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I'm Listening To My Radio, Derrick

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I look like a ballplayer. If you're interested music by: Dj_Razor
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nelsonman1231 (14 days ago)
I’m glad once again the YouTube algorithm blessed me with another random video from the past
ananas nelson (25 days ago)
ancient relics they are
Asaucytaco11 (15 days ago)
ananas nelson Hold me.
Francisca Ice Mage (29 days ago)
Jon Porter (1 month ago)
Kopa_Malphas (1 month ago)
So are these the kid's sucked into the game The Lions Blaze?
Greyscale doughnut (1 month ago)
I wish they still made videos :(
MeGustaWHAT (2 months ago)
Ugh. God. So many memories. Jeebus. Thanks Olan who I forgot I was following on Insta. Now I'm obsessed with Final Space and binging old Balloonshop skits. You know what you did.
core glitch (2 months ago)
watching in 2018
JapFish (2 months ago)
PoorBelfs (2 months ago)
does everyone remember just random stupid skits like this that littered you tube? i miss those simpler times of dumbing down the human race XD
DuneDemon8 (3 months ago)
Hey Alex... Wacha reading?
row0111 (3 months ago)
2018 and I still love this all the same.
Ryan Azure (3 months ago)
Still my comedic heroes to this day.
Dave O (4 months ago)
That 2005/2006 hairstyle haha. Reminds me of high school
VINCENT MICHAEL (4 months ago)
I remember watching the videos in high school and thinking they were high quality lol I was right
DocDrowsy (4 months ago)
Why am I being recommended an 11 year old video...?
vader89gg vic (5 months ago)
1:57 sound like the doom marine
Ethan Myles-Era (5 months ago)
11 years ago today
Lonus Bjonus (6 months ago)
i cant believe they got my brother in law to do this
Scott Smith (6 months ago)
RIP baby 10 years ago
Scott Smith (6 months ago)
Holy shit 11 years
Achille Nkomo (6 months ago)
Oh the old dance😂😂😂
kr4zer (6 months ago)
good comedy, now its about clickbait and tits and sex in videos i miss the old days, and they dont seem to upload anymore :(
Blue Treble (6 months ago)
Haha! Lol that dude is always getting shot
Heathiathan_Witch (6 months ago)
The dramatic echo 😆
Prisoner416 (7 months ago)
Almost 11 years now...
Lonus Bjonus (7 months ago)
Adam Wolfe (8 months ago)
11 years later and I’m still watching these videos. Love these guys.
Luis Mick (8 months ago)
Rip Balloonshop
DanEssmyer (8 months ago)
Does anyone know the song in this video? I remember I tried looking for it for hours like seven years ago, and I still haven't found it 😂
Matt Sinclair (8 months ago)
Eternal Light - dj razer
Jasper Rose (8 months ago)
What even are these lmfao?? More importantly, *Why have I not heard of them before*
The Jackal Animatronic (10 months ago)
This is 11 years old...
Equivical (10 months ago)
I wish they still did more
Lil_A_20 2.0 (10 months ago)
What are you guys doing? 🔫
Captain Falcon (11 months ago)
accursed bloke (11 months ago)
Y derrick, y must u ruin lives
Panda Kat (11 months ago)
Do I ship Alex and Derrick now? Yes, yes I do. these guys are hilarious
Sam Sunderson (1 year ago)
Peachs'nCreamPie (1 year ago)
When things were easier, the potato quality brings nostalgia
*i L o O k L i K e A b A l L p L a Y e R*
2007. I feel so old.
Taylor Hickey (1 year ago)
Still out here
Aj Barone (1 year ago)
1:30 skin and bones...string bean
Suction Cup Man (1 year ago)
Nadia Walker (1 year ago)
I love how he runs into the pool at 0:44 I was dying 😩
I am now Greg (1 year ago)
I WAS BORN IN 2007 😮😮
Rodrigo Parra Palma (1 year ago)
Alex and Derrick, Mortal Enemies
jay4sizzle (1 year ago)
Doom injury sound @1:58 Doom injury sound @1:58
Nick Jordan (1 year ago)
It's so strange that this channel is a decade old now.
Blentastic (1 year ago)
Marshie Chan (1 year ago)
*Places Flowers On Channel Grave* May you rest in peace you funny bastards 😂
Hadsanai Chaikawin (1 year ago)
10 years later i still laugh my ass off
Keller weskier (1 year ago)
i remember back in the day when youtube had just the most random shit on it
Mr Marza (1 year ago)
Cryinmonkey (1 year ago)
good times
Tony Sudol (1 year ago)
It's been over 10 years. Still funny
Dave Parker (1 year ago)
Also for fans of Derek: https://youtu.be/xspa2XRKPcM
Dave Parker (1 year ago)
For fans of Derek: https://youtu.be/7U6rqqWgDxo
Programcı Herif (1 year ago)
pickle derrrrrrrrrick
Hxcgangster2011 (1 year ago)
2017 in the house !
Some Retard (1 year ago)
this is a flashback video from the perspective of the lion
Luke Chambliss (1 year ago)
Guys please come back !
VCLazyBuns (1 year ago)
Marvin Garcia (1 year ago)
God every video is just perfection I can not help but bust up dying of laughter
Reaper! Sans (1 year ago)
2:14 I Knew The Radio Was gonna Drop A Beat!!😂
arknell (1 year ago)
Guys, tell me the truth: Are all your videos a continuous plot of people playing a game like "Second Life", but it's in the future and so sophisticated that it's like in The Matrix, if all the people participating in the in-movie Matrix system knew that they were there, and tested all the limits of the game engine like a player in Second Life gets a new penis-shaped hat or something? The people shoot strangers indiscriminately, knowing they will just respawn somewhere else where they can't hurt your session at the moment. The shot guy even grunts with the sound effect from Doom! And the stutters to their speech is internet lag? I could only figure this out with the help of leaf.
I'm here just like talk to me about your day or something.
TB3hnz (1 year ago)
*Subliminal guy in a swimming pool*
SCREEN LOOKER (1 year ago)
Top 10 Anime Friendships
Reaper! Sans (1 year ago)
1:32 Derick Would you like to Join Me?? No thats Stupid Sees them dancing XD!!!
DevilsAcolyte (1 year ago)
Old YouTube was weird, man
Moist Madness (1 year ago)
*F I N E*
WeHateThePatriots (1 year ago)
This is almost 10 years old.. holy shit
Evan Verburg (1 year ago)
Who else is doing 320x200 in 2017? oh wait...
Kaleb Brasee (1 year ago)
2:23 Reid? Reid Sullivan?
Mariah Estrada (1 year ago)
I have rage like Alex lmao
Link0976 (1 year ago)
Aw I miss the old Youtube!!!
Nicolas Bergen (1 year ago)
He's reading Tintin! That's my favorite French cartoon. His dog Milou is hilarious!
Ryan Gagnet (1 year ago)
Still watching in 2017
Michael Smith (1 year ago)
It's been a minute.
DatBurntPotato Msp (1 year ago)
Sounds like Pewdiepie
Martin Uharcek (1 year ago)
Alex has the most epic dance this world's ever seen...  I have a feeling if he ever stops, the Earth will cease to rotate...
DootDeet Tweedledee (1 year ago)
this is ten years old :/
Truckasaurus Wrecks (1 year ago)
Imblue yo (1 year ago)
My first vid was the pepper video I shall miss this channel but at least I have all my meme tubers papa franku Idubbz howtobasic and so on
MrDannyloco (1 year ago)
2007? DAMN
Willow Bean (1 year ago)
That stupid fuckin pistol gets me every time
SSlack (1 year ago)
everytime I come back to watch these I realize more and more, Thomas, Olan and Josh were abstract memes long before abstract memes were abstract memes.
Jordan Mielbrecht (1 year ago)
ah Olan... how far you have come
Albenation (1 year ago)
the year tf2 came out
Atomic Comet (1 year ago)
after all these years i still think alex is hot af.
Defronnie (1 year ago)
I'd fuck him in the ass too
Julz (1 year ago)
All these years later an I'm still trying to figure out if Josh's grunt at 1:57 is a sound effect from Doom
CausticCubix (1 year ago)
content from 2007 is funnier than 2017 content
Msbear (1 year ago)
Guillermo Nunez (1 year ago)
2017, 1:06 I still die laughing.
EzEddie (1 year ago)
It's too bad these guys didn't come out with these videos 7 years later lol. But they were the supply of most of my laughs and jokes with my friends when I was younger haha.
Ben Sloup (1 year ago)
To this day, he never truly did find out what those boys were doing.
Jazz Min (1 year ago)
I love this
Tyler Daniels (1 year ago)
what did I just watch lol
Stig (1 year ago)
10 years later....
Brandon Clark (1 year ago)
2:22 in the pool is so random haha. I miss these guys. Too bad Josh is a trans chick now.

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