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Top 10 performance Shocked coaches in The voice Audition 2018

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Names Contestants AND Songs: 1. Harrison Craig: "Broken Vow" 2. Ivan Stoyanov: "Mercy" 3. Naranchimeg.A: "Piece by Piece" 4. Kimberly: "Hello" 5. Mitko Alexiev: "Ako Edna Zvezda Si Ti" 6. Ricardo Mestre: "I will always love you" 7. Lauren: "Lean On" 8. Leah Patricio: "I Will Always Love You" 9. Fernando Daniel: "Dancing on my own" 10. Tanya Diaz: "What About Love" best Auditions Surprised judges the voice 2018, the voice 2018, the voice uk, the voice season 14, the voice blind auditions 2018, the voice Surprised Auditions, coaches Shocked the voice, Seal the voice, x factor auditions, the voice france, kelly the voice, Piece by Piece the voice, Best Blind Audition The Voice USA 2018, the voice kids 2018,
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The Voice Legendary (3 months ago)
A handsome guy *suprised* Christena in The voice *2019* https://youtu.be/xOAekTq2zaI
take off about Dimash he is an extraordinary singer
Muhammad Zaini (7 months ago)
Big mistake..
Yen Nguyen (7 months ago)
Tạm biệt những
Wassim Brahim (7 months ago)
The name of the girl who sang lean on
mr. taran (7 months ago)
Fatima-Ezzahrae Lahmidi (16 hours ago)
the first guy is the male version of Lily Collins 😍😍😍😂😂
Wesley M. (1 day ago)
12:00 name music?
Victor Lima (1 day ago)
Victor Lima (1 day ago)
Brasil, tus, tuts
Huệ Nguyễn (1 day ago)
First boy is look like miley cyrus😅 his voice’s so fantastic
Metal Monkey (1 day ago)
Why was she behind a curtain? 3:00
Emilia Thompson (1 day ago)
Why'd you all stand up you have a fing fun swingy seat
Emilia Thompson (1 day ago)
Seal? Poor seal I watched that new pop star movie and ehhhhh Seal got killed by wolves
Evgeniy Shchemelev (2 days ago)
Mastersili 561 (2 days ago)
Wow,very black niga
0:49 who know name judge?
kenzoic (2 days ago)
There judges are so exaggerating.
loco rock (2 days ago)
Canta bien el hijueputica.....😂😂😂😂
7 👍
Hêckthõr Väldēz (3 days ago)
The first guy is Malcolm in the middle lol 😂
Bulgarian clip !!!! Omg! I'm from Bulgaria!
Ganibal King (3 days ago)
Лайкните что бы американцы поразмыслили что я что-умное произнес!!!!!
Punda Boy (4 days ago)
God:You get a voice you get a voice Me:How about me God:We ran out Me:Then what do I get God:I don’t know mabye the ability to admire people with voices Me:ok(crying inside)
To Cu (4 days ago)
1:30 the last guy turning the chair: oh, wtf ! you're so cute ! 😁
To Cu (4 days ago)
The girl in red 5:05 singing Hello has beautiful voice. Awesome !
Dangerloe_Gaming (5 days ago)
I swear this looks like lil tay. 3:47
Cris Souza (6 days ago)
08:06 i love serbian song
Brad Forrest (7 days ago)
Don’t you think the first guy looks like Miley Cyrus had a sex change
Harrison Craig did actually win I think in Australia? Correct me if I am wrong?
Kirla_78 Larasati (9 days ago)
What is this alexa bliss wwe?
Tayfun Sinmazer (11 days ago)
Warum der Grieche nicht weiter kommt verstehe ich nicht der ist der Hammer 🔨
Josh Jacobs (12 days ago)
Nobody’s mentioning it but I love the Micheal Jackson part at 1:40
TucBroder (13 days ago)
Look at Ricky Martin at the first one xD ... Like "what the f*ck"
Khairul Harisin (15 days ago)
FBI Team (16 days ago)
First one is that Rick Astely son ?
jozeph urgel (16 days ago)
Harrison Craig is the best for me🤗🤗🤗
Green Trees (18 days ago)
The first guy had beautiful eyes!! Just a gorgeous face.
i like turtles (18 days ago)
Jo i legit started crying when it was The girl with all red clothes
Bigboss (19 days ago)
0:30 wtf lol
Stoleru Andrei (24 days ago)
7:30 Romany'an style ! ❤❤😂😂 ( Dacă rămâi in vise)
Furkan Çınar (13 days ago)
Song name?
Young Jun Kim (26 days ago)
Handsome guy with Sweet voice.
Suzy Eliane (26 days ago)
Ai que voz mais linda viu😍👏👏👏
UZUMAKI BORUTO (26 days ago)
Why am I watching this at 2am in the morning ?
hala kadum (2 days ago)
1000 subscribers without video 3 am 🙂💔😂
nicoya barcelona (27 days ago)
Hello leonel the best perform wowens
Nokshimetem Jamir (27 days ago)
The guy that played the fluet should get all the chairs turned... Sooo good with everything... Those 4 don't have any respect
Nurmskg Liverpool (27 days ago)
Greege song is wonderful -8
Anderson Freitas (27 days ago)
Onde agente menos espera tem alguém com a camisa do RAMONES rsrs👍🏻💨😂
Evie Hammond (28 days ago)
Almost thought Mercy was Billie Jean for a minute!!😀
Mary Marincola (1 month ago)
I liked Harrison and Leah the best!!! What was wrong with those judges that didn’t turn around for Leah, cause she was friggin “AMAZING”!!!
SylverWebSurfer (1 month ago)
Someone please tell me right now when and where was Ricky on The Voice?!!!!!
SylverWebSurfer (1 month ago)
Nvm I supposed I could just google it lol 😅 Have a great day!
Subhankar Das (1 month ago)
Song hello is the best
Gestan (1 month ago)
That Leah chick FUKIN. NAILED. IT!
Rudy Straight (1 month ago)
11:13 that Zanarkand intro almost gave me goosebumps
Yeetus McFeetus (1 month ago)
13:35 I didn't expect much, then it hit me.
Ma Ru (1 month ago)
The guy who sang " I Will always love you" was so good
Muoi Mai Thi (1 month ago)
Pls, name all song?
The Chox (1 month ago)
Who is the song in the minute 15
ken johnson (1 month ago)
God didn't hand out these voices..the expensive singing coaches did.
ken johnson (1 month ago)
God didn't hand out these voices..the expensive singing coaches did.
Mathilde huar (1 month ago)
11:00 omg
Kasisumi Ponsaran (1 month ago)
PH numbawan 12:46 ez
Valerio Migliore (1 month ago)
Sono veramente bravi
papi vask (1 month ago)
Las musiqueshon son maraviyeshon........... Para los que hablan ingles y español que me entiendan
Blue Steel (1 month ago)
@The Voice Legendary, Really? You gona put Scott on -Dancing on my own BY Robyn? Come on now. GIVE CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE!
Fernando with the tone, pitch and emotion.....
Tyson! Push the button!
Kiên Lite (1 month ago)
Có ai Việt Nam nghe không ạ 👇
Baigalmaa Banzragch (1 month ago)
Wow Mongolia
Altair11125 (1 month ago)
Sto 8.05 bainei o Vertis :D
Elton Gj (1 month ago)
British people have the balls to sing songs that the original ones are full of autotune.
NHÂN PHẠM (1 month ago)
The First He beautiful and single perfect
Shaasia Goss (2 months ago)
The first kid remind me of miley cyrus
Buan Panmy (2 months ago)
Most of them are not shocked
Luna GalaxyWolf (2 months ago)
0:29 needs to be a GIF.
HeatherMJ78 (2 months ago)
Wow at 13:30
Eduardo Martinez (2 months ago)
11:23 que cancion es?
Official Shorts (2 months ago)
Seal's turn was like "Our God has returned". LMAO
Xin Quiote (2 months ago)
4:56 That woman is gorgeous asf.
Nobin Uzumaki (2 months ago)
3:32 what's the name of the song?
Jaffer Ali (2 months ago)
Who is the lady judge in the first song?
VICtorian071 (2 months ago)
Delta Goodrem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1A2Ow7sGo0
Breaking Toast (2 months ago)
bahahahahahahahah 9:25 he thought it was a chick he turned around and choked
$1,000,000 to  ANYONE who LIKES this COMMENT by no later than 12:00 midnight EST on Valentine's Day 2019!!!!
Eric CORNUTE (2 months ago)
Seal did to much. 💯😂😂😂
Andreo Morais (2 months ago)
This has to become a meme
ronj7677 (2 months ago)
So one of the judges for the girl singing "hello" was the saxophone player from "Lost Boys". I'm pretty positive he is some type of immortal himself....
Seal looked like he witnessed the birth of Jesus then a minute later Ricky turns and he looked like he witnessed the birth a bit late then Seal looked like he was a proud dad that's about to cry
1:42 *Female Judge:* Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson...!! *Female Judge confidence and credibility level:* One Thousand. 1:47 *Singer:* I love you... *Female Judge confidence and credibility level:* Zero.
zee Jay (2 months ago)
GetOutAndSkate (2 months ago)
Watching videos like this I realize the judges let alot of really good talent go, they don't turn around for some really good people
pedro aguiar (2 months ago)
a cara do ricky martin é da hora kkkkkk
Pandora’s Box (2 months ago)
Just me or does the first audition remind you of Malcom in the Middle?
Rosita Frutos (2 months ago)
J aime la voix de ce jeune homme il me fait rêver merci⚘😍🇫🇷👍😚😙⚘😍👍
Gonçalo Brito (2 months ago)
Portugal representing 2 times Portugal is awsome
Teebeutel Flo (2 months ago)
4:38 fukin looks like yoda
David Williams (2 months ago)
Piece by piece was phenomenal
Hgdrhjjvdf Hfewweyuj (2 months ago)
Mongolia ohindoo bayar hvrgie
Alyssa Fowler (2 months ago)
Omg the first one. Damn he's good
Jason Sulham (2 months ago)
The guy with the clarinet shocked them so much in a good way that they disrespected him by not hitting any of their buzzers lol fucking fools
Jason Sulham (2 months ago)
What is the curtain for?
Hridoy Mamun (2 months ago)
Mary Hasa (2 months ago)
13:16 I thought for a moment that she was Whitney Houston like WHAT A VOICE
Alexandre Desmet (2 months ago)
Comédie musicale

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