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Pro Ski - 2001 IJSBA World Finals
Dustin Motzouris was on a tear but his Kawasaki sucked log-jump rubber into the pump, opening the door for "Jammin' Jeff Jacobs record tenth Pro Ski World Championship in a TV show we produced in 2001.
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Pro Runabout - 2002 IJSBA National Tour Rd. 3
Intense Pro Runabout 1200 racing featuring Chris MacClugage, Dustin Farthing and Dustin Motzouris battling in the waves of Oceanside, California from a TV show we produced in 2002.
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IJSBA 1996 Tour - Dallas - moto 1, pt1of2
Bud Jet Sports Tour - Jetski Jet Ski - Pro Runabout - Dustin Farthing, Chris Fischetti, Tom Bonacci, Chris MacClugage, Minoru Kanamori, Victor Sheldon, Frank Romero, Bill Pointer, Mike Yellich, Jeff Jacobs, Derek Punchard
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1996 IJSBA World Finals Pro Ski
Views: 4425 JetGirlsRacing
IJSBA 1996 Tour - Dallas - moto 2
Bud Jet Sports Tour - Pro Runabout - Chris Fischetti, Tom Bonacci, Nicolas Rius, Chris MacClugage, Minoru Kanamori, Frank Romero, Bill Pointer, Jeff Prieur, Derek Punchard, Dustin Farthing, post race interview
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Hydrodrags Lakeland FL 2016
Music Provided by NCS Release Anikdote-Turn It Up https://soundcloud.com/anikdotemusic https://twitter.com/ANIKDOTE_MUSIC https://www.instagram.com/anikdote_music/ https://www.facebook.com/D.H.ProductionzPage https://youtu.be/S6RWY8OYwbk
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1992 west coast.Pro mod  jet ski race.ft, Meyers. Florida. video, part one
west coast. pro mod jet ski race.ft, Meyers. Florida. video part one
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King's Cup 2012   Jet Ski Magazine
Just available! Enjoy last 2012 King's Cup with Dauliach, Mac Clugage, Motzouris... and more. Amazing race shows! Follow us on http://www.jetskimagazine.com Tout juste dispo! Découvrez la dernière King's Cup IJSBA 2012 avec Dauliach, Mac Clugage, Motzouris... et les autres. Des duels explosifs! Suivez-nous sur http://www.jetskimagazine.com
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Hillclimb Truck Racing, 1400 HP and 5800 NM, Racetruck powerslide no Drift, Bergrennen Gurnigel 2012
Don´t miss the great DVD´s at http://www.swissrace.ch/shop/bergrennen/gurnigel/ One of the most popular motorsport events in Switzerland - Bergrennen Gurnigel 2012 Tecnical features about the truck: 1400 HP, in Hillclimb condition 1200 HP 5800 NM torque 4500 kg weigth VMax: 268 km/h, this is an inofficial value because at race events the truck is limited to 160 km/h as a FIA law 16 gear H-gearbox from the original truck.
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The Early Years to Today!
Promo Film for Jet Ski Racing
Views: 87480 JonnyX2
Jet Ski Jet Jam 97'
Jet Jam 1997 in Anaheim at the Arrowhead Pond. Pro Ski Final
Views: 21289 Jackson J
Jet Ski World Cup 2010 - Pro Runabout Open (part 2/2 )
PTT Jet Ski King's Cup World Cup Grand Prix 2010 1-5 December 2010 Thailand www.jetski-worldcup.com
1992 west coast.Pro mod jet ski race.ft, Meyers. Florida. video, part two
1992 west coast.Pro mod jet ski race.ft, Meyers. Florida. video, part one expert class riders interview. great sheldon pull,s some fast turns on jacobs at the end.
Views: 5940 sxr951
Οι καλύτερες στιγμές του Ράλλυ Ακρόπολις, του κορυφαίου αγώνα του Παγκοσμίου Πρωταθλήματος για το 2005, εξελίχθηκαν στο Ολυμπιακό Στάδιο της Αθήνας. Αυτοκίνητα προδιαγραφών WRC, S1600 και κορυφαία ελληνικά πληρώματα πρόσφεραν πλούσιο θέαμα σε περισσότερους από 60.000 θεατές. Απολαύστε μία ώρα περίπου ξεχωριστής δράσης από τα κορυφαία πληρώματα του κόσμου, στη σούπερ ειδική που έγραψε ιστορία και συγκέντρωσε όλα τα βλέμματα του κόσμου στη χώρα μας. Το DVD ήταν στο περιοδικό 4ΤΡΟΧΟΙ (τεύχος: Ιανουαρίου 2006)
Jet Ski Ice Berging!
Early ride up the river made for some hilarious video! Jet Ski Ice Berging in early April!
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Kawasaki X2 Racing
The good ol days of racing! The way Racing teams use to be until they tried to be all factory and killed it for race shops and family teams! These were the days.... Bad Bones Racing, Good Times Racing, PJS, West Coast Racing, Etc... (Low Quality Video)
Views: 23077 Alpha Mega
Back In The Day: 1995 IJSBA Skat Trak Midwest Watercross Tour EP:00
1995 IJSBA Skat-Trak Midwest Watercross Tour year end video. Features some of the fastest guys on water that year! This video is presented by Twangled Studios. Visit http://www.twangled.com to see more videos like this! Be sure to subscribe to our channel so that you see our next insane video. Written, Directed and Produced by Gary Burtka. visit http://www.garyburtka.com To learn how to have us perform at your next city festival or business party visit http://ww.jetskistuntshows.com Sponsored by: http://www.backiechan.com the best all around freestyle and freeride jet ski in the world, by http://www.born2flip.com because some of us were, by http://www.splashster.com the World’s Best Side-By-Side Personal Watercraft, and by http://www.savebecause.com Because Saving Matters! Visit Liquid X Freestyle to see if a Jet Ski Freestyle competition is coming to your area at http://www.liquidxfreestyle.com
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Jet Ski 85'  World Finals Pro Mod
One of the old school great races... the 'Hammer' Mike Castrucci takes the Pro Mod & Pro Super victories at the World Finals in Lake Havasu City, AZ
Views: 54758 Jackson J
The Jet Ski Story 1975 (sound and color fixed)
This is one segment from the restored video player " Kawasaki Good Times Theatre". The Good Times Theatre video players were used at Kawasaki dealerships in the 1970's for customer viewing on the showrooms. thanx to koupscycleshop
Views: 10232 Jerr Spud
Views: 4594 JetNewsMagazine
Huck n Hold - Blasterboyz style
Huck n Hold by Krash Industries Nick Barton. What an awesome event!
Views: 64320 BlasterBoyzRey
2016 IJSBA World Finals Sport GP Moto1 Jetski Racing
2016 IJSBA World Finals Fly 360 4K . Experience Jetski racing in 360
Views: 1168 Apamanila
IJSBA Jet Jam Arrowhead Pond 1996 Vintage PowerSki JetBoards
Arrowhead Pond hosts Jet Jam 96 First Annual Personal Watercraft Racing co-sponsored by the IJSBA International JetSport Boating Association. In Anaheim California the Santa Ana River Basin was lined with plastic and flooded with millions of gallons of water as Professional Factory racers on Kawasaki JetSki's Yamaha Waverunners and Bombardier Seadoos's went head to head for exciting closed course racing action including Freestyle and Ramp jumping events. Famed announcer, Larry Huffman and Jim Walker introduced inventor, Bob Montgomery and the PowerSki Team during the exciting PowerSki JetBoard demonstrations between races all weekend long. Splash Magazine and PlanetX covered the event highlighting the sport of Jetboarding to the PWC industry.
Views: 3995 Jim Habig
Solid carbon fibre with kevlar complete custom ski. 200 HP 1100cc 16mm billet stroker motor. Power Factor pipe with custom waterbox. 155mm 12 vein set-back custom pump. Flame total loss programable ignition. 48 Novi carbs.
Views: 97423 Player 1
Giving The Blaster A Go
this was my second day trying to huck the blaster. really my maybe 8th time riding it. had fun!
Views: 10158 tightithrash
World Finals expert vet ski 1994
Don Morningstar
Views: 1639 Don Morningstar
Manutenção de JetSki - Dicas
Idealizamos esse vídeo, pois muitos clientes e amigos sempre nos questionam quais os itens são revisados e para comparar entre um trabalho completo de revisão e simples trocas de Óleo... Caso gostem, curtam nossos vídeos.. www.topjet.com.br - 82.3260.6156 - 3377.3171 - [email protected]
Views: 72857 Plinio Filho
Jettribe Parker Arizona Season Opener - Bullett Racing - New Kawasaki X2
Aaron Gewecke races against the Blasters on a new Bullett version of the new Kawasaki X2 hull. If you are a Kawasaki X2 fan you should check out this awesome hull design by Bullett Racing. Bullett Racing is located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Check out Amber Goetz's interview with Bullett Racing's rider for the Sport Class Open Jetski races in Parker, Arizona for the Jettribe Season Opener.
Views: 7460 Jettribe Racing
Planespotting - Grand Cayman (MWCR) - JET JAM!
******PLEASE READ****** This is my first compilation. I normally don't like doing them because they are so long but i decided that these videos need to be in a compilation! These videos were filmed on Dec 28th 2013. That day there were may delays due to weather in the United States on the East Coast and it ended up that some planes had to sit on the Tarmac for up to 30 mins waiting for a gate. (We only have 8 gates at our airport) Btw enjoy the commentary by me, my dad and my friend!! :) Be sure to watch from 11:20 till 17:20! That is where the crazy stuff is! In this video you will see: Delta JetBlue American Air Canada Us Airways United Cayman Airways and some private jets! Hope you all enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!! Thank you!!
Views: 11380 Jake's Aviation
1998 ESPN IJSBA Big Red Jet Ski Tour
1998 ESPN IJSBA Big Red Jet Ski Tour
Jet Jam Racing Takes On the West Coast in 2017 - Check It Out!
2017 will bring jet ski racers to the best venues in Arizona, California, and Nevada, from South to North. Check out www.JetJamRacing.com for tour info and dates.
Views: 1683 Evan K
2002 Jet Jam Lake Havasu City
2002 Jet Jam.Curt Hilbert.2 first place.1 third place.1 fourth place.Novice stock ski.
Views: 314 curt hilbert
turbo rxp seadoo  89.9mph
Shake down #1 of turbo set up. need to work on afr and fix the GoPro rattle!
Views: 115879 1fastseadoo
Sea-doo Spark 60hp to 105hp vtech conversion
The 60hp and 90hp skis can both be converted to 105hp using vtech. Please contact me on +61 417550418 for more info. More info also at: www.crispmods.com www.greenhulk.net www.vtechtuned.com
Views: 45950 Crispmods
PWC Racing jet ski crash x3 @ Sea-Doo Pro Hydro-X Tour Macon, GA.
This video is a compilation of moto one and two in Macon, GA. with The Seadoo Hydro-X Tour. Two out the three wrecks are me and one of another race thrown in just for effect lol. Anyway, I ended up finishing 2nd both motos on 5/12/12 somehow. I didn't race on Sunday because I twisted and bruised a couple things on my right side in the 2nd moto dismount, and wanted to ready for... Panama City Beach and the 1st round of the IJSBA Tour! I am riding a 2012 RXP-X sponsored by Hooligan Hydros, RIVA, Action Seadoo out of Bradenton, FL. and GoPro. You can check out the team and all our sponsors here:
Views: 8866 Brent V
Jet Ski Racing Through The Years Part 2
Jet Ski Racing
Views: 943 QuiChang 22

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