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Ebony Ayes, Jeannie Pepper & Purple Passion - BCIH

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Willie BOWEN (1 month ago)
I ll take Jeannie Pepper that sexy Ebony Goddess
Tharan Manning (3 months ago)
I think ebony ayes jeannie pepper Sahara and were the most beautiful women in the industry.
Tharan Manning (3 months ago)
Beautiful black women of porn.they were big in the 80s when porn was really nice and classy.i think the women back then were more classy.
Ro Lee (3 months ago)
R.I.P. Ray Victory
J Wim (3 months ago)
Jeanine Pepper was bad as fuck
K wal (3 months ago)
Great trio!
HADEZ SHADOWZ (3 months ago)
Purple Passion AKA Linda Thompson old school porn star
Kevin Hewitt (4 months ago)
I could tell that's the mighty 80s
Issac Smith (5 months ago)
Real ass real tits & hairy phat juicy pussies ahhhhhhh!!!!!
The Fibler (6 months ago)
I like Meka Johnson
suavecitojones (6 months ago)
I 'member them nappy pussies Back when crack was King!!!!
LoLa Stacked (6 months ago)
OG Porn Ladies 👄🍌🍒.. xxx😎
Antonio Romero (6 months ago)
So I guess this is what Samuel L Jackson did before he became a famous and a Hollywood actor!!
Wes Collins (6 months ago)
Meanwhile in Compton California..
Michael Mercer (6 months ago)
Ebony humpers
George Page (6 months ago)
Ebony Ayes had the best set of natural titties.
tuggerjb (6 months ago)
@George Page 1. Miosotis 2. Maserati XXX 3. Cotton Candi 4. Ebony Ayes 5. Roxie Red 6. Twin Volcanoes 7. Twin Towers 8. Rachel Raxx 9. Miss Yummy 10. Danni Lynne
George Page (6 months ago)
@tuggerjb Top 10 Best All Time Natural Big brested Black Pornstars: 1.Ebony Ayes 2. Carmen Hayes 3. Maserati 4.Alexis Silver 5.Candance Von 6. Kim Eternity(before the reduction) 7. Africa Sexx 8. Stacy Adams 9. Delotta Brown 10. Tyra Moore Make your own list.
tuggerjb (6 months ago)
Biggest nipples too. Maserati XXX is the modern day Ebony Ayes
Syň Xclūsïv (7 months ago)
Best Flick eva!
Damion Taylor (7 months ago)
Wow purple passion??? That's throw bk to puberty
FRANCISCO DEJESUS (7 months ago)
Crazi T (7 months ago)
Why the hell this is on my recommended??
Gabe Meadows (7 months ago)
What is this movie and those phone are crazy
Ronald Watson (7 months ago)
That's memory lane plus, those 3 women will always be okay in my book. Jeannie Pepper was my favorite, Ebony was next. Thanks for the memories
Antonio Romero (7 months ago)
That guy sounds like Samuel L Jackson.. is it really S.M.L??
Michael Gardner (7 months ago)
Ebony & Purple have some of the worst body language in any type of acting I've ever seen... at least Jeannie has the right swag
Nekaneka15 (7 months ago)
Oh they about to get fucked..
Derek Gunter (7 months ago)
Say what you will,but these 80's porn was really good,lil bad acting,but at least they told a story....
M J (7 months ago)
Purple passion head game was A1 bacc in the day..black Porn now is horrible
BIGG MIKE (7 months ago)
I LOVE ALL the golden age porn stars like these NASTY, $EXXXXXXY / BEAUTIFUL women, half of the newer porn stars don't have anything on these fine ladies as far as getting a NUT / CUM out a MUATHAFKA!!!, LMMFAO
D Brother (7 months ago)
Talk about memories!
Marcus Rodriguez (8 months ago)
wheres sahara and Angel Kelly?
gbrooks2k9 (2 months ago)
Supposedly, Sahara married a rich German and got TF outta porn. Nina has videos on YT, no porn, just her talking.
D Brother (7 months ago)
Aaron Taylor Hell yeah! I love Nina DePonca! I think she’s doing MILF porn. And still fine!
Aaron X. Taylor (7 months ago)
Where's Nina DePonca?
alan harbin (7 months ago)
Was Sahara an escort at that time besides doing skin movies.
D Brother (7 months ago)
Marcus Rodriguez Sahara was the first I ever seen do a DP!
Ernestine Smith (10 months ago)
FM aka Samuel L. Jackson
Wayne Boogie (7 months ago)
I can't argue with that. Sam Jackson of porn
No Frillz (10 months ago)
My joint they keep swollened .
david stanley (11 months ago)
I can't wait for this movie to come out
Oliver Hernandez (11 months ago)
Jeannine pepper whooo she was sexy
Alfonso Green (11 months ago)
My favorite chicks n my favorite porn flick
Michael ADOS (11 months ago)
Rest In Peace, Ray Victory. He died of a heart attack in Denmark in 2016.
Les A. R (6 months ago)
@George Page Don't forget my dawg, Nat Turnher.
Dean Scott (6 months ago)
he did? awww dam, Ray & Sean were the dudes back then... like the way Ray said "come in!" without checkin to see who it was tho
Derek Gunter (6 months ago)
@George Page ....oh hell yea bro,all these cats did DOWN some BAD TAIL chicks!!
George Page (6 months ago)
I put him up there with Sean Michaels, Lexington Steele, and Jake Steed. Some of the few brothas who got to bang some of the top shelf women in porn.
Douglas Thompson (7 months ago)
@Derek Gunter yeah good dude he was didn't know he passed away ethier
Michael ADOS (11 months ago)
Black goddesses
stjepan Golub (1 year ago)
Michael Morrow (1 year ago)
How do Ebony Ayes look today
Christian Charles (6 months ago)
@WALTERBROADDUS damn 2012! She can't be doing anything now.
WALTERBROADDUS (6 months ago)
@Christian Charles Actually Jeannie Pepper has done work as late as about 2012 as I recall.
Christian Charles (7 months ago)
They all had to give up this shit. They are in their 50s and 60s Can't do this shit forever
David Reese (7 months ago)
Ebony is "chubby" married school bus driver gave up porn & found God! I saw an article about her a few months ago with pictures of her
deanthony jones (10 months ago)
Michael Morrow, Ebony Ayes got saved ( by Christ ) married a minister, gained a "LOT" of weight and live in Atlanta, GA were she moved to pursue a career in Exotic Dancing.
Ray Custer (1 year ago)
none amused me n ebony ayes people saw as a black queen back then no not me she never caught my eye at all she dnt have a beautiful face nothing just over grown tits im 50 years old i got a 30 year old black goddess name sade n if she was born back here she would have knocked all these woman hoes out the water no doubt!!!!! back then i guess this is what men liked but nooooo none of these woman was my cup of tea at all n now ebony ayes i just a fat short shrek she looks like the woman from show good times she do n she is in church n has two grown kids n a bad marriage n is broke she aged horrible in was not all that any ways at all
Bryan Potter (1 year ago)
Ebony ayes love her sexy body she's got sexy breasts and butt
Mustafa Ahmad (1 year ago)
They high as fuck lol
D best (1 year ago)
They were the "Citadel" of the industry...black love was and still is...an attraction that will never go out of style.
Peter Müller (1 year ago)
Jeannie Pepper + Ebony Ayes = LEGENDS !!!!
D Brother (7 months ago)
I wonder what their doing now!
M B (10 months ago)
Don't forget Purple Passion, shes been there every step of the way
Qwami Ade (2 years ago)
My main man Ray Victory on they AZZ!!!!
Pierre Louis (2 years ago)
There is 99.9 percent chance all these pornstars have AIDS.
Christian Charles (7 months ago)
Louis is an idiot
Christian Charles (7 months ago)
Louis shut up! U jealous hater mad cuz u get no pussy! Facts.
M B (10 months ago)
None of them have AIDS or HIV you french fucking dickhead
Quad8track (3 years ago)
I just love bad acting.
George Mitchell (3 years ago)
May I one more thing! They are nothing but a bunch of loose black bitches. If they don't like what I think of those loose sold out bitches, do something about it! Peace!
George Mitchell (3 years ago)
Nothing but a bunch of Aunt Jemimas. Would not stick my unit in those sold out bitches after white MFs been up in them.
james ester (3 years ago)
where is Angel Kelly
Les A. R (6 months ago)
@james ester Good one. Let's not forget about Sahara, and Lana Sands though.
Black Bird (4 years ago)
Would love to fuck all three of these black bitches without a condom!
pacmanfever100 (3 years ago)
+Black Bird Me too and cum inside them
nubian47 (4 years ago)
My God these three were responsible for 95% of my boners.
Proverbs 17-18 (1 year ago)
Rae T (5 years ago)
How the fuck did I get here????????????????
Taxi Talk NYC (3 years ago)
+Rachelle Tregear   AHHAAHAHAA  !! The one guy apparently was the dude with the gun in 'Good Times'  !!!  ;D
01artist (5 years ago)
Even in a t-shirt and jeans Ebony Ayes is still the hottest lady around. . .
Savadorason1 (5 years ago)
Gimme Ebony Ayes n Jennie Pepper 4a b.d. gift anytime.
Mistercharming (5 years ago)
Is that Sam Jackson.
Labcabin96 (5 years ago)
I think field marshall Bradley was  Samuel l jacksons stunt double lol!
robert shorts (8 months ago)
labcabin96 holla at me
Mickey Mouse (5 years ago)
Damn where is his dick? All I see is pubic hair....
Demetreus Shoulders (7 months ago)
Mickey Mouse actually it was a thong
jay blaze (5 years ago)
Jeannie Pepper still going strong. lol
Dee Eff Ta Def (5 years ago)
Ray Victory & Field Marshall Bradley!!! Classic!!!

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