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peeing in the bathroom
thats how we do in the girls room!
Views: 185642 XcaitlinXnicoleX
the girls toilet at the roma game
so I needed to pee really bad, and this is what I found in the girls room... disgusting
Views: 58194 palfym1
Rad Girls Episode 3 Part 2
Rad Girls(Jackass Rip-off) Episode 3 Part 2
Views: 691843 doobystun22
My Cat Peeing in the Toilet!
My cat pees in the toilet and tries to flush it afterwards. Believe it! I thought I had my share of animal funny videos, but this funny video had me on the ground laughing. This cat doesn't need cat behavior training, or any animal potty training lessons. She actually learned how to pee on her own. Gotta love my cat peeing in the toilet. Does anyone actually know of cat behavior training specialists that do this kind of training? If so, I'd love to talk to these animal trainers to see how they do cat potty training as a comparison. If you have any personal experiences with cat behavior training or cat potty training, let me know. Would love to hear your insights too.
Views: 11151675 miimura
Peeing Noises
http://lovebitesblog.com Lovebites is an original micro-series that focuses on the romantic and domestic exploits of Katie and Max, a witty and spirited twentysomethings couple who are stuck between the carefree college mentality and the seriousness that comes with being an adult. Through lovebites we get a fresh, modern look at how a young couple goes from sharing the bill to sharing keys ... and how drama-filled new relationships can be. In this clip, Katie's immaturity might send her and Max's relationship down the toilet...literally.
Views: 264358 lovebitestv
Trying to pee standing up.
I used a hamster's water bottle to try and pee standing up.
Views: 297030 jDizyyFizzle
Pooing in public 1
40% of the world's population do not have access to toilets; imagine that in the UK.... www.wateraid.org/toilet
Views: 1311477 Beth Jepson
The Wominal
"Peeing" in the urinal in Williamson Hall.
Views: 57573 AllyJacks
Video cam  in women toilet
Views: 307736 Boss100za
joshua pee`d in the g-bathroom.
me: and joshua pee`d in the girls bathroom kim: joshua looks like a girl so if they do see him in there it doesnt matter
Views: 1476 unknowncoolperson
lifeguard peeing in pool
a on duty life gaurd calls for a bathroom break ( in the pool )
Views: 21849 harrypooter808
sahil pissin in the girls bathroom
hey allu ppl sahil went 2 pee in d girls bathroom in mochaaaa gr8888
Views: 992 supermickey1
Clara Pee 2
Clara Peeing
Views: 5256 boxxersbabe26
alexs peeing
Views: 165708 aundriaa
Best Story Ever.
Allison's football game story. She was at the football game, and the only girls bathroom was a single one for handicaps peeps so when she walked in and shut the door someone was in there to and went "someone's in here..." and when she walked out of the bathroom she started freaking out, but still had to pee...due to excessive laughter and pee pains, she peed her pants.
Views: 34923 kelskels5252
Sand Girl
Fun in the Sand
Views: 2390 SadieOB
The boys in the girls bathroom.
Zakk and Bryan in the girls bathroom. Bryan is buying a tampon. XD
Views: 250227 ohsillykat
Rheanna goes into the bathroom , and some little boy is peeing .
Views: 2401 xoainslie
Girl in boys toilet
what happens when a girl goes into the boys toilet for a £1
Views: 582629 Kikasstv
Peeing in the Wave Pool
LMAOOO!! We hadda go bad, but the bathroom was far away & couldnt make it. lols
Views: 83772 SFS2SH0RTYY
girl go to toilet
the girl wants to pee ,and go to mensroom
Views: 145671 gfaroank
Pwned by the shower
She tried to make it to the bathroom to go pee, and this is as far as she got. She sounds like a dying cat..
Views: 2904 danasaki
guy takes a piss on 2 girls
just hahah lol funny as shit
Views: 25492 Ben Cox
lady peeing
Amy is a fabulous lady
Views: 30566 Ryan Eliason
some girl pissing, ha
not friends!
Views: 46571 fxckyu
raj in girls toilet
raj man, u really take the piss
Views: 8534 ro2727271
peeing toilet 2
u'll see
Views: 2433 VMARIE1217
Kayla Peed Herself 2
Yup she's still drying her pants off... and us ditchers in the bathroom.
Views: 10456 iluvmartingore
i was washing my hands and peeing!
Views: 2272 CheeseandCracker73
peeing toilet
this toilet almost peed on me TWICE!
Views: 7162 VMARIE1217
mc on toilet
This is what happends when three girls are together in a motel...
Views: 4227 thomson146
The Price Is Right W/ Drew Carey Preview - She Needs To Pee!
This womans LOVES Drew Carey, and Plinko. She also really needs to use a restroom. Thank CBS for this Amazing Clip! This is going to rock!!!! www.justfreestuff.com
Views: 413428 Oscar Rosales
Not My GF
Ha Ha Ha, This girl starts to feel weird, and then walla!
Views: 2603 Mike Majesty
George in the girls bathroom
I gave him a dollar but to go pee in the girls bathroom but I only got the end on tape.
Views: 697 kakakt
toilet lady singing
u gota take a pee
Views: 919 katelet
Scralph has to pee
In this episode, Scralph gets the notion to take a piss.
Views: 3246 scralphandme
Joke Yellow Snow funny holiday
two little boys discuss their fathers pee pee my daddy has two pee pees More cartoons at www.NightshadeCartoons.com Check out the Shop at http://269527.spreadshirt.com/
Views: 44098 RAVENNIITE
Whitney Pees
Views: 8868 mikehunt2007
Sass is peeing in a sink
sass in Göteborg.. I was in the bathroom, when I goot out Sass sat in the sink... extremly happy to have peed in a saucepan..
Views: 129542 nephilimer
Spencer And Alex Smashing Miranda
This would be a bunch of girls locking to guys in a bath room together to pee. While ductaped together And then they smash Miranda. Those Jerks
Views: 2182 ChezzieFace
chrisanna peeing. :]
Views: 47121 evingeeerx
the pissing
we all know what women do in bathrooms. here is the opposite sex :P
Views: 1847 maliOddPalube
Peeing Outdoors
My friend (f) peein in the park
Views: 56802 carlomagno25
Kitty wants to watch me pee
This is what my cat does when I go to the bathroom. Yes, I was sitting on the toilet when I took this video.
Views: 9008 Amy Stumbris
college piss heads
Views: 271 jessicaallen18
Bathroom Chronicles
2007 New Years Party
Views: 5518 dtarvin81
I'm fixing PEE!!!!
This is clint... in the bathroom.... cleaning his mess lol
Views: 617 iamnotjennah
peeing on leg
oh god
Views: 16863 Melanie Watman
male restroom etiquette
one of the secret comandments
Views: 1908 staticmojo
Shower with Pee Mai
It's Pee Mai, a Thai actress in the video. She got nice chest.
Views: 93069 thailicious

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