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Flyboard 101 - Attaching the Flyboard to the Jet Ski

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Flyboard 101 is a Flyboarding educational series of videos explaining the equipment and basic fundamentals of the sport. These videos were co-produced by H2RO Magazine and Island Flyboard. Visit us at http://h2romagazine.com/ Fly with Island Flyboard: http://islandflyboard.com/ Flyboard Beach Towels - http://h2romagazine.com/h2ro-store
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Ayman Masoud (4 months ago)
ممكن أعرف السعر كام للجهاز لمصر في جت سكى بالألعاب بالماء
Henry Tischbein (3 years ago)
i have a 2004 sea doo gtx will it work on that model
H2RO Magazine (3 years ago)
@Henry Tischbein Hi Henry, I believe it will but you should speak to your local authorized Flyboard dealer to be sure the 2004's have no unique issues. We have a list of many of the companies here http://h2romagazine.com/flyboard-companies Good Luck!
LEONEL C. (4 years ago)
does your seadoo has the brake sistem?
H2RO Magazine (4 years ago)
@LEONEL C.  Anytime. Happy Flying!
LEONEL C. (4 years ago)
HERO thanks for your help.
H2RO Magazine (4 years ago)
Hi Leonel C. here is what Island Flyboard sent regarding your question: Yes, our 2007 Sea-Doo did come with the brake system but we disconnected that to make flyboard adaptor connector plate fit. We do not hook it up when we connect back the steering nozzle for regular use. The reverse linkage can be retrofitted onto your quick connect jet nozzle if so desired. The braking system is a nice feature when using a Sea-Doo for cruising we have gotten used to driving it without the braking system. I hope this answers your question.
H2RO Magazine (4 years ago)
As far as I know the Seadoo in our video was all stock but I've asked your question to Island Flyboard who own the ski in this video and they will get us an answer. I will post it here once I know for sure. Thanks, Blaine

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