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Style Tips For Men Over 50 - Things To Avoid

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You're an elder statesman now, it's time to start looking like one - classy, poised, confident. Basically, you need to dress your age, so, in our first “2 Minute Tuesday” video, Ashley’s giving her go-to style advice for the older gentlemen out there. Check out our Style Tips For Men Over 50. Stay tuned for more “2 Minute Tuesday” videos every week! We're proud to be #SponsorFree. If you appreciate the lack of product pitches, keep it that way by leaving a Paypal tip or clicking the links below to make any purchases - which gives us a tiny commission. ***Enjoy the content and lack of ads? Leave a tip!*** https://www.paypal.me/AWxInc __ FREE MEN'S STYLE EBOOKS To download our free ebooks click here → http://awest.me/ebooks __ FOLLOW US ● Instagram → http://instagram.com/awxinc ● Twitter → http://twitter.com/awxinc ● Email Newsletter → http://awest.me/newsletter ● Instagram (Personal) → http://instagram.com/ashleypweston __ RELATED VIDEOS ● Can Every Man Wear White Sneakers Regardless of Age? → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPQaMtHdL38&t ● Men's Clothing Fit Guide → https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCBY2ZswqegNl2lqybXfo12j7Fp4m2dL ● Style Tips To Help You Look Slimmer → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRyZi4qgJx0&t ● Men's Wardrobe Essentials → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-rtOd4_A-o&list=PLPCBY2ZswqeiP27d697feCyaYize8tjtz ●Men's Essential Accessories → https://youtu.be/v4Z-gvgLEXM?list=PLPCBY2ZswqeidH4XVx8JP6mZGuQtYtxY1 ● Men's Grooming Essentials → https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCBY2ZswqeiBfGZGNOy6Dbfc1AsdIkQc ● Men's Leather Jackets → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECKixja6PQ4 ● 12 Things Men Wear That Women Love → https://youtu.be/3vBVwqLqe0o ● 21 Things Men Should NEVER Wear → https://youtu.be/ilbWxDFwNFw ● 10 MORE Things Men Should NEVER Wear → https://youtu.be/Vo4jbAXs49s ● 7 Accessories You Should Get Rid of Now → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTjZ40rdwhg&t #styletips #mensstyletips #menover50 #styletipsformenover50 #oldermensstyle #howshouldoldermendress
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Text Comments (547)
Dave Brakefield (16 hours ago)
I see lots of old guys wearing tons of gold rings. Also unbuttoned shirts with a bunch of chains. I laugh my ass off when I see them. I'm 54 by the way.
Robsay01 (2 days ago)
These kids know nothing
gsmusic2009 (6 days ago)
I'm glad I have graduated to my age already
Kenneth Adams (7 days ago)
We all must remember, this is someone else's opinion! Do what makes you feel good because after it's all said and done, you are responsible for your own happiness!
Corner of Happiness (8 days ago)
😂 well older people have lived much longer and have more experience. I wouldn’t ware a mowhawk hairstyle though but as far as clothes go it’s a personal choice not tied to age much like having sex. It’s not a cool thing when young people think about older people having sex but it’s normal to us.
Bryan Leslie (8 days ago)
He likes that word hum like too many times
Andy Andie (10 days ago)
Make sure it fits. When you get rounder don't wear that puffer jacket that stretches around your curves.
Andy Andie (10 days ago)
Get a belt. Or suspenders. And cover your rear cleavage.
Barrie Marshall (10 days ago)
I knew a guy who walked round town with five dogs, did not dress well in fact scruffy, spent hours sitting on the town hall steps, not in the lest bit stylish but he had a great personality and great charisma, he drew people to him, girls loved him.
Andy Andie (10 days ago)
I don't like logos on shirts. Have you ever tried to find t-shirts or jumpers without logo or funny print on front? You are 60 before you find one.
Jeff Lovejoy (12 days ago)
Hi Ashley and Dorian, Just subscribed to your Channel! Had to watch a couple of your videos..... I warmed up pretty quickly.. #1 you guys make a Great match. “It works” #2 Your fashion sense makes actually that! ( Sense) #3 I was actually surprised that I was very close on all your calls when it Came to Shoes, Especially Flat tip or Long Pointed “as Dorian said the Aladdin shoe” Clothing we’re definitely on the exact same page on! I’m a young 52.:),,,, That knows the fine line between making Clothing work. Don’t wanna wear kids clothing but at the same time I love dressing in style.... If There is a such thing. I think a well dressed / Put together / Fitted Clothing all the way from The Pant, Shirt, Jacket, Bomber or P-Coats / well fitted / with a pair of Lace up boots, Chelsea, Rounded toe Monks, I prefer the single strap monks. Love the lace up Oxford and the lace up Chukka’s, Nice clean Leather white Sneeks Are Awesome and let’s not forget matching apparel, socks belts etc. Enjoyed your presentation both you and Dorian are very well spoken individuals will be tuning in a lot more thanks for the help... I purge my closet once every 2 months. Again, glad I found Jeff
James S (12 days ago)
Not quite..I'm a couple of decades over 50, as I remember..Here at the OFH a stylish shirt has no collar, is either tie dye, Bob Marley, Jimi - Hendricks or Cliffe, Dylan, or Buffett. When the Kids visit, 2005 Disney World is acceptable. Formal shirtwear however, is Hawaiian. All footwear is flip flops. of course, swim trucks over the Depends. and CBD and box or NatiBo is cheaper than pot. Timothy Leary is dead! Make love not war! Right Arm! Farm Out! I'll never forget Woodstock!
Jeff Brown (13 days ago)
so funny - I came down here to rip on this but it's all been said already - so let me summarize - A. Who are these two babies trying to tell me how to dress? B. Just because the both of you would look like idiots in a leather jacket don't tell others they won't look good in them. C. When you are 50+ you don't care what others think of you like you do in your 20's D. Anyone my age already knows how to dress, has done it for twice as many years as both of you and when we want to impress we will blow you away - but day to day we don't give a flip.
Ajoy Lal (13 days ago)
Geoffrey W (15 days ago)
When you get to a certain age you become invisible, you don't matter and nobody cares.
sfat fuxia (15 days ago)
Everyone has an opinion on what others should do. My opinion and advice to you is to mind your own business. That's just my opinion.
Michael Rauch (17 days ago)
Children speaking to adults
James Dobson (17 days ago)
I hate calling people older when they are in their 50's ,60's and up every one every age is older than someone so stop it and wear what you like whatever age you are can't stand people that judge other people by what they wear, I mean really!!!
Ian Robbins (19 days ago)
this is offensive and ageist. Older men are away ahead of you; you're really only revealing your own limitations with regard to style. Quite pathetic, really. Big thumbs down for you two.
David Henry Morris (19 days ago)
I will give these two credit for good age appropriate advice for older guys like me. Now... how do they reconcile the fashion sense of so many young adults these days with sleeve tats, random tats on neck, face and hands, and the most wonderful tat of all... some dumass script across chest or wherever, proclaiming who knows what. And then there is facial piercings, particularly the nose ring (on what planet is that even remotely attractive?). I’m like, excuse me Ms, you have something gross hanging out your nose... oh wait... it’s a nose ring! Sorry, it’s still GROSS! Is that a booger hanging out... kinda hard to tell. 👀🤔🤮🤨😂
craig nealy (21 days ago)
this is breathtakingly pandering and ageist - too old to smell cologne? really?
Reinhold Everest (23 days ago)
Your tone is very derogatory, do you really care about how other people dress? If you feel a need to criticize and control other people, you have the problem. Are you both Sociopaths?
AWxInc (22 days ago)
Yes. Now stop talking and do what we say... Or else.
Jon Banks (24 days ago)
If he isn't out trying to get laid by a 20 something then dress for comfort and be himself.
Sanjay gahlot (25 days ago)
bullshit 👎 all depends on what you can carry well, your approach is prescription
Red Vynil (25 days ago)
Got to the first "tip".  My response!  Go jump in a lake!!  I'm wearing whatever the hell I want and the world doesn't like it, tough shit!!  They don't check with ME first to see if I'm okay with what they're wearing so, why should I give a rats ass what they think about what I'm wearing!  It's comfy, case closed!!  Nothing wrong with your dad wearing shorts and a t-shirt if he wants to!  he looks more comfy in that than long dress pants and a snazzy shirt.  Do you, REALLY care that much about what other people think of your attire?
Paul (26 days ago)
“Firstly, I believe a man, whether 22 or 42 or 62, should dress for his personal sartorial expression. Not some trend or random ‘must’ list. My golden rule is find your style that fits your life and sets you up to represent your best self with great fun, flair and fit.” ~ Eric Rutherford
Paul (24 days ago)
@Larry Schulin You got it!!
Larry Schulin (25 days ago)
Rules? Lol...Over 50 ...we ARE the rules...and we wear or don't wear whatever dafuq we want.
deniel edwards (1 month ago)
manda r (1 month ago)
My co-worker (older man) 42 who was descent looking started dating a 21 yr old girl and would ask me and the other younger women for advice on style and clothing . One thing I noticed is most older men don't have is separation between casual and non casual clothing . What he would wear at work would be what he would wear to go out as well . Faded jeans with those white New balance shoes. Changing his wardrobe a bit made him look more attractive and gave him a little boost in confidence and than he started working out . If your over 50 it's ok to have style aint nothing wrong with that .
g siglow (1 month ago)
50ish. older your ass
Tim Holland (1 month ago)
Some I’ll agree with, however leather fits at the right place, and right time. If the snowflakes feel offended, not your problem.
Earl Powell (1 month ago)
So, NO izod or polo???? So you want pf keds shoes? She's nuts
TJ Byrd (1 month ago)
It's funny how the two people in the video who are telling people what not to wear are both wearing ill fitted shirts.
Andrew Gallon (1 month ago)
Wow. Suede aside (which I wouldn't be seen dead in), that's a maximum score for me, aged 54. Mind you, a lot of the trashy stuff highlighted I had the sense (good and of style) to avoid when I was 30 years younger.
Hammer Ology (1 month ago)
How to build a better nerd advice. I do however agree with the dad sneakers hint!
This is England (1 month ago)
I am a 59 year old male crossdresser and I wear women's tights and skirts in public and I know I should not be dressing this way, but its how I want to dress in public.
jadash Tleib (1 month ago)
This is BS. The stressed clothes stuff and sneakers are the only correct in this. Wear calone but a scent suited to you and the rest is just rubbish. You don't have to dress like a grand pa just because you are over 50. Gym and watch your weight, when you look fit wear all the hugging stuff you want. To these two middle aged people on the video, well your time is coming. By the way the guys shirt is fit for a over 60year old. Start with him
phantom scribbler (1 month ago)
I wear what I want and what is comfortable.
Conal (1 month ago)
My goodness. How can either of you dress anyone, you are both so inarticulate. I can’t imagine either of you being able to get your message across.
Frank Bennardo (1 month ago)
I totally disagree with your opinion on how order men (in their 50's) should dress and look for that matter- This is why I started my channel because of opinionated people like you guys. Like in all age groups there are cloths people can't get away with wearing , but if you can pull it off then go for it and don't let anybody tell you different.
Christopher Kavanaugh (1 month ago)
Basically using this word is, like, you know, uh,uh,uh a meaningless filler.  I wear my leather flying jacket @ 65 because I was issued it in the military and every 'distressed' feature a chart of where we've been together and don't you dare say 'thankyouforyour service' instead of 'haveaniceday.' As for YOUNGER MEN trying to look older? A coifed beard styled after Czar Nicholas ll  wont give street cred or gravitas from your IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY WORD OF THE DAY. T shirts are underwear. Clark Gable didn't wear one in a movie and it took Marlon Brando emoting STELLA! to bring them back. Jewelry at any age? Men who charted the world did it with mechanical watches so little boymen could use mapquest to get lost in their UBER ride. Aside from cufflinks or a wedding band spend the money on jewelry for your GF ( and skip those sunshine patriot MADE IN CHINA flag pins.)
arabion knights (1 month ago)
A slim fitted dark color leather jacket looks good at any age. Grooming matters. Good Hygiene is important. Regular fitting slacks and jeans. And a mid size automobile. Mild cologne.. Your grand father's watch. And a girlfriend haft your age.
Leandro Arroyo (1 month ago)
I wear what i like.. specially leather jackets..and i don't care.i'm 65 years old.
Brad Williams (1 month ago)
My question... After many years listening to parents directions, in laws directions, employers directions, children's directions, neighbours directions, spouses directions, friends directions etc, etc, etc... Would it be disrespectful to dress how I want or follow your directions ?
clau negrea (1 month ago)
Pure rubbish.
Jürgen Schaefer (1 month ago)
Nice advices from young People. But no. I Wear what i like to wear. But thanks for your point of view.
Michael Carmody (1 month ago)
Disgusting patronising 'advice' from these two. Just, no.
Dr Dave (1 month ago)
What about thongs and cherry tattoo on my butt.
RickAZCA (1 month ago)
The trick is to be comfortable in your own skin. IDC what people think of me...like me, love me or hate me. The 3 most important things in my life are to work an honest day, eat three meals a day and keep a roof over my head.
Robert Joseph (1 month ago)
You guys must be form f-ckin' Utah. I get compliments on my $700 leather jacket from women half my age and my boots and shoes are bad ass. In New York we don't dress like Mormons- OK? I would never hang out with either of you schlubs. Who's sponsoring this content anyway, JC Penny?
Dunston (1 month ago)
Over 60? You could wear a tea cosy on your head, no one will give a shit, old men are invisible ʕ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°ʔ
Eddie Webb (1 month ago)
You young people don't know crap how us people over 50 need to know how to dress
David Norman (1 month ago)
Don't wear bling of any kind! No watch! No tattoos or piercings! Going bald! Over 55 and invisible!
Georgeanne Kaufman (1 month ago)
I think a gray beard on any man is aging.
Larry Schulin (25 days ago)
Looks worse on a woman
D K (1 month ago)
Two 20 something idiots trying to tell over 50 year olds how to dress. Drop dead sweeties.
harry kuntz (1 month ago)
I will kill myself before I wear a fucking fringed buck skin jacket I have been wearing leather jackets on my motorcycle for over 30 years I wear leather trousers too there are warmer in the cold cool in the heat and if I go down they are a lot more abrasion resistant than me . They should advise people on fit have your clothes fit right and keep yourself fit move more eat less haven't you drank enough alcohol by the time you're 50 ? It looks bad gluggin lots of beer and trying to act young with the kids . Don't be the oldest swinger in town it's a bad look . LOL
Grey Dragon (1 month ago)
I’m 57 and in excellent shape. I’ve worn leather jackets my entire life and will continue to do so. And, while I don’t scream look at me, I’m not trying to be demure either. Some interesting points though.
Pete Berry (1 month ago)
Your father in the before and after photos seemed to be dressed for two different occasions. The before was more casual and the after was a little more formal side of casual. However I agree the before photo his clothes were too big and poorly fit.
So as a 53 Year old Man, I can't wear my A+F T-Shirts anymore then? Or any of my "SuperDry" T-Shirts either? I personally find that short shirts with a tasteful logo can hide all sorts of imperfections (such as "Man Boobs") as Block Colours tend to highlight this area in older Men. I also wear nice Motorcycle themed T-Shirts for the same reason, I'm old enough to wear BSA and Triumph shirts, they hide my imperfections, and IMHO they look cool as fxxk ;)
Max B (1 month ago)
I think T-shirts with logos are OK as long as it's not a brand name or something banal, such as ' Surfin' California'. Choose something distinctive, e.g. I have a T-shirt displaying the Knights Templar seal.
Isaac Torres (1 month ago)
Max B nope
Roger Anderson (1 month ago)
The. Democrats keep trying to get Trump with their lies. The American people are no longer fooled by two sick old dreamed who wanted to be president. Trump is playing chess the demos are playing Chinese checkers. The money u demos wasted trying to get even for the ass kicking of2016 could have cured cancer in many children
Roger Anderson (1 month ago)
ying. To hrp
r m smith (1 month ago)
Does anyone care what these two think about what to wear?
glass house (1 month ago)
Hey guys..Please stick with Celebrity meanswear stylings..Leave the general public ,..ie;men over 50's to make their own decisions..Don't you think they/we have had enough experience in life to choose our own wardrobe?..Ergo..;you guys are just 'ageist'..You think older 'statesmen' will tell the youths what and what NOT to wear?..If one can look confident in what one wears (over 50 or not)..The leave well alone..
Larry Schulin (1 month ago)
Too much cologne, perfume etc, is one rule EVERYONE needs to avoid.
Larry Schulin (1 month ago)
Thing about being older, we don't GAF what younger peopke have to say.
Giovanni Joseph (8 days ago)
Right, but it is so stupid, we wonder if we are the same species... the sex drug predator network destroyed our children. No surprise, it made most of us cooperate with it, by the generalized psychopathy/Narcisistic trait games against all society! That is where the real problem lies!
Larry Schulin (15 days ago)
@Peter McIver perhaps by then, they will have a better understanding of why I said, what I did.
K V (15 days ago)
great reply!
Geoffrey W (1 month ago)
Right on Larry.
Mauro Mosqueira (1 month ago)
One word: Ageism!
Blackmind (1 month ago)
why do you think you can give advice to older men?...you are too young babies....
Frank S (1 month ago)
Get to the point
Chuck Adams (1 month ago)
Here u go folks prime example of not knowing your ass from a hole in the ground and her having to have her phone in her hand proves it if it’s comfortable and u like it wear it . I’m 50 and show 20 -30 year old children how it’s done everyday sad but true!!!!!!!
Silit Pitik (1 month ago)
Crap! Arnie, Ford, Stallone and Willis look terrific in leather jacket.
Trillions Missing (1 month ago)
why not just dress like your husband....just keep it classic...
Robert Walker (2 months ago)
Why dis my Eddie Bauer sandals (which I am wearing right now, BTW)? I am 60.
John Bullivant (2 months ago)
Tone it down you say, so just blend in, don't draw attention to yourself, just quietly go about your business and ensure you don't offend anyone, piss off, ridiculously self indulgent, naive video
Dan Leonard (2 months ago)
So i'm 53 and a biker,so I should ditch the leather, faded jeans,jewellery etc and wear some slacks and comfy shoes ?WTF.I'll wear what ever the hell I want.I am a grand father but I don't want to look like I'm ready for a retirement village.I suppose these two think tattoo's are only for the younger gens.Oh and the chain on my wallet is there for a reason(to stop me losing it whilst riding).
Edward Butler (2 months ago)
You guys reek elder shaming. Wear what you want to wear what makes you feel good. No leather? No distress? No logo? Give me a break!
Truth of 73 (2 months ago)
Obviously you can see from the comments, you swing and a miss from you guys on the leather thing. BUT also suede? Really? Should I did out my Members Only jacket too.
Harold Chipman (2 months ago)
I have two black leather jackets and I look great in them (based on honest feedback). I love them and feel real good in them - by the way, I'm 71. I had a lovely suede jacket when I was in my twenties ...
ZigZag Wanderer (2 months ago)
So in other words; Boring.
George Rivera (2 months ago)
Men are not demure.
Phillip Wood (2 months ago)
Lets talk about your lifeless hair the creepy dude with you n the fact its like looking at a couple who dont realise your not in school any more
Sam R (2 months ago)
2 minute tuesdays = 2 stupid. why not take your time with the video? why limit the video to 2 minutes when it is so obvious that it's no long enough?? it's just kinda dumb to have to rush for no reason whatsoever. otherwise, i like the content.
Sam R (2 months ago)
how about 5 minute fridays? that's much better.
Kay Jay (2 months ago)
Leather is classic and great for any age!
AladdinSaneNYC (2 months ago)
Later for these idiot "stylists" or whatever they are. What assholes with their "rules". A sophisticated man will know what works for him and what doesn't. It depends on the man and how he may own his look, if you know what I mean.♐
Robert Sweeney (2 months ago)
One of my rare comments back. You make a statement you are against leather jackets and have built a fictional age barrier? Does a man looks automatically change past 50? Leather jackets have been a mens fashion staple for an extremely long period; over 100 plus years. They became a staple based on there ability to shield the wearer from cold and wind. Today they also are a fashion piece to many as well. May I humbly suggest you study Jeff Goldblum styling a leather jacket at well into his 60"s, as an example! Is he not classy, poised and confident? Further, perhaps rather than a blanket banning of a piece of menswear at a certain age, and issuing challenges you may want to suggest styles, colors, etc that may look good for that particular age group. By the way, leather jackets and mens pants still remain a staple for those 50 and older driving a motor cycle. In this instance they also serve to protect they wearer. My point in all this is: Style and function can co-exist; Men as well as womans clothing styles go from very formal to very casual. You should dress appropriate to what you are doing. I would like to see a future video on how you would style leather pieces and for what occasions rather than banning a staple pasted a certain age!
Michael Armenta Sr. (2 months ago)
I wear New Balance shoes, always clean. They are reasonably priced and very comfortable. I will never wear PC Leftist Nike, that's for damn sure. WTF do you guys know anyway, her with that oversized pullover hiding her IBT's, and him with that Wal Mart button up.
greg taylor (2 months ago)
I'm 63 everyone tells me I don't look a day over 45. I wear whatever I want
Paul Koller (2 months ago)
Jewerly. Your attention to detail is less than stellar.
splksgt019 (2 months ago)
Hey Ash. I'm 59. Are jean jackets a " No, No?"
viyau (2 months ago)
I think American styles and cuts makes older men look fat and out of shape. If it were more tailored and trimmer fit then fine. But it’s hard to find older men clothes off the rack that is not wide and shapeless.
Abdelkader Ben Rhouma (2 months ago)
I agree with lots of what you're suggesting guys.
Larry Beierbach (2 months ago)
Perhaps you need to pay attention to what you are wearing 🤔
JZWALZ51 ROBIN (1 month ago)
NOT a good 'category' for these two to offer advice, they just come off as shallow & frivolous
Blaine Plester (2 months ago)
WTF is "Jewerly"? 2:15.
gitfar (2 months ago)
thank God, I'm so tired of hearing the word fiance. I'm happy for you both. it's about time!!!
Chris Miles (2 months ago)
Lmao at these YOUNGINS
Chris Miles (2 months ago)
These people are half my age what do you know anout a 50 something man lmao👍
Geoffrey W (15 days ago)
So did I and now I can't manage without them.
Geoffrey W (24 days ago)
@Chris Miles I managed without Google, the internet, mobile phones and computers for most of my life.
Chris Miles (24 days ago)
Y'all get lost without GOOGLE HAHAHAHA
Geoffrey W (1 month ago)
When you get to a certain age you become invisible, you don't matter and nobody cares.
Royal Kennedy (2 months ago)
I can agree with everything except the leather jacket . Especially if you ride
Ron Thompson (2 months ago)
Have to say, I agree with some of what you say...but my sense of smell at 63 is still great. So much that when the young men, and women walk by all perfumed up I know they are coming and been in the area. I did 30 years in the military, retired and with my degree went to work in my business and management. I did the suit and tie life. Unfortunately my wife passed several years ago. So at 60, against what many said I was to young to do, I completely retired. I am actively keeping my grandbabies happy, I fish, I camp, I golf and I do crossfit...not bad for a old man. But I don't want to look younger or older. I send my clothes to the cleaners. I wear the casual sneakers at times, but I love my new Nike Viale's in a off white...I know a lot of people who wear the sneakers you don't like. But they keep them clean and only with denim blue jeans. I agree on the t-shirt issue, but I have a couple that have a small logo on the pocket that I wear. None of the goofy stuff. I hate polo shirts and refuse to wear them. I feel the same about jewelry. Clean and conservative is a good way to describe things. I laugh at the young men in skinny jeans and bedroom hair and earrings. At our age we have learned to be who we are. We have proven ourselves in society. We dress for the occasion. We don't want to look younger or like we are our grandparents lol. So I have to agree with some of the comments listed, if it looks good i.e. fits properly and is clean and comfortable...no holes or as you call it distressed... I give my wire out clothes to my kids save the on buying stuff with holes in it lol.. now thanks for the advice but I have to get ready..while you guys are saving the style world, I am going fishing !
I.M. Guapo (2 months ago)
Nah. I wear sandals all the time. I’m 64 black leather jacket for my Harley, and 22,000 emails in the past year from females wanting to start something. Most in 20-30ies. Got some jeans with a couple holes from working not style.
Roberto NYC (2 months ago)
I agree except leather jackets a classic leather Jacket is always awesome. Gentleman should always wear cologne, not over do it, but most definitely a must. " A fragrance should announce your arrival and delay your departure" Coco Chanel

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