkk que simpatia hein
Caroline Sørensen (1 year ago)
Shay is burning my eyes out with her perfection from top to toe!
Muhammad Nazrin (1 year ago)
Seeing these people comments about sasha, I am glad I am not celebrity, at least nobody cares if I 'm fat
Troians Beauty34 (6 months ago)
Muhammad Nazrin Sasha can’t help being fat tho, she actually tried losing weight it’s a thyroid problem
Cady Smith (1 year ago)
Troian looked bomb AF at the TCAs❤️❤️
Bacon Egg (1 year ago)
Y only Ashley was walking alone
Chrysa Markou (1 year ago)
OH MY GOD.. u people are disgusting.. all this HORRIBLE comments about Sasha's body.. society sucks nowadays.. there is NO specific way you should be ,so calm down.. If u wanna know, guys prefer girls who have a few more kilos.. If I were you, I would be ashamed of myself.. cruel :|
annalyn ocenas (1 year ago)
guys...chill out..

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