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Dorm Bathroom
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The Longest Pee
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The Bride goes to the Bathroom
A funny look at how difficult it is for a bride to use the bathroom on her wedding day wearing her wedding dress. This clip was featured on TLC's Incredible Weddings. This is not something we are usually requested to shoot. In fact in 14 years of shooting professional wedding video, this is the only time a bride has asked us to do this. What a fun wedding party. To view our artistic wedding videos go to http://www.KeepsakeVideo.net or http://www.keepsakevideo.net/Detroit-Michigan-Wedding-Video-DVD-by-Keepsake-Video-&-Photo.html
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Bicycle Pee Break
Lowe Trent demonstrates how to relieve oneself in the middle of a cycling race in the city. (WCSN, WCSN.com)
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Womens restrooms are usually a great place to do your business, but not where I work. This is an open letter to all those women who stand when they pee.
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Gotta Go
Gotta go ...pee! Motion Design class assignment Art Center at Night Spring 2008 Art Center College of Design by Goldie Gareza Teacher: Dario DiClaudio Grade: A+ (hey, thanks!)
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"Do you really have to pee in a girls mouth?"
This is a song from the Tim and Eric, Good Job show. See the video here http://www.docpop.org/2008/10/14/do-you-really-have-to-pee-in-a-girls-mouth.html By the way, there is a pretty awesome story to go along with this! Read it here http://www.docpop.org/2008/10/14/do-you-really-have-to-pee-in-a-girls-mouth.html
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Re: Do Girls PEE in the Shower
Video Cam Direct Upload
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Paula Radcliffe London Marathon 2005 - Peeing and Winning
Paula Radcliffe London Marathon 2005 Peeing in public and Winning Best Marathon runner ever
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Do Girls PEE in the Shower
do they
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Gotta Go? Porta potty
How to use a porta potty
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Women vs. Men in the Bathroom (Stand Up Comedy)
Men always have it easier in the bathroom! Click here to SUBSCRIBE to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChickComedy?sub_confirmation=1 Like us on: https://www.facebook.com/ComedyTimeTV Follow us on: https://twitter.com/comedytime Visit our official website: http://comedytime.com/ Also check out our other network channels https://www.youtube.com/user/ComedyTimeDir https://www.youtube.com/user/Funny4Shizzle https://www.youtube.com/user/ComedyTimeLatino
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amanda peeing in a litter box
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Peeing on middle school bathroom =P
peanut butter jelly time
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Raw Video: Press Banished to Bathroom
During a campaign stop in Texas, Hillary Clinton's campaign treated the press to a filing center in the men's bathroom. Journalists filed stories at tables set up next to urinals and bathroom stalls. (March 4)
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Manders and Naligger Figuring Out How Girls Pee
How awesome naligger is
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How to Pee a Picture in the Snow - Goodbye Art
My art site http://www.philinthecircle.com Check out my new Web Series!!! http://www.philinthewhaaat.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/philinthecirclefanpage How to Pee a Picture in the Snow This is part of Goodbye Art, a one-year experimental series where each piece was either destroyed naturally or with force. --------- pee drawing draw snow painting paint urine urination yellow "goodbye art" art philinthecircle "phil in the circle" "Phil Hansen" video videos "phil hanson" in the circle how to goodbye
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Japanese girls
Japanese girls
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Random day at school! Rachel and Sarah take the camera into the girl's bathroom! A big scene at Taco Bell about me confession I'm black! Hahaha! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/insurd Twitter: http://twitter.com/insurdTweets Ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/insurd
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Weird Al Yankovich-she gotta pee (to shaggys it wasnt me)
goodfella52alex- Weird Al Yankovich-she gotta pee (to shaggys it wasnt me) lyrics :::: requested by Css2life knock, knock, knock) -Hey, let me in I gotta Go! -Wait didn't you just Go like, a half an hour ago? -Yeah, but I gotta go again! Oh, no! Got a girl with a really small bladder, knocking on a bathroom door. Busted in and she bearly made it, she dribbled on the bathroom floor. She would not believe me, when I said: "Go before We leave" We had bearly started drivin', when she told me she's got to Pee. When I try to drive I see her drink a bottle water Always has to wizz and she wonders why I'm bothered When she says "Pull Over!" she means, what she's sayin' Runs to the bathroom just before she starts her sprayin' You'd think a grown woman would have a better controll A little "number one" shouldn't be so hard to hold But she goes about a hundred times a day, Meanwhile I stand outside the bathroom and I wait! In the middle of the movie, She gotta Pee Everytime we start drivin' She gotta Pee She even did it in the shower She gotta Pee She's gotta go every hour! She gotta Pee Wakes me up while I'm sleapin' She gotta Pee To the toilet, she's a creapin' She gotta Pee We Go after dinner She gotta Pee Sometimes her friends go with her. Got a girl with a really small bladder, knocking on a bathroom door. Busted in and she bearly made it, she dribbled on the bathroom floor. She would not believe me, when I said: "Go before We leave" We had bearly started drivin', when she told me she's got to Pee.
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The secret is to look like you're doing something else.
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How to Potty Train Toddlers : How to Potty Train Boys with Games
Fun games are great for potty training boys because they help toddlers get excited about using the toilet, plus they can help improve aim. Learn games that you can use to potty train boys in this free parenting tips video. Expert: Shelby Emmer Bio: Shelby Emmer has an Associates Degree in child development. She has been teaching preschool children for the past 4 years at Temple Isaiah in Los Angeles, California. Filmmaker: Devin Boddie
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Stupid Criminals - Peeing in the parking lot
In a nice neighborhood in Naperville, this dumb criminal pulled into our Security Camera showroom parking lot at 4PM on a Friday, while we were still open, and proceeded to urinate right in our parking lot. He was arrested right up the street, and the PD found out he was already wanted on other charges. Probably wouldn't have been caught if he had just asked to use the bathroom.
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Stop it, I'm gonna pee!
This is by far my wife's favorite part of the movie!
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Dumb Criminals - Peeing in the Parking Lot
4PM in the Afternoon on a Friday, at our Naperville, IL Security Camera Showroom. Drives right past the signs, parks right in front of the door, which also has a Platinum CCTV Home & Business Security Camera Sign on it. Then proceeds to whip it out and urinate right next to a Harley in the parking lot. As it turns out, the guy works right across the street, and was wearing a T-Shirt from work (I am sure they have a bathroom there he could use, or he could have come in and asked to use ours). But he didn't. The Police apprehended him right up the street, and found out that he was already wanted. So if this happens in the parking lot of a Security Camera Showroom in a nice neighborhood in Naperville, IL, then what happens at your business while you are away? http://Platinum-CCTV.com
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Scrubs J.D. Sees Janitor's Penis
From episode 220, My Interpretation Requested by: Gaaraofthesand4
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Peeing! My Favorite!!
Herein, not only do we encounter the World's Largest Thermometer, but Alexandra shares footage from her road trip to her new home. Yay!!
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Pissing - Blowout
A clip from Blowout -- a sketch show from channel fours comedy lab series Featuring Will Andrews and Greg McHugh, Leah Macrae, Michael Manley and Susan Calman. Directed by Ian Curtis. produced by Rab Christie for the Comedy Unit
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Jimmy Lee Talks to People While They Use The Bathroom
Bathrooms Are Great Places To Carry On Conversations!!! humorous bathroom funny videos
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in a village. i didn't actually pee it just kind of looks like it :) stand day 523 or 524
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Deuce Bigalow - Tourette Syndrome
Scenes from Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo with Ruth who has tourette syndrome.
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Longest Widdle or pee
Three men drink as much beer as they can and then they are timed on how long they can pee for.
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Austin Power and japanese twins
Austin Power give a party after arrest Dr. Evil and there is talking with two japanese girl Fook me and Fook you. One of many great scenes from this movie :).
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The Longest Pee
This is my animated version of Adam Sandler's "The Longest Pee" The animation uses less than 80 frames all cThis is my animated version of Adam Sandler's "The Longest Pee" The animation uses less than 80 frames all completely drawn and animated by me! Rate, Comment, and Enjoy! o_o drawn and animated by me! Rate, Comment, and Enjoy! o_o
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Squat Toilets & More! - (Only in Japan!-9)
Hey! Rate & comment, guys! I had to wade through a lot of stink on this one! ENJOY! And watch until the end! And YES...Terminator Toilet edition is almost ready! --------------------------- Japanese notes: Where is the toilet?=otoire ha doko ni arimasuka? うんこ=unko=shit 立小便=たちしょんべん=tachishonben=stand and pee This kanji 小便  (しょうべん/しょんべん)can be pronounced shouben (しょうべん)or shonben (しょんべん). I usually hear the latter. やめよう!=Yameyou!=Stop it! 行為=こうい=Koui=behavior 禁止=きんし=Kinshi=prohibited ---------- Opening theme by MysteryGuitarMan Ending theme by BurnVictim77
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Wetting the Bed - 09/11/08
See the competition: http://www.youtube.com/downstairsguys Sandy was sleeping so we decided to wake her up. We took her hand and put it into some warm water so that she will pee her pants. She's not going to be happy. FAVORITE THIS VIDEO The Upstairs Girls is one of the most popular web series of outrageous comedy videos on the Internet! Set in Los Angeles, the show follows the adventures of Sandy (Erica Rhodes) and DeeDee (Justine Peacock) in their never ending pursuit of finding a third roommate who isn't totally nuts, dangerous, or hitting on Sandy's on again off again boyfriend Mutt (Eric Patton). Laugh along with the funny, sexy and wild 20 something characters, as they attempt to navigate their wacky lives and the comic farce of their romantic entanglements. SUBSCRIBE TO THE UPSTAIRS GIRLS CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/upstairsgirls Also, Visit these other IronSink comedy channels from Ironsink Network: http://www.youtube.com/ironsink Upstairsgirls: http://www.youtube.com/upstairsgirls Downstairsguys: http://www.youtube.com/downstairsguys Ashley's HugTime: http://www.youtube.com/ashleyshugtime Sandy's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/sandyschannel IronSink Network: http://www.youtube.com/ironsinknetwork Cougars: http://www.youtube.com/cougarsshow Freakdom of Speech: http://www.youtube.com/freakdomofspeech
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Peeing men - Fountain
Pelvis and penis of these "iron-men" is driven by water. Speciality of Prague, Czech Rep.
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Piss Diver
It's not Wrigley, but it's close...
Views: 34377 Michael Miller
In the buff, describing my daily doings.
Splutter 4: Bathrooms
KT, Tyro, and Hal give you six reasons why girls go to the bathroom together. =)
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Two Girls, One Closet (Episode 1)
The first episode EVER!
Views: 1403 twothingproductions
Soldier Can't Hold Pee
SPC Oliver really, really had pee. We couldn't stop before and there was too much traffic for the bottle. This all made for 10 minutes of rib-splitting laughter!!!
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Views: 497844 Joel Poveda
Step two of pissing the director off
Step two. 2) Show Lazard doing more embarrising things and show it on youtube! (This has been brought to you by Angeal Hewley) LOL, more drunkness! Man, Lazard's going to kill me for this! Lazard-Katie Angeal-Desi
Views: 2086 Desiree Weichman
AFV Bath pee incident
that is why people should shower alone
Views: 106391 Abdullah Hafez
Step one of pissing the Director off
Step one of pissing Lazard off. 1) Catch him putting pants on his head, and acting like a girl! Then show the tape to all of SOLDIER. Okay, this is one of the tapes I taped on Axel(Katie's) B-day. We were pretending to be charaters from Crisis Core, so I picked ANgeal and Katie picked Lazard. Hope you enjoy! Katie-Lazard Desi-Angeal
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100% Real Ghost caught on Camera!!!
Real Ghost caught on Camera!!!! We've lived next door to a graveyard for years & it had never bothered us before - until we started hearing noises at night. This is what the camera recorded 100% real footage of a ghost.
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What To Do When You Run Out of Toilet Pater
A video about running out of toilet paper. The challenge was to make a video without using a computer to edit. So all the cuts were done in camera (in order).
Views: 7460 Mark Myers
Alex Screams, Brad Pees Pants
Alex and Brad on the Apollos Swing at Mt. Olympus - 2007
Views: 11597 Kurt W

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