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BOATING MAGAZINE - Reviews the new 2011 Sea-Doo 230 SP Boat

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Boating Magazine Editor Randy Vance spends a day on the new Sea-Doo 230 SP boat in Orlando, Florida. See what he thought about the new model equipped with a new forward swept tower, seating for 12 and iTC, plus all the benefits of direct jet drive propulsion.
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Text Comments (6)
redneckincanada (2 months ago)
240p? Which pixel was the boat??
Ross MK (6 years ago)
I would take either
Nick Bossclair (7 years ago)
pl but would take a yamaha jet boat any day!
Stupid Fast RC (8 years ago)
OMG Nukin futts! Very cool!
jeremiah stogryn (8 years ago)
sweet boat
jackson pedlar (8 years ago)
this is a sick boat

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