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if you believe-Blues Saracen
Ok so I know this obviously isn't the actual video clip but oh well, it still shows the whole song. Please excuse the socks on my horsies ears...What a tollerant wee mare she is. So, there are some older clips that those of you who have seen my clips will be familiar with, but there are also some very cool new ones, crurtesy of my good ol' pal Gabrielle (HorseyCabz)-Thanking you Cabz, they are awesome clips! Christmas is only 9 days away!! Eek! Who's excited?! Sadly I won't be able to spend christmas with my dear wee Rosie, but I will have a very lovely person babysitting her who will give her her apples and molassas on my behalf. Have a very merry christmas people!!! The two other sexy ponies near the end are HorseyCabz's lovely big man Tex and Beths little arab Hewy. I claim no ownership for the effects used or the song!
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Rob Judge | Get Girls Not Headaches | Full Length HD
Subscribe on Youtube: http://t21c.com/12YTr3X Subscribe by e-mail: http://www.the21convention.com Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/beachmuscles I spent the better part of my early adult life dating 1 girl, which gave me plenty of time to spend my lonely nights nerding it up. When that relationship ended, I found myself with a B.S. in Biology, a Master's degree in Creative Writing, and a remedial (retarded?) understanding of attraction and dating. So I moved to New York City, ignored my pride and better judgement, and started hitting on women shamelessly. Naturally, I got lots of rejections, amassed a canon of funny stories, and wound up at websites for the dating advice industry. Eventually it also led me to my wingman and partner-in-crime, Mr. Zack Bauer. Together, Zack and I started to piece together the truth about picking up women. It may have involved some embarrassing nights and not-so-happy ladies (sorry ladies), but after approaching enough women, we actually started to figure things out and find success. I began writing my insights in magazines, blogs, and various dating niche outlets, such as TSB Magazine. The fast-paced and sophisticated life of New York City influences my style in both writing and dating. These days I split my time between nerd activities like writing, reading, and jogging and awesome activities like aggressive dating, aggressive teaching, and aggressive aggressiveness. On a rainy day, you can find me sipping coffee while writing dating articles or bizarre fiction at a Starbucks near you. My interests include playing the guitar, graphic art, French, candlelit dinners, and anyone who can fix my flatscreen t.v. I believe every man deserves to date his dream girl IF he's willing to forget his pride to learn how to do it. I've coached close to a hundred men on live programs where I watched them transform (sometimes overnight) into the awesome men they were all along--they just needed someone to get them in touch with their inner cool guy. I love waking up each morning to emails from men around the world who tell me about their success stories or about meeting their dream girl or finding the motivation to express themselves. I want you to find an amazing woman and live an awesome life. Visit Rob at http://www.robjudge.net/ Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/BxJw/
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2010 Sports Review
2010 Sports in Review
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