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Drop The F: Stop peeing on the bathroom floor!

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Drop the F is where I complain about stuff because IDGAF. Sorry not sorry. On this episode of DTF, Public bathroom problems. ----- #SugarShowdown Thursdays at 9pmET on the Cooking Channel https://twitter.com/CookingChannel ----- Follow me on all things internet: Twitter: http://twitter.com/thejoshelkin Instagram: http://instagram.com/thejoshelkin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thejoshelkin Snapchat: Mookygwopson -------
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Andrey Savelyev (3 years ago)
everytime i go to public bathroom i see how much people don't wash their hands and go straight to the exit. i want to hit them so hard
Whoozerdaddy (3 years ago)
Spot ON, man! About 90% of that stuff, including pissing on the floor, is at the bathrooms where I work. Little secret for the door handles - hang onto the paper towel, open the door with it and then pitch it in the trash.
Fouad Habibi (3 years ago)
hey josh, come back to epic meal time, now they have like some gross guys in that show, you and muscles glasses were the stars, come back to emt pleaseeeee.......
Sbi_Lynnie (3 years ago)
When I work a McDonald's i cleaned the bathrooms maybe twice but each time there was pee all over the floor in the mens where there was no urinal or toilet but right under the hand dryers. There was always blood spots on the womans toilets or on the floor. I dont like cleaning bathrooms.
mad4u19 (3 years ago)
Megan Danielle (3 years ago)
I like the pink soap, haha :-)
paul savage (3 years ago)
i use to work at a place i wont name and was a maintenance guy we had to clean and maintain the bathrooms at this place and one person would shit on the floor next to the toilets on purpose leaving a pile of crap and toilet paper on the floor and he did it multiple times it was disgusting lol we called him the phantom pooper because we didn't know who was doing it and it happen maybe 7 times over the coarse of 4 months really didn't enjoy cleaning it lol but in my experience in cleaning bathrooms the women washroom is just as bad as the mens room alot of times you would find dirty used tampons on the floor or clogging the toilets
Jack Jedlicka (3 years ago)
I live on the first floor of a dorm with community bathroom. Without fail, there is always a massive puddle of piss in front of every single toilet. I've also come into the bathroom to find the toilets purposefully clogged with tissue multiple times. People suck, but college kids are assholes.
OzzyZbbig (3 years ago)
My university has door handles that dispense hand sanitiser when you grip it, so the door handle thing isn't an issue!
Holly Burley (3 years ago)
There's a not-so new, brilliant idea of a foot opener (footpull, step pull, etc) on bathroom doors. It's basically a ledge/indent that attaches to the door that you can pull it open with. I'm not sure why it hasn't caught on more as it's infinitely more hygienic and costs little to nothing to purchase and install.
Mike Blodgett (3 years ago)
Something is always out of stock, be it toilet paper, soap, paper towels or those toilet covers that no one uses but always seem to be gone. Also there is never room in the trash can. The door handle problem really sucks because I have seen way too many people not wash their hands. I typically wear an over shirt, so I use that as a door handle glove for an easy exit.
Rob B (3 years ago)
Your a very  handsome man and love your thick hair and beard!!!!
Critical Eats Japan (3 years ago)
Here in Japan we sometimes see a little sign above the urinal to help people hit the target ---it says "please take a small step forward"
Critical Eats Japan (3 years ago)
+Josh Elkin Haha ---I was thinking it more as a set-up for the typical short dick joke...  Apparently pissing on the floor is a global problem. 

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