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Text Comments (656)
Clark Petrie (4 months ago)
How do you open your eyes in salt water
jamesinkeys (6 months ago)
All the smart rich kids on the Italian coast sport PERSOL sunglasses, when on the beaches or ridding in their ribbed boats island hopping...Jus sayin...
Paul Duprey (6 months ago)
What a lovely shopping trolley guys😀👍
Anton Tegvall (6 months ago)
Kan ni prata mer svenska
beargrylls wallace (7 months ago)
Are the kids Jannis siblings
Janni Deler (1 year ago)
Inspiring as F!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing thanks Jon Janni and omg love Rickard the Man!!
l live in Cancun Mexico, please introduce me with Richard, is he single?
iketut sukawiadnyana (1 year ago)
once again I got to say thank you for sharing your great video vlog, I love every topic that you brought in your each video. I and my student were always find a spot to watch it. Please come to Indonesia again and please visit Bromo mountain and Ijen cave in Java island Indonesia, I bet you will amaze the people who are gonna watch your video.
Swedish Pyro (1 year ago)
Jon du är bäst fortsätt med det du gör👊🏼
Flipper (1 year ago)
Hey It was cool in Slowmotion Love it !! Good music to !
Diego Villalpando (1 year ago)
what camera u use?
Llama Guard (1 year ago)
That's a seadoo . Not a jet ski. Jet skis are when you stand.
planforge (1 year ago)
Beautiful with the sunset at the dinner, guys you are great. Seems like all people that meet you, enjoy your company.
M Odyssey (1 year ago)
Can anyone let me know where this place is?
chelin fumarin (1 year ago)
Please dont show those places to the british peopleeeeeeee.They are stupid pigs and destroy everything.From the deepest parte of my heart
JaSoNjAy 0778 (8 months ago)
chelin fumarin nice english btw
Nave Art (1 year ago)
HI, What did you do to the leica and the red camera ? because now you are filming with the gh5 :/
Somebody 1999 (1 year ago)
Jon you have Nice girlfriend be Nice with she
Youtube Member (1 year ago)
can anyone tell me what the background song called??
Ar Rahman (1 year ago)
what a life,i would ever imagine like this
Wahab Amari (1 year ago)
what's a vlog *_* awsome wowwww
YouBocaj67Tube (1 year ago)
lol, see-food diet...
Tobias Timm (1 year ago)
I havent See the next vlogs, but its nice with much music scenes...
James Wagner (1 year ago)
I love the slow mo actually! It made the vlog feel more professional, ya know?
Jazzie CLB (1 year ago)
The videos come amazing despite it being slow mo... I love this style of video! 🤙🏼
Felix (1 year ago)
Seafood diet. Only eat what you can see lol
noonwalk (2 years ago)
That chicken curry looks amazing, especially on that boat :)
Schwigen (2 years ago)
Andrew Maher (2 years ago)
Jon and Janni if you need motivation on what a good job you guys do this one is awesome! 🤙🙏👏👏👏👏👍
Johan Gunell (2 years ago)
What is this music called hope someone replies
Luke Hero (2 years ago)
The jetski is more efficient for food shopping than the Lambo. #lifegoals
DLPIII (2 years ago)
Could you imagine just meeting Jon out in the water like that.
Nicholas Moss (2 years ago)
Epic dive from Richard- No splash! have you guys been to Sardinia?
Hugo McLean (2 years ago)
What is the song when the are on the jetski
Hugo McLean (2 years ago)
What is the music when they are on the JetSki
KLONES (2 years ago)
9:36 Can imagine Janni clueless face expression 'what?' hahaha...
lee coates (2 years ago)
where in this amazing world is this place looks like alot of fun
Iver (2 years ago)
Such corny music lol :D
pholly (2 years ago)
must not believe in bags over there! Lol
Lewis Turner (2 years ago)
All the slo mo made it feel like a music video! Sometimes mistakes lead to good things! Loved it!
Connor Iwanicki (2 years ago)
Song? In the beginning
mark bucknam (2 years ago)
How on earth do yall open your eyes under water in the ocean?!
Ola Nordmann (2 years ago)
09:52 perfect dive dude
Tommy (1 year ago)
Yes, for sure.
The_Hunter (2 years ago)
Shes so perfekt O_O
I love their lifestyle
David Andersson (2 years ago)
perfect sunset reflected in the window of the last scene
Rob Sevilla (2 years ago)
who are the kids with Richard?
Henrik Hörlin (2 years ago)
Rob Sevilla his kids lol
Khazova Ru (2 years ago)
wow! your vlogs are cool! )) it is only my second one)))
Grenzrider (2 years ago)
Which cameras do you use? PS : you looks very cool :)
Tome Zhao (2 years ago)
and who's those kids? Age gap between her brothers is huge
Tome Zhao (2 years ago)
Where's richard's wife?
Oliver Nikander (2 years ago)
rickard is the most cooles person ever
Nils Hagstrom (2 years ago)
Catching up on your channel going through all the VLOGS and this turned out to be one of my favorites just because its so interesting and an accidental different style! Awesome videos man. Keep overkilling it!
Orten Pute (2 years ago)
Är ni svenska?
Liam Hamburg (2 years ago)
Where is the Location
Happy Guy (2 years ago)
name of song please
Fabien H (2 years ago)
This kind of videos are making me feel nostalgic of the RAF times?!?!
Fietspomp (2 years ago)
jacobhn2 (2 years ago)
I am so hungry now. :)
Evelina H (2 years ago)
What camera is this ?? :O
Pynnönen Hannu (2 years ago)
By the way, Janis dad shipname "Time Out" it 's excellent .
Pynnönen Hannu (2 years ago)
Life is beautiful and cool if you have Kwan which mean attitude and money 😱 I think that your Kwan is allright 😆
projectx00 (2 years ago)
So fuc*ing hard working people...
JT Fore (2 years ago)
Love the look of the video color grade. Would you be kind enough to share what LUT you're using if any? If this is straight out of the camera I will have to ditch my 4K Sony;) thanks brother - I would love to create videos with this style. Stunning my friend and keep up the good work
Dimitris Syrichas (2 years ago)
what is the name of that song? ... I can't find it...
Jonny K (2 years ago)
What a wonderful VLog Jon Ollson, the slow-mo really worked well. :-)
Fabiana Fermin (2 years ago)
Who say money can buy happiness? Love your videos, saludos desde venezuela
Mihail Kostadinov (2 years ago)
That's the best vlog I've ever watched on YouTube!
Marion Schmidt (2 years ago)
What is the song called in the slo-mo piece of the video?
god (2 years ago)
can you add 1 swedish worn in every vlogg so we also can learn :D
laki74 (2 years ago)
For you complaining about forgetting about switching off the slo-mo mode, the vlog turned out to be amazing.
Carina Eilefsen (2 years ago)
Hva heter sangen 01:48? 😱 love it!
Andy Traph (2 years ago)
Hey Jon, what's the name of this song brother?
Loading. (2 years ago)
Dam!!! Yanis dad is ripped!!! Hahaha
Miguel Maltesinhos (2 years ago)
What is the name of the Music? GREAT VIDEOS Jon! Continue with the great job!
Jarrad Trythall (2 years ago)
I know you most likely won't see this, but I thought I'd at least leave some kind words. (A few days after the fact. lol) You may have made a mistake, but some of those shots in slo-mo look fantastic. You killed it in editing. Making a mistake look natural and on purpose. Kudos to you Jon! Kudos! P.S.- You're my second favorite Vlogger behind Casey Neistat. LOL
Emil Larsson (2 years ago)
Hur blev du rik?
Hugo Svensson (2 years ago)
"Pappa ska hoppa med tröja" 😂😂
xPuki (2 years ago)
Think The Black Yachts Owner is The Prince of Abu Dhabi
JAGFilms (2 years ago)
the slo mo was sick!
privathospital (2 years ago)
You are living life :) amazing
Max Moller (2 years ago)
What's the name of this song?
Sixkiller54 (2 years ago)
JON just epic video those shots are amazing just keep up doing what you are doing right now. ;)
Thrilla from Manila (2 years ago)
We all know Janni is beautiful and an amazing person...but who is the other gorgeous beauty at 4:40? Serena it sounded like? Anyone know her IG?
TheFozzy222 (2 years ago)
Well i have just got in from work and seen some of you Vlogs for the first time. OMG if that is not living the dream i don't know what is,,, if i don't win the lotto then I'm stuck in the UK watching you vids.... If ever you would like to invite me and my girlfriend to come and stay with you please ask lol.. Have fun you lovely people xx
Gieltypleasure (2 years ago)
Janni is the most perfect person
S100FAN (2 years ago)
Anybody know what the song is in this?
PixelSlayer TV (2 years ago)
it is sooooo nice to live on a boot and go shoping with e jetski
PixelSlayer TV (2 years ago)
make a room tour of the boat pls
anton Nilsson (2 years ago)
Whats the name of the song?
hobmarg (2 years ago)
the view count growth is real
im Shax (2 years ago)
9:52 someone knows how to dive!
Claudio Graf (2 years ago)
"this is like a transport truck compared to a lambo" this made me subscribe lol
Anna Featherstone (2 years ago)
even though the slow mo was a mistake, it worked so well!
Dominic Coombes (2 years ago)
Jon! I am absolutely obsessed with your videos lately, from your amazing personalities, to some incredible cinematography and editing that you really showed off in todays video. Looking forward to tomorrow's video already!!
Linus Carlsson (2 years ago)
måste få tag på denna låt ! inte ens shazam löser mitt problem !
cfgvd (2 years ago)
Loved seein that kid shove down that food in the end. :´D
Nathan Morton (2 years ago)
how did you get so lucky to have a life like this... damn
Sentoo Production (2 years ago)
you can tell her dad is getting fed up of Jon's on the videos hahaha
Alexander Lindström (2 years ago)
Jon kan du göra en kanal fast där pratar du svenska ? PS: du är min förebild❤️
Mohamed Yassine (2 years ago)
Just fantastic !

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