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The Price Is Right W/ Drew Carey Preview - She Needs To Pee!
This womans LOVES Drew Carey, and Plinko. She also really needs to use a restroom. Thank CBS for this Amazing Clip! This is going to rock!!!! www.justfreestuff.com
Views: 418953 Oscar Rosales
Toilet prank gone bad - Just For Laughs
http://gags.justforlaughs.com | Subscribe! http://goo.gl/wJxjG A man asks someone to hold his video camera filming a portable toilet. Turns out, they are about to film a terrible prank pulled on a policeman! Buy JFL Stuff! http://gags.spreadshirt.com/ Visit our other channels: JUST KIDDING PRANKS: http://www.youtube.com/JustKiddingPranks Hidden Camera Classics: http://www.youtube.com/ClassicHiddenCamera Social Animal? Here are a few interesting links: Twitter: http://twitter.com/JFLGags Facebook: http://facebook.com/jflgags Puppies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6hAgaP066k A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world!
Views: 979808 Just For Laughs Gags
Going to the Bathroom- To the Extreme!
Beck goes to the bathrrom- to the extreme!
Views: 3223 Thorn2200
Pee Run 250
The typical winters day when you step out side and the cold weather cause you to need to go to the bathroom. This is what most of us have done in our life time. I have managed to capture it on very amateure footage and am broadcasting it for all to see. This took my firend and i all of a couple minutes to do so excuse the bad shots etc!
Views: 12521 CanMan43
Peeing Noises
http://lovebitesblog.com Lovebites is an original micro-series that focuses on the romantic and domestic exploits of Katie and Max, a witty and spirited twentysomethings couple who are stuck between the carefree college mentality and the seriousness that comes with being an adult. Through lovebites we get a fresh, modern look at how a young couple goes from sharing the bill to sharing keys ... and how drama-filled new relationships can be. In this clip, Katie's immaturity might send her and Max's relationship down the toilet...literally.
Views: 266462 lovebitestv
Men's peeing game
interactive flower in men's room
Views: 41971 suno huang
The Green Mile (1999) - Urinating relief
Paul Edgecomb aka Tom Hanks is cured by John Coffey aka Michael Clarke Duncan. I can totaly relate to that feeling.
Views: 270853 monolegis
1996 Potty Training Kelly Doll Commercial
This is a commercial for the 1996 Potty Training Kelly Doll. Kelly is Barbie Doll's little sister. Kelly really drinks and wets! You and Barbie feed Kelly her bottle, then put her on her potty. Squeeze her tummy and she really tinkles!
Views: 388688 BarbieCollectors
Bear Grylls drinks his own urine (Kimberlies, Australia)
Bear Grylls has no option but to drink his own urine in the Kimberlies, Australia. An unpleasant experience.
Views: 1353654 En Vy
Little Things That Piss Me Off -  Rodney Carrington
Rodney Carrington on the The Bob & Tom Show
Views: 6786506 LucindaMS
"Havin a wee in the sink"
samm in pizza hut loos (this is not me btw)
Views: 62752 travisbblink182
Boi Gets Shot In Bathroom
Shot In Bathroom By Mates!! LOL
Views: 836 RaverBabey07
On this excerpt of "The Unique Show" Unique is caught in a dilemma of having to pee while the team runs late for an out of state show causing them to have no time to stop. The result-pee in a bottle, cup, and whatever else they could find!
Views: 744229 UniqueStarPower
Men on toilet
Why do men go together to WC? :)
Views: 1714 zeroslotm
Comedy Hypnosis - Frank Santos Jr. - Pee (1/5)
Comedic hypnotist Frank Santos Jr. makes Josh and Jill have to pee really badly but they can't. Filmed at Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School on January 18, 2007, courtesy of AlexIsLegend.com.
Views: 29845 Alex DiVincenzo
Urinating Wangster: Peeing Grave
The first appearance of the Urinating Wangster! This is the infamous sketch from the first season that deals with...well...peeing on graves.
Views: 3971 KABLONKER
Dog using Urinals in Pub
This is a short video clip of the only dog i know in the world, that uses the urinals in the MENS toilets. The video was taken in The Royal Oak, Whittaker Lane, Prestwich, Manchester.
Views: 3511 Gary Wroe
The Boy, The Pee, The Pants and The Dryer
A 4 yr old trying to dry his pant after peeing in them.. too lazy to go to the bathroom while playing the game.
Views: 89081 tiwanx
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure - Police Station and the Buxton Bath
A couple months ago a friend came to me and asked if I remembered when, in "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure," Pee-Wee is struggling to get the window open to make his escape from Francis' dad. I started laughing hysterically; I just ohmigod LOVED Pee-Wee's desperate, futile attempt at opening the bathroom window... X-D I got angry cause the entire clip wasn't on Youtube yet... so.... here you go! X-D NOTE: This clip begins at the police station, where another one of my favorite "subtle" moments takes place: the police-lady asking (re: Pee-Wee's stolen bike), "What leads you to believe the Soviets were involved?" Great movie. X-D
Views: 520269 extortshorties
Al Pees Up North
Al Pees Up North Taking a little pit stop while camping up north with the guys.
Views: 2924 Grillin' Pirate Pete
Miriam peeing from a boat
My best friend peeing while the waves are splashing up in her ass.
Views: 604550 Pesch
License to Pee
This is the film I spent my summer making for a final film project for my film school. This is my most favorite work (though there could be improvements). It was screened at Lincoln Center and the audience found it hilarious. I hope you do too. Enjoy! You can hit me up on www.myspace.com/naheem26
Views: 17286 NaheemKujenya
rules of taking a pee in a public restroom
Just FYI, this is just drunk ramblings while walking around. Watch the other videos if you want to understand what is going on in this video. The ending explains the unwritten rules of taking a piss in a public restroom.
Views: 2196 Ricky Matsko
poor beastboy
clip from transformation i do not own teentitans
Views: 126399 horsegirl32110
Naked drummer plays country air the beach boys !
so, i grabbed the drummer out of the bath and i said, hey, lets have a go at doing 'country air' ! so we did, www.myspace.com/theladykillersofficial
Views: 7425 Mark J Hickling
my dog got so excited she decided to pee on my bed. WTF!?
my dog was being a spaz and being cute, so i decided to record her cuteness.. just before i hit the record button, she was digging at the comforter and ripped a hole in it.. so i zoomed in on that ... and after she runs around a little, you can see her tail start to go up while she's resting from all her hyper-excitement - she was soaking my pillows and trailed off to the foot of my bed. WTF, DOG!? (you can SEE the pee trail behind her! what a jerk!)
Views: 15447 finntothenicky
peeing in the bathroom
thats how we do in the girls room!
Views: 187315 XcaitlinXnicoleX
that was some good peein
league of their own that was some good peein
Views: 9184 hunniee526
WC Feminino
Video realizado na Oficina de Criação Audiovisual, ministrado na Oficina Cultura Oswald de Andrade por Daniel Sêda, em Setembro/Outubro de 2007
Views: 4522 interaubis
joshua pee`d in the g-bathroom.
me: and joshua pee`d in the girls bathroom kim: joshua looks like a girl so if they do see him in there it doesnt matter
Views: 1489 unknowncoolperson
van wilder
takes a shit in a trashcan
Views: 30987 ticklemychode
the girls toilet at the roma game
so I needed to pee really bad, and this is what I found in the girls room... disgusting
Views: 58360 palfym1
Polar Bear Poops Underwater (Original)
A surprise in the polar bear exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo
Views: 1187662 protwizz
Very Fancy Bathroom Part 1
Here we are again at my cousin's wedding a.k.a. the little brunette girl with the same dress as me's older sister. We were flower girls, and it was probably after 11:00 pm and we were high on kiddie cocktails. Plus there was like no one there except the people from our wedding, and the very cool bathroom there was empty.
Views: 3128 CarolinaRapta
peeing toilet 2
u'll see
Views: 2519 VMARIE1217
Stag & Hen do - How to poo in a wedding dress
Julia explains to Emma how one goes about doing a poo when wearing a wedding dress.
Views: 10007 Andrew Seward
Peeing & Vomiting
my car peeing and vomiting !!
Views: 13546 bo9agr
My Cat Peeing in the Toilet!
My cat pees in the toilet and tries to flush it afterwards. Believe it! I thought I had my share of animal funny videos, but this funny video had me on the ground laughing. This cat doesn't need cat behavior training, or any animal potty training lessons. She actually learned how to pee on her own. Gotta love my cat peeing in the toilet. Does anyone actually know of cat behavior training specialists that do this kind of training? If so, I'd love to talk to these animal trainers to see how they do cat potty training as a comparison. If you have any personal experiences with cat behavior training or cat potty training, let me know. Would love to hear your insights too.
Views: 11157330 miimura
law, maud, pau, aless, sofia
Views: 13041 llllaurie7
pissing me off
some girl who came out off the closet
Views: 1549 tanningbednailgun
sahil pissin in the girls bathroom
hey allu ppl sahil went 2 pee in d girls bathroom in mochaaaa gr8888
Views: 1002 supermickey1
George in the girls bathroom
I gave him a dollar but to go pee in the girls bathroom but I only got the end on tape.
Views: 697 kakakt
peeing toilet
this toilet almost peed on me TWICE!
Views: 7255 VMARIE1217
Girl in boys toilet
what happens when a girl goes into the boys toilet for a £1
Views: 586090 Kikasstv
Views: 5935 cozey00
In the bathroom
girl sitting on top of a peeing girl, falling, screaming, laughing, it's all good fun.
Views: 114159 jfhollyday22
penis hold in toilet
Funny people peeing and smoking
Views: 41833 ranajawadahmad
Peeing In A Toilet. Being a Girlie is Harder then i Thought!
this videos is stupid. i warn you. just so you know when you watch. basically. Shannan is a dude. pretending she's a girlie so she can be with this hot babe Kari whose a girl, and lez. So Shannan's pretending to be a girlie whose lez. hard enought. she gets hard ons and try to hide em and has to pee bad. Kari walks in. just watch. stay around for thee bloopers at thee end.
Views: 21579 rawrpoptart
Drunk Girls in Bathroom
Hova's Birthday
Views: 3076 Blondieah101
Depression Wiping
Sheryl Crow has suggested that we all use just one pane of toilet paper per session. However, the desperate people of The Great Depression needed to find even more radical ways to economize.
Views: 1125 Thomas Ryder

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