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Pro Ski - 2001 IJSBA World Finals
Dustin Motzouris was on a tear but his Kawasaki sucked log-jump rubber into the pump, opening the door for "Jammin' Jeff Jacobs record tenth Pro Ski World Championship in a TV show we produced in 2001.
Views: 13977 Watercraft Rider
Hydrodrags Lakeland FL 2016
Music Provided by NCS Release Anikdote-Turn It Up https://soundcloud.com/anikdotemusic https://twitter.com/ANIKDOTE_MUSIC https://www.instagram.com/anikdote_music/ https://www.facebook.com/D.H.ProductionzPage https://youtu.be/S6RWY8OYwbk
Views: 135345 mvaldes712
Pro Runabout - 2002 IJSBA National Tour Rd. 3
Intense Pro Runabout 1200 racing featuring Chris MacClugage, Dustin Farthing and Dustin Motzouris battling in the waves of Oceanside, California from a TV show we produced in 2002.
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IJSBA 1996 Tour - Dallas - moto 2
Bud Jet Sports Tour - Pro Runabout - Chris Fischetti, Tom Bonacci, Nicolas Rius, Chris MacClugage, Minoru Kanamori, Frank Romero, Bill Pointer, Jeff Prieur, Derek Punchard, Dustin Farthing, post race interview
Views: 37031 LoveBomberXL
Jet Sport Racing - 2018 JSRA British Jet Sport Racing Championships - Rd 1 Kingsbury Jetbike Centre
Highlights of Round 1 of the 2018 JSRA British Championships from Kingsbury Jet Bike Centre featuring Rec Lites, Ski GP and Runabout GP classes.
Views: 11599 Rob Hughes TV
IJSBA Nielsen National Finals 1998 - Pro Ski - Zion, Illinois
#throwbackthursday The UWP-IJSBA National Tour is the largest watercross race series in the USA. Watercross racing combines the electricity and appeal of traditional beach events with the high-speed thrills of competitive motor sports. Dramatic staging, professional sound system, banners, flags, and pit tents set the stage for a truly large-scale event. Personal watercraft racing combines the excitement and appeal of traditional beach events with the high-speed thrills of competitive motor sports. The tour features a contingent of up-and-coming men and women in the highly explosive and exciting sport of watercraft racing. All of the country's top riders and race teams will be in attendance. These riders will utilize some of the most advanced equipment and technology to help their watercraft reach speeds of over 90 miles-per-hour. Each week these riders will engage in a fierce battle of skill, technology and innovation on and off the water. UWP is sanctioned by the International Jet Sport Boating Association (IJSBA) the world wide sanction body for watercross racing.
Views: 6942 Pro Watercross
Jet Ski 85'  World Finals Pro Mod
One of the old school great races... the 'Hammer' Mike Castrucci takes the Pro Mod & Pro Super victories at the World Finals in Lake Havasu City, AZ
Views: 55821 Jackson J
Following TYRON and DUSTIN MOTZOURIS through the IDAHO SHOOTOUT jetski race aboard the GP1 TURBO,S
Views: 4492 Dustin Motzouris
Rickter FR-2 EVO-1
Available through Jetworks Performance as a hull or complete ski with the set up of your choice. www.jetworksperformance.com The new Rickter FR2 EVO1 as ridden in the video by Rickter Sponsored Rider Pierre Maxient, as well as Rickter sponsored rider Taylor Curtis. Designed for Motosurf/Freeride and as the most versatile hull for the recreational rider market.
Views: 82180 Jetworks Performance
Pro Watercross Panama City Beach 2017 Sport Stock Moto 2 Logan
Finished 14th out of 16, broke the throttle lever. Had 20 racers show, so had to qualify beforehand. Finished 11th for the weekend.
Jet Ski Ice Berging!
Early ride up the river made for some hilarious video! Jet Ski Ice Berging in early April!
Views: 616755 freeridefilms
2016 Long Beach To Catalina & Back Offshore Endurance National Championship
Personal Watercraft champions Craig Warner, Mike Klippenstein, Christian D' Agostin and Mark Gerner charge wide open across the Pacific Ocean to claim PWC offshore racing's top prize and the Watercraftrider.com cameras were there again to capture all of the dramatic action.
Views: 1597541 Watercraft Rider
Hillclimb Truck Racing, 1400 HP and 5800 NM, Racetruck powerslide no Drift, Bergrennen Gurnigel 2012
Don´t miss the great DVD´s at http://www.swissrace.ch/shop/bergrennen/gurnigel/ One of the most popular motorsport events in Switzerland - Bergrennen Gurnigel 2012 Tecnical features about the truck: 1400 HP, in Hillclimb condition 1200 HP 5800 NM torque 4500 kg weigth VMax: 268 km/h, this is an inofficial value because at race events the truck is limited to 160 km/h as a FIA law 16 gear H-gearbox from the original truck.
Views: 5519864 MPZRACEVIDEO
2012 IJSBA World Finals Closed course Expert Vet Runabout Crash
2012 IJSBA World Finals Closed course Expert Vet Runabout Crash This crash is crazy!
Views: 17942 Brandon Philpott
This boat hull had been abandoned in the woods for over 20 years. . I was going to cut it into pieces and haul it away but it had that old style you don't see in new boats today. I found out it was a 1959 Loan Star (Monterey) 14 foot runabout , built in Texas. It is powered by a Kawasaki 639cc , 65 horse power jet ski engine. Top speed so far has been 35 mph and can skim over 4 inches of water. I paid $200 for the jet ski, $300 for parts and materials. Labor was about 100 hours of getting up at 4 am and doing at least 2 hours of work every day during the week.
Views: 121737 Frank Stephens
2015 World Finals Pro Ski Open
French champion Jeremy Poret battles the best ski racers in the world to take the Pro Ski Open World Championship at the 2015 IJSBA quakysense World Finals.
Views: 93177 Watercraft Rider
2012 IJSBA World Finals
Video highlights from the 2012 ISJBA Hot Products Jet Ski World Finals, filmed in Lake Havasu, Arizona.
Views: 32716 havasuphoto
2015 IJSBA World Finals Pro Runabout Open
Hungary's Gyorgy Kasza aboard his exotic custom carbon hulled Sea-Doo takes on the best in the world to win the Pro Runabout Open championship at the 2015 IJSBA quakysense World Finals at Lake Havasu City, AZ.
Views: 145599 Watercraft Rider
Kawasaki X2 Racing
The good ol days of racing! The way Racing teams use to be until they tried to be all factory and killed it for race shops and family teams! These were the days.... Bad Bones Racing, Good Times Racing, PJS, West Coast Racing, Etc... (Low Quality Video)
Views: 24135 Alpha Mega
How to jetlauncher jetski tote
The best selling Jet Launcher for Stand-Up jetSki in Japan. Quick and Easy assembly and disassembly that does not require any tools. No bolts and nuts. Just pull and push Hitch Pins and assembly and disassembly is complete in just minutes.
Views: 28480 kehkeh00
Torx Racing Miss Geico 600 hp Sea doo Rxt Jet ski
See the full build here! http://pwcforums.com/forums/sea-doo-build-journals-4/1114-torx-racing-miss-geico-build-2008-600-hp-sea-doo-rxt.html
Views: 86629 pwcforums1
Pro Runabout - 2003 Motosurf Rd.3
Insane Pro Runabout racing in big waves from Oceanside CA during the 2003 Dos Equis Moto Surf series featuring Nicolas Rius, Dustin Farthing, Erminio Iantosca and Craig Warner. From a TV show we produced.
Views: 8397 Watercraft Rider
Personal Watercraft Champion Chris MacClugage 2001/2002 Profie
Brash in interviews, “reserved” in real life (!), Chris expounds on how racing, wakeboarding and performance surfing intertwine as integral aspects of the greatest watercraft racer of all time.
Views: 3906 Watercraft Rider
Sea-Doo X-TEAM Highlights at the 2012 IJSBA Hot Products World Finals
The 2012 IJSBA World Finals is the epicenter of the personal watercraft world every October and the Sea-Doo X-TEAM Dominated this years event headlined by James Bushell's back-to-back double Pro World Championships aboard his Sea-Doo RXP-X. In fact, James wasn't alone, 47 of the 63 available sport and runabout class podium positions where filled by Sea-Doo watercraft racers.
Views: 9613 seadootv
Huck n Hold - Blasterboyz style
Huck n Hold by Krash Industries Nick Barton. What an awesome event!
Views: 66169 BlasterBoyzRey
Solid carbon fibre with kevlar complete custom ski. 200 HP 1100cc 16mm billet stroker motor. Power Factor pipe with custom waterbox. 155mm 12 vein set-back custom pump. Flame total loss programable ignition. 48 Novi carbs.
Views: 99631 Player1 TV
Check out this cool Water Powered Bluetooth Speaker: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P9LH1XL
Views: 1168475 Dan Jones
Οι καλύτερες στιγμές του Ράλλυ Ακρόπολις, του κορυφαίου αγώνα του Παγκοσμίου Πρωταθλήματος για το 2005, εξελίχθηκαν στο Ολυμπιακό Στάδιο της Αθήνας. Αυτοκίνητα προδιαγραφών WRC, S1600 και κορυφαία ελληνικά πληρώματα πρόσφεραν πλούσιο θέαμα σε περισσότερους από 60.000 θεατές. Απολαύστε μία ώρα περίπου ξεχωριστής δράσης από τα κορυφαία πληρώματα του κόσμου, στη σούπερ ειδική που έγραψε ιστορία και συγκέντρωσε όλα τα βλέμματα του κόσμου στη χώρα μας. Το DVD ήταν στο περιοδικό 4ΤΡΟΧΟΙ (τεύχος: Ιανουαρίου 2006)
my new 96 SeaDoo XP
Views: 4861 UnevenHeathen
Worlds Fastest Supercharged  2012 Sea Doo RXT S3 By Torx Racing 88.4 Mph
You can view the full build thread at this link http://pwcforums.com/forums/sea-doo-build-journals-4/1276-new-world-record-88-4-mph-sc-2012-sea-doo-rxt-s3-torx-racing.html
Views: 15956 TorxRacing
Manutenção de JetSki - Dicas
Idealizamos esse vídeo, pois muitos clientes e amigos sempre nos questionam quais os itens são revisados e para comparar entre um trabalho completo de revisão e simples trocas de Óleo... Caso gostem, curtam nossos vídeos.. www.topjet.com.br - 82.3260.6156 - 3377.3171 - [email protected]
Views: 78509 Plinio Filho
鮨 中野時代 さわ田
Views: 434127 斎藤直
KMB 28MM Jet Drive RC Boat Thrust Test
The KMB 28MM Jet Drive going through a thrust test. LOL!! It's got plenty of pull and I'm having a hard time holding on to it. The boat is a KMB Sprint-Splash. Notice the water flow for the cooling system using the jet nozzle. I'm using a Turnigy XK4042-2000KV brushless inrunner and a 120A Turnigy marine ESC. The batteries are (2) 4500 mAh 2s Batteries in parallel. Haven't tested 3s yet, but it's coming.
Views: 16759 tollytime propulsion
Sea-doo Spark 60hp to 105hp vtech conversion
The 60hp and 90hp skis can both be converted to 105hp using vtech. Please contact me on +61 417550418 for more info. More info also at: www.crispmods.com www.greenhulk.net www.vtechtuned.com
Views: 46639 Crispmods
jetski colour fountain blue jet ski yamaha superjet
jetski colour fountain blue yamaha superjet
Views: 236996 michael smith
DXR Dirt Kings 2019 - Sunday Qualifying and Lower Finals LIVE
The final rounds of Qualification and then a couple of lower Finals!
Views: 5618 RC Racing TV

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