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Trashwang - Tyler The Creator ft.Nakel, Jasper, Lucas, L-Boy, Taco, Left Brain, and Lee Spielman

144 ratings | 26174 views
I DONT OWN THIS. $ $ $ $ $ $ $
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Text Comments (12)
JESWAF (10 days ago)
That shirt... IFHY
xMelanin Lex (5 years ago)
First time listening to this song trashwang i lovvvvvve it
xMelanin Lex (5 years ago)
DJ stank Daddy lmfaoo tyler's too fucking funny "Cup Of EggNog" i swear these nigga's have a lot of fun making these funny ass songs and i sit back and enjoy the shit hahahaha (Tyler's Voice)
Nathan Jensen (5 years ago)
no dislikes. thats because this is a boss ass song! but i thought this was a video lol
Gregory Chamberlin (5 years ago)
If i liked who wouldn't
Elvato (5 years ago)
G Wang bitch
Marquis Owens (5 years ago)
Jeffery Byrd (5 years ago)
Jeffery Byrd (5 years ago)
tresa swanson (5 years ago)
im the 3 comment
austin carnes (6 years ago)
fucking love this song
Nayshawn Green (6 years ago)
we 1st comment

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