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Paige O'Hara (Belle), Robby Benson (Beast) Interview at "Beauty And The Beast" Premiere

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Paige O'Hara (Belle), Robby Benson (Beast) interview at the Sing-A-Long Premiere of "Beauty and the Beast" at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California USA October 2, 2010 - Red carpet interview by Gena Oppenheim Disney's most requested film, Beauty and the Beast, arrives for the first time on Blu-ray Hi-Def as the second installment to the company's new Diamond Collection. The first of only two animated films ever to be nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Picture (the second is 2009's Up), Beauty and the Beast earned six Academy Award® nominations and won two Oscars® in 1992 for Best Original Song ("Beauty and the Beast") and Best Original Score. Set in and around a quaint French village during the late 18th century, Beauty and the Beast follows the fantastic adventures of Belle, a bright and beautiful young woman who finds escape from her ordinary life, and the advances of a boorish suitor, Gaston, by reading books. Meanwhile, off in a castle in the distance, a cruel young prince is cast under the spell of an enchantress who turns him into a tormented beast, while transforming his servants into animated household objects. In order to remove the curse, the Beast must discover a true love who will return his affection before the last petal falls from an enchanted rose. When Belle's inventor father stumbles upon the Beast's castle and is taken prisoner, Belle comes to the rescue and agrees to take her father's place. With the help of the castle's enchanted staff, she sees beneath the Beast's exterior and discovers the heart and soul of a human prince. Available for the First Time on Blu-ray™ & DVD Combo Pack on October 5th 2010 © Ricomix Productions / /
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Text Comments (73)
fidobarks (8 months ago)
they both exhibit fab energy 1!!!!
fidobarks (8 months ago)
robby soooo cute
warren byrne (1 year ago)
0:29 Snow White? And Hazel.
warren byrne (1 year ago)
0:17 Aurora?
nenabunena (2 years ago)
Robby looks like Belle here, lol!
Orla Kelly (2 years ago)
Paige is so lucky to be standing next to a hot man like Robby😍
indhina saraswati (3 years ago)
omg feels like belle is talking
Travis Maupin (3 years ago)
he looks like the human version of the beast disney is amazing
Julian (4 years ago)
He's the piano teacher from Dexter's laboratory! xD
Natasha Wells (1 year ago)
Ickybod seriously
Rose Marie (4 years ago)
I miss you Robby.... you're still gorgeous and so talented. 💚💛💜💖💙
Natasha Wells (1 year ago)
Rose Marie is he dead?
Taylor Roberts (5 years ago)
his hair is so asdfghjkl
LiebeAlle (5 years ago)
Oh, Lord... he looks like a young, devilishly handsome Blackbeard.
Lisa (5 years ago)
Robby is gorgeouuus *_*
Matt Thornton (5 years ago)
Paige O'hara is still as gorgeous as ever. I'd love to see her sing live in person.
TherealRNO (6 years ago)
Same for Quasimodo, Phebus, Esmeralda, and the rest from "Hunchback". But at least with "B&tB", it remained closest to its original work, whereas with "TLM" and "Hunchback", both principal characters (the mermaid and Quasimodo) died in their original stories (by Han Christian Anderson and Victor Hugo, respectively).
Rosebud Parc (6 years ago)
No, Snow's are definitely brown, Belle's are more of a hazel-ish. Either way, gorgeous.
Wafuller (6 years ago)
And they look like their characters! When the Beast became a prince, he had long hair, just like this guy.
PETITEPIINK (6 years ago)
(Con'tid) I love to read myself. Apologies for the grammar reputation on the pervious comment.
PETITEPIINK (6 years ago)
I love B & the B. A lot of people said to me I look like Belle, properly because I p
whattheheckshotstuff (6 years ago)
Snow White's eyes are black and Belle's are brown.
E-Beth_McDieselette (6 years ago)
Snow White had brown eyes. And I'm pretty sure Belle's eyes are hazel. Robby Benson's voice is so dreamy!!
thebenchwarmer (6 years ago)
HOLY.. MOLEY!! He has a 27-yr-old daughter and he looks that gorgeous!? O.O!? wow.. ><
TherealRNO (6 years ago)
Or not. I would like to have seen a Beauty & the Beast and Hunchback of Notre Dame crossover though, since both are stories set in France due to being of French origin.
Alansshows (6 years ago)
Take a drink every time she says "ya know".
Vigo 894 (6 years ago)
Very Arthurian.
Lanaloo216 (7 years ago)
Looks like Beast never did get that haircut.... jk! He has wonderful hair!
Leonie Witte (7 years ago)
I love how shes in a beautiful dress and he is...well...just in a t-shirt :D
TheWolf_E (7 years ago)
Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie. It was the first time they had modernized the role of the Disney princess and made her relatable to women today. I've always wondered what Paige and Robby looked like -thanks for sharing!
Vigo 894 (7 years ago)
Robby doesn't look like the Beast.
twilightkairi (7 years ago)
Why couldn't Robby Benson bother to get dressed?
timrob12 (7 years ago)
@JBicks18 Same for the Beast's voice! I can't hardly believe that Robby Benson is the voice of the Beast!
Reshme (7 years ago)
@ThatGreenDayFanatic really?
PMcFarland (7 years ago)
@PREZILLA2009 I just got back from seeing it in 3D :) I'm 24 and I loved it. My favorite scene has always been the library scene.
atolm1 (7 years ago)
@nddlj if Robby was wearing a wife beater and ripped jeans id rip his clothes off, he is so hot.
Zero8880 (7 years ago)
Prince Valiant and Aleta!!!
Guigley (7 years ago)
Paige O'Hara was such a flawless piece of casting. She is so good as Belle that you totally forget that you're listening to a voice combined with animation. She truly became that character. Over 20 years later and none of the magic is lost.
4Kaiju (7 years ago)
Vote if youre gonna see it in 3D.
Angie Ungs (7 years ago)
@Serdikhan Snow White's eyes are blue. Just FYI.
ShadowChanceSassy (7 years ago)
Knowing these two iconic voices are great. If only they had Mark Hamill who's mostly known for the voice of Joker in all the newer Batman cartoons, or as an actor, Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars trilogy. I'm sure them three would get along so well with all voice talents.
wonderv8 (7 years ago)
are they a couple in real life?
westernxhaikus (7 years ago)
They really look like Beauty and the Best..
faketeeth6 (7 years ago)
@jamievmey i was thinking kinda the same thing - w/ all that hair :P
jamievmey (7 years ago)
Robby Benson looks rather beastly....
Shubin Alam (7 years ago)
@Ceci14 Who? You mean Robby Benson?
Holly Shue (7 years ago)
I have to say, even at 20 years old, Beauty and the Beast is still one of my favorite Disney movie of all time. It takes me back to when I was young. I remember pretending to be belle when I was little. I wish Disney would make some more classic movies like this.
Maggie Miretzky (7 years ago)
Is the girl that is dresssed up as belle, traci hines?
Isabelle Secret (8 years ago)
@62SG Well.. lol :P Probably, but this is Disney.. anything is possible! ;)
James Fielding (8 years ago)
@bellagirl89 Funnily enough 20 years later both characters would probably be killed in the French Revolution.
Alex Boissonneau (8 years ago)
The Belle character is beautiful and she can really pull of the "Belle" look...the Beast costume is scary...I think they should have the prince form out more than the Beast.. Urgh, if Robby were wearing a wife beater shirt with ripped jeans he'd totally look like a bum!
Emily Penrod (8 years ago)
@RobbyBensonScrapbook I accidentally gave your comment a thumbs down it was suppose to be up. Sorry!
VenusMy129 (8 years ago)
That Beast costume is scary!
VenusMy129 it is kinda cute costume but maybe might scare a little baby though.
Diana (8 years ago)
Robby benson looks HOTTER than ever rocking the english gentleman hair styke sighs! His wife is darnnn lucky! Its a shame they didnt clone him. darn shame. sexy voice.
Pr3ttyL0v3 (8 years ago)
@codysbud I was a little awed when I found out years ago that the voice of Ariel wasn't the same as Belle; they sounded so similar. And then I got disgruntled when I found that they wanted someone to sound like Ariel. What was the point of getting a different voice actress, then? Silly Disney.
Pr3ttyL0v3 (8 years ago)
@Anaksunamen999 a lot of Belle dolls were made with green eyes, too. Always bothered me, even though it was a little thing...
Diana (8 years ago)
aha! I knew Belle had brown eyes!! the last version that came out the colour made it look like she had green eyes! Didthis newer edition change belles eyes back to brown?
KekoaOnorati (8 years ago)
Ohhhh Prince Alexander... le sigh. (Thumbs up if you get the moderately obscure reference.)
tygortora (8 years ago)
Having grown up with this movie, I mean it came out the year I was born! Belle was always my favorite of the Disney princesses and I think we all wanted to hug the Beast at one point or another (because hugs make everything better when you're little ^_^). It's a well-loved classic now, though saying that makes me feel a little old.
WinterRose4444 (8 years ago)
Robby still makes me swoon. He only gets more handsome with age. :)
D Bloom (8 years ago)
running brave
Dingle Dang (8 years ago)
I wanna hug that guy in the Beast costume.
Esuterure2006 (8 years ago)
You do realize that these two are in their middle 50's right? I think that Robby is still good-looking.
GatorGirl04 (8 years ago)
Wow! I got really sentimental seeing and hearing them together again. They were such a big part of my growing up and it's wonderful to see them still embracing and loving their work in still the BEST animated feature ever. God Bless 'em all. Thanks for posting!
Isabelle Secret (8 years ago)
they sound like perfect, older Belle and the beast, like you can imagine this is how they sound like after 20 years together :)
defygrav12 (8 years ago)
I think her voice is so beautiful and mature; exactly as I'd imagine it to change over the course of two decades. lovely!
dragonbleu1000 (8 years ago)
The worst thing about this interview is the lousy camera work. Worst I've ever seen for an interview.
dragonbleu1000 (8 years ago)
@aruwin25 He's still handsome. What is the problem? (lol)
shariotoflove (8 years ago)
...does Benson have Alzheimers?
aruwin25 (8 years ago)
what happened to robby benson?He looks like a beast!He looked so handsome when he was young
autumnangel17 (8 years ago)
@ntherewas1 unfortunately i agree. i was really trying to hear Belle and it just wasn't happening.
Andy A (8 years ago)
wow belle sounds so much better in the movies...i think they had her raise her voice for the movie

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